12 Best Flatbed Scanners (September 2022) Reviews

Have you stumbled across some old photos that you didn’t know existed? It’s the same for the finding of lost written agreements or letters.

While looking at these photos, you notice how worn-out and outdated they look. Photos have spots , and the documents are, well they’re almost moth-eaten!

There’s only one way to protect these treasures, digitization. Making copies of soft copies and keeping them in good condition requires scanning them in high-end quality.

That’s why it’s important to choose the most efficient flatbed scanners that are capable of handling these jobs. But how do you determine the ideal one to keep things in a low-profile manner and perform in the process?

We’ve got several of them for you to test out, assess, and purchase!

Top 12 Best Flatbed Scanners 2022

What is it that sets flatbed scanners distinct from others? Find out which one the professional and hobbyist alike prefer the most, and why.

1. Plustek Optic Slim 1180 Flatbed scanner White

You’ll be surprised by the fact that this is the most portable flatbed scanner compared to the other small ones that are available. If you’re an architect or artist The 17-inch area could be a great starting point for your work.

It provides a powerful software bundle that lets you gain flexible file sharing as well as other capabilities within your reach. Be it large blueprints, maps, or newspapers, you’ll not find this quality in similar products.

Although you can use the Grayscale A3 size only takes 9 seconds to process It takes about 15 minutes for images that are colored. It is compatible with nearly any operating system providing you with the ability to make use of it with a range of options.

It also has the max DPI of 1200, which allows architects to save the old drawings on paper. This device can assist you greatly in managing the large number of archived files after they have been they are digitally digitized.

This is also true for newspaper clippings, magazine articles as well as old newspaper headlines or examination papers to be used for future use. The paper is equipped with the led light source that allows for efficient energy utilization and no more waiting on the warmup stage.

Four pre-set buttons are available to speed up the scanning process. This product is great news for all firms, libraries and artists that have to manage huge volumes of paper, but no protection from damage.

Key Features:

  • 11.69 17-inch scan area.
  • Color depth 48 bits/16 bit and 1200 DPI.
  • This bundle of software supports a variety of sharing processes.
  • LED light source that eliminates warmth and help save energy.
  • 4 preset one-touch buttons to provide quick functionality.

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2. Plustek EPhoto Z300 Scanner

Another amazing flatbed scanner made by Plustek, which users have found to be useful in protecting important photos. The compact design makes it ideal for desks with small workspaces.

What we enjoyed about the device was the ease with which it is able to handle decent prints at this cost. It is a product that amateur photographers on a budget could benefit from.

Although it’s a little behind when it comes to high-quality scan quality but the output for everyday use is impressive. This model is ideal for snapshot digitization as well as old documents preservation.

It’s a breeze to set up and go going. The Z300 scanner has the button-free scanning process, and can handle various sizes of letters, photos. Its highest DPI is 600, however, users can change it at 300 to have a higher resolution.

The most appealing feature of the software is the speedy conversion to soft copies that takes only few seconds. Additionally, it will automatically determine the photo’s size to cut the blank area and then change the size according to the size of the photo.

It is easy to save scans to a variety of formats through the interface for the software. The only issue is the fact that this device isn’t very good when it comes to document scans. It takes more than the appropriate amount of time to get documents scanned.

We think it’s a good investment for your home in which many memories of the past are stored in shoeboxes.

Key Features:

  • Supports 4 different modes of size of photos.
  • 2-5 seconds fast scan after being fed.
  • Two DPI settings, 600 DPI and 300 DPI.
  • Compatible with a variety of operating systems.
  • No buttons are working.

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3. Epson Perfection V600 Scanner

Do you require a flawless method of digitizing all your beautiful moments in your life before they get damaged? There is nothing that can match the quality of the Epson Perfection V600 for being the best flatbed scanner for photos.best flatbed scanner for photographs in this particular case.

The staggering 9600 DPI resolution will ensure perfect soft recordings of your most precious memories. It can help you recover damaged photos using quick fixes in a matter of minutes.

In addition, the creation of extra-large photographs that measure up to 17×22 inches from film is easy with this machine. The device is small and light enough to set up on any desk.

Because it doesn’t take up any space on the surface, users can take advantage of the enormous efficiency of scanning processes. It also comes with digital ICE for films as well as prints.

The one-touch color restoration feature will restore the originality of dusty old photos and films that have been scratched up. The device is able to scan receipts, invoices as well as other details that are minute to be used for archive purposes.

It has an energy-efficient LED light source which does not pose a threat to the environment because of mercury absorption. It is one of the top options that you can get in film as well as photos scanning.

