Best Electric Riding Lawn Mowers (September 2022) Reviews

Comparatively to gas models, only a handful of riding lawnmowers with electric motors are available. However, with some study, you’ll be able to locate a mower that will keep your lawn looking good with the slop and odor of gas.

The top electric riding mowers can be used with ease, cut evenly, and can cut up to an acre or more with one battery charge. However, they all have strengths and weaknesses you’ll need to be aware of before making a pick.

Ryobi 38 inches 100 Ah Battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower RY48111

A market-leading manufacturer of electric riding lawnmowers, Ryobi has a wide range of products. However, the RY48111 is an enduring favorite by homeowners. This mower’s lead acid 100Ah battery powers three motors with brushless technology for a maximum of 2.5 hours, sufficient to cut 2.5 acres.

Even towing equipment takes a little from the battery. The deck, which measures 38 inches, can be adjusted manually to 12 different positions, ranging between 1.5 to 4.5 inches, for accurate cutting.

It’s extremely maneuverable even at low speeds, and thanks to its incredibly tiny turning radius of just 16 inches, it doesn’t have any problems with sharp corners. This is the best riding mower if you’re a lawn lover.

The mower’s massive capacity of 695 pounds gives it stability, but it can make maintenance difficult. While it is designed for flat ground, it can handle tiny slopes. It can mow in reverse at about 3 mph, but the speed and turning control aren’t as precise.

It’s an electric mower quieter than a gas mower; however, if the cutting blade gets in motion, the noise is so loud that you’ll require hearing protection. Its main drawback is the lead acid batteries, but regular maintenance will increase the battery’s life. If the battery cannot fully charge after being disconnected to the charging source for a few hours before reconnecting it to the charger could assist.

Ryobi #RY48130

If Ryobi’s name appeals to you, however, looking for something small and affordable, look into model #RY48130. The model’s cutting deck measures 30 inches and is manually adjustable in seven positions ranging from 1.5 and 4.5 inches, providing an abundance of flexibility for the typical lawn.

Ryobi #RY48130 is a great alternative for cutting grass or weeds in a narrow space with multiple obstacles. Similar to the 38-inch model above, this smaller model comes with three brushless motors for massive cutting power. Additionally, its 16-inch rotation radius makes it to maneuver. The battery’s 48V/50Ah capacity allows you to work up to an hour and cover 1 acre.

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Troy-Bilt TB30 E

One that is among the best-known garden equipment manufacturers around comes the highly rated Troy-Bilt TB30E, 30 inches. A full charge of the lithium-ion 56V battery will allow you to cut your lawn for one hour and cover the acres. The best part is that the battery can be recharged in only four hours. The accurate indicator for battery levels will ensure you don’t get dry when you’re on task.

The mower is capable of handling uneven terrain and gentle slopes. It can also chop in reverse. It operates using simple foot pedal controls, allowing you to change between reverse and forward. Moving around landscaping and tree features is simple with this mower’s fast steering and 18-inch turn radius.

The body is made of plastic and makes the mower light and easy to move away to store. The front suspension offers a more leisurely ride. The mower is not equipped with wheels that prevent scalping. The combination of the lighter mass and the front suspension can increase the possibility of scalping.

Oddly enough, even though this mower has an illuminated headlight, the controls panel isn’t fully backlit, making mowing at dusk more difficult.

Craftsman E150

This tiny riding mower is perfect for lawns with less than one acre. The lithium-ion 56V battery can give the user around an hour of running time, enough to cover an acre. Even with a low battery, it’s a good performer and accelerates at speeds of 5mph.

The deck, which is single-bladed and 30 inches long, includes five cutting heights that can be adjusted between 1.5 to 3.75 inches. With a pedal on foot for control of speed as well as an 18-inch turn radius, it is as easy to operate as an ordinary golf cart.

It’s a quiet machine that lets you cut your lawn in the early morning without causing any disturbance to your neighbors. Even though it cannot cut high grass and species of thick grass like Bermuda or Zoysia, it can cut through them if you use it slowly. The attempt to push the mower through will cause it to stop it from cutting the deck.

It’s made for flat terrain. However, it can drive straight on small inclines. The mower’s weight is light, which makes it prone to bounce around underground, and it could be stuck in small pits; however, it also makes it easy to lift into the garage to store.

To stop children from cutting the lawn, The mower’s motor won’t begin without sufficient weight placed on the seat. The cutting deck shuts off in reverse. However, it is possible to turn off this feature at the touch of a button. The Telescoping Soft Touch steering wheel and the adjustable back seat make you feel comfortable. The mulching kit is available as an additional option.

