6 Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic (September 2022) Reviews

The headphones are essential to play with. It is essential to select the top gaming headphones with no microphone to enjoy a fantastic gaming experience.

A microphone is used for communication, it is not require one to play. Additionally, headphones without microphones offer superior audio quality.

They’re more roomy and made to be comfortable during prolonged gaming sessions. There are many headphones brands available on the market. Additionally, the headphones can be classified into different categories based on their function and use.

A gaming headphone has different features in comparison to music headphones. So, it is impossible to pick the most suitable gaming headphones without the right guidance.

My Verdict

The choice of the best gaming headphones isn’t an easy job. Because we must think about the comfort first. There are numerous other factors to take into consideration, including the life of batteries along with build quality, and most importantly, the audio.

It isn’t easy to locate a gaming headset which has all of these characteristics. If any of the features are missing, you won’t play the games as well.

As you may know me and my audiophile friends are avid, and am always eager to try new products. Recently, I tested a variety of gaming headphones, a few borrowed from my friends, and some I bought myself.

After doing some study, I found the top six gaming headphones that do not have a microphone. I was able to find all the attributes such as comfort, high soundquality, affordable price as well as more. in my selections.

Thus, I have determined to aid you to find the most effective gaming headphones that do not have microphone. This article offers a candid analysis of the best 6 gaming headphones.

I’ve also included a buying guide near the close of the article. It will provide details on the characteristics and features you need to look for when purchasing gaming headphones.

Top 6 Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic 2022

1. AKG Pro Audio K240 Headphones For Gaming

AKG K240 headphones are without mics and were introduced in 2021. In no time, they became very popular. They offer top audio quality with a minimal budget.

They are professional designed studio headphones that have been professionally designed. They take into account the entire audio feature. So, you’ll find them to be ideal for gaming.

They have an open back that is semi-open. AKG K240 Pro headphones are equipped with a driver of 30mm. The sound is crystal crisp and clear.

The bass isn’t great however its frequency response seems excellent. AKG K240 wins higher customer satisfaction in both performance and longevity.

They can also be used to listen to and mix music. The soundstage is fantastic as is the game audio, which can be crisp and clear. The headphones have a noise cancelling feature.

They block out environmental noises in a certain degree. The headphones incorporate XXL transducers as well as Varimotion technology. The highs and mids are delivered perfectly.

These headphones can sound closer to 3D. The frequency response is between 15 Hz to 25 kHz. So, it is not necessary to be concerned about losing any audio frequency.

The headphones look stylish and elegant. They also deliver for comfort. The material is strong and comfortable. Therefore, you are able to wear these headphones throughout long gaming sessions.

They do not hurt your head, nor do they bind your ears since the earpads weigh just 235g so they don’t make you feel like that you’re wearing anything. Earpads can be replaced in the event that they become damaged over time.

A 3.5 millimeter cable and adapter come along with the headphones to enable wired connections. They’re not compatible with Bluetooth or other wireless connectivity options.

The headband is pliable and can be adjusted to fit larger heads. All these features are offered for less than $50 at an affordable cost.

In addition, the company gives two-year warranties. Therefore, your purchase is completely risk-free.

Key Features:

  • AKG Pro Audio is a professional gaming headphone that does not have a microphone.
  • Includes both wired and wireless connectivity.
  • Its frequency response spans between 15 Hz and 25 kHz. It is able to handle all frequencies.


  • Fantastic audio precision and a large soundstage
  • Light weight and well-designed.
  • Good frequency response, well-produced mids and even highs
  • All the features available under the $50 budget


  • Not sweat or waterproof.
  • It lacks bass, but has good frequency

2. Panasonic Gaming Headphones

Panasonic is a low-cost headphone with incredible features. It is praised by customers more in terms of quality of audio and ease of use.

The sound quality is excellent for gaming. These headphones give you an full-bodied gaming experience. The soundstage is adequate.

