5 Best Gaming Chairs under $100 (September 2022) Reviews

If you are spending hundreds of dollars or even thousands on gaming equipment and other similar items it can be challenging to push “that” one inch to get an ergonomic gaming chair. This could result in less seating comfort , and possibly gaming performance as well. Gaming seats are an additional burden of between 300-500 dollars in your pocket. However, for me, the things aren’t necessary, and in reality can be miscalculated when trying to purchase the gaming recliner.

At present, you can purchase the best gaming chair that costs less than 100 dollars. This isn’t anything more than a blessing for casual gamers, beginners or those who are confined by their pockets or aren’t as a fan of expensive chairs.

Sincerely, I’ve been able to enjoy my gaming by using inexpensive gaming chairs for less than $50 and, as of this moment, I am putting my top discoveries in this concise article. This is why, in this brief article you’ll discover the most comfortable gaming chairs under $100 (some are just a little over $100) which could be the perfect alternative to costly high-end chairs. Let’s get on with this subject without additional delay.

List of the 5 Best Gaming Chairs under $100

SerialChair ModelDimensions of the item: LxWxHItem Weight
1.Homall S-Racer33.5 inches x 20.6 33.5 x 20.6 44.8 inches40 Pounds
2.OFM – the ESS-3085-GRY34 12 inches x 16 inches45.5 Pounds
3.Devoko DV17RRD30.5 3.0 28.25 44.5 44.5 inches37 Pounds
4.Ergonomic Recliner28.37 inches x 27.38 5.43 x 54.3 inches41 Pounds
5.Furmax High-Back33.07 x 25.79 inches 11.02 inches45.2 Pounds

1. Homall S-Racer, Best Gaming Chair under 100$

Homall is well-known within the gaming industry because of its top-quality quality products. However, does Homall have an affordable gaming seating option? Of course, it’s crisp and scrumptious to know that Homall’s S-racer gaming chair beats the rest with stunning and flexible capabilities and features.

This chair should not be missed If you’re a lover of comfort, relaxation and relaxation.

With premium carbon-fiber faux leather, a 160-degree recline and adjustable leg support with 300lbs weight capacity, it’s awe-inspiring to see these features in a $99 gaming chair. One of the most noticeable features of this chair is the footrest that can be stifled which is typically found in the most expensive gaming chairs, after spending 300-500$.

For the design aspect the design is fairly standard for a racing chair. The 20.5 inches x 19.5 inches dimensions of the seat are perfect for the slim and bulkier men. In line with this it is the 30.6″ back seat height can comfortably accommodate people with a height greater than 6.2ft.

Furthermore, the frame made of alloy ensures that the chair is light, yet sturdy enough to withstand up to 300lbs without squeaking. A weight limit of this kind is supported by an gas spring, which is anti-explosive and can adjust the seat’s height between 14.3 to 17.5 inches.

But taller people over 6 feet may find the seat’s high height for the support of their legs. The 160-degrees of forward tilt and the an added footrest, this chair an ideal napping sofa to sit and relax for longer periods.

Similar to other ergonomic recliners, this one also has four locking positions that allow you to adapt your posture to your working style. In addition the fully adjustable neck and lumbar support improves your comfort and ensures that you don’t have to worry about to get up from your seat.

The only feature that isn’t present could be the adjustable armsrests. But, given the cost it should not be a big issue for those who play sports as it already offers other areas of comfort.


  • A feature-packed gaming chair
  • A footrest is a unique design feature in a chair with a low budget.
  • Carbon-fiber leather offers a wonderful feeling
  • 300lbs of weight without a sound or
  • The frame is robust and light.
  • A decently heightened backrest support 6.2ft people.
  • The product comes with a one-year guarantee.


  • Armrests don’t have a adjustable height features.

Why should we consider buying this?

Homall S-racer is an ideal solution for those who are looking for treasure within the range of a few pennies. The leg support that is adjustable is a significant feature and will definitely help gamers feel more comfortable and enjoy greater comfort from their seating furniture. The recline and weight limit are two features that could make a huge smile on your face.

2. OFM Essentials Collection Cheap Race Chairs for Children

This OFM Model ESS-3085 has become known for its low-cost gaming chairs that have decent design and performance. The overall design and dimensions make you feel like this recliner is designed for the less bulky of guys. While the chair is advertised as Adult furniture category it has the weight capacity of 275lbs with a an arm that flips up, along with 20.5 inches of backseat width, it’s the perfect choice for teens as well as beginners.

