5 Best Garlic Slicer (October 2022) Reviews

Did you realize that 200 million tons of garlic are being grown in the US every year? We consume an astonishing 400 million pounds of garlic every year!

It is clear it that garlic is an absolute favourite for a lot of Americans. The best part of garlic is it can enjoy it with nearly any dish.

If you frequently eat garlic, a top garlic slicer can simplify your life simpler. As opposed to a kitchen knife the best garlic slicer will not place you at risk of injury during use.

When cutting the garlic, you need the pieces to be of an even thickness. Making that happen with a knife isn’t difficult however, with a reliable garlic slicer, it’s effortless.

Today, I’ll show you 5 of the best-rated garlic tools available. They are high-quality tools which cut thin and uniform slices with the safety and efficacy.

Let’s get started.

Top 5 Best Garlic Slicers 2022

1. OXO’s Good Grips Garlic Slicer

OXO is an iconic New York City housewares brand that is loved by many Americans. The brand, which sells more than a thousand items that range from cleaning equipment and kitchenware is reputed for its high-quality products with affordable prices.

If you’re searching for the most effective garlic slicer, security, comfort and usability are some essential aspects that you must look for. With that in mind, OXO Good Grips is an instrument you may consider checking out.

It differs than it’s veggie slicer in that it’s smaller and slimmer and can produce thin slices of paper that measure around 2.5mm.

As the diagram indicates, the tool is composed from a frame that houses the blade as well as a food holder and a small food pusher.

To use it, just need to place your garlic cloves inside the food holder, and then press down using the pusher. You then move the food holder in and out.

The blade on the bottom of the platform is a double-edged blade. As you move the holder, the cloves get cut in two directions. This arrangement is very beneficial because it makes the process faster and allows you to complete the cutting in a short amount of time.

When cutting vegetables, safety is the top priority. In this regard, OXO has you covered.

Many people consider the greatest benefit to their slicer is protection it provides. Since the food is kept in a container and is pushed down by an instrument and your fingers are never any where near the blade.

While in storage the device should carry no danger of harm. The reason is that the holder is able to snap over the blade, concealing it from view for safe and secure storage. Simply slide the holder on top of the blade, then turn it 90 degrees. It will then clip it to the blade.

The device is extremely flexible. You can cut almost anything, from carrots and garlic, to beets, almonds, onions, cherry tomatoes cucumbers, and turmeric.

If your food product is large then push it down with your hands until it is at the level at which you can utilize the pusher.

Key Features:

  • Made of BPA-free , non-toxic plastic with an stainless-steel blade.
  • The blade is double-edged that cuts both directions for effectiveness.
  • The handle is comfortable and non-slip.
  • It has a food storage chamber as well as pusher for safety. fingers should not touch the blade.
  • Food trays snap on the blade to provide secure and compact storage.
  • Creates paper-thin slices quickly , and easily and.
  • Flexible – It can cut zucchini, garlic, turmeric pepperoni, garlic, etc.

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2. Kitchen Innovations Garlic-A -Peel Garlic Press

Do you find it difficult to touch garlic? You’re not the only one. Garlic smells so sticky, and getting it off your hands isn’t an easy task.

If you’re searching for an option that makes it simple to mince garlic without much contact with your hands, the Kitchen Innovations Garlic-a-Peel Garlic Press is the thing you’re looking for.

This is a revolutionary tool that lets you cut pieces of garlic without touching it throughout the process.

The gadget is made up of four components. A lid with spikes made of strong plastic as well as a stainless steel grating surface that the garlic can be pulled, and a catch dish.

As the lid is closed, the spikes of silicone go through the holes in the mesh compartment.

Thus it is an easy decision. Simply place them on the grating surface , and shut the lid. After applying pressure to your lid, cloves will be broken into small pieces.

The greatest part is that you do not have to handle the pieces of minced meat. After they’ve been chopped, they are deposited in a container at the bottom, which can be removed. So, all you need to do is to take the container off and place the garlic directly into the pan.

I am in love with the clear container. It is easy to see the bits as they build up without needing to take it out.

Is your kitchen space little? I’m guessing that you’re not planning to install an expensive gadget. The good thing is the Kitchen Innovations Garlic A-Peel Garlic Press is small. It can be placed in a corner or put it on the shelf.

