10 Best Electric Razors For Black Men (October 2022) Reviews

Need to get it done in a hurry? Our best electric shaving machine for black males is the Braun Series 7 790cc.

Black men are more likely to have coarser and curlier hair, and delicate skin that requires taking care of. About 60 percentof African American men experience hair ingrown, according to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology.

A typical black male will require an electric razor that is user-friendly and doesn’t cut closer to skin. Close shaves allow for hair growth to develop and could cause a burning sensation and can be irritating.

But, finding the best electric razor for black males can be difficult due to the many choices available.

After reviewing more than 3000 user reviews as well as 31 expert reviews of 26 products We have compiled a the top choices.

Top 10 Best Electric Razors For Black Men 2022

The reviews were divided into sections based on the different applications. The electric razor reviews.

The Best Hairstyles For Hairstyles For Faces

This is the result of our study. Here’s a list of our most-loved electric razors for black women to care for their facial hair, and avoid ingrown hairs.

1- Braun Series 7 790cc

Braun Series 7 790cc Braun Series 7 790cc is an intelligent electric shaver that can adjust to the amount of facial hair. It will automatically increase its power when it comes into contact with a problematic area. It can produce at up to 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute.

The shaver is equipped with the ActiveLift technology that Braun is famous for. It removes flat-lying hair, resulting in a smoother shaving experience. It’s also great for hair with a lot of clumps around the neck as well as the chin by removing hair that would not normally be removed with other razors.

It is the Braun Series 7 790 cc is the most effective bump-free shaving device on the market with the highest level of convenience and security for people with facial hair, black and fine hair. It was found to be successful with a beard that lasted for three days from IPI research institute. IPI study institute.

The five turbo/sensitive settings let you have as close shaving as you’d like and will not cause irritation of the skin due to.

The foil electric shaver includes a convenient travel case that you can take with you when traveling. It is also equipped with an excellent charging and cleaning station. The cleaning station cleans your electronic shaving device with alcohol-based solutions that kills germs , keeping it clean and healthy after every use.

If you’d like to wash it yourself, use water to wash it. The use of soap from time the time is also recommended.

It is also possible to remove the blades and foils for cleaning the cassette beneath using the brush that the cassette comes with. However, this could be lengthy and difficult because the design is complex , and the foils are unable to easily be removed from the blades.

The station can also charge your electric shaving device to provide you with 50 minutes of running time and that’s enough to provide smooth, bump-free shaving

Another benefit of this Braun Series 7 790 cc is that the foils are reusable but they can be costly and rare.

  • Tested on a three-day beard
  • The smart feature boosts the power automatically if required.
  • Five turbo/sensitive modes
  • Travel case
  • The base for cleaning keeps the blades clean of bacteria
  • The replacement foils are scarce and cost a lot.

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2- Braun Series 9 9290cc

If you are extremely sensitive to black skin, this is the best razor for you. Braun Series 9 Braun Series 9 is a smart electronic shaver that can adjust its power based on how coarse your hair. This prevents hairs that have grown to form on your face.

It has the five elements for shaving. One of these is the lift and Cut Trimmer which cuts hair that is flat. This is an Braun standard and helps in their fame. The product also comes with the Direct and Cut Trimmer, which cut hair that grows in various directions.

They are designed to give you a smooth shave that lasts an extended period of time. This means that you don’t have to use it frequently to keep a smoothand neat shaving.

Braun Series 9 Braun Series 9 runs with 40000 cuts per minute, which provide a smooth shaving experience, regardless of how curly or coarse your hair. Furthermore, this shaver capable of 10-D movements to take care of all the various shapes that your face.

This high-end electric razor includes a clean as well as charging bases that removes all bacteria to keep your skin smooth and healthy.

It is possible to clean it yourself, too. However, this proved to be quite difficult because of the tiny details inside the head. It’s the same with other CC models too. It is recommended to utilize an empty cleaning station.

The travel case that it comes with will make traveling simple. Just put it inside the case and it can handle rough roads and turbulent air in your luggage without issue.

The drawback we discovered is that it can’t shaving the neck as effectively as facial hair. Therefore, you’ll need to exert some extra effort to shave your neck. However, be careful so that you don’t injure yourself.

  • Each minute, 40,000 cuts are cut to stop nicks from occurring
  • 10-D motion to cover the contours of the face
  • Travel case
  • Don’t shave necks as well as you shave your face
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3. Braun Series 3 3040S

Finding the best shaving device can be costly due to the advanced technology included in the gadget. But, with Braun Series 3 Proskin 3040S shaving black men easily and comfortably without breaking the bank.

This electric razor with a cordless design is a great choice if you enjoy shaving with cream or water because it’s waterproof to 5 meters. It can be used for wet or dry shaving. It also offers an advantage because shaving cream is safe for those with sensitive skin.