They also provide a good bass. They offer high-frequency, balanced audio. These headphones work with audio inputs that are high-frequency.

They’re equipped with neodymium 30mm drivers. The frequency response is between 10Hz and 27kHz.

They have an open-faced headband that allows for maximum airflow. Furthermore the padding is of high-quality. Therefore, you are able to comfortably make use of these headphones even during long gaming sessions.

It’s a full-size headset that is light in weight. Panasonic headphones are constructed with robust materials. The headphones come with padded and plush earpads.

They provide a firm grip and are easily adjusted. The headband isn’t equipped with padding. Yet, it’s not cause any harm to your head.

Panasonic headphones are available in on-ear and over-ear versions. The model with an over-ear design without a microphone is an excellent option for gaming.

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With regards to design, Panasonic gives an elegant style. They are available in a matte black with a sleek look. They’re normal headphones, but without the rechargeable battery.

Furthermore, they don’t have the noise cancellation feature. This means that you can play indoors and in quieter areas.

The cable for connection is long enough to allow for a the possibility of a flexible connection. It measures 6.5 feet long. A longer cable is a must-have feature for headphones with wires.

It comes with it’s 3.5mm audio connector. Therefore, you can use the headphones to a variety of gadgets. With a budget of less than $20 they are a great option for gaming.

But, if you’re an audiophile or professional gaming enthusiast You might not be a fan of Panasonic headphones.

Key Features:

  • The best for budgets-just less than $20.
  • It is equipped with an 6.5 feet cable to create the wired connection
  • The frequency response ranges between 10 Hz and 27 kHz
  • A headband that is open for maximum airflow


  • Has good bass and clear audio
  • Flexible and comfortable design that has elegant design
  • An excellent choice for long gaming sessions.
  • The cable is 6.5 foot long wire to provide wired connection


  • Do not include Bluetooth
  • There is no cushioning on headbands
  • Not recommended for audiophiles, but for professional gamers.

3. Zihnic Wireless Headphones

Zihnic headphones came out in the year 2019. They did however gain more customer satisfaction in only a short period of time. They’re among the most sought-after headphone models on Amazon.

One reason that has led to Zihnic popularity is their affordable cost. Another reason is that they offer both wired and wireless connectivity.

The wired headphones aren’t always the most comfortable to use. Therefore, Zihnic excels in this respect with its wireless and wired connectivity.

Despite the low price they still provide excellent sound quality. These are stereo headphones that provide seamless audio play. The Bluetooth audio transmission is clear and clear.

They come with an audio-canceling feature which reduces background noise. This means that you can play your games without distortion. Additionally, you can use them to listen to your favourite music.

The headphones are extremely comfortable due to their flexible design that can be folded. Soft leather is used to make the headband and earcups. The design is flexible and can be adjusted well.

Zihnic headphones fit everyone in the group because of their lightweight and sleek design. The headphones are available in various shades.

Additionally, a sturdy storage case is also included when you purchase the product. The battery capacity is 450mAh, which allows for 14 hours of playing time. The battery takes 2.5 hours to fully charge.

Zihnic has Bluetooth connectivity. headset. It allows you to connect them wirelessly to smartphone, gaming consoles, or laptop.

Additionally, they have an electrical connection. It comes with the 3.5mm cable for wired connection.

The company offers the warranty for 12 months. Therefore, you can buy the headphones with confidence.

If you are looking for a good audio experience on a tight price, Zihnic headphones are made specifically for you.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a rechargeable battery that can last up to 14 hours , with an 2.5 hour recharge time
  • Design that folds and is comfortable to allow for longer gaming sessions
  • More battery life, and noise-canceling feature


  • Stereo headphones that have great audio quality
  • The device supports both wired and wireless connection
  • Design that is comfortable and flexible.
  • The price is very affordable and includes all the features
  • Available in beautiful colors in a myriad of colors


  • Audio quality isn’t like the expensive brands.
  • The AUX cable isn’t of top quality

4. OneOdio Bass Headphones

OneOdio is another excellent gaming headset that is priced within a reasonable price. These headphones are extremely functional. They are great to play any game.