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Cleaning the device is without stress. It is dishwasher safe and because all of the parts are removable, cleaning is easy.

In the end this is one of the cutest garlic slicers that you’ve ever come across. It has a lovely box design and comes with two colors – grey and green.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and compact will not take up too much space.
  • Includes everything you require to peel – the slicer, and an ice-collection dish.
  • Design that is practical and allows to allow for seamless operation.
  • Cute and cute with two colors Gray and green.
  • Clear collection dish with clear view of the chopped pieces.
  • Dishwasher safe and detachable to allow for easy cleaning.

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3. Fantes Garlic Grater

In the early 1900s the renowned Philadelphian family with Italian descent contributed a lot to the market for kitchenware. Each member developed a an innovative product that could aid professionals in the kitchen as well as cooks at home, prepare meals quicker and efficiently.

One of the items the family created was Uncle Cristian’s Garlic Slicer.

It is a durable device made of solid stainless steel and high-quality BPA-free plastic. It’s a great option for those seeking a flexible and sturdy unit.

What makes the product exceptional is the fact that it’s made in this way – when you’re making garlic, you might want to slice in thin sleeves or cut it into small pieces.

Its Fantes Garlic Slicer Grater serves dual purposes due to its ingenuous design. It is comprised of two parts namely an slicing platform as well as an food holder.

One side of the plate is equipped with a flat blade. On the other hand the platform is equipped with sharp holes for graters. To switch between the slicing function as well as the grating feature, you have to do is turn the tool.

The thing that people are most excited about of this gadget is that the operation is a simple. It is as easy as placing the garlic that has been peeled into the food hopper/food holder, push down using the pusher plate and then cut the garlic over the blades.

On the other hand the slicer’s platform has an attachment for a handle. By grasping this, you’ll be able maintain the slicer’s stability during operations.

Your hands don’t have to contact the blades which means that safety is guaranteed. Furthermore, you’ll be able maintain your hands free of odor.

The Fantes Garlic Slicer Grater, all parts are visible. This makes it simple to clean because the accessibility is not restricted.

Small pieces that have that have gotten stuck on the grates are easy to remove using small brushes. You can also put the grater to the wash for fast and safe cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Innovative design that allows for both grating and slicing.
  • Made of stainless steel for long-lasting durability.
  • The stainless steel blades are razor-sharp cutting performance is very high.
  • The holder is able to be attached onto the blade for secure storage.
  • A handle is attached for security during use.

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4. Anerong 2-in-One Garlic Mincer, and Slicer With Cleaning Set

It is well-constructed, user-friendly and a multi-functional. These are the qualities making the Anerong 2-in-1 Garlic Mincer as well as the Slicer With Cleaning Set an excellent tool.

The reason this gadget is referred to as a dual in one is because it comes with two purposes. It is able to slice garlic, and also crush or chop it.

To do this, the tool has two slots. One slot is for cutting and the other one to grate. Both slots are placed next to one another. So, to utilize any of them, just put your garlic in the appropriate slot and press.

Utilizing the tool is incredibly simple. It is just a matter of pushing two handles together , and the garlic inside slot will then be removed. The handles are long enough and have the proper thickness, making the operation easy.

Another thing that makes operating effortless is the lightweight weight of the device. It weighs only 9 ounces it is lightweight enough for the majority of people to operate.

It is possible to ask, isn’t a tool that lightweight of poor quality? Absolutely not. The manufacturer makes use of aluminium, which can be described as lightweight , but strong and durable.

Do you want to prevent your hands from getting the garlic smell in the least amount of time? Try this Anerong 2-in-1 Garlic Minicer as well as Slicer With Cleaning Set.

This tool will ensure that there is no need to use the fingers when peeling your garlic. The set includes an innovatively designed silicone peeler. It’s a hollow object that you can place the complete bulb, then roll it around to remove the skins.

When you use the press the chopped or crushed garlic will come out of the other end which you can put it in pans or bowls.

Cleaning your presses is an easy piece cake thanks to the cleaning kit that comes with. The set comes with an instrument for cleaning and small brushes that are both useful to clean. I especially like the cleaning tool with spikes that pushes stuck particles away of the slots in the press.

