7 Best Dual Tray Laser Printer (September 2022) Reviews

If you have a lot of print-ready items and are stuck with an unresponsive printer that takes forever to finish a task it’s likely that you’ll be spending the majority of your time staring at the printer. The printer is doing its best effort, but it’s unable to accomplish more than it can handle, is it?

If speed is what you’re after without sacrificing print quality then you need an laser printer. Add an additional tray component, and you’ll print at an amazing speed.

We’ll show you the top double tray laser printer models available to make sure you don’t need to go on a hunt!

Top 7 Best Dual Tray Laser Printer 2022

Check out our selection of variety of multi-trays printers that are worth a look. We have printers for your office and home so you don’t have to go at other places!

1. Brother Business Color Two Tray Laser Printer

We believe that we believe that the Brother Business HL-L8360CDWT is the top Dual Tray Laser Printer for dual tray laser printersbecause it delivers outstanding performance for a reasonable price. With its elegant and stylish appearance it’s certain to complement the office decor. You can set it up and begin printing within a matter of minutes.

This model is incredibly fast. speed since it prints both color and black paper at a speed of 33 pages in a minute. However, the printing quality will be unaffected which means you’ll receive excellent printing results each time. Furthermore the colors will be vivid. The documents you print using this type of printer will be super clear.

It’s equipped with two tray systems, each capable of carrying 250 sheets. This is 500 sheets in all! This means that you’ll have less time spent waiting for when you require a large quantity of prints. Additionally you can increase capacity up to 1,300 by adding additional tray.

Thanks to automated duplex printing function that can give professional quality results for a lesser cost. Thanks to the WiFi as well as Ethernet connections, it is possible to are able to connect the printer to other devices by simply connecting it to networks.

Key Features:

  • It has a huge 2.7″ touchscreen for simple navigation.
  • The system is designed to be highly secure to stop unauthorized access.
  • Prints using mobile devices.
  • It is extremely fast printing and has 500 sheets of capacity.

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2. HP LaserJet Pro M426fdw All-In-One Wireless Dual Tray Printer

The LaserJet Pro M426FDW from HP an all-purpose printer that is superior to many other printers that are comparable to it without draining your bank account. It’s a great speed of this printer without sacrificing quality. Overall, it’s a fantastic double tray printer in one.

In addition to its beautiful appearance This model is bound to impress you with its impressive print speed. It prints 40 pages in a minute. Once you’ve got it installed in your home or office printing, slow printing will become a thing of the past! It also offers speedy scanning or copying performance.

You can put more than 350 sheets of paper into the dual tray laser printer scanner. It can print up to 4,000 pages each month, which makes it perfect for home and small-scale business. If it is equipped with HP’s ink cartridges that have Jet Intelligence feature, you’ll be able to print more pages from it.

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Connecting this device with your existing network should be seamless since it comes with WiFi as well as WiFi Direct access. It can also be shared among many users. Additionally, it allows you to print directly on your mobile device.

Key Features:

  • A high-speed, multi-function, monochrome laser printer.
  • It is equipped with a three” touchscreen display for simple control.
  • Printing on two sides for more efficient printing.
  • Print wirelessly and scan directly to cloud storage.

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3. A Brother monochrome printer with double tray, the MFC-L5900DW.

This is among the top Dual tray printer Dual tray printers are among the topunits available currently, providing professional monochrome printing that is extremely fast. It can assist you in moving forward in your business since you’ll be able to print all your documents without waiting.

The performance and reliability of this product is due to numerous unique characteristics. It can transfer scans directly into your online storage.

Thanks to the automatic duplex printing option coupled with an impressive print speed of 42ppm you can finish large-scale printing in all of a minute.

It is possible to control everything and navigate through menus with ease using the simple and spacious 3.7″ touchscreen color display. Even if you’re not a pro at printers, you’ll discover it to be fairly easy to use. You can save as much as 300 sheets which will stop the need to reload frequently.

Alongside the speedy printing, it could reduce costs since each cartridge set lets you print up to 8,000 pages.