Furthermore, they have several settings that allow you to adjust the sound quality. They also come with the ability to block noise.

So, you will be able to enjoy the music you love in noisy environments. This makes the headphones perfect in listening to your favorite music outside areas.

In addition, they have an intense bass. The audio is clear and sharp. Also, your gaming experience using the headphones is going to be amazing.

The sound is crystal clear and balanced. They have large drivers that create a fantastic audio quality. The bass is amazing.

Furthermore it is the case that the OneOdio headphones work with any device like Android and Apple. They have batteries that can be recharged up to 950 mAh that is extremely strong.

With just one charge, the battery will provide you with an up-to-50 hours play time. This is a great feature for those on a budget.

The headphones with a closed back are available in four different colors, including black. The design is elegant and elegant.

The body is made of plastic as a material for manufacturing. This allows for a lighter weight and better comfort. The earcups fold and flat.

You can keep the headphones and carry them effortlessly. They are also large and comfortable. The clamp isn’t overly powerful to harm your head.

Alongside OneOdio headphones It comes with the required equipment such as the charging cord, the AUX cord and a carrying case.

They can be connected to the source device via the DJ-style cable that is coiled 3.5mm up to 6.35mm cable. They have a detachable double audio connector.

Therefore, an adapter is no longer needed. It is also possible to pair these headphones with a different pair. This way, two people could watch a movie using their headphones.

Key Features:

  • OneOdio headphones come with 50mm drivers, and provide high-quality audio
  • Superb battery with 950mAh and 50 hours of playing time
  • Connector cable for DJ style that can be detachable


  • Clear, crystal clear sound with a powerful bass
  • The feature allows audio sharing and can be connected to several devices.
  • There are many features to choose from that are affordable
  • Portable and flexible design that includes headphones that fold


  • There is no aptX support
  • It does not have the best noise-cancellation capabilities.

5. Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR

In my search for the best gaming headphones that do not have a microphone I found the Philips FidelioX2HR in the list of great products.

One of the main reasons to pick this model is the amazing audio quality and sound stage. Another reason is the low price.

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However, the device comes with a variety of other functions. The X2HR headphones are open-back. Therefore, they provide excellent directional and high frequency audio quality.

Your ears are able to breathe when wearing these headphones. The audio is crisp enough and crystal clear.

When wearing these headphones you will hear the squeaks of steps and the rush of streams. Additionally, the sound is balanced and vibrant.

These headphones come with 30 amps of impedance which ensures a an extremely loud volume. In addition to gaming the headphones are perfect in listening to your favorite music.

There is no distortion when you use Philips Audio Fidelio headphones. They are available in black and offer a classy look. They feature memory foam ears that feel soft and comfy.

The headband is constructed of premium leather. The build quality is top-notch, and the material is strong. They can withstand physical impact as well as water droplets.

The headphones only have the option of a wired connection. The 3.5mm plug and an 6.35mm adapter is provided for connection reasons.

They don’t have wireless connectivity, and are extremely basic in this sense. There is no noise cancellation feature on these headphones due to their design with an openback.

They are best suited for loud environments. But, they can offer you the most enjoyable gaming experience if only a single player.

In actual fact, the PhilipsX2HR is among the top highly recommended headphones with no microphone.

Key Features:

  • Philips Audio are open-back, earphones that offer the most comfort.
  • Great Sound stage and bass and treble to play
  • Include 50mm drivers as well as Hi-res audio


  • Excellent audio quality and neutral sound profile
  • Gaming headphones with an open-back
  • A sleek and easy to wear design
  • High quality and affordable


  • A little heavy on the ears
  • There is no wireless connectivity

6. Beyerdynamic DT Pro 990

Beyerdynamic is among the most popular headphones. There are several variations of Beyerdynamic headphones. DT 990 Pro is the most recent model with no microphone which is ideal for gaming.