Key Features:

  • Made from high-quality aluminum to ensure longevity.
  • Light, yet robust and durable.
  • Two in one tool for cutting garlic A slicer as well as a mincer.
  • Simple to use – simply press the handles together to slice the garlic.
  • It comes with a silicon peeler to help you get rid of the garlic smell.
  • Complete cleaning kit that performs perfectly.
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5. Hutzler Garlic Shaver

Are you a garlic lover? Get the Garlic Slicer from Hutzler. This is a quality mini mandolin that is designed to make cutting faster and more secure for you.

The device is constructed of high-quality materials, including plastic for the body as well as rubber for the base as well as stainless steel blade. It’s a sturdy product that can be count on for many years.

I am sure you will be amazed at the ease with which you can use this model. On one hand it comes with a beautiful handle that has been cut off of the frame. The handle offers a comfortable and comfortable grip for using the mandolin.

Did you have a mandolin which was difficult to maintain in place on the work bench? That’s no longer the case thanks to Hutzler’s slicer. Hutzler slicer.

On the opposite side to from the hand, there is an base made of rubber is attached to the surface securely. This base prevents your mandolin in place during the operation and makes the operation more comfortable.

The safety aspect is the most likely benefit of this device. It has the ability to slide a food container across the cutting blade which allows you to cut garlic without having your fingers in any way near the cutting.

When cutting garlic, you prefer your slicers to be extremely smooth and thin. The reason that so many people fall loving this Hutzler Garlic Slicer comes due to its efficiency in relation to the way it cuts. It has a sharp stainless steel blade that cut thin, smooth slices with ease.

As stated, the device was designed with security in mind. The food chamber that is provided holds the garlic in addition to an instrument is included to squeeze the garlic while it is being cut.

The only thing I’d like to see could have been done differently was that the blade could be constructed with two edges to make it possible to cut more quickly.

Key Features::

The rubber base keeps the tool in place during use

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Factors to consider prior to purchasing Garlic Slicer

If you’re not a fan of make use of garam masala or powder in your meals and cooking, having the top cutting tool for your garlic will be a great idea. With this fantastic device, the struggle to cut the garlic will be no more. Instead, you’ll be in a position to cut your garlic fast, efficiently and with confidence.

Given the number of slicers available which proclaim to be among the best selecting the correct one can be a bit difficult. But, don’t let that concern you. In this post I’ll be demonstrating to the exact steps you need to consider to obtain an effective garlic slicer.


There aren’t many who have unlimited kitchen space.

If your kitchen space is constrained, you may need a tool that is compact that won’t hinder your cooking activities. Maybe something you can place in the corner, on a shelf, or inside the cabinet.

Another factor that goes with the size is weight. If the slicer doesn’t have an erect stand that stays at a fixed location it is essential to have something light and portable.

Aluminum is an excellent choice for a durable yet lightweight material. Plastic isn’t as sturdy, but it can work if you need a slicer that is lightweight. As long as it’s equipped with an stainless-steel blade, all is good.

What are the ingredients it is made of?

You are looking for a tool which can last and perform well? It is important to take note of the material it is composed of.

Garlic slicers typically consist out of two different materials: metal and plastic.

Plastic is an excellent choice for a lightweight option. The plastic units are also cheap and, if you’re on a an extremely tight budget, it’s a good idea to consider these.

If you are purchasing plastic slicers ensure that you purchase a blade made from metal, with a preference for stainless steel.

Metal slicers tend to be a little heavier, and are more expensive than plastic ones. On the other hand they’re stronger which means they can cut much more effectively.

Additionally, the ones made of aluminum and stainless steel are more durable than plastic ones. Aluminum is a great choice when you’re in search of high-quality products that aren’t too heavy.

  • The recommended plastic model comes with an stainless steel blade Hutzler Garlic Slicer (in the review).
  • Highly recommended premium aluminum alloy model Anerong 2 in 1 Garlic Mincer – Anerong 2 in 1. Garlic Mincer with Slicer, along with Cleaner Set (in our review).

Is it secure?

Did you ever use an instrument or a device to cut garlic, and suddenly it cut you? Ailments are not something that person anticipates when cutting vegetables.

One of the primary reasons to search for a garlic slicing machine is to stay safe from injuries.

A secure device allows you to slice food , while keeping your fingers from the blade.

An important feature that you could get from this is the food storage compartment which slides between the knife. The garlic compartment is there for you, and it slides over the blade, protecting your fingers.

