5 Best Flash for Canon Rebel T6 and T7 (September 2022) Reviews

You’ll need other accessories as you get deeper into photography.

External flashes allow you to create professional-quality lighting that can be used to enhance natural light. Speedlites can be used to illuminate dark areas, but not necessarily. Speedlites can be used to freeze motion or flatten subjects.

Which one should you choose? Many flashguns work with Canon Rebel T6. Some of them have very competitive prices.

This article will cover the best flash for Canon Rebel T6 and provide some buying tips so you don’t buy the wrong one.

Before you begin the review, take a look at my suggested product list below.

An innovative flashgun, the 470EX AI, introduces an AI bounce feature. Automatically calculates the optimal bounce angle. It is easy to control the flash. The TTL flash metering system is reliable and consistent.

The flash is small and light. The flash’s recycle time is very short and it is highly adaptable. The EL-100 can produce natural and creative lighting to achieve the best results.

Voking VK581C flash is an affordable option for your camera. You can choose between manual and TTL exposure. The diffuser inside softens the direct light. The flash’s high-quality construction is resistant to dust and water droplets. The LCD is large.

Another high-quality flash with master and slave modes. It supports wireless transmission and has TTL mode, strobe, and M modes.

This Speedlite is affordable and perfect for your camera. It still has wireless control and a built-in diffuser and reflector panel. The device also includes Sync Cords and a lens cap holder.

Our Top 5 Best Flashes for Canon Rebel T6 & T7 Reviews

A flashgun can open up new possibilities for your photography. However, there are many options available on the market. These are the top flashes I recommend for Canon cameras.

1. Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI, Auto Intelligent Flash Photography


  • Zoom range: 24-105mm (auto)
  • Bounce 0 to 120 Degrees
  • Swivel (left/right): 180 / 180 degrees
  • Flash exposure compensation: +/-3EV
  • Manual power setting: 1/1 – 1/128
  • High-Speed Sync:
  • Weight: 385g

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Canon 470EX AI comes with AI technology that automatically determines the best angle for the flash head. This is a great choice for your camera because of its traditional control panel and advanced controls.

Automatic Bounce

There are fully-automatic and semi-automatic bounce modes.

The flashgun will fire a pre-flash at your subject in full AI auto bounce mode. Another flashgun is fired at the ceiling, to calculate the optimal bounce angle based on the subject’s distance and the ceiling.

Semi-automatic mode lets you fire in the desired direction, and allows for head tilting and swiveling when necessary.

This feature is great for beginners in photography as it makes it easy to adjust the angles.

Rapid & Silent Recycling

The flashgun’s recycling time is impressive as well. Between 1/128 to 1/4, the flashgun can be recycled almost immediately.

AF Assist

This external flash is the best for Canon Rebel T6 or T7. It can achieve sharp focus in low-light conditions. The intermittent flash system can illuminate the entire frame in an instant.

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There’s also an infrared beam that helps achieve sharp and precise focus.


The flash’s automatic bounce with AI is its biggest selling point. It calculates the optimal bounce angle and calculates it using AI. The flash also has an intuitive control panel and a fast recycling speed.


This hot shoe does not have RF slave/master modes. It may also be expensive for some.

Summary The Canon 470EX–AI flashgun features an automatic bounce. This makes it easy to use, especially for beginners.

2. Canon Speedlite EL-100


  • Zoom Range: 24mm & 50mm
  • Bounce 0 to 90 Degrees
  • Swivel Head: 330 degrees
  • Recycle time: 0.1-5.8 seconds
  • Adjustable output settings: 1/1 – 1/128
  • High-Speed Synchro: N/A
  • Weight: 190g

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The Canon EL-100 is a popular choice because of its small size and easy-to-use controls for beginners. It delivers creative natural lighting in both indoor and outdoor shooting.

Compact and lightweight

Speedlite is lightweight at 190g, making it easy to transport around. It’s also very easy to use and manage.

The flash provides soft, natural lighting throughout the image. You can rotate it horizontally or vertically to bounce off of walls and other objects nearby.

Versatile Lighting

The flash can be used to create flattering and creative lighting by bouncing horizontally and vertically.

You can use the stroboscopic flash to freeze subjects in motion by firing rapid bursts. The device also features a second curtain sync mode that emphasizes speed and allows you to take creative photos in motion.

