9 Best Drones For Real Estate Photography (September 2022) Reviews

A stunning aerial shot from an expensive video is sufficient to draw viewers’ attention. The scenes that are shown leave viewers in awe by displaying the most appealing elements of the setup with a grand style.

Many industries have taken on these images to make their work an extra bit interesting! Utilizing drones, they’re able to recreate the same effect to create something more practical and attract potential buyers by exaggerating the unique aspects of a home for sale!

This is why the performance and features of these drones have been a major focus. Because the drones designed for professionals are not with a lot of money, it is important to make sure of the model you choose before you purchase it.

We will look at the models that could be the most suitable drones to capture real estate photos. Learn more about the possibilities.

Top 9 Best Drones For Real Estate Photography 2022

1. DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo – Drone Quadcopter UAV

The Chinese company called DJI also known as Da-Jiang Innovation prides itself in being among the top manufacturers of camera drones and other accessories worldwide. Mavic is among their most popular models of drones that offers users numerous options regarding the technology used and also resolution.

The most recent model in this line comes from The Mavic Air 2 – a significant upgrade over its predecessor, the Mavic Air. The new model has a larger CMOS sensor that measures one-quarter of an inch. Therefore, you will be able to shoot images with 48MP resolution instead of the normal 12MP. The resultant photos are breathtaking in which every single detail is taken into consideration.

What makes you most content is the incorporation in it having the Quad Bayer image sensor. With it, you are able to capture smooth images with resolution of 4K with 60 fps , and at a speed of up to 120Mbps. This will give you superior performance over that of the Mavic Pro 2 which is far more expensive and bulkier.

The package is complete set. It includes two additional batteries and three additional propellers as well as three ND filters the battery charging hub as well as a battery adapter. an excellent carrying bag with several compartments!

It’s therefore no surprise that many believe this to be the most effective drone for photography of real estate!

Key Features:

  • 1/2-inch CMOS sensor allows it to record 48MP images.
  • Supports video transmission distances from up to 6.2 miles.
  • 4K/60 FPS HDR videos can be made with the quad Bayer camera.
  • Amazing flight time of between 34 and 34 minutes using obstacle detection.
  • Remote rechargeable lithium-ion batteries as well as control are included.

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2. Holy Stone HS720 Foldable GPS Real Estate Drone

Holy Stone, the company behind Holy Stone believes people can fly with the right equipment and the right knowledge. That’s why they’ve been working on creating new drones that are innovative since 2014 that utilize cutting-edge technology. A model of this drone, which has a renowned performance and ease of use and is also affordable.

The most frequent issue for drones is that their camera is not capable of sustaining the wind’s speed and resulting in shakey videos or images. Holy Stone has figured out the solution to this issue with the Shock Absorption holder.

This feature is integrated in its 4K optimized UHD camera, which functions as an holder that prevents the camera from vibrating when shooting in high resolutions like 3840×2160.

So, you will be able to provide higher quality and clarity when it comes to photos of homes. Prospective buyers can see everything they require before making a choice.

Furthermore, the drone offers 5GHz FPV transmission via an adjustable 90deg lens. By using these capabilities allow you to take stunning images and videos of a property that is for sale. You can also set it up to automatically follow you , which is a big plus in terms of ease of use.

It is possible to keep it up in air as long as 26 minutes. The lithium polymer batteries required along with a carry bag are included in the package.

Key Features:

  • 4K UHD camera that supports 5-GHz FPS transmission.
  • 90deg adjustable lenses can track you with a computer.
  • The flight time can be up to 26 mins with auto return to home.
  • Shock Absorption lets shooting be carried out without vibration.
  • Lithium polymer batteries and a carry bag included.

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3. DJI Mavic Mini – Drone FlyCam Quadcopter UAV

If you’ve been searching for a quadcopter far more mobile than standard frame, DJI Mavic Mini is the best you can get! It’s here to give you the lightest drones on the market at the moment.

Although most drones designed for this purpose of photography weigh between 16 oz to 20 pounds however this drone weighs just 8.8 ounces! It’s similar to a smartphone.

This means that you don’t need to sign up for it with either the US and it will be required to register with the Canadian government. Thus, you’ll avoid the hassle of spending time in completing paperwork and then take it with you in your bag.

The camera can produce decent images thanks to its resolution of 12MP and can produce 2.7k HD video. After taking the shots you need you can send the videos as far as 4km. The 3-axis gimbal ensures that the clips won’t be disturbed by any kind of motion.