They offer decent sound quality and an affordable cost. They come with an open back design and offer fantastic quality audio to gamers. But, they do not have the noise cancellation feature.

The sound quality is great for gaming. The headphones come with dynamic drivers of 45mm. The frequency response of these headphones ranges between 5Hz to 35 kHz.

The sound is balanced and smooth. The low-ends are acceptable and the maximum volume is not distorted. Furthermore the bass quality is excellent.

They’re not just suitable to play games, but as well ideal for music listening. You will get clear and detailed audio from these headphones. The soundstage is amazing and unbeatable.

Because of the open-back design, they offer an expanded soundstage. They are constructed out of tough plastic, not the heavy metal.

So, they are extremely comfy to use. They have a memory foam cushion that lets the wearer to put on these headphones even for extended gaming sessions.

But, the body made of plastic has the drawback that it is prone to accidental damage. With the 1.35 pounds of weight they are lightweight and comfortable.

They are available in black and different colors. The black color is preferred because it provides a classy appearance at any time. You can also wear them outside since they look elegant.

Beyerdynamic headphones are equipped with a 250 Ohms cable that allows wired connectivity. The cable measures 6 feet in length and flexible. It’s an 3.5mm cable that cannot be removed.

They are not wireless-connected and lack other new features. But, if you’re looking for an excellent gaming headset under $200, go with Beyerdynamic.

Key Features:

  • A 6 foot long cable to connect wired connection
  • Ideal for mixing with many other applications.
  • It provides 5 Hz between 5 and 35 KHz in frequency.


  • Elegant design and open-back design
  • Excellent soundstage and audio clarity
  • Very comfortable and light
  • Budget gaming headphones that are affordable


  • Bass needs to be improved
  • It is not possible to fold.
  • Treble feels piercing

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Top Gaming Headphones With No Mic: Buying Guide

When you are looking for the best gaming headphones, be sure be aware of the most important aspects.

For instance, comfort design cost, quality of audio and connectivity are all important aspects. Therefore, let’s consider the features that your gaming headphones should have.

1. Compatibility

It’s the most important aspect to be aware of. The first step is to choose the devices you want to pair with your headphones.

Gaming headphones aren’t suitable for computers or gaming consoles. Some have basic and basic designs.

For example, a headphone with “>USB cable is able to be connected to an PC, Mac, Xbox as well as Playstation 4. “>

2. Audio Quality

Of course, the greatest sound quality will be the main reason to pick a good headphone. It is recommended to select a headphone that has a wide soundstage.

“>It will give you the most immersive experience when playing adventures and RPG games. Don’t be fooled by the surround sound technology.

Because not all games support this format of audio. Only high-fps games have good sound quality with surround sound. You will notice the accuracy and separation in the audio.

Additionally stereo sound is excellent for gaming. Between 20Hz and 20kHz frequency range is ideal in gaming headsets.

3. Open-Back vs. Closed-Back

This is a reference to the style that the headsets. The earcups on open-back headphones have backs that are not covered. This means that sound can be able to leak into through your ears and exit out.

The background noises could cause you to be disturbed when you play. However, they give natural soundstages due to their light design.

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These types of headphones can be used for music or gaming. So, if you want to play in a quiet setting, you may select this kind of.

The closed-back headphones block loss of sound. They are great for environments with lots of noise since they block out background noises efficiently.

They give a deep and intimate sound experience. They do not sit comfortably on the ears and can be uncomfortable to breathe through.

4. Connectivity Options

The majority of gaming headphones that do not have a mic do not come with wireless connectivity. However, they do come with an unwired connection that uses an 3.5mm cable.

A wired connection can be secure and will ensure faster data transmission. When selecting the right headphones for you, search for the length of the cable.

Some headphones are equipped with up to 6 feet of cable. It’s beneficial to create a long-distance connection. Consider the quality of the cable, and whether it can be replaced or not.

