9 Best Duplex Printers (November 2022)

If you own an office or moved to your home office during the outbreak and you’ll probably know why having a particular device connected to your computer or laptop is crucial.

Are you sure? This is clear! It is about the printer. I’m sure that you’ve been able to comprehend the significance of that.

Printers are indispensable tool in both personal and professional printing assignments. In my office the printer is in use 24/7. I’ve seen papers flying from one end of the room to the next.

However, as technology has advanced it has led to so numerous printers that are available on the market. I was thinking “WHOA I’m confused! What should I choose for?”

So, I began to research and found some of the most effective double-sided printers ever. They provide numerous benefits to companies and individuals, students and professionals.

In this post, I’ve looked at the top duplex printers to look over. I hope that my review can help you plan your purchase.

Top 9 Best Duplex Printers Available on the Market

1. HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 Double Sided Printer

HP is a firm which is known by its desktops, laptops and tablets, among other items. However, it is also known for its top-quality printers. HP OfficeJet Pro is not similar to the printers that are available on the market.

What am I saying this? Because this printer, right here is equipped with features you may not have heard of or ever. It has a dynamic security system that is regularly updated by firmware updates.

The printer can only function via a cartridge that has the actual HP chip. Do not even think about using a cartridge that has the non-HP chip. I guarantee you that it isn’t going to perform.

It is possible to connect to the printer to the HP Smart App, by which you can manage costs and organize your documents more efficiently. The greatest thing about printing with this device is the fact that it’s wireless and made using recycled plastic.

You can scan or copy, print and transmit your documents without any problems The odds of something being wrong are quite slim. It also serves the function of a two-sided printer since it has the ability to print automatically on both sides feature.

Because it’s wireless, you can connect your smartphone or tablet to it. It can print documents on these devices. Overall, this printer can save you a lot of time.

The features that this software offers:

  • Energy-star certified.
  • Automated document feeder.
  • Sends scans to email using an app called HP Smart App.
  • Optional HP high-yielding cartridges.
  • Color touch screen.

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2. The Brother Monochrome Multifunction Duplex Laser Printer

The next item is by Brother (I do not speak about my brother). Brother has a good name in the market due to the top-of-the-line printers. It’s all-in one, and the wireless multi-function printer is one to look out for.

It has duplex printing technology and wireless option. If you’re a homeowner with an office in your home, like I do the printer will be perfect for you. It is compact in size and comes with an impressive speeds of up to 32ppm.

The Brother MFCL2710DW printer provides you with a versatile paper handling feature, which includes a 50-sheet document feeder as well as a 250-sheet capacity paper tray. The printer’s capabilities will not only simplify the entire process of printing, scanning and copying more efficient and faster, but you’ll also get a wireless printing option.

What I’m trying to explain is this printer can be used with mobile phones. It allows you to print any document that is available on your smartphone.

The printer is equipped with genuine TN760 replacement toner which will offer you two times more printing.

The printer can provide professional quality laser printing and you can count on it to print around 3000 pages.

The features in the products:

  • Fully compatible with versions of Windows, like Windows 7, 8, 8.1 10, 10, Home, 10 Business and 10 Education.
  • Features duplex capabilities.
  • LCD display.
  • Includes a user’s guide.
  • Prints automatically on two sides.
  • It comes with built-in Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

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3. Canon PIXMA TR4520 Two-Sided Photo Printer

It’s true that you have a vague idea of Canon as a company which manufactures and creates cameras as well as other photographic equipment.

In truth, I used to think that way before when I discovered the printer Canon TR4520, and discovered that my entire life was an untruth.

Presently, the TR4520 printer is considered to be the most powerful double-sided printer available due to its faxing scanning, and printing features.

By using this model, you will have an idea of how a smaller office printer can stand out as a better alternative to larger printers.

If you choose to use this printer this printer, it will give you the most efficient and straightforward printing experience. It doesn’t require much space, and it comes with wireless connectivity.

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It’s easy to setup the printer since all you require is a smartphone and your Canon Print Application, and select the wireless connection. Then, you can print. If you’ve got an office at home I’d recommend purchasing this printer.

The printer has speeds of 8.8ipm. The printer can accommodate sizes of 5×7, 4×6, and 8×10.

The features in the products:

  • It comes in two cartridges: one in black and one in color.
  • Carry a fully dot matrix LCD screen.
  • Connect with Alexa quickly.
  • Saves 10% of ink refills by replenishing the dash.
  • Includes AirPrint, Auto power off/on, Mopria Print Service, etc.