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The upholstery overall is made up of mesh material that has been bonded to the synthetic material to provide the highest level of airflow. This cross-combination of leather and mesh in the backrest as well as the seat, which means your buttocks, thighs back, and pelvis don’t sweat when it’s hot.

However, keep in mind that you must make sure that your chair is clear of naughty cats pets, puppies, and other pets.

With a price tag of $100 for a gaming chair it has an impressive feature to be admired here. With the exception of some poor work on the back and corners on the back, you’ll not discover this chair making any concession to its fame.

The backseat has 20.5W 19.5L 19.5L inches which means it provides the greatest comfort and functionality for those who are less than 6.1′. People who are taller than this and large shoulders may be left unsupported in both the head and neck portion. Additionally, with a maximum 19.5″ seats, they might be missing excellent leg support in this area.

If you do belong to the Normal Physique category, this chair will provide a lot of comfort on a small budget.

In terms of ergonomics of the chair, the chair is equipped with a flip-up armsrest mechanism, instead of a height adjustable thing. The armrests that flip up are padded by the very same material that you can find on the backrest as well as the seat, which means it won’t reduce the comfort factor even in humid and hot weather. The flip-up mechanism provides excellent comfort and convenience for wrists and arms even when you tilt your chair to the back.

The race chair isn’t able to recline at higher angles, and you must rely on the one recline of 110 degrees.


  • The top of the material and stitching is an outstanding value
  • The most important aspect of security for teens and kids.
  • Mesh material protects you from sticky conditions in humid and warm temperatures.
  • About 9″ height adjustment supports up to 275lbs of weight
  • It is backed by a limited lifetime warranty


  • Armrests cannot be adjusted in height.

Why should you purchase this?

A budget-friendly chair does not necessarily mean a poor quality chair, and the OFM Essentials Racing Chair proves this correct. From stitching to finishing, to the finest fabric, you’ll get an outstanding combination of durability and performance. The leather and mesh combination is a great choice for beginners, kids and casual gamers. Although the armrests can’t be adjustable in height, but the price is worth the inconvenience.

3. Devoko Ergonomic – Best Durable Gaming Chair

The overall design of the chair might not distinguish it from the other chairs on the market. But, there is certain to make a difference and that’s the features that come with the cheapest price. With a weight limit of 300lbs 170-degree reclining angle, the ability to adjust cushion height, along with a super imitation leather made of synthetic, it’s amazing to think that you get all this with a budget-friendly price.

Starting with the dimensions of the seat 20.5D 19.5W x 20.5D 19.5W, the chair does not look ideal for bigger people. But, the 30.5″ the curved backrest for your shoulders is able to comfortably accommodate taller people as high as 6.2″. It is also possible to recline the backrest up to 170 degrees, with the help of a five-star steel base.

Devoko offers four reclining options to allow you to alter your back position to achieve maximum comfort during longer sessions. The reading, working or relaxing settings make this seat useful for other types of sitting, such as gaming.

Additionally, the chair performs height adjustments between 16.1 to 20 inches using gas springs that are safe from explosions. To your delight, the best ergonomic chair for under 100 dollars doesn’t make noise even when carrying 300lbs of weight..

The only thing missing in this case is the fixed armrests which aren’t able to move in any direction. Therefore, you can be content with fixed armrests and it’s a good thing given the cost.

Then, you’ll get an adjustable cushion and your affection with this particular chair is going to bloom through the air. The cushion support isn’t as soft, and you won’t sink into the cushions. The perfect firmness will provide muscles with support to combat stress and long hours of sitting.

Additionally, the overall silhouette is stunning, and features an amazing mix of black and red. The seat and backrest are crafted using fake/PU leather for exceptional airflow. The stitching is created to resemble a racing seat. You get an athletic feel from the first glance.


  • Astonishing height and back adjustment that can be adjusted up to 170-degrees.
  • Stitching that resembles racing makes this chair look aggressive.
  • The backseat is long and heightened to cover the entire person up to 6.2ft
  • Fully adjustable neck and lumbar support
  • Fantastic breathable fabrics.


  • Armrests on the armrests have a fixed position therefore, you shouldn’t move them in any direction.
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Why should we purchase this?