The non-detachable cables cannot be replaced. If the cable becomes damaged, it is necessary to change the headset.

A lot of the latest headphones come with wireless connectivity like Bluetooth, Infrared, or Radiofrequency. They are simple to operate and connect.

If you use wireless headphones you’ll be able to get rid of the inconvenience of a lengthy cable. But, if you choose a lower Bluetooth version, the audio quality could be a problem.

The sound will have delays and won’t be able to match the motion picture. Therefore, you should opt for a gaming headphone that supports Bluetooth 5.0 or greater.

5. The feeling of comfort

This is the most crucial aspect to think about. Since if your headphones aren’t comfortable you could lose a shot when playing. In reality, they could make gaming difficult.

However, a headphones that are comfortable and light weight are ideal. Therefore, you should check the weight, style as well as the headband and earpads of your headphones.

The headbands on some of the gaming headsets does not have padding. Some headphones make use of plastic, while others use steel as the construction material.

Your comfort that your headsets provide are crucial. The open-back style of headphones is ideal for long gaming sessions since they’re breathable and comfortable.

6. Cost and affordability

The cost and the affordability of headphones are essential features of headphones. It is essential to purchase headphones with affordable prices. But do not compromise on audio quality.

Cheap headphones can give you the best audio quality. However the build quality might not be the best.

For instance, some models of headphones can be water-proof and resistant to solids. Therefore, they are more durable and can withstand physical shocks and humidity.

Because you play indoors, IP rating is not an important element. Certain brands are quite expensive. They offer the same feature that is included in the cheaper headphones.

Therefore, you should compare prices and features to determine the most suitable gaming headset for your needs. The main goal is to get the highest audio quality.

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Here are the solutions to some of the most common questions that may pop into your mind about the top gaming headphones that do not have a microphone.

Do wireless headsets safe to use in gaming?

Wireless Bluetooth headsets are susceptible to lag and latency. This is why they aren’t suitable for gaming. However, some gaming headphones include wireless RF USB dongle that reduces the latency. However wired headphones work better and don’t have problems with lag and latency.

Do I need normal headphones for gaming?

Yes, normal headphones can be used to play games. However, they don’t include an integrated microphone. Therefore, you can’t benefit from a virtual surround sound feature. However, it’s not essential to have a microphone and surround technology. If you’re okay with no features, you can transform your standard headphones into gaming headsets.

What is the reason to wear headphones when playing?

The headphones help you keep the focus on your game. If you don’t have headphones, you’ll be listening to background sounds. This can make you feel distracted and could increase your chances to lose your game. It is therefore recommended to wear headphones with noise cancellation when playing.

Do you think it is harmful wearing headphones over a long time?

Yes it is true that wearing headphones for more than a few hours every day can be harmful for your overall health. The habit can cause hearing loss due to the pressure from the sound is directly applied to the eardrums. In addition, headphones result in hair loss. Because they sit tightly on your head, your hair follicles are unable to breathe or face excessive friction.

Which is the suggested duration for headphones?

Experts suggest using the headphones for only 60 minutes per day at 60 percent volume. The higher volume means you must reduce your usage duration. If you’re at the max volume, you’re allowed to use headphones for five minutes per day. In the event that you do not, you may suffer severe complications and loss of hearing.

Which one is the better gaming earbuds, instead of headphones?

It’s all about your preference and your comfort. In general headphones are superior to earbuds. headphones. Because they provide better sound quality with more depth. Furthermore, they are light and comfortable. Conversely, headphones restrain your head, putting the weight upon your ears. They can result in headaches, fatigue, and they can cause damage to your hearing.

Wrapping up!

This concludes my work and begins your enjoyment. I have written honest reviews for all headphones and selected them based on thorough study.

You can choose one of these headphones without doubt. I hope that you’ve enjoyed my reviews and guides.

Write to Speakermag in the comments area which one of our six most excellent gaming headphones that do not have a microphone you loved the best and would like to buy.

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