The device offers a variety of options that are great for office and home use. It is sure to help you in achieving outstanding results.

Key Features:

  • 6400x9600DPI to use for film Enlargements.
  • Digital ICE to remove dust scratches, tears and wrinkles.
  • Inbuilt Transparency Unit to scan slides film, negatives or negatives.
  • ReadyScan Light source LED that eliminates warmup time.
  • OCR software that further converts documents into editable text.

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4. Xerox The XD-COMBO Duplex Flatbed Document Scanner

A majority of special business scanners that come with feeders cost more than you can cost. Keep in mind that these scanners need to endure lots of scanning during work.

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But, you can purchase the Xerox XD-COMBO for a affordable price and get built-in features that assist you in achieving efficient results. However, it’s not going to provide the top features like expensive models.

It’s certainly able to do the job efficiently. It has an automatic bed feeder that’s excellent for clear and crisp images. We wouldn’t put too any trust in the device for scanning photos, however.

This model is better suited for documents that can be used in a variety of formats to be used for archives and records. It’s small, yet it supports simplex and duplex scans. It also has a 35-page auto document feed option to work in color/grayscale with up 300 DPI.

The model also provides instant image enhancement, before saving using the program. You can therefore enhance the clarity of blurred ID picture with little effort.

There may be some issues when dealing with a heavy document or book while scanning but the lid will try its best to record what it can, without obscuring the process. If the user is in search of an scanner that can store documents, this is the one.

It is however not suited for high-duty cycles compared to those with heavier requirements. However, it is capable of digitizing important documents without complaint.

Key Features:

  • 25 PPM/50 IPM 300 DPI, with 1500 pages/day duty cycle.
  • Included is ADF for 8.5 by 118 inches of continuous area.
  • Creates PDF searchable documents.
  • Visioneer Acuity technology that improves the image’s clarity.
  • Simplex scanning and duplex scanning using the ability to select a destination with one touch.

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5. Canon CanoScan LiDE Portable Flatbed Scanners

It is one of the portable flatbed scannersthat are sleek and black. They also appear stunning in the work area. It has a 4800 DPI resolution to give you the best output.

While it’s the most flexible for photos, it is also a good option also into old documents. Therefore, it is possible to keep a file of old legal documents or letters.

Although some users complain that they suffer from poor image quality Some users have expressed concern about their Mac issues with compatibility. This is the only issue that some users have encountered. To make it clear this device is appropriate for Mac users. It’s just slightly difficult, but that’s all.

In terms of image quality the quality is decent enough for printing and frame them. The only thing it doesn’t have is the auto-tone correction option included in the software. The software is not very good aside from scanning.

If you’re looking to edit the images, you might require an alternative solution from a third party. While the brand does not mention 4800 DPI, the company, most of customers have encountered 3800 DPI to be the most effective when scanning.

However it also comes with an impressive 8-second high-speed feature. This lets users work on a large collection of images quickly.

What we love most about this scanner is how it scans up-right, which means you can save area on your desk. We believe it is a good alternative for people who have limited space but who require continuous use of flatbed scanners.

Key Features:

  • Scanning time is 8 seconds to get an extremely fast result.
  • It also includes Type-C USB to power and transfer data.
  • 4800 DPI resolution to allow for clear image preservation.
  • Click EZ to enable the auto-scan feature.
  • 48-bit color depth for better picture quality.

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6. Epson Perfection V19 V19 Scanner Professional Flatbed Scanners

In the field of flatbed scanners no other scanner can rival that popularity and popularity enjoyed by the Epson brand. Its numerous functions allow users create numerous secure and digitally digitized files with no difficulty.

Does this Perfection V19 meets such beneficial attributes in general? It’s a slim and compact device that comes with an easily detachable lid. It is a fantastic space-saving scanner for many tasks.

It also has a built-in kickstand for placing it in a vertical position on your desk. The design of the unit makes it more attractive and suited to the crowded desk surface.

Its 4800 DPI resolution ensures that the letters-sized images are much more precise and easier to understand through touchups with software. Make sure to note that this is an USB driven model which is a feature of the present that older computers may not be compatible with.

It is comprised of fast, shortcut buttons to scan straight to PDF or email documents. The speed of 10 seconds provides better quality service than the majority of old-fashioned scanners.

If you’re thinking of creating soft copies of an album that is heavy don’t be concerned. The V19 model that has an open lid will make sure it will fit on the scanner’s surface.

Remember this: the gadget is small and therefore the album must be similar in size. It’s affordable and a better option to digitize, scan, and save the images for sharing or reprints. This is a good alternative for usage at home.