With an energized battery that is fully charged, it can stay on the air for approximately 30 minutes which is more than other FlyCams sold by consumers. DJI Fly is compatible with all platforms. DJI Fly app is compatible with various brands of the iOS as well as Android platforms.

Key Features:

  • Camera can record 2.7k HD videos as well as 12MP photos.
  • Possibility of HD video transmissions of up to 4 km.
  • 3-axis gimbal for stabilizing shot at various angles.
  • Provides a maximum flight duration in 30 mins.
  • Ultralight design doesn’t need registration.

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4. RUKO F11Pro Drones with Camera for Adults

If you aren’t satisfied being able to fly the drone just 30 minutes, you can opt for an option called the F11 Pro made by Ruko. The F11 Pro is a popular drone that has captured the interest of drone enthusiasts due to its extended flight time that could be as long as 60 minutes! The battery added to the package will give this additional boost.

With this battery addition allows you to take the most profitable photos of your properties for sale using this high-definition 4K UHD resolution of the camera.

Additionally, it provides beautiful images of the environment and a video resolution that is 2.7k. This is more than the standard HD which is 1.92k and 40 percent less.

In addition to its impressive resolution The camera will allow you to expand the photos because of its 90deg FOV lens.

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Find the most attractive way to display your home using the adjustable 90deg angle. The various options available to you in terms of technology will provide you with plenty of imaginative options to experiment with.

As one of the top drones to take real-estate photos, you’ll be able to see real-time videos and images using this model, even when you’re at a distance of 500 meters!

Make sure to protect all the essential gears in this set by keeping them safely inside the carry case that comes in the set.

Key Features:

  • Camera provides 4K UHD images and 2.9k video.
  • Broad view of 120deg FOV with 90deg of adjustable angle.
  • 30-minute flight times could be extended by 60 minutes.
  • Live video and image transmission of up 500 meters.
  • It comes with an additional battery as well as a case for carrying.

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5. DJI Mavic 2 Pro – Drone Quadcopter UAV With Hasselblad Camera

It is the Mavic 2 Pro model from DJI isn’t for casual drone fans. It’s something that only the most committed drone enthusiasts would consider purchasing because its cost could exceed some people’s rental costs! But the features and technology that are built into this drone will be worth every cent of the money you invest.

The main drawback for this camera is its famous image quality it comes with due to the well-known Swedish Hasselblad camera that is used in this. This camera brand has a been credited with capturing images of the moon’s initial landing!

After two years of collaboration in research and co-engineering among the two brands You have the opportunity to benefit from their exclusive Hasselblad Natural Color Solution or HNCS technology.

With a resolution of 20MP each image will showcase incredible color details that are sure to catch the eye of your prospective customers!

In comparison against its predecessor, the Mavic 2, this model is four times more efficient and work better in low-light setting because of its 1 inch CMOS sensor.

You will also have more versatility in the grading space by using the 10-bit DlogM color profile. For a better experience of viewing, connect your drone to a 4K television!

Key Features:

  • Swedish Hasselblad L1D-20c camera ensures an iconic image quality.
  • HNCS technology creates amazing detail in 20MP aerial photos.
  • 1.25 inches CMOS sensor has four times the efficient than the first model.
  • The 10-bit Dlog-M color profile gives greater flexibility in the grade room.
  • It can be connected to a TV that supports 4K with 10 bit HDR support.

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6. Contixo F24 Pro 4K UHD Foldable RC Quadcopter

Since the beginning of 2013, Contixo has been providing an array of electronic devices like drones, headphones tablets, and even robots. One of their best-loved products includes their F24 Pro quadcopter that makes an affordable choice for drone enthusiasts of every level.

Take advantage of capturing photos with a 4K UHD resolution, where every aspect of your home shines! It also can create FHD videos to provide your customer a bird’s eye view of the surrounding. It can stay on the ground for up to 30 minutes or more by using the additional battery included inside the package.

With its 3-dimensional foldable design it is easy to store when you are done using it without having to take off the propellers. Then, you can transport the drone around in a light weight.

The dedicated remote controller utilizes the ergonomic design method of folding in order to let you be able to comfortably store your smartphone in the device.

Experience a thrilling flight thanks to four brushless motors and never worry about a malfunction. They can boost the speed and regulate to the height of the drone incredible accuracy. All of the features that are standard in orbit mode followed me, and control by gestures are included with this drone.

Key Features:

  • 90deg vertically adjustable camera for 4K images as well as 2.7k video.
  • Lets you take photos in wide view using the 360deg of FOV.
  • It can remain on the top of the sky for 30 minutes or 60 minutes.
  • Image transmission and live video distances up to 1700 feet.
  • Included are orbit mode as well as follow me and gesture control functions.