The razor we tested seemed to be quite effective however, it’s not ideal for longer hair that is lying down on top of the skin. This is because of the special cutter designed for hair with longer lengths. It was necessary to run it several times in areas with more hair so that it could cut it.

We recommend applying it every day to achieve the most optimal results. If you’re sporting a less smoky beard, however, you should definitely apply it less frequently.

This is the ideal electronic razor for busy people as you just need recharge it in five minutes to achieve a great shaving. Should you happen to have longer time but you’re not sure, you can charge it for up to an hour for an hour of shaving which means you’ll be able to take your time shaving off the hair you do not want on your face.

Additionally, those who have sensitive skin can enjoy using this shaver as it features the elements of pressure shaving which retract when they’re near to the skin and prevent cuts.

We would love to have seen with this electric razor is an option for cleaning and charging However, as it is waterproof, you are able to clean it without any issues. If you prefer shaving your razor by hand and manually, then try it.

  • Waterproof
  • Quick charge (5 minutes)
  • Blades of pressure to prevent cuts
  • There’s no station for cleaning
  • The build quality isn’t great.

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4- Panasonic ES-LV95-S ARC5

Black men don’t just focus on their appearance, they also take care of their fashion. This is why the Panasonic ES-LV95-S , and its pop-up trimmer gives you the options you want. It can be used to trim your mustache or sideburns so that you will have the most attractive face you can get.

The ARC5 has the Active Shave Sensor Technology that enhances the power of the razor automatically when it comes into contact with denser hair. This ensures that you don’t need to push the razor with force on your skin.

Panasonic Arc5 is a standout. Panasonic Arc5 is unique with the 5 nanotech blades that can make 14,000 cuts per minute. It also comes with an adjustable pivot head that follows facial contours. The blades on the head provide it with precision which results in extremely precise and clean shaves after each session.

The issue with Panasonic Arc5, though, is that it can be a bit rough. It’s better to use it if your skin isn’t extremely sensitive. Make sure to apply it in a controlled manner. The shaving cream you use here might be the best option.

Additionally, the shaver comes with an LCD display that displays the battery’s percent across 10 different stages. In this way, you’ll always know the moment when the battery is dying out.

All you have to do is charge it for an hour, and you’re set to go.

This electric razor was designed to be used on the road also. The travel case it comes in ensures it is safe traveling in your luggage.

The electric shaver is waterproof, making it ideal for dry and wet shaving. It can be cleaned underwater in case you wish to do it in on your own.

If you’re looking for a simple cleaning, then count upon the base for cleaning that it includes. The quality of the cleaning station’s construction isn’t among the best but, you must handle it with care.

  • Waterproof
  • The LCD screen displays battery percentage
  • Nanotech blades to ensure precision
  • Pop up trimmer for detailing
  • The quality of the construction in the clean station may not be at the highest

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5- Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4

It is Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 comes with two motors, one for moving the shaving elements, making 14000 cuts per hour, and one that moves the blades upwards and downwards to pull hair.

The pop-up trimmer included on this foil shaver is an excellent addition which lets you wear the style you prefer for your sideburns or mustache.

It is great for dry and wet shaving. However, it could be rough on skin that is dry. Therefore, it is recommended to use it along with shaving cream for the most secure and effective results.

The razor also has the Clean & Charging station that will ensure you have a fresh razor. However, if you’re looking to clean the razor yourself, do not be afraid to place it under water as it’s waterproof. This allows wet shaving if you enjoy shaving facial hair after showers.

This Panasonic Arc 4 also features the ability to display the percentage of battery. We cannot stress enough how beneficial this feature can be due to the numerous times we’ve watched shavers that use electric power fail to shave.

It may take some time to adjust to and its power as it can be quite brutal on the face initially. However, once you’ve got used to it, there’s nothing better than it.

  • Dual motors to clean the shaving
  • A pop-up trimmer is a great option for styling
  • Wet shaving
  • Screen showing percentage of battery
  • It’s hard if you’re not familiar with it.

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6 Remington F5-5800

If you’re a big fan of the Remington brand this is the perfect model for you.

If your beard is unbalanced and includes both short and long hair, it is difficult to shave each part of the face effectively as you would like. The Remington F5-5800 can solve this issue with cutting-edge interlock shaving technology as well as the use of pivot and flex technology.

The shaving technique that intercepts makes it among the top shavers with electric technology that cuts longer hair, when it comes into contact with it with its three blade system. Additionally, the pivot and flex technologies permit each of the three shaving blades to be able to move independently in order to follow the contours and curves of your face.

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However, we discovered that it didn’t work in the way it promised, with hair that is flat. I needed to apply some force to push the hairs that were causing me trouble out of their way. However, it ended up in some unpleasant cut marks.