Key Features:

  • 4800 DPI resolution.
  • One-touch buttons that allow a direct scan of PDFs and email.
  • 10-second duration for photos of letter-sized.
  • It also includes software for sharing with cloud-based services.
  • Kickstand built-in for upright positioning.

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7. HP ScanJet Pro 2500 F1 Flatbed OCR Scanner

The name HP is a different name that nearly every person has heard. Although HP’s printers have taken world by the storm, many are not sure about the quality of its scanner.

Let us rid your head of all confusion and inform us that the scanner is adequate to meet the needs of. It is the preferred choice of many customers who are loyal to HP to provide speedy operation.

The device is capable of producing as many as twenty pages per minute and a lot of sheets per day. You can choose to use a one-pass or double-sided scanning to create automated workflows.

Additionally it is worth noting that it is also a scanner. ScanJet Pro 2500 also offers an ADF (Auto Document Feeder) which can handle approximately fifty pages. You can also not be around them and let the scanner accomplish its job.

From different sizes of paper administrations to several share platforms. It offers the entire range within the 1200 DPI resolution. We’re going to warn that this resolution isn’t suitable for scanning photographs.

The device is mostly utilized to digitize documents in regular intervals. Due to its greater DPI quantity, each of documents with photos of identification won’t be stricken due to poor-quality renderings.

Its software will be sure that you adjust the scan documents to meet your needs.

All in all, this HP flatbed scanner model is a great investment for the government/finance/education sectors that necessitates large masses of archiving.

Key Features:

  • 1200 DPI resolution that can be used for a variety of sizes of paper.
  • 1200 pages per day and 20 pages per minute quick feature.
  • ADF can load as many as 50 pages for scanning when left unattended.
  • Simplex/duplex options with LED source of light.
  • Directly scan to Cloud services or send emails.

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8. Plustek OpticPro A320L

If you’re a big enthusiast of Plustek and want to replace your old model with a fresh model, here’s the top flatbed scanner to choose from. It’s a fantastic method to keep your most treasured memories.

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This is the reason why it proved to become a trustworthy source for digitization for a variety of artists. When you need to design posters for an exhibition or copy your work using it’s 1660 DPI optical resolution allows for desired depth to your images.

The scanner uses CCD dual source of light that provides a balanced shadow, more dynamic range and noise reduction. The scanned image will be of the same color-depth as the image originally.

It’s a crucial characteristic for artists who don’t like strange shadows or highlights that can ruin their work. You’ll be amazed by the greater detail even if you’re just 10mm from the camera’s surface.

It is possible to connect the device to a variety of operating systems, which is a massive benefit for many users. The greatest part is that it takes just 7.8 seconds to complete an A3 scan, obviously, with a DPI less than 1600.

Overall, it’s an excellent solution for users who have to scan large maps, drawings, or even huge bound books. The numerous buttons that are available on the device will simplify scanning.

Key Features:

  • up to 12×17-inch working space, that can be used to accommodate the A3 size.
  • Maximum resolution of 1600 DPI.
  • CCD image sensor is used to avoid shadows or distortions.
  • 7.8 scanning speed in any mode with 300 DPI A3.
  • Supports multiple OS to provide seamless connection.

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9. Xerox DocuMate 3220 Duplex Document Flatbed Scanner Gray

Here’s another Xerox flatbed scanner that’s adequate for documents. It’s robust and gives plenty of operating time for workplaces.

While we can admit that the product is a disappointment for some however, it’s nonetheless a top-quality device for filing documents. You can eliminate the piles of paper that are on your work desk simply by scanning onto your computer.

It is an instrument to deal with messy office desks. The greatest thing about this device is its simple method of getting things done. Don’t misunderstand the DocuMate 3220 with an expensive image scanner.

It can do a decent enough job with ordinary pictographic documents. The 200 DPI resolution is limiting your imagination down to an minimum. Although it has many one-touch buttons and shortcuts however, it’s not suited for high-color depth scans.

Another feature is the ADF that can hold 50 sheets without having to supervise the process. Furthermore the low DPI allows for a shorter scanning time and is compatible with multiple operating systems.

In essence, it’s an excellent model that will last for a long time, however it does not offer the top quality image. The device could be an excellent addition in workplaces that require digital documentation.

If you aren’t looking to spend a lot and you already have several similar scanners to your business it is worth taking into the initial review.