The Devoko chair is an exceptional combination of comfort and features within a limited package. The ability to recline up to 170-degrees as well as the capacity to support 300lbs of weight puts the chair’s standing in competitive field. This kind of management at a reasonable price is certainly a dream for game players with a small budget.

4. The Best Recliner for Offices for Work: The Best for Fatigue Relief

If you’re in search of the most comfortable gaming chairs for less than 100 dollars, Best office is a company that has a wide selection of affordable but high-quality chairs to choose from. With this chair, large and bulky people can enjoy the enormous pleasure in the long backrest and a vibrator lumbar support cushion to ease fatigue and the highest height above the ground for comfortable leg rest.

The four color options with an breathable faux/PU leather that keeps the chair looking synthetic even in the summer heat. In addition the cushioning on the seat is decent, with 2.2 inches of thickness avoid sore muscles after long hours of sitting.

The seat structure is exactly the same as that of the competition but the width is slightly larger (21-inch) in order to accommodate larger people.

The backrest also has an impressive 33-inch height, along with the maximum distance of 22 inches from the ground, which allows you to elegantly alter the outstanding people over 6.3ft. This height plan by the manufacturer allows more large people to feel less lacking or unsupported at the neck and head and neck, which is a great aspect to be admired.

By adjusting the seat it is possible to experience a range of 18.3 and 22.2 inches, assisted by the gas lift system that is anti-burst.

After the addition of innovative and practical features, this chair is a little short in the category of weight limit. Technicallyspeaking, the chair is targeted at the larger people and 250lbs weight limit is something to check when considering the body weight.

In addition, instead of the usual four recline locks it offers three locking positions to allow maximum 135 degrees of recline. These recline positions permit users to relax and take pleasure in their work and different “desk things.”

Quite surprisingly, this ensures that you aren’t exhausted or stiff after a game. To prevent discomfort in the pelvis or back the fully adjustable lumbar cushion has implanted vibrators that give gentle massages to help fight against fatigue. In addition the neck cushion is fully adjustable to maintain your posture in line with your preferences.


  • A gaming chair that is budget-friendly for adults who are heavy.
  • Vibrators implanted lumbar support cushion relaxes your back muscles
  • A longer backrest with a higher backrest, and a slightly larger seats adjust for bigger E-sport players.
  • Reclining at maximum 135-angle
  • The solid alloy-steel base can support 250lbs of load.


  • The final result is average.

Why should you consider buying this?

If you are searching for a recliner with some unusual design features, a Best office recliner is the perfect solution to their needs. The large seating area is a cost-effective and efficient solution for those who play with a lot of weight. It’s important to note that these features that are all about comfort won’t cost additional money.

5. Furmax High-Back Gaming Chair the best HighBack Ergonomic Chair

Furmax provides premium furniture This time, you can get an ergonomic highback gaming chair within the Furmax range without straying from the budget. If you are looking for an elegant seating configuration for their e-sports setup, Furmax’s ergonomic racing chair fulfills serve its purpose.

With reclining up to 180 degrees and a sturdy nylon base that can support up to 300lbs and a extremely durable leather that offers performance and endurance fusion. The high-back model has an incredible 33-inch backrest, which can manage the people above 6.3ft.

Concerning the ergonomics aspect there are neck and lumbar cushion cushions are available. The neck cushion has a moderate level of firmness, which helps support good neck posture.

The support for the lumbar area is excessively large and creates a bump on the lower back that causes a strange sensation. A smaller pillow alternative to the lumbar support could aid in reducing this.

The chair can safely recline to 180 degrees with metal base with a 5-star rating can support this. Additionally the gas lift system of class 3 can also support 300lbs as a weight with great precision.

The great thing about this hydraulic mechanism is the fact that it offers an extensive range of motion in comparison to other systems. Between 16.5″ up to”, you can easily adjust the size to fit your height. While other recliners from the same category offer 3-4 inches of height adjustments The cheapest gaming chair appears to offer 5.5 inches of space to set in your seat.

With all of these options an armrest is yet another aspect that requires a smidgeon of solution in this case. In my case the armrest becomes unstable after 3-4 months of use. Then, it is necessary to tighten the screws in order to maintain the proper rigidity. But, this isn’t an issue to worry about however it should be noted in order in order to keep the review of the Furmax gaming chair impartial.

