8 Best Entryway Light Fixtures (September 2022) Reviews

Are you in search of durable and beautiful light fixtures that will light up your entranceway? You’re that you’re on the right website. In this article we’ve curated the top lighting fixtures for your entryway that will make a grand first impression for your home.

If you’re considering using an flush mount light, chandelier or pendant light in your foyer We’ve rounded up the best options to make your home more attractive, as well as providing warm light for your entryway.

This article also includes the guide for buying entrance lighting fixtures, therefore you should read to the very end to get more information.

Top 8 Best Entryway Light Fixtures 2022

1. TeHenoo Industrial Entryway Ceiling Light Fixture with Clear Glass Shade

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Are you looking for a stylish lighting fixture for your entranceway? This is a good possibility to think about. It’s a ceiling-mounted lighting that is designed to create a cozy ambience in your foyer and other spaces like hallways or balconies and other similar areas.

The light is simple to installand includes all accessories to facilitate the installation. It is suitable for E26 bases incandescent lamps, halogens and LED CFL and base incandescent bulbs.

Be aware that this lamp doesn’t come with the bulbs. You might need to purchase the bulbs separately.

Overall, this fixture is long-lasting, elegant and provides great brightness that will illuminate your entranceway.

2. VICNIE Flush Mount LED Round Ceiling Light Fixture

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This light fixture utilizes top-of-the-line LED chips that provide outstanding lighting effects. It’s also energy efficient and can save you as much as 75% on energy costs.

But that’s not the only thing you can do with the flush mount ceiling light. It’s dimmable and you can alter the brightness of 10 percent to 100 percent. This feature can also help in reducing energy usage.

Additionally this light is equipped with an elegant white acrylic lamp shade and LEDs that shine evenly without flickering. This shields your eyes from glare and bright light.

The light fixture is built to last and is rated to last less than 100,000 hours. It’s ETL certified to ensure secure lighting. This light can be installed in stairwells, entryways basements, garages, walk-in closets, and more.

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3. KingSo Lighting Fixture for Industrial Pendants in Metal

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If you’re considering using pendant lights in your entrance this is a great lighting fixture for your entryway with interesting features. It’s 11.81 inches wide, and the length of the hanging chain measures 51 inches. The chain can be adjusted and the chain can be adjusted to suit your preferred height.

The light can be dimmed using dimmable bulbs and dimmer switches. The only bulbs you can use are E26 base bulbs for the fixture. It is important to note that the light doesn’t include bulbs or dimmers. It is possible to purchase the bulbs and switches separately.

The lighting is safe. It comes with the shade of black metal that shields the bulb as well as improving the appearance of the light.

Installation is simple and it includes a user’s manual as well as installation tools.

4. CO-Z Modern Industrial Clear Glass Shade Ceiling Light Fixture

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This light is modern in style that creates a striking design statement in your entranceway. It comes with a stylish transparent shade that is rounded and three bulbs that emit warm light effects. If you’re in search of elegant lighting fixture for your ceiling or one that’s elegant, durable, and efficient this ceiling light will meet all your requirements.

In addition to being a great feature in your entranceway, it’s suitable for bedrooms, hallways as well as dining hall warehouses, barns and more. The light can be used with E26 base bulbs – LED, incandescent CFL, halogens and filament lights. The maximum recommended output is 60W.

Furthermore the light is equipped with installation accessories as well as directions to assist you to gain access to the light easily. But, you can hire an electrician to take care of the installation if not certain about doing it right.

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5. The Rosient Flush Mount Light Fixture for Entranceways

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Rosient is a well-known name in lighting, as you may have guessed. This flush mount light isn’t unlike other outstanding Rosient light fixtures. This light is an ideal alternative for entryways as well as areas like kitchens, hallways or dining rooms, foyers and staircases. It’s long-lasting, stylish and efficient.

It has a standard dimension that takes up a small area; 11 inches eleven inches’ 5 inches. (L L x WxD). The light fixture needs two E26 bulb with a medium-base (60W maximum) for light.

It also needs to be wired for hardwiring. If you’re planning to install it yourself, follow the directions in the user’s manual to install the light quickly. The package also comes with necessary accessories to install the light easily.

6. DLLT Semi Flush Mount/Chandelier Ceiling Light Fixture

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This fixture is a mixture with chandelier and semi flush mount. Therefore, if you’re planning to add a chandelier to your foyer, you can’t be able to go wrong with this lighting fixture.