Key Features:

  • Sheet capacity for input is 50 inches ADF, 8.7 x 38-inch size of paper.
  • 8.5 x 14-inch flatbed sheet size.
  • 200 DPI and the color depth of 24 bits.
  • 23 PPM/46 IPM B&W 13 PPM/26 IPM color.
  • Simplex/duplex accessibility with one-press buttons.

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10. Epson Expression 12000XL-GA Flatbed Scanner, Gray

Out of all flatbed reviews of photo scannerswe have posted This is the top pick. It isn’t the sleek, compact look however, it definitely has the highest quality in all aspects.

Its Epson Expression 12000XL-GA can give you the best image quality and resolution, offering a max four-800 DPI resolution. That means any photo you take can be printed in a larger format without sacrificing the quality.

Even though it’s an ungainly design and the unappealing gray lid The cover isn’t removable, which means you will need to remove images from the bulky albums to get a good scan.

It’s also a bit heavy and occupies a lot of the space of all. But, if you are required to make use of the camera every day to take large photos we believe that it is more suitable over the smaller ones.

If you’ve got lots of reflections on your media and aren’t sure what to do, just make use of this scanner and its software bundle to perform fast touchups. Another benefit is the batch feature, which allows you can include multiple images to scan.

There is no way to increase productivity, but also an energy-efficient LED light source to ensure an even performance.

Key Features:

  • Maximum 4800 DPI up to 12.2 inches x 17.2-inch formats.
  • ReadyScan Light source LED to help save energy.
  • One-touch color restoration through Epson software.
  • The batch-scan feature can be used to increase output.
  • Automatic dust removal option.

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11. Fujitsu Fi-7260 ADF, flatbed professional scanner, gray and Black

It is the Fujitsu fi-7260 is among the professional flatbed scanners thatmany offices and firms use regularly. It is well-known for its convenience all day long whenever one has to scan many old documents.

However there are those who have found its software quite difficult to navigate. This is why many users have had the unpleasant experience of trying to figure out how to use the system. Once you understand the basics of working and you are able to appreciate the system more than anything.

It is extremely reliable when it comes to safeguarding important papers in soft copies, without compromising the quality. It may be small but it covers a broad range of scanning operations without a hitch.

A large number of users have chosen to use it to use for their work. With 600 DPI optical resolution the device can do anything to protect the data. Additionally it can focus on 60 pages per minute, an amazing feature for people.

The flatbed attached to the ADF allows for the scanning of fragile book pages as well as other thick choices bundled. If the paper is stuck in the feeder the machine detects the issue and ceases immediately.

We must say that the device hasn’t faced any jamming issues to date. It also has an optical character recognition. This function allows the software to recognize texts as you transfer scans into Word documents.

In the end, users will benefit greatly from this program for day-to-day usage. But, the program may be a bit numb in the beginning.

Key Features:

  • Resolution optical 600 DPI and 60 PPM.
  • ADF with a flatbed that allows for flexible scanning options.
  • Intelligent sonic protection for paper to stop a jammed paper.
  • Skew reducer for steady paper feeding mechanism.
  • Abbyy FineReader OCR is able to detect texts during conversion.

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12. Canon CanoScan 9000F Flatbed Photo Scanner

We have chosen Canon CanoScan 9000F for our final as well as one of our best flatbed scannersfor your aid. This scanner will be helpful to those who have artistic work to digitize.

It also performs better using both old and modern photos. It also has the highest DPI in film scanners in our list. The 9600 might seem a bit too high for the average user however it’s the ultimate dream of photographers, designers and others.

If you include the color depth of 48 bits to the higher resolution, you will get around a hundred trillion possible colors. It will show the brightest, most vivid brightness from the image in a snap.

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It comes with EZ buttons for the majority of functions, an auto-scan feature and a software bundle with a variety of retouching options. It can make old films appear new using this gadget.

It is equipped with it’s own Film Adapter that can include the entire strip at any time it is scanned. Auto Document Fix Auto Document fix keeps the contrast and color of the film by utilizing advanced analysis correction.

Furthermore the dust and scratch removal feature will restore any photo to bring back those lost memories! It also solves dark gutter issues when scanning pages.

In the end, there is nothing that can be wrong with this amazing CanoScan scanner 900F when it comes to protecting the most precious moments of silence.

Key Features:

  • 9600 DPI, 48-bit color depth. Maximum 8.5 11.7 inches. 11.7-inch.
  • EZ buttons that allow one-touch operation.
  • Different retouching and fixing possibilities using FARE Level 3.
  • Auto-scan mode; film guide for 35mm positive/negative films.
  • It also includes USB 2.0 Hi-Speed, which allows for ultra-fast transmission.