The razor also comes with a fantastic pop trimmer to enhance your mustache and sideburns and sideburns, which is why you can use it to shave your entire face or a sleek cut.

When you’re finished the shaving process, you can remove the shaving shaver from the water since it’s water-proof. This means you are able to use shaving with water and we recommend it using the warm water in order to loosen your hair before you start.

Another amazing benefit of this electric razor is the fact that you can use it either corded or wireless. We loved this feature because it doesn’t require waiting for the shaver’s charge to be charged to use it. You can charge it for five minutes and get an entire shaving. This is the best use of time shaving experience.

  • Intercept shaving, pivot and technology for flex
  • Waterproof
  • Perfect for longer hair
  • Short whiskers and a poor appearance.
  • No travel case

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Best Electric Shaver for Black Men’s Bald Hair

Black men also require shaving products to trim their hair using if they want to keep the look of baldness. Here are our top picks for electric shavers for dark-skinned heads.

7. Andis 17150 Pro Foil

The Andis Shaver is the best in shaving head hair. Its ergonomicshape, which is old-fashioned makes it easy to use high up, and this is due to the fact that it’s light.

The motor rotary operates with 9000 strokes per second. This allows cutting hair at a precise distance.

In terms of the blades on this shaver the foil is an octagonal staggered-head design with a staggered head that permits a tight shaving of the rough areas behind the ears to give the glam bald appearance.

The battery of this razor is incredible! It provides you with the ability to use it for up to 80 minutes on the course of a single charge. This is remarkable.

We really love that you can use it either corded or unplugged as if the lengthy battery timer wasn’t enough. This razor is a testament to the practicality and ease of use.

The issue we have noticed it that this foil isn’t able to last very long. After about a month or so of usage the foil will break and even break during shaving and cause painful cuts.

We recommend replacing the foil as frequently as you can, and especially so that foil replacement is reasonably priced.

  • Staggered-head shapes give the appearance of a close shaving
  • Motor with a strong force
  • Long battery life
  • Can run both corded and unplugged
  • The foil easily breaks

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8 8 BaBylissPRO Barberology Metal Double Shaver Foil

A long name, surely? Also, long battery life too! Do you think that you can get three hours of runtime using an electric shaver? It’s the BaBylissPRO is the best choice for you if you’re looking to forget it was the last time that you recharged your shaving device.

It also includes an auto-shutoff function that allows it to shut down immediately if it is idle for more than some time.

It comes with an unidirectional head which allows you to reach hard-to-reach places such as behind the ears, without any difficulty.

The style is modern and fashionable, with plenty of capacity for grip. However, it’s slightly slippery, so be sure your hands don’t sweat while using it.

The shaver has a cordless design for convenience However, it’s not waterproof. The shaver is designed to be used for dry shaving and is most effective with the head.

These foils do not cause allergic reactions which means they won’t cause irritation to the skin when employed.

However that the foils aren’t as strong as they ought to be. There’s been instances of them falling over or even break. This can cause injury if they happen when you’re shaving.

  • Long battery life
  • Technology for auto shutoff
  • Sleek design
  • Not waterproof
  • Foils aren’t very durable.
  • The material is slippery to the touch.

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9- Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Rechargeable Shaver

Wahl is famous as a brand of electric shaving and this one expands the popularity of Wahl by offering the electric shaving device for black males.

The foils are hypoallergenic, making them gentle to apply to the skin.

Wahl claims it’s shaving tool to both your beard as well as the head, however we’d suggest sticking with the head when using this product as that’s exactly what it’s intended to do.

It’s not a good fit for the beard, and can produce horrible results.

The battery life is excellent with 60 minutes of battery life on one charge. This is plenty of time to get a fresh-shaved head.

The foil performs well however, the material isn’t robust enough. It’s therefore prone breaking easily. It is possible to replace it with the most affordable price.

It is also a bit difficult with hair that is longer which is why it’s perfect if you were to shave regularly.

  • The hypoallergenic foil is gentle on skin
  • Shave clean and without irritation
  • Good battery life
  • Weak foil
  • Hair that is long and curly is not a good choice.

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Travel Electric Shavers for Black Skin

If you’re planning to get your normal shaving routine in another country, you’ll need a razor designed specifically for travel.

10- Philips Norelco Travel Electric Razor

The shaver is compact and light enough to be able to fit in your bag without issue.

The Philips Norelco offers you the opportunity to shave for 60 minutes with an AA double battery. This is ideal for those who live an active lifestyle as it doesn’t require charging frequently. Although batteries can’t be charged however, you can purchase replacements at any retailer.

There is also the option of rechargeable batteries and chargers in lieu of the batteries that the shaving shaver comes with.

It’s the Philips Norelco is the only rotating shaver in the list of. It’s quieter than foil shavers which is great for those who need to have to shave quickly without making excessive noise.