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  • Long-range height adjustment
  • It can carry up to 300 pounds of weight
  • Ability to recline 180 degrees
  • The casters are smooth and scratch resistant. wheels
  • Carbon fiber materials support decent breathability


  • The lumbar support cushion wasn’t created well.

Why should we consider buying this?

With an excellent height adjustability as well as a an extremely high backrest, the chair is definitely a delight package for taller men. Also, the 180-degree recline capacity is an amazing feature to consider this chair as an excellent value for money.

Whapping Up

In the lowest price category the selection of products or choice isn’t too great. However, you should not waste your hard-earned money on a poor chair. That’s the reason I’m offering suggestions for you to select the most suitable gaming chair for under $100.

Therefore, Homall S-Racer is my absolute winner because of the wide array of top features that it offers at such a low cost. The recline of 160 degrees with an entirely out-of-the-box adjustable footrest places this chair to the “Most Comfortable” gaming chair’s list of. This chair’s limit on weight is appealing for larger players but it isn’t the most comfortable backseat.

To achieve this it is recommended to consider the ergonomic office chair that is similar to the Homall’s S-racer. It also has an electronic vibrator which is contained in the support of the lumbar. With a backrest height of 33 inches and a 135-degree reclining angle taller people will be delighted to relax for a while in this chair.

But , recline capacity is limited to 135 degrees. And should you be in the habit of turning your chair to resemble a Napping couch Furmax is the most ergonomic chair for under 100. This recliner you will also take advantage of a wide range of height adjustments (5.5 inches) and a the 180-degree recline is sure to be awe-inspiring.

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A Quick Tip Prior to You Choose the Best Gaming Chair for Under 100 dollars:

The best part about choosing the top gaming chair for PC that costs less than 100 dollars is that you only have to choose from a restricted options list. However, you’ll be able to get some top-quality options that come with many features there. I would suggest that you be realistic while you’re through a budget-friendly area.

I’ve written a short shopping guide on my previous blog post on The Best Gaming Chairs for 2021 and am providing here what features within this budget may be a miss or a winner:

Armrests: The main element in an ergonomic chair that offers the necessary support to wrists and arms. In this class the norm is the flip-up or fixed armrest. It’s a huge advantage to discover 2D armrests that can be adjusted in height.

Reclining Position Most recliners can provide three recline positions with an angle of 90-130 degrees reverse tilt. But, recline positions that go beyond the locking and angling limits are a fantastic alternative to the cart. Also, don’t expect rocking feature in this case.

height adjustment:The hydraulic lift is made possible by classes. The gas lift class 4 being the strongest and most most popular available on the market today for low-cost to the high-end racing chairs It is possible to expect gas lifts of class 3 to be an essential part of the list of specifications.

Limit on weight: Weight limit always is a major concern for big men. The majority of mid-range recliners vary between 250-375lbs, the best option is to choose from 250-300lbs. Beyond this limit, it would represent “absolute-to-go” pack. But, under the stated limit will always irritate at your inner satisfaction.

Beyond these Apart from these, you can search for leather or fabric materials as well as the backrest’s height and the chair’s mobility.

Stop the Myths FAQs:

Do racing seats work for Gaming chairs?

Absolutely racing chairs are most modern ergonomic furniture arrangement. Gamers choose gaming chairs to feel an incredibly sporty experience in their gaming.

What is the price of the cost of a gaming chair?

From the most affordable 80-dollar gaming chair, to the most expensive 1000 dollars recliners Gaming chairs are the most extravagant furniture set-up that e-sports enthusiasts want.

Gaming chairs help you better at playing?

The answer is either yes or no. According to me, gaming chairs indirectly help you improve the performance of your game. With ergonomically better features, such as adjustable armrests in 4D and a adjustable cushion supports, it is apparent that you are more comfortable in your chair. This improves your reach and improves your gaming performance.

Gaming chairs are more comfortable than the office chairs?

On the comfort and performance side, there’s no significant difference between the two ergonomics configurations. If you’re an enthusiast of sporting looks and ergonomics. Gaming chairs are the best option.

Do gaming chair truly worth the cost?

If you’re looking to improve your back pain and posture and posture, then the gaming chair isn’t going to do anything to help. But, the top gaming chair is worth it to sit for long periods of time without being disturbed or annoyed.

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