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Cub Cadet 30 CC e Electric Rider

Electric Rider Electric Rider was designed to develop an electric rider comparable to gas models. The lithium-ion battery, 56V/30 Ah, offers an hour of running time for one acre of lawnmowing. It can be charged for four hours, and you’ll be in motion. The deck, which is 30 inches long, can be adjusted to five positions, ranging from 1.5 and 4 inches.

The pedals give excellent control of speeds up to 5 miles per hour or 4 mph in reverse, while the flexible steering and 18-inch turning radius make maneuvering around obstacles simple. It can handle grassy areas well, even in wet conditions.

On even ground, it produces an extremely even cut; however, due to the absence of guide wheels, the results on uneven terrain can be different. The mower is also susceptible to becoming stuck on molehills and even divots, making the wheel spin or cease.

In contrast to other smaller lawn mowers riding, this one is specifically designed to deal with hills that can be as high as 20 percent. It does the job well; however, turning on the slope can be challenging.

Bagger or mulching kit, as well as hauler, are also available for this side-discharge model. The high-back, cushioned spring chair with armrests is designed to be comfortable and even has a USB charge port. It’s among the most expensive models but an excellent choice if require a mower that works effectively on slopes.

Weibang Lithium Ion E-Rider (Model #WB76E)

The E-Rider, powered by a lithium-ion 72V/18AH battery, is lightweight and easy to work on small lawns. The cutting deck, which measures 30 inches, has two blades. It can be adjusted to 10 positions between 1 to 4 inches, which gives the user exact control over the height of your lawn, and the 18-inch turning radius aids in managing.

The dual pedal drive system is left to go for fuel and the left for bracket. The t is able to mow backward and trim wet grass as well as weeds without much difficulty. Not easy; however, it’s not particularly fast, with a speed of 3.7 milliseconds or 3.1 3 mph in reverse. It can not be easy to control when you’re going, so; It can take some time to get familiar with if you’re not used to it. Ow.

The slopes can be a problem, but the absence of suspension can make the ride bumpy on uneven grass. The motor will stop if there isn’t enough weight on the seat. This is a great safety feature, but when you consider the bumpy ride, it may be fatally damaged if you bump into the bump.

It’s a good mulcher. However, there’s no bagger available. Despite its dimensions, it’s comfortable for drivers with larger feet. Even when the motor moves, it’s not as loud as an ordinary vacuum cleaner. The major drawback is the lengthy battery charging time of around 8 hours.

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Turf One (Weibang) E-Rider VOLT (Model #30-EB)

It is manufactured through Weibang and sold under the Turf One brand name; the mower is similar to the lithium-ion E-Rider in all respects, such as its cutting deck control panel speed and maneuverability.

Like the E-Rider’s batteries, the E-Rider VOLT’s battery will provide 120 minutes of battery life with a single charge, enough for just a bit over one acre. There’s a difference: while lithium-ion batteries power the E-Rider, the E-Rider operates on a standard lead-acid battery. Since it’s lead acid, you’ll have to replace it earlier than a lithium-ion battery.

To offset this disadvantage to make up for this, to make up for this, the E-Rider VOLT is available at less than the E-Rider. This is a great benefit when looking for a budget riding mower; however, when shopping, make sure you pay the model’s number to ensure you’re getting the model you’re looking for.

Mean Green Nemesis NXR 48/52

Mean Green specializes in professional-grade electric riding lawn mowers. The Nemesis NXR-48/52 is among its smaller models, made for large lawns for residential use and small commercial properties. This powerful zero-turn mower will be used for 1.5 hours, sufficient to cut three acres using the smaller battery, the LEM4880 Green Lithium Battery. If you require more runtime, take the larger LEM48140 Green Lithium Battery and mow for 2.5 hours.

This cutting deck is constructed from high-quality steel and is equipped with low/high blade speed controls. Decks for cutting are offered in 52 and 48-inch widths to help you quickly cut huge lawns. Wheel mounts that are anti-scalp help to ensure an evenly cut that is healthy and safe. The seat and the rear tires are both designed to provide comfort, and the mower’s low center of gravity makes the driving more comfortable.

At 700 pounds, it’s a heavy machine, yet relatively light for a one-turn model. It’s also extremely silent for its weight, operating at just 76 decibels, quieter than most gas mowers.

However, all that power, running time, and endurance will cost you. With more than $12,000, it’s worthwhile for those who regularly trim lawns of at least 2 acres.

With the very limited number of electric lawn mowers available, there’s a dependable model to suit any lawn. When shopping, be sure to pay attention to the battery’s life span and cutting deck dimensions and the ease of maneuvering, comfort, and how well the mower works in the terrain you prefer.

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