8 Best Erasers For Charcoal (September 2022) Reviews

Usually, stunning charcoal art has gone through numerous adjustments to remove any mistakes and create the quality you can see.

Fixing is cleaning marks or smudging, bringing back highlights altering the tone, as well as smudging. These are all crucial issues in art. Do you can see what they have in common? They need the finest erasers for charcoal to complete.

However, while using charcoal erasers may seem like a simple job, it’s not always the case. When you add a variety of different charcoal types to the table for example, using various weights of charcoal or using different kinds of paper can start to get a little tricky. It could be that your tooth’s depth isn’t large or the marks are dark.

Most of the time, a pencil eraser will not be enough. You will require a top-quality charcoal eraser.

If you’re ready to buy an eraser, I’ll tell you that there are many options there. It is possible to get being a bit confused. This is why I’ve created this guide. I’ve looked over eight erasers that I have used for charcoal and put together a nice overview of what you can expect.

Let’s delve in.

Our Top 8 Best Erasers For Charcoal 2022

1. Faber-Castell Kneaded Eraser Large Size Grey

Faber Castell is quite familiar with those who have worked working in the creative arts field. It is one of the biggest brands that is dominating all other brands in the production of art papers, pencils and erasers in addition to many other things.

The thing that the brand is well-known for is the high quality in its merchandise. If you’re looking to purchase from the most trusted retailer, then you must test Faber Castell. What does the eraser provide?

“Magical” can be the nearest thing you can get to describe how this eraser functions. It’s one of the tools that can erase the marks efficiently and completely, without destroying the surface. As soon as you lightly press on the surface the drawing or writing begins to disappear. It doesn’t take much effort.

Do you know that you need to continue rubbing the drawing with the eraser in order to erase it?

It is possible to get rid of this problem by purchasing the Faber-Castell Eraser that you can kneaded. Once you have placed it on the artwork and gently press the art begins to fade. What a cool idea!

In addition to erasing, the product also serves a different purpose. If you’re looking to brighten certain aspects of art, you’ll appreciate its utility. The light strokes of the drawing will take some shades off giving the more light-colored look you require.

If you continue using an eraser, it gets dirty, and this can be transferred to the surface that you’re trying to erase. However, with Faber Castell, the problem is eliminated, thanks to the structure of the product.

What I mean by that is an eraser can be flexible. It bends, twists and rotates to form the shape you desire and gives you access to new components that you can use without the risk of transferring dirt.

Not only this. This function lets you erase strokes or lines without impacting the surrounding components.

A lot of artists use Faber can be the most effective eraser to use with charcoal, however, it is not able to solely work with charcoal. It’s a multi-purpose product that can be used in conjunction with pencil, watercolor pastel, graphite, and other art.

Key Features:

  • A great absorbency capacity, which gives the ability to erase.
  • Elastic eraser to remove small sections without damaging the other components.
  • It doesn’t leave food crumbs.
  • Cost-effective – 4 in one pack.
  • Work with a variety of different media such as graphite, watercolor, charcoal and many more.
  • Holdable size.

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2. Prismacolor Premier Kneaded

If you ask any artist who has been working with charcoal for a long time. It is likely that most people have employed it at least once in their life. This Prismacolor Premier Kneaded certainly one of the most well-known erasers for charcoal that you can find.

If you’re interested in precision cleaning, then you’ll need to be able press your eraser in various forms. Luckily, it’s an elastic device that lets you accomplish this.

It doesn’t matter how tiny the spots are or how deep they are, this elastic cleaner can help you get the spots out with absolute accuracy.

Did you ever use an eraser that would release dust as you scratched the smooth surface?

I’m sure it was not an enjoyable experience. If you are looking for an eraser that does not leave dust, then you’ll be able to find the Prismacolor eraser very helpful. With it, you’ll be able to get rid of residues and dirt, and have clean and tidy workspace.

It’s also non-latex. This means you’ll be working without causing any mess.

If you keep using this eraser over and over, its area gradually gets saturated with carbon , and the efficacy of erasing decreases. With this eraser that has been kneaded, there’s no need to worry. When you knead the eraser with the palm of your hand, you create the surface ready to erase the entire surface.

Its versatility is one of the main reasons for making this product a sought-after selection. In this regard, you can utilize it with a variety of media. If you’re using chalk pencils, pastels, and charcoals, the eraser can perform.

If you’re working on a budget This is the item for you. It’s among the least expensive on the market, and it’s of decent quality. Try it. You can choose the 1-unit option, or the 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 packs.