Optical Sender & Reciever

Canon EL-100 is a wireless optical sender and receiver. The flash can be used to trigger remote devices by acting as a sender. The flash can also be used to trigger other remote devices.


Canon Speedlite EL-100 flashgun is compact and strong. It’s a great value for money. This flashgun produces flexible lighting effects through its flexible bouncing capabilities.


Battery performance is not very satisfactory. Constant use of the battery can cause performance degradation even more.

Summary Canon EL-100 successfully removes the under-exposed parts of images. It increases the capabilities of powerful cameras such as T6 and T7 and boosts performance for any entry-level camera.

2. Voking VK581C TL High-Speed Sync Master Cam Flash Speedlite


  • Zoom Range: 24mm & 105mm
  • Bounce 0 to 90 Degrees
  • Swivel Head: 190 degrees
  • Recycle time: Approx. 3s
  • Adjustable output settings: 1/1 – 1/128
  • High-Speed Sync – Up to 1/8000
  • Weight: 405g

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Voking VK581C, another high-quality flash, is available for Canon Rebel T6 and T7 cameras. The control panel can be used with the large liquid crystal display panel.

Flash Mode E-TTL

You can adjust the flash’s light level to achieve the best results. This is especially useful for portrait photography, as it ensures that the white balance is perfect for indoor sessions.

Manual exposure modes are also available on the flash.

High-Speed Sync

VK581C is a low-cost option that offers fast sync speeds up to 1/1800 seconds. The flash produces a lot of flash bursts over the exposure time. The built-in diffuser helps to soften the harsh flash light.


This external flash is the best for Canon Rebel T7. It has wide flash range coverage and supports manual exposure and TTL modes. It is easy to use the LCD. It is resistant to dust and water droplets. The lights can also be controlled wirelessly by multi-flash LEDs.


Although the recycling time is slightly longer than other products on this list, it is still possible to ignore the cost.

SummaryVoking vK581C flashgun is great for portraits. This flashgun produces soft, optimum light that will bring out the best in your subjects.

4. Godox V860II-S High-Speed Sync GN60 1/8000 2.4G Flash Speedlite


  • Zoom Range: 20-200mm
  • Bounce: Up-90 degrees, Down-7 degrees
  • Swivel Head: 360 degrees
  • Recycle time: Approximately 0.01 to 1.5 seconds
  • Adjustable output settings: 1/1 – 1/128
  • High-Speed Synchro: Up To 1/8000
  • Weight: 430g
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Godox is well-known for making high-quality accessories for cameras. This is the case with the V860IIS-S, which has a professional-grade build and advanced features.

2.4G Wireless X System

For a more convenient user experience, the flashgun has a built-in TTL wireless trigger and a 2.4GHzX wireless radio system.

Wireless transmission is used to trigger the shutter and flash within 100m.

Master & Slave Flash

V860IIS-S can be used as both a master flash unit and a slave flash unit. It can be used as a master unit in TTL, Multi, and of flash modes. It is compatible with the Godox X1T flash trigger.

Battery Capacity

The Godox flashgun comes with a Li-ion polymer lithium battery of 2000mAh capacity. The flashgun can deliver up to 650 full power bursts and can be charged in just two hours.

Strobe Mode

Godox V860IIS has a strobe mode that can be used at various frequencies. This mode allows the flash emits multiple flashes while recording the subject’s movement in the photograph.


Godox V860IIS comes with a wireless control system that can be controlled remotely. The flash head rotates at 360 degrees free of charge and it syncs at high speeds. It is very powerful, long-lasting, and has multi-functional buttons that allow for easy operation.


There were many complaints about the inconsistency of the AF beam’s performance. But, this is not something I’ve experienced.

Summary The Godox II is an excellent flash that offers many advanced features. You can cover any event by pairing the unit with an X1T_ flash trigger.

5. Neewer NW-670TTL Flash Speedlite for Canon with LCD Display Kit


  • Zoom Range: 24-105mm
  • Bounce: Up-90 degrees, Down-7 degrees
  • Swivel Head: 270 degrees
  • Recycle Times: 3.0s
  • Adjustable output settings: 1/1 – 1/128
  • High-Speed Sync – Up to 1/250s
  • Weight: 490g

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The Neewer NW-670 is a great option for those who are concerned about their budget and still want a multi-directional Speedlite. It has many advanced options, including a high GN value and wireless flash trigger function.