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7. Parrot – 4K Drone | Anafi Work

Anafi is the brand name drones manufactured under the Parrot brand. It has a combination of some of the most practical features as well as cutting-edge technology.

This could be the reason for the high price. However, it is among the top drones for real estate that you can get your feet on.

The camera in Anafi Work edition. Anafi Work edition can take 4K aerial photos so that your customers can take in the finest details. The camera is further enhanced with the unique 180deg orientation that is incorporated into the design, which allows users to view as well as film locations that are typically difficult to reach.

Furthermore, they weigh only 9 grams or less than a tiny fraction of an ounce. This is quite rare in famous drones for real estate. They typically weigh 8 pounds or greater.

But, this kind of ultra-lightweight design also means that you won’t need to undergo the registration process and avoid all the trouble!

It’s also quite compact , and will easily be tucked away in any backpack. It comes with many useful things including four smart batteries eight propeller blades, and many more in the carry-on bag included with it. Additionally, it is compatible with 3-D modelling software to take precise measurements.

Key Features:

  • 4K HDR 21MP camera that has 3 axis image stabilization in a hybrid.
  • Unique 180deg orientation is able to film areas that are difficult to reach.
  • The lossless zoom lets you inspect while keeping the safety of distance.
  • 3D modeling software is used to measure the distances and surfaces accurately.
  • The package comes with 4 battery packs as well as eight propeller blades.

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8. Holy Stone HS120D GPS Drone With Camera for Adults

Holy Stone brings you another amazing drone that can take advantage of real estate photography as well as friendly selfies! The model HS120D has an FPV camera which can offer 2K UHD images, while also adjusting its field of vision up to 120deg. This means you can play around extensively with the images in order to determine the perfect one.

Alongside the camera’s specs In addition, there are numerous useful features that are available in this model. For instance, it comes with an option to operate without a head, where its direction of flight is pointed toward you. This makes it simpler to use even if it can reach as high as 300 meters! It’s less likely to drift off course by this method.

There’s also an GPS autorun mode , where the RTH feature allows the drone to return to you in a timely manner whenever it runs out of power or is out of range. In the end, you won’t have to fret about losing your drone in the in the middle of nowhere!

It’s able to take selfies thanks to its gesture-control feature that snaps photos when you make a pose. You can also alter the speed, and make it keep altitude and get advantage of landing or taking off using the same key! It is able to stay on the ground for as long as 36 minutes.

Key Features:

  • Its FPV camera with an adjustable angle can be set to 2.K UHD 120degFOV.
  • It provides 36 minutes of a full flying experience.
  • Gesture Control takes your photo immediately after you pose.
  • It is easy to operate using headless mode as well as altitude mode.
  • Lightweight drones return to you on autopilot via GPS.

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9. DJI Mavic Pro Quadcopter Remote Controller

The last , but certainly not the least of options we offer you is, again the DJI Mavic Pro quadcopter. DJI. The Mavic Pro quadcopter brings you the advantage of being extremely small. It is easy to fit into your pockets , and locate a place for it inside your backpack.

It uses the proprietary transmission technology in DJI known as OcuSync which makes connection between the drone’s controller with the remote control more efficient. Thanks to it the drone is able to fly for as long as eight miles, or thirteen km and yet keep in contact with your remote controller.

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This system also supports multiple outputs. It is possible to use this by using Mavic Pro which can also be linked to two controllers and numerous DJI goggles. It can stream video in 1080p full HD resolution so that prospective buyers can view each and every detail of the house.

Depending on the conditions for wind during the day, this drone will remain on the ground for anywhere from 21 to 27 minutes, depending on the wind conditions. The only downside in its size is the weight at 1.64 lbs , which is a lot heavier than the majority of quadcopters.

Key Features:

  • OcuSync transmission technology gives you the possibility of up to 8 miles.
  • You can stream your videos at 1080p resolution, without bump.
  • A small remote controller can be easily to slip into backpacks.
  • It is possible to stay in the air for from 21 to 27 mins dependent on the winds.
  • More heavy than other people standing at 1.64 pounds.

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Drone For Real Estate Photography Buying Guide

1. Camera Specs

Because the primary purpose behind the drone you purchase is to snap stunning images the camera’s specifications must be of the highest standard. In terms of resolution, images typically ranges from 12MP to 48MP.

Real estate drones must be equipped with UHD (Ultra High Definition) or 4K (3840