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4. Epson EcoTank E-Tank ET-4760 Wireless Color Print Printer

The following product will be that of the EcoTank ET-4760 printer made by the well-known brand Epson and is one of my top choices and most efficient duplex printers that I have come across. The ET4760 printer allows you to put away the costly cartridges.

What’s the reason I’m saying this? It’s because EcoTank can help you save a huge quantity of ink. Based on my own experience I am able to assure you that this printer can reduce your expenses.

A set of the ink bottle for the dual printer will yield around 80 cartridges. You can also print for up to two years from each cartridge set. The most appealing thing is that each set of ink bottles allows you to print anywhere from 6000 to 7000 pages.

This will help you save in time and effort. If you’re looking for the best quality and seamless printing experience, it is recommended to use authentic Epson inks.

Inks that do not have the Epson label can cause unintentional damage to the printer and will not be covered by Epson’s warranty. Epson warranty. ET-4760 also offers superior printing experience thanks to its high-density printer chip.

The chip produces around 40 million dots per second. the precision is simply amazing.

The features that are part of this product include:

  • It comes with a 2-year guarantee on the product.
  • Prints hands-free and voice-activated experience.
  • It’s the top two-sided printer that has the auto document feeder which can handle 30 sheets.
  • Offers scanning, copying, as well as borderless print.
  • It is available in black and white color.

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5. Lexmark C322dw color laser Duplex Pinter

Lexmark along with it’s C322dw Laser Printer stand out as the top option for small-sized workgroups. Lexmark offers a printer that comes with excellent performance and top quality printing technology.

This is the most powerful duplex laser printer you’ve encountered, since it runs on the power of a multi-core processor that runs at 1GHz and has up to 256MB of memory. It can print as much as 24 pages in a minute, and because of its size, it is able to install the printer in any part of your home or office.

I am able to confirm that the printer is much lighter than other printers. It is easy to place it in the desired location and move it from one location to another with no issues.

It has a one-piece cartridge for toner and an integrated Ethernet that offers excellent network connectivity. In addition it also comes with Wi-Fi, which allows you to connect to any mobile phone.

This laser printer has the possibility of printing on both sides as well as the security spectrum will safeguard your private information as well as the network. This printer has 250 pages. It also has one sheet feeder.

The features in the products:

  • The toner will provide rich and vibrant color in just a few seconds thanks to Unison toner. Unison toner.
  • It’s Energy Star certified.
  • It comes complete with USB connectivity.
  • Mobile users can print via their Lexmark Mobile Print App.

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6. HP Color LaserJet Pro M283fdw Auto Duplex Printer

HP has never failed to amaze me with its printers. This was the case when I discovered the LaserJet Pro M283fdw printer. It is the top-of-the-line printer which has the fastest printing speed, and the ability to update security frequently.

LaserJet Pro M283fdw printer is a contemporary, compact and distinctive printer that can be used in both home and office. I’ll give it 10/10. this printer.

It’s not just because it’s from the most well-known brand, however, because of its multi-functioning printing capabilities. To begin you’ll require an HP Print App, which is highly rated I have to say. This is because it gives you a an easy and efficient printing experience.

But it doesn’t end there. Printing will make it easier to save time and cash. You can also modify your shortcut using this double side printer, for example, printing and email.

What’s more?? With the HP app you can turn on autosave to cloud and then access the printer to meet your preferences.

The program also allows users to make shortcuts. All you need just scan the receiptand autosave and your expenses will be accounted for.

The features in the products:

  • There is a 50-page auto document feeder.
  • All-in-one wireless printing options including scan copies, scans, and prints.
  • It only works with the Original HP cartridge.
  • Reduce repetitive tasks and make sure that all documents are organized 50% more efficiently.
  • It comes with a one-year Hardware warranty.

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7. Brother Duplex Inkjet Printer MFCJ491DW

This is a top-quality product manufactured by Brother. Brother. Its Inkjet Printer MFCJ491DW is the top printer out of the others. Why should I be bragging about it?

This is because the printer has wireless connectivity that is easy to connect. It also lets you connect local via MAC as well as PC. For local connectivity with your device is with the aid of an USB cord. It also comes with several features loaded with features like recording and converting documents with Brother Cloud Apps. Brother Cloud Apps.

Inkjet Printer MFCJ491DW will provide users with world-class and secure faxing, scanning as well as printing. It is a compact size and has an easy-to-use desk footprint that can work perfectly wherever. Let me share an interesting fact regarding this printer.