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Key Features:

  • It is easy to mold into different shapes.
  • Great size for easy grab.
  • It is versatile in that it can work with various media, ranging from pastels to charcoal.
  • 3-in-1 set with eraser kneaded by Artgum and a an eraser made of plastic.
  • Latex-free plastic eraser for cleaner erasing.
  • The erasers are crumbs-free and produce less mess.

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3. Mr. Pen Eraser Set

This is the story about Mr. Pen is one that is full of love and care. In contrast to other brands, this was founded by teachers from different regions in the US.

Recognizing the challenges faced by both students and teachers They came up with new stationery that addresses the problems that are real.

The product we’re discussing this time will be their Mr. Pen Eraser Set. This set includes 9 erasers that are grouped into three classes. Within, you’ll have 3 erasers made of vinyl as well as 3 kneaded rubbers as well as 3 gum art erasers.

With so many different erasers that you’re guaranteed the capability to meet many different issues. In this regard you’ll be able to deal with different tasks related to erasing effortlessly. When you need to rub out large areas of drawing or tiny and small areas that require extreme precision this set has the proper tools to complete the task.

To get rid of pencil lines and smudges off surfaces, the three art gum erasers included in the set will take care of it. They absorb graphite and dirt so effectively that you’d be convinced it’s magic.

If you’re looking to lighten or correct the charcoal erasers that are 3 kneaded, they are extremely beneficial. They easily mold into the shape you prefer which allows you to clean your work with precision. In addition to charcoal, they can also be used with pencils and pastels.

Finally, the three plastic erasers are here to assist you in removing pencil marks easily. Since they are free of latex they can reduce the mess which allows for better erases.

Key Features:

  • The erasers are made of plastic and have no latex, which means less mess.
  • Kneaded erasers with moldable moulds for accuracy and the ability to be flexible.
  • Artist gum erasers graphite and smudges efficiently.
  • It can be used with a variety of media such as watercolor, charcoal pencils, crayons, etc.

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4. Magicdo Cube Erasers

The ability to hold erasers with ease is essential for ease of usage. One of the most crucial factors that will determine if an eraser is simple for users to work with is its design and it is exactly what is the reason so many people opt to those Magicdo Erasers.

The erasers have an ergonomic design. In this regard there’s a small indentation in the middle of each unit, in which the thumb is placed when working with the eraser. Additionally, the indentation is enhanced by intricate spiral designs.

This design is clever and lets you have a the most comfortable, yet secure grip without any effort.

The set includes 4 units. They are erasers with a variety of shapes, such as an oval, prism, an shield and the diamond. For children, they are extremely intriguing shapes to work with. Additionally, they are very comfortable to work with.

For those who want to have clean, non-smoking power The Magicdo Cube Erasers make an excellent option. They don’t release crumbs. In fact, the particles are designed to ensure that they are able to be removed without leaving behind a residue.

Imagine the use of an eraser which keeps cutting your work area. It causes irritation to the surface due to its roughness, and destroys the work you’ve created. I think it could be quite a hassle. But, I have positive news. The eraser doesn’t break the paper.

It is made to provide a clean and smooth action, that is free of ghosts or streaks.

Eco-friendly is another factor which makes these unique. They’re not made of latex, and are also non-toxic. This makes them an excellent option for anyone who wishes to help in the fight against environmental degradation.

To ensure your safety You can rest assured that there are no harmful chemicals in these. They are safe for your kids.

Key Features:

  • Four units with fantastic forms.
  • Concavity of spirals that makes them more comfortable to hold.
  • Do not let crumbs fall out – ideal for clean-up without mess.
  • Made of cruelty-free, latex-free environmentally-friendly products.

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5. Vanish 4-In-1 Artist Eraser

Are you in search of an eraser kit that can help with your paper-erasing issues? What about the Vanish 4-in-1 artist Eraser?

If you are artists, you are aware that media comes in a variety of forms. From pastels and charcoals to chalk and graphite, erasers can help you work with a myriad of media that may be solid or liquid forms in addition to solid form.

If you use charcoal frequently and you are looking for a medium to be quite appropriate. It is able to remove soft charcoal lines with no problem regardless of whether the lines were drawn on hard or soft art paper.

If you’re in search of ways to handle more difficult media like graphite and graphite erasers are sure to provide you with a lot of help.

As you can see, you should not buy an eraser specifically for soft media, and a different one to erase hard media. The eraser will work for both situations.

Crumbs, as you may have guessed are a byproduct of rubbers. However, they’re not a desirable product. They’re actually quite irritating when they continue to fall onto your work space and ruining your work.

In case you’ve had your fill food particles, you should use this eraser. There’s no way to describe how well the product is able to clean itself. It’s as if it has a magical ability that makes sure that no crumbs are released. This means that you don’t need to take them out manually, and the chance of damaging your work is significantly reduced.