Key Features:

  • 70-page ADF provides speedy printing and scanning.
  • Lets you share your printer by using WiFi or Ethernet connectivity.
  • High-quality monochrome printing is possible.
  • Prints at 42ppm speed to ensure speedy and efficient printing.

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4. Brother Monochrome Laser Printer, The HL-L5200DWT

If you have a large amount of papers to print, you’ll need an efficient and fast printer such as the HL-L5200DWT that can assist you in completing the job. This is because it allows for fast printing that doesn’t get interrupted, and at a high resolution.

The Double tray laser printer can reduce the frequency of refills by using the capacity of 520 sheets. Therefore, it is easy to assign it the task to print a huge amount of paper.

Due to the 42ppm printing speed and the automatic Duplex Printing, this doesn’t take long to produce outputs. It’s particularly suited to taking on large tasks.

Thanks to Ethernet along with wireless connection, it swiftly is able to connect to your network and can be made available to share with several users and on multiple devices. Although it prints all of the information quickly it doesn’t suffer in quality. The prints are always crisp and crisp!

You can count on this product any time you’re faced with an obligation. It’s also quite affordable to ensure that you don’t burden your budget!

Key Features:

  • High-speed duplex printing available with a speed of 42 pages per minute.
  • The tray has two compartments for more convenience.
  • Created to be able to join any network easily.
  • It comes with a sophisticated three-layer security security.

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5. HP LaserJet P3015X P3015 CE529A Dual Paper Tray Printer

In terms of high-quality performance and durability, HP is a brand you can put your trust in totally. It’s made to print documents with amazing speed and exceptional resolution to make your work more efficient.

It’s impossible to accomplish much work accomplished if printing consumes all the time. This two-tray laser printer HTML0is dedicated to eliminating. It will allow you get back to work quicker since this printer prints at 42ppm using an efficient 540 MHz processor.

It can also print at the highest resolution 1200×1200 dots per inch This is an incredibly simple. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about print quality for a long time. It’s possible to put as much as 1100 sheets in the trays, which allows you to work with greater ease.

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The product will effortlessly integrate into your network so your information can be shared with your friends. This advanced security feature can give peace of mind because your personal information is protected and access to it will be restricted.

Key Features:

  • The printer is equipped with a powerful processor to enable high-speed printing.
  • Prints of high-quality with good resolution.
  • HP’s latest security system.
  • It comes with a huge capacity of paper.

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6. Canon Printer Brother MFC Monochrome

If you’re in search of high-quality performance and a variety of connectivity, take a look! The Brother Monochrome MFC L5700DW is packed with everything you need in the top double tray printer.

Apart from being an outstanding laser printer In addition, it is also a sophisticated scanner that can transmit the documents directly to your mobile. Of course, you are able to print directly from mobile device too because of the wireless connectivity. It is able to connect to your Ethernet network, too.

Documents will print and be ready for printing in minutes as this printer prints at a staggering speed of 42 pages per minute. You needn’t be concerned, you won’t experience any quality loss. While it is equipped with 250 sheets of paper It is expandable by 520 sheets capacity which is quite amazing.

Overall, it’s an acceptable product with many amazing capabilities. For printing security you can even use an advanced security system that has three layers.

Key Features:

  • It is easy to operate using a 3.7″ touchscreen with color.
  • Mobile printing is possible and scanning.
  • Prints at a speed of 42ppm, without difficulty.
  • Easy to share after connecting to the network.

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7. Brother HL-6200DWT Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer

Get a breeze through high volume printing using the Brother HL-L6200DWT Laser Printer. It’s rapid and reliable printing anytime you want , without jamming or slowing!

This model is ideal for offices that require a lot of printing each day. You’ll require an incredible speed, if you don’t want to delay your business processes. That’s precisely what you’ll receive from this device. With a print speed of 48ppm and the ability to finish heavier work will not take the entirety of your time.

The wide range of connectivity that is made up by WiFi and Ethernet is a useful device that lets you effortlessly share the device with other users. It even takes printing orders from devices on mobile. In addition, this device comes with an effective security system that can prevent access by anyone who is not authorized.