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The light is crafted with rustic designs that give an antique look to your living areas. Additionally, it can be dimmed when combined with compatible dimmable and dimmer switches. By using the dimming function you can control the brightness of the lights to create the desired ambience.

It can be used with incandescent LEDs, LFC, and halogens for this fixture. Be aware that this fixture only works with E26 base bulbs – 60 Watts’ maximum.

It comes with all mounting equipment as well as a user’s guide making the installation easy.

7. A Four-Light Chandelier with Rustic Style Light Fixture

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This is a durable and stylish foyer chandelier that could interest you. The name suggests, it’s a chandelier with four lights, that’s why it’s equipped with four lights to illuminate. Of course, it emits enough light to brighten your entryway , as well as other places.

The light is made of oak wood with a an artisanal forged iron finish that give a distinctive old-fashioned look to your entryway. It’s ideal for entryways as well as other spaces that are indoor and outdoor, such as the kitchen, living space dining area foyers, hallways, balconies, garages and stairs.

Furthermore than that, the fixture can be adjusted in height that means you are able to alter it according to your preferences. It works well on ceilings that are vaulted, flat, or inclined ceilings.

The light can also be dimmable however, you must utilize a dimmer switch or bulbs that can dim to benefit from this feature. It uses 4 E12 bulbs for illumination–60-watt maximum.

8. DLLT Industrial Glass Ceiling Light Fixture For Entryway

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It is essential to have a lighting fixture that will make a good first impression when you walk into your foyer and that’s exactly what this light fixture is able to provide. It has the classic glass style that is compatible with a variety of interior decors. The light comes with the shade made of transparent glass which provides the soft, warm light.

Apart from the entryway, it’s also an ideal fit for dining areas, closets, the foyer, garage, balconies and more. It’s also simple to set up and comes with an installation guide as well as installation tools.

The light is dimmable and operates with E26 base bulbs, which are 60 watts’ max. To utilize the dimming feature you must purchase an adjustable bulb that dims and a the dimmer switch.

Dimmer switches and bulbs aren’t included in the bundle, so you must purchase them separately . Also, make sure that you purchase only compatible bulbs.

Shopping Guide Things to Consider When Buying Entryway Light Fixtures

Different types of light fixtures

Light fixtures for entryways may be flush mounts or pendant light or chandelier lighting fixtures. The first thing to choose is the lighting fixture you would like to put for your entranceway.

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Ceiling Height/Type

If you’re planning to install chandeliers or pendants be sure to think about the ceiling’s height since it will assist you in choosing the right lighting fixture for your ceiling. You can also choose pendant lights or chandeliers with adjustable heights as you can adjust the height to match your ceiling height.

Be aware that certain ceilings are very high, and will require pendant lights or chandeliers with a long chain or handing cord to light your entryway in a proper manner. For low ceilings, it is necessary to alter the height of your ceiling so that the lights aren’t hung at a low level.

Additionally, you should think about the kind of ceiling (sloped or slanted or vaulted) and make sure you buy the correct lighting fixtures.


While most entryway lights are offered in standard sizes and can only be installed in small places, you should still be able to verify the size in order to ensure that it will fit where you’d like to place it.

Weatherproof Features

Are you considering installing your lights in areas that are in contact with moisture? You’ll need weatherproof lighting. Make sure to check whether it is before purchasing it.

Motion Sensors

It’s likely that some lights don’t come with features that detect motion. If you’re planning for entryway lighting with motion sensors, it is important to be looking for such lights and be sure that they are in a good detection range prior to purchasing. Find our suggested lighting for motion sensors here.

LED Bulbs

If you are looking for lights that produce low heat and also save energy it is worth installing light fixtures using LED bulbs. LED bulbs also emit warm and vibrant light. However, be aware that certain entrance lighting fixtures don’t utilize LED bulbs. So be sure to check which fixtures are that are compatible with LED bulbs prior to you purchase.

Closing Up

Based on our studies, these lights have earned a number of reviews from customers and our personal test of a few confirms their performance.

However, your lights might not function properly or function at all if you install them incorrectly. Make sure that the installation is done correctly. For a light that is hardwired is recommended to employ an experienced electrician to take care of the installation, so that you can be sure that everything is done correctly.

Be aware that the majority of fixtures for entryways are attached to the ceiling. So, make sure to determine if the lighting fixtures work with your ceiling prior to you purchase.

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