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Apart from removing elements of your work You may also be trying to accomplish other purposes. For instance, you might wish to mix various media, including charcoal and pastels. Also, you might wish to eliminate the lines under an ink line. This Vanish Eraser is here to aid you with that, and many more.

If you’re looking for a huge rubber they can use for a period of weeks or months in the course of regular work it is an ideal option. Its dimension at 2.5 By 0.75 inches is big enough to last long periods of time.

Key Features:

  • Self-cleaning properties ensure that there’s nothing left over.
  • Large size for long-term durability.
  • Works with both soft as well as heavy media.
  • Compatible with chalk, pastels charcoal, as well as other mediums.
  • A durable material that will last you for quite a long time.

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6. General Pencil GEN-140E-BP

If you find out that an eraser was kneaded rubber, it is essentially meaning that it was created using chemical compounds, as opposed to being made from natural resources.

I can understand how some people are feeling about certain items that are manufactured chemically. But what do you know? The General Pencil GEN 140E-BP is free of harmful components like latex and PVC.

The product is manufactured within the United States under the supervision by experts. This means that there’s nothing to be scared of. The testing is rigorous to ensure that the product is able to be able to meet the standards of quality.

It’s true that the item comes in a single unit but you do have the option of purchasing in large quantities.

Its versatility is one of the things this rubber is loved for. It allows you to handle not just charcoal, but also other mediums that include chalk, pastels highlights, charcoal, and pastels.

If you rub the rubber, you’ll feel how flexible and soft it is. It’s a material can be molded by your fingertips. This allows you to get access to the parts that are not used by the object and then continue to rub with the same efficiency like when it was brand fresh.

Have you experienced crumbs that caused you headaches at some point in your life? You can try to picture this rubber. It’s designed in a way that it erases the paper without leaving any crumbs on the paper. This way your desk remains tidy and you do not ruin your work by using fingers to eliminate the dust.

The only issue with this product is that it isn’t in a stress-free package. It isn’t easy to remove the rubber an endeavor, but once that is completed, you are able to take pleasure in the varying rubbing action.

Key Features:

  • It is made from the USA.
  • Elastic is a tool for precise erasing.
  • Multi-functional – works well using chalks, pastels highlights, and more.
  • Free of latex and PVC.

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7. Putote Draw Art Rubber Erasers Kneaded

What Putote is, as the brand’s offerings, is every artist’s dreams come to life. It provides you with top-quality rubber case at a price that is incredibly low.

The set includes a dozen rubbers for a low cost, which makes it ideal for anyone who is an artist even artists on a tight budget.

In the 12 units, there are four distinct shades. Three colors for each. I found this separation of colors extremely useful, since it makes it easier to subdivide erasers according to the usage. You can make use of some for the heavy and deep sections , and others to use for lighter areas.

The title says that these erasers are kneaded. The thing many people love them because of is that they’re super soft. They are able to be made to any form. For instance, you could create a wide surface for quickly erasing large portions or even create an edge that is thin or sharp for erasing small pieces.

In the field of art erasers are among the most essential tools. However, they can cause an issue, especially when they leave behind a smudge or gunk. This is a major problem in drawing art. The rubber can get so filthy that it’ll be prone to discoloration and ruin your work area. However, it’s different with Putote erasers.

The way it is done is that firstly, erasers self-clean. Furthermore, since they are soft they can be pulled and push to get cleaner parts that do not cause chaos.

If there’s a thing that causes us problems with erasers it’s the location where they are stored. You need a location where your rubbers can be kept clean and safe from dust. The good news is that These are available in clear plastic cases that provide a stress-free storage.

Key Features:

  • Super soft and can be easily handled.
  • Affordable – A dozen erasers under $10.
  • Available in four different colors that make it easy to differentiate.
  • Small plastic cases that are easy to use for storage.

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8. Sntieecr 4-Pack Kneaded Erasers

Last on this list are the Sntieecr Four Pack Kneaded Eraser. It’s not a new product on the market, but it’s already garnering quite a fan base.

The item is offered as a package of 4 erasers. Each is 1.8 per 1.4 and 0.4 inches. That means they’re rather small devices, yet large enough to be comfortable when you grab them.

In comparison to other packs, this one is more expensive. It is because the quality is better. How?

Firstof all, it is an extremely versatile device. It is able to be used to meet a variety of requirements because it can work using both heavy and light media. It is able to absorb chalk as well as pastels, charcoal color pencils and other substances. With its incredible plasticity, the eraser is surprisingly absorbent. amount of absorption.

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Furthermore in terms of elasticity, the performance of the rubber is outstanding. This characteristic lets you alter it easily and to shape it to the form you’d like to meet your needs for erasing.