Wireless Control

The NW-670 can be used to measure E-TTL and TTL with Canon cameras. It also features an FC-16 wireless trigger at 2.4 GHz so you can remotely control flashes or shutter-release cameras.

Flash Diffuser

There are two ways that the flash diffuser can be used. The soft flash diffuser scatters and softens flash units’ emitted light by reflecting off ceilings and walls.

To make photos look more natural, a hard flash diffuser reduces or softens harsh shadows behind the subject.

Automatic temperature detection

The budget flash for Canon Rebel T6/T7 has an automatic temperature detection feature to protect it from overheating. If the flash is used for an extended period, you will be notified by a signal.


The Neewer NW-670 includes a wireless trigger system that transmits data at 2.4 GHz, allowing remote control. It features a built-in reflector panel and a wide-angle diffuser. It also includes a lens cap.


It takes a lot longer to recycle than other products. It is not a good choice for motion or sports photography. It feels heavy.

SummaryThe Neewer NW-670 Speedlite is an affordable option. It has many great features. If you are on a tight budget, this is a great external flash to use with Canon Rebel T7i.

How do you choose the best flash for Canon Rebel T6

A flashgun is a great accessory to your camera. It will increase your ability in photography. There are many options available when searching for the best flash for Canon Rebel t6 or t7.

These are seven important things to remember before you buy a hot shoe flash for your camera.


First, consider the flash’s power, also known as Guide Numbers. The higher the GN, the stronger the flash.

A flash that has a higher GN value produces more light. You can decrease the flash’s output, but not increase it above its GN value. Consider buying a flash that has a high GN.

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There are two types of speedlites: manual and TTL. Manual flashes can be controlled completely by the photographer, while Through the Lens is automatically controlled.

TTL is a method of measuring the flash’s brightness. It communicates with your camera to determine the optimal amount of light needed to capture a scene. TTL also sends a pre-flash.

TTL can be used in manual mode if necessary, even though it is an automatic flash mode. A TTL flash is a great option for Canon T6 users.

Wireless Control

Advanced hot shoes today allow you to control your flash wirelessly and maintain TTL exposure for all flashes. Wirelessly join multiple flashes and control their outputs from one master unit.

This feature is limited to high-end devices. Regular flashes only receive signal instructions. You should buy one if you wish to use the wireless trigger feature.

High-Speed Sync

High-speed sync allows the flash to fire continuous bursts. This mode allows you to use a shutter speed that is higher than the flash sync.

The shutter speeds at which the flash is not capable of high-speed sync will cause the blackening of the area in the image.

Recycling speed

It takes flashes a bit longer to take another shot. This is called recycling speed, and it shows how quickly the flash can be ready to shoot again.

Speed is measured in seconds. The faster the number, the longer it takes to take again. When it comes to action and sports photography, speed is a crucial consideration. This is not a problem if you are into portraits.

Swivel and tilt

Flashguns are easy to use and rotate. But not all hot shoe flashes have this ability. Before you buy one, ensure that your hot shoe tilts.

You can see the tilting range in the manual. You’ll be able to bounce more if the device rotates more.

Temperature Control

Hot shoe flashes can get very hot if they are worn for long periods. In this case, some of the flashes may stop working entirely. You should also be aware of the response of your Canon T7 compatible flash to high temperatures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Which flash is the best for Canon?

Canon Speedlite-470EX AI is the best flash, especially for Canon Rebel cameras. This flash features an AI-enabled bounce feature that calculates the optimal amount of light to create the best picture.
Other advanced features include TTL metering and AF assist beam, fast refreshing time, and many others.

Is there a flash built into the Canon Rebel T7?

Yes, the Canon Rebel T7 comes with a built-in flash. It has a GN value of 30.2 feet at ISO100. It produces photos that are well exposed at the appropriate ISO and rated distance.
Professional use of flash is best done with an external flash. A tripod can be used for canon rebels to get the best results.

How do I use an external flash on Canon Rebel T6?

Turn the camera on, then go to the menu and find the “Flash control” setting. Scroll down to “External Flash function setting”, where you can control an external flash.
You can switch between manual, TTL, and multi modes. The flash automatically turns on when you choose a mode.

Wrapping Up

This is the Canon Rebel T6’s best flash review.

With the Canon T6 camera, you have the best flash and can cover different events. The dark areas are removed, making the photos look natural.

I hope that you have found the right one. Thank you for reading.

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