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It is easy to arrange it and transfer it from one location to another without putting on a flinch. Are you now convinced? Are you? Good. In addition, like other printers manufactured by Brother the printer also comes with wireless technology.

The best part is that you don’t spend more time printing because the speed ranges from 10ppm up to 12ppm.

The ink utilized by the printer provides a top-quality printing and it is possible to replace the ink with a cartridge snap-in.

The features in the products:

  • Automated document feeder.
  • Can be set to 100 sheets with an adjustable tray.
  • Offers a variety of connections.
  • It comes with A 1.8″ color display that can be used to navigate menus.
  • Enables dash replenishment.

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8. Canon Color Imageclass MF644Cdw Duplex Scanning Printer

Canon is a firm that offers products that are built with the most advanced technology and comes with several unique features. It is evident that this is exactly what Canon is doing right now.

What I’m trying convey is that, not only is it getting a good name in the marketplace with regard to its camera. However, they have now become known as printers. This printer, the Image Class MF644Cdw is a printer that you need to examine.

Measures 16.6cm 17cm and 16.6cm The printer has been specifically designed for small business.

Because of its size, it can appear attractive in any place in your workspace. The most important aspect that this model has is speedy and single duplex scanning.

It is possible to scan all your documents for business using the two-sided scanning option. It has a an impressive speed of the speed of 28 pictures per minute. Additionally, it allows you to convert and scan all of your document files.

Mobile-friendly connectivity is one feature is available on the Image Class MF644Cdw printer as well.

From native devices to cloud-base as well as application-base. This specific printer Canon Canon can provide various options printing using either a tablet or mobile device.

The features in the products:

  • Printing with confidence.
  • Simple and quick solution.
  • Compatibility with Alexa.
  • Genuine toner.
  • The capacity is to hold 250 sheets in one cassette.

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9. Pantum M7102DW Laser Print Scanner Copier

According to my experience I’m well-aware about Pantum and its top-quality printers. I had one Pantum printer in the past and it’s among the top duplex printers in the market, and it’s not far behind the other. The latest addition to the printer line is the M7102DW laser print scanner copier.

This printer will provide high-quality performance and function efficiently whenever you require it. Since it is a dual-sided laser printer it can let you print from anywhere at any time.

In addition it is true that all portable devices and laptops and tablets are able to be connected using its wireless function. It is also possible to print without delay or mistakes by using Pantum Print App. Pantum Print App.

Printing with this type of printer does not increase the printing capacity, but it lowers your costs. Smaller businesses or startups will discover the M7102DW Printer Scanner Copier very useful because it can handle the printing-related tasks.

It is recommended to read the user’s manual of the printer before making your setup!

The guidebook outlines the correct steps for installing a printer at your work. In addition it includes an automated document feeder, and is also equipped with a one-step driver installation option.

The features in the products:

  • LCD control panel.
  • Mute printing.
  • Ethernet networking.
  • NFC Touch to Print.
  • Cartridges that can be upgraded to high yields.

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Things to consider prior to purchasing Duplex Printer

Let’s face it, purchasing an office printer or your home office can be an overwhelming decision for many people.

The individual must take into account a variety of considerations prior to making the decision. I understand how demanding this job can be as I’ve done it myself.

Whatever stunning, attractive or unique it appears on the exterior, what’s important is what is inside.

If, for instance, the printer you choose does not reproduce your work in the way you would like this will reflect badly on your credibility.

Below are a few of the buying procedures which will help you choose the ideal Duplex Printer.

Learn to Understand Your Needs

Before you switch to purchasing mode, you must first to choose the kind of printer you’d like to have to use at home or in the office. Be aware that every printer is not identical. This is because they are optimized and priced to serve different purposes.

Printers for home use are different from office printers. This is because office printers have an increased printing capacity. Therefore, you must choose the kind of printer you’d like and what you intend to use it for.

Printer Connections

It is possible to send information to a specific person in numerous ways. The most common and popular method of sending data is using the use of a USB cable that connects with a computer. If you’re looking for a lot of photos or images you can find ones that can accept memory cards from cameras or smartphone.

Additionally there are printers that can wirelessly can be connected directly to Wi-Fi. That means that when you connect your printer to the Wi-Fi at your office or home it will print or scan, fax or copy directly from your computer or laptop.

Toner Or Ink Replacement

Duplex printers , which are perfect for home use are more costly than those employed in offices. Are you aware of the reason they’re so expensive? Because it’s a single purchase. The real cost is the ink or the toner contained in the printer.

Before purchasing the Duplex Printer, make sure to verify your yield (pages per cartridge) and the cost of the toner as well as the cartridge. The expensive cartridges for ink that are frequently replaced are more expensive than the printer.

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It would be more effective to look on a toner or ink that is going to fit within your budget and give you top-quality printing experiences.


Conducting your own research is an important thing to do prior to deciding on a purchase. While it’s not feasible to look through all of them, there are hundreds on the market.

The best method to study the printers is to look at their names as well as their features and functions. Learn more about the names first before deciding on the best printers.

After you have selected all possibilities, you are able to start comparing them against one another. Review their functions, features and the way you’ll define them . Then, you will be able to make an informed choice.

RAM Or Memory

The majority of printers available today are equipped with a certain amount of internal memory, or RAM. If you are waiting because your print job waiting to be processed ahead of another printing task you’ll be able to see the RAM or memory being used.

This is the reason why choosing the duplex printer equipped with in-built RAM is the best option. Why?

They assist in avoiding unnecessary delays within the printing process and will avoid any errors or mistakes.

The printer comes with an internal memory, or an integrated SD card slot you’ll get the information in the product’s description or in the user’s manual.


Whatever type of printer you’d like to use security must be your top priority. Duplex wireless printers need internet connectivity to function in printing and faxing.

They are perfect for hackers and malware to access your company’s sensitive information or sensitive information. This is the reason why choosing the best printer with top-of-the-line safety features would be the ideal choice.

Printers of high-quality will have security features like pull printing, protected data storage authorization functions Secure communication protocols and network monitoring software.


The price is something you should consider prior to buying a duplex printing device. This is because all printers do not come in the same price range. Some printers are inexpensive while some are expensive.

When you are searching for a printer be sure to read the cost first before comparing it to other printers.

It is suggested to purchase the printer that is in line to your budget. Avoid buying a printer which will cost you more.

Frequently asked questions

Does the Duplex Printer cease working on Windows 10? Do you have a different option To Work?

The duplex printer could not work following an Windows 10 upgrade takes place. The most effective alternative to it is to utilize duplex printer App for your scanning, printing or faxing.

How Do I Prevent the Paper Jams On Duplex Printers?

If an issue such as paper jams occur the issue will be more effective on each side of the paper. Transparencies or glossy papers envelopes, photo paper. It is recommended to not print on paper that weighs more than 28lb or 105g/m2 and less than 16lb , or 60g/m2.

Are Each of The Printers Duplex? What is the best way to determine if they Do?

Certain printers can duplex by hand, however many do not have the ability to auto duplex. For example, tiny desktop printers using inkjets don’t have the capability to auto duplex, however some printers do.

The best method to find out whether the printer is able to duplex is to go through the various options. Additionally, prior to purchasing the printer, make sure to determine if the printer is able to auto-duplex.

Will my Operating System support My Printer?

Yes you can. It is possible. However, older or outdated systems may not work with the modern printers due to the differences in technology. The majority of printers last longer than 3 years before they need an upgrade.

The question of whether or not your printer will function well on your system of choice will depend on the amount you will be using the printer.

Today duplex printers are brimming with modern technology and work with operating systems such as Windows 7, 8.1, 8 and 10. If you’re running an MAC or Windows 7 or above operating system, your printer will function seamlessly.

Does My Printer Support Its USB Cable? What Do I do to find out if the Printer Supports USB Cables?

Certain printers will work, while others will not. Most printers of today are wireless. It is a direct connection to the Wi-Fi network in the office or home for an individual.

However, there are plenty of printers that are wireless and also come with the USB option. You can determine whether there’s a USB cable available prior to you purchase.

Do the Duplex Printers come Without a Warranty?

The majority of duplex printers come with 1-to-2 months of guarantee. However, on the other hand there are some brands that do not offer any warranty on the printers. Instead, you have to purchase this warranty on your own. Make sure you look it over before buying it.


Double-sided printers have become popular in the present market. In comparison to the conventional printers, they are regarded being the “Gods of Printers”. The best duplex printer can boost the efficiency of your business.

It can end a lot of manual processes of documents that can be quite lengthy. This is the reason why investing in the duplex printer allows you to gain a lot.

If you own a duplex printer in your small-scale business or home office This article will direct you to the right printer for your preference. Be sure to read the article.

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