The basic design of an eraser is designed so that you can hold it easily, and apply the appropriate amounts of pressure to ensure smooth erasers.

If you’re committed to your art there’s a good chance you’ll require an eraser to do more than just cleaning the parts that aren’t needed. You’ll want to smooth out your drawings, fix the shade, make your drawings brighter, etc. The good thing is that, with this eraser, it is possible to meet these requirements in addition.

The final thing I’d like bring to your attention are the storage cases. Yes, these erasers come perfectly packed into small, white plastic containers. These cases protect the erasers from dust build-up and also assist in keeping your stationery in order.

Key Features:

  • Absorbs media effectively.
  • A great size to make it easy to grab and rub.
  • Soft and easily kneadable to different shapes.
  • Compatible with a variety of media, including charcoal and pastels to chalk.
  • Great storage containers.

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What to Look For When purchasing an Eraser for Charcoal Drawing?

Image alt=”What is the most important thing to consider before purchasing an Eraser to draw charcoal?” data-ezsrc=”https://www.nrxguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/What-to-Look-for-Before-Buying-Eraser-for-Charcoal-Drawing.jpg?ezimgfmt=rs:350×195/rscb1/ng:webp/ngcb1″ src=”https://www.nrxguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/What-to-Look-for-Before-Buying-Eraser-for-Charcoal-Drawing.jpg?ezimgfmt=rs:350×195/rscb1/ng:webp/ngcb1″ title=”What-to-Look-for-Before-Buying-Eraser-for-Charcoal-Drawing”/>

Do you want to know how I selected from the options listed above? It’s a matter of carefully analyzing the components that determine the most effective eraser. In this section I will assist you in enhancing your skills of selection by providing you with the aspects to take into consideration when searching for the perfect erasers.

Medium Suitability

When we work with paper art using paper, we employ a variety of mediums. These include charcoal, pastels, chalk graphite pencils many more. Certain erasers use just some or perhaps two materials, whereas others are able to work with almost any item.

If you’re planning at working with various media, you need to choose an eraser designed offer the flexibility you require. The models in the article above are among the most flexible you’ll discover that work with a variety of media.

Erasing Effectiveness

Have you ever encountered rubbers that don’t work? If you attempt to erase the drawing, rather than removing the drawing it leaves streaks of dirt. It’s really difficult, isn’t that it?

This is the reason, before purchasing an eraser, you must to know whether it’s effective. Read reviews to find out what people who use the product have to say about its effectiveness in cleaning.

A high-quality rubber is one where does not require pressing into the paper to get it to get clean. It will absorb the drawing without struggle , and it doesn’t leave a mark on the surface.

Does It Have to be Moldable?

In removing any sketches on paper, you’ll encounter a variety of areas. Sometimes, you’ll have remove large sections or streaks of smudges. Other times, you’ll have to get rid of tiny lines and other fine aspects.

A hard rubber that you can’t mold may be suitable for larger regions, yet it may not be ideal for removing intricate designs or adding new elements like lightening dark spots.

This is the reason moldability is crucial. A rubber that is soft and moldable is one that has a shape you can alter by twisting, bending and other methods. It is a breeze to handle smaller and larger areas as well as to include new elements into the design.

The Dimension

It’s not something you think about it while buying the right size, but it is important to consider. You don’t want a massive rubber but in the same way you don’t want an extremely small one. They’re all user-friendly and comfortable to use.

If you’re seeking maximum comfort, try selecting the right rubber. It should not be too big or to small enough for the fingers of yours. Examine the dimensions to determine the size that is appropriate for your needs.

In general, rubbers with lengths of 1 to 5 inches with the wide that ranges from 0.5 1.5 to 1.5 inches as well as the depth between 0.1 or 0.5 inches are the most popular.


Crumbs are the by-product released from the rubber. They are the product that is created when the rubber wears.

The release of excessive amounts of crumbs is not recommended since it leaves an unclean workspace. Additionally, if you have too much crumbs, and you are forced to try to eliminate them by hand, your art may be destroyed during the process. Choose a product specifically designed to stop the formation of crumbs. Follow this article for more information on charcoal art tools.

Wrapping up!

If you are an artist or artist, you are aware how crucial erasers are. It helps you are not just able to eliminate the undesirable drawings or writings, but also manage many art elements , from smudging to the addition of highlights and lighting the areas in your sketch.

So, I hope my writings have helped in the quest to include more erasers in your art collection. When selecting the right pencil eraser, take note of the aspects we’ve talked about. These include size, efficacy as well as moldability and the capability to prevent crumb-forming.

I would like to wish you the best as you embark on your journey to becoming an artist.

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