There are also safer designs for food preparation, like the press. The food is placed in the cutting slot , then press the handle down or push the handles in tandem depending on the layout. The food is sliced or crushed through the holes in the slots, and your hands are secure.

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Alongside the issue of safety when using In addition, there’s the issue of safety when storage is involved. To prevent anyone getting hurt while reaching for the item, opt for an item whose blade is able to remain hidden/covered throughout storage.

  • The recommended model that is safe for storage and use OXO Good Grips Garlic Slicer. (In the review earlier).


This page will aid you in finding the best cutler for garlic. Although that is evident, would you not like an device that helps you cut your ingredients too? A tool that could cut, for instance, chop onions and tomatoes, turmeric, zucchini as well as cucumbers, among others?

While it’s an obvious idea that a garlic slicer should also be able cut other things, it’s not always as simple. To cut, for instance, ginger with a knife, it has to be strong.

When you are trying to cut various items using your slicer, this is the time you realize that the slicer was not designed to cut any item. A tool with a variety of uses is quite handy and allows you to cut different food items easily.

  • Highly recommended slicer that is versatile The most versatile slicer is OXO Excellent Grips Garlic Slicer (in this review). It can cut everything from ginger and garlic to onions and pepperoni.


Ergonomics are the terms used to describe specific features designed to make the device user-friendly. The most essential ergonomic characteristics are the handles. You’ll be able to hold the tool when you use it , and ensure it is steady.

The handle must be long enough, and it must be non-slip to ease the effort required for holding the device.

Accessories and functions

For preparing garlic, it is usually necessary either slice it or chop it. Some garlic tools only slice, other tools can combine both cutting and mincing.

For example The Hutzler Garlic Slicer (in this review) will only cut your garlic. It does not shred/mincing. In contrast it does, Anerong’s Anerong 2-in-One Garlic Mincer and Slicer with Cleaning Set (in the review) is able to do both shredding and mincing as well as cutting.

When you’re shopping for the perfect garlic equipment, this is an important consideration to consider.

Another aspect you might want to consider is the accessories that come with. Although most sellers offer the garlic cutter by itself however, some will offer tools to clean the device as well as an onion peeler.

  • A highly recommended model that comes and with all the accessories you need: Anerong 2 in 1. Garlic Mincer as well as a Slicer along with a Cleaning Set (in our review).

Commonly Answered Questions ( FAQs )

1. How can I keep from being bitten by garlic?

Garlic is a strong scent that is difficult to rid yourself of. To prevent it from getting into your hands, try making use of a special instrument to cut garlic. With the proper garlic slicer, you will be able to cut the garlic into pieces and place it into the pan, but not touching it during the process.

Some slicers come as sets that come with an ice-cream maker, a slicer and cleaning equipment.

2. Are the garlic slicers that you buy risk-free?

The use of a knife to cut garlic poses the danger of your fingers being cut. But, with a good garlic cutter, you will be able to cut garlic without having your fingers in contact with the blade. There are two basic methods that are safe to should try.

The first one is the press one, in which you place the cloves into the slot, and then press them down using the help of a handle. The second type is where the garlic is placed in a food holder which is then put across the blade. There is a highly rated model in the above review.

3. Do I have to use the mandolin to cut garlic?

A few of the garlic slicers mentioned in this review can be described as mandolins with an unadjustable blade. They are made of an aluminum frame that has fixed blade. The garlic is pushed over the blade in order to cut it.

4. What are the advantages of using the garlic slicer?

A garlic slicer can help you cut more quickly than if you were using the knife. Additionally, it’s more secure to slice using a garlic slicer as opposed to using knives.

Wrapping up!

Why risk your fingers using an ordinary Kitchen knife cut cloves of garlic when you can purchase the top garlic slicer for just a couple of dollars? It will also protect your fingers from injuries. It can also assist you to cut garlic faster.

If you’ve made the decision to purchase a garlic tool, you’ll can choose from a variety of designs. You can purchase a mandolin-like tool, which comes with an aluminum frame with the blade. It is also possible to opt for the design of a press.

Both styles are highlighted in the above review. The only thing left to do is for you to decide which style is best for you. The models we’ve reviewed are all lightweight and compact regardless of the size of your kitchen the models should be able to perform.

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