Norelco is best suited to curly and thick hair. This is excellent news for black males. It’s also great for those with long hair We recommend applying it each time your beard grows in length instead of just every day.

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Both heads are able to move independently in order to conform to the contours of your face. Additionally, the blades are sharpening themselves to provide consistently good results each time you shaving.

Because it’s an rotary shaver it’s a rotary shaver, it’s prone to the usual problems that are associated with shavers that rotate. The first is that cleaning it can be difficult because you must remove the entire head to clean the smaller components.

Shaving with it takes longer than foil shavers.

  • Small and compact
  • Quiet
  • Moving heads independently ensure smooth shaving
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • The batteries included aren’t rechargeable.
  • The area is difficult to wash.
  • It is more difficult to shave it off

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The Most Common Shaving Problems for African Americans

Naturally curly hair is a common reason to experience issues like hair ingrowns, shaving bumps.

Why do Black Males Get Razor Bumps?

Because hair naturally curls while cutting straight with a sharp blade, it is likely to African Americans to discover their hair piercing the skin. It causes irritation and itching and a disgusting appearance. It can also cause an appearance of darker skin tone around the area affected that can make the face appear unnatural.

What is the best Electric Razor for Black People In 2022?

To get the most value for your money, and maintain the appearance of your skin there are a few aspects you should remember.

Motor Speed


To cut a lengthy story short, a more powerful motor means a more effective shaving experience. The most powerful electric shavers cut hair better and won’t result in cuts or razor burn. However, what you’ll find when you use less powerful models is that they can cut your hair , but it will be a the pain of shaving. Always choose the best number.

Sharp Blades

A razor’s sharp edge will cut each hair efficiently and effortlessly across your skin. If the blades get dull it can result in painful cuts. This is why the majority of blades need to be replaced frequently to ensure that they are always smooth shaving.

Ideal for Skin With Sensitive Issues

Finding an electric shaver suitable for black guys with adjustable settings that allow you to go more or less hard is an added benefit. Certain shavers automatically adjust the power based on the thickness of your hair. Additionally, getting an electric shaver that comes with an integrated cleaning station is a better option to prevent the spread of germs.

Performance on Flat-Lying and Curly Hairs

It isn’t all straight. Certain hair is flat and cannot be removed by shavers powered by electricity. The curly hair also makes it difficult to achieve an even shave that doesn’t leave cuts or burning. Thus, getting an electric shaver that is able to cut straight and curly hair with ease is precisely what you want.

Close Shaving May Be Not Beneficial

Close-shaven shaving has been accepted as a norm. But for black men this is not the ideal option. A close shave in this instance increases the chances that hairs penetrate the skin. This is why you must select a razor that won’t cut down to the skin.

Dry and Wet Settings

Different people have different shaving practices, so having dry and wet shaving options available on the shaver will satisfy all. Some prefer to have their hair softened by using cream or water prior to shaving, and having a shaver that is waterproof will assist in this in that.

Rotary or Foil Shavers

Both foil and rotary shavers are used and the people have been arguing between them throughout the years.

Simply put the rotary shavers excel at following the contours your hair, however they tend to be more effective when you have coarse hair. It is for those who do not regularly shave. They also don’t provide the most precise shaving.

The foil shaving device is designed for regular shavers who appreciate an easy razor for their faces. It may struggle against coarse and curly hair however, it is extremely smooth and cuts close to the skin , with no irritation.

Both come with features that appeal to black men, and so the choice is one of personal taste.

The Best Method for an African American Man To Shave

It is typically recommended to cut your hair first in the direction of hair growth before shaven in the direction of grain. However, black males aren’t able to do this because it could create ingrown hairs because of the curly and coarse nature of their hair. This is why black people with sensitive skin should keep shaving in one direction, which is the direction of hair growth.


The first thing you should do is pour warm water onto your hair to make it soft. Following that, we recommend exfoliating to get rid of the oil from your face, and also the dirt that is underneath. Then, apply pre-shaving oil to moisturize and replace the dirt-laden oil that you had removed earlier.

During Shave

Make a lather using shaving cream using brushes to lift hairs so that the blade will run effortlessly. It’s now time to pick your preferred razor and apply only one side of it.

After Shave

Apply some beard oil or aftershave on your face when you’re done and you’re ready to go. Make sure giving your hair time to allow the hair to grow just a little to lower the chances of developing an hair that is ingrown.

Whapping Up

Its Braun Series 7 790cc is our preferred choice for black males because it serves that purpose.

The smart shaver offers an easy shaving experience. It’s also not necessary to be concerned about hair that is flat due to its renowned ActiveLift technology.

The alcohol-based solution cleans it following each usage to keep your skin well-maintained without causing any irritation.

The five turbo/sensitive options of the Series 7, upon testing the results, were excellent on coarse hair. It will give you a shaving experience that is free of bumps.

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