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Flatbed Scanners: Buying Guide

If you choose to purchase the machines blindly you could receive something that isn’t your field of expertise. Therefore, there are a few things to consider before stepping into the area.

Space Access

You’re pleased to have discovered the top flatbed scanner that will meet your requirements. When you take a look at the present state of your workspace What comes to your mind?

This is why you should never select a device that isn’t able to be placed comfortably on a desk, or even next to the printer. A majority of these devices are compact in design, so users can easily accommodate the device on the desk.

However, certain workspaces are so stuffed with other equipment and files that it is difficult to place scanners. We recommend you avoid heavy scanners, to be precise.

If the user has an additional space for an enormous model for scanning larger documents, then feel at ease to choose the larger ones.


This is among the most important aspects to be considered when purchasing this is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosinggood-quality flatbed scanners. DPI, also known as the number of dots in an inch is the measurement of the resolution of the image or document that has been scanned.

Our recommendation for all time is to choose a higher DPI. The higher your DPI the higher quality the digital image will appear. Most scanners have moderate DPI is adequate for the majority of users.

If you’re an artist, designer or photographer or photographer, your DPI should be high. In reality, the highest DPI is recommended for these occupations.

However however, the DPI between 600 and 1800 is sufficient for commercial purposes.

Bit Depth

Bit depth symbolizes the image as a color pixel, when it is transferred onto the screen. This is why it’s very like DPI in terms of its significance.

Lower bits per color channel mean that there are fewer hues to use. It can ruin the originality of the picture. This is the reason why more bit depth is desirable to the majority of users.

We recommend that the range be between 24-36 for significant depth , in general terms.

You may also be able to achieve higher levels of amount of bit depth, if you’re an artist or if your projects require daily graphic assignments.


Make sure that all of the models that we have included in our Flatbed Scanner reviews have a different cost factors. The goal is to give an idea of the brand’s worth and why each one is different in value.

While it’s not a rousing move to make but it’s also an intelligent one to make sure you are making that you make a smart purchase. So, don’t forget to establish a budget for the amount you will invest.

It is important to think about this before you choose a brand or model with a rush. Features such as DPI as well as bit depth can change the price. Therefore, make sure they be in line with your budget.

Additionally, don’t forget the importance of the cheapest product. You must ensure that the one you pick meets the requirements , and nothing more.


There are many options and functions in a scanner which do not satisfy your requirements. While you search for a new scanner You will find numerous options that are more advanced.

Today, scanning doesn’t only refer to traditional methods of operation, but also the use of software and data storage capabilities. You will need to consider the advantages of these devices for a better choice.

Frequently Answered Questions

What is a Flatbed Scanner Used for?

You could think of it like a copier machine just a little more streamlined. It utilizes a leveled surfaces to capture documents, and such.

Many of these items have lids that can be adjusted. They allow users to raise the lid the lid to scan heavy magazines, books and albums, for example.

Should I Scan Images In PDF Format Or JPEG Format?

Truthfully, the PDF format is not an ideal format for images. It is impossible to alter the image’s compression and it’s likely to become worse when editing. It is therefore better to use the JPEG format. It is simple to share.

Which format is the best for Photo Saving?

The simple answer is to use PNG or TIFF. While TIFF provides data lossless when scanning PNG is more concerned with conserving space. Even though PNG is extensively supported however, it is not a standard format. TIFF format does not compress data as do other formats.

JPEG format is not the best choice as it compresses images and also loses a lot of data. Even though the function is set to 100 performance, JPEG often minimizes the document/photo’s value badly.

What is the highest DPI to Scan Older Photos?

Start with 600 DPI in the event that the original image is around 2×3 inches. The result of scanning makes it a 16×24-inch soft copy, but without losing quality.

What is the Best Resolution for Scanning Slides?

The ideal scanning resolution for slides is 3000 or 4800 DPI. The process may take a time to finish because of the high DPI.

However the type of image scanned is ideal for printing larger prints.

What light sources does a Flatbed Scanner Utilize?

Some include a fluorescent light or a CCD array that serves as the light source for the scanner. They also are known for their detectors that are reliable.

Yet, recent research by manufacturers have discovered that light emission diodes (LED) tend to be more effective than fluorescent lamps.

Wrapping up!

Have you discovered a new favourite yet? Don’t be concerned even if it takes you a while to understand the benefits. So long as you have the mostbest flatbed scanner you can usage, we will be more than content to assist.

Each of the choices in our list are fantastic considering the unbalanced popularity of consumer reviews. Therefore, good luck in finding the one that you like!

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