Key Features:

  • Prints quickly with amazing quality.
  • With two trays which can hold 520 sheets of paper.
  • Allows mobile device printing.
  • The product comes with a solid security system that provides additional security.

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How to Choose the Right Dual Tray Laser Printer?

Image alt=”How to Pick the right Dual Tray Printer?” data-ezsrc=”https://www.nrxguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/How-to-Choose-Right-Dual-Tray-Laser-Printer.jpg?ezimgfmt=rs:350×260/rscb1/ng:webp/ngcb1″ src=”https://www.nrxguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/How-to-Choose-Right-Dual-Tray-Laser-Printer.jpg?ezimgfmt=rs:350×260/rscb1/ng:webp/ngcb1″ title=”How-to-Choose-Right-Dual-Tray-Laser-Printer”/>

Some models in the market will provide the features you’re seeking. Some are plain ugly that has issues and does not perform to the standard of the market. But, if you remain focused then you are able to pick the top dual paper scanner tray.

capacity of the tray

If you’re in search of double tray laser printer you’re searching for one strong enough to handle more sheets of paper than standard printers. When you’re on the market, make sure to determine if it’s dual tray is available or not in addition to other factors.

The trays could be different made, so you need to make sure they meet your needs. Some, for instance, can hold the same amount of sheets whereas others handle different types of print media with various shapes and weights. There are even multi-purpose tray designs to deal with specific media varieties.

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Whatever speed printing speed is the results are of no use in the absence of documents that are sharp and clear. What’s the purpose of printing if you aren’t able to read or comprehend what you printed? That’s why print resolution is so important.

While the resolution of 600 x dots per inch will give you clear results, you need at least 1200 x 1200 dpi to create most sharp monochrome documents. However, that’s not enough for printing in color. It is essential to ensure that your printer has at least 2400 x 1200 pixels if you’re looking to print in color.

Output Tray

If you’re using the top two tray laser printer, it is likely to put more stress upon the print tray. So, it should be designed to withstand the weight of a lot.

If not, it’ll quickly get full and your papers will begin flying around. It will be difficult to pick up your papers off the floor and arranging them after each printing session. Therefore, prior to purchasing ensure that the output tray is able to handle stress.

Duty Cycle

It is crucial to understand what the printer’s duty cycle is because it is the amount of pages printers can print every month. Print less than what the duty cycle says. Printing too much can cause your printer to wear out and you may need to replace it sooner than you’d like.

You’ll find the duty cycle separated into maximum and recommended. It is best not to print more than what the recommended duty cycle . However, your maximum usage might be more than the recommended.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What’s the Difference Between A Laser Printer and An Inkjet Printer?

Laser printers use toner for printing, while an inkjet printer is able to print using inks. Printers with lasers operate more efficient than inkjet printers and are designed to print at a high volume. However, they’re more costly to maintain. Inkjets however, on the other on the other hand, are perfect for printing low volumes and offer superior print quality.

Are printed results from a Laser Printer last longer?

In reality they are. It’s more resilient than ink, therefore, they’re likely to last for longer. However, it’s much more costly.

Do Laser Printers Print High-Quality Photos?

Laser printers are able to print high-quality images. There are some high-end laser printers that print high-quality photos. It’s all about finding the best one that can do the job.

Do I have to buy special papers for my laser Printer?

Inkjet and laser printers are able to work with the same type of paper. You can use inexpensive copy paper for office use and print results. There are however special papers that can improve the quality of the print.

Should You Opt for Multifunction Printers?

The best double tray laser printer in one will provide equal scanning, printing and even faxing. Just be cautious when selecting an item of high-quality because providing multi-functionality isn’t a simple task.

What is the ideal Double Tray Laser Printer Today?

Its “Brother L8360CDWT Laser Printer” is one of the most efficient dual tray printers that you can buydue to its premium quality, outstanding performance, and astonishing effectiveness. You can count on it to speed up and provide clear prints.

Wrapping up!

The top dual-trays laser printer allows you to finish your printing tasks with a high speed. Printing won’t consume your entire time. If you’re looking for a seamless printing experience, there’s no other option than to invest in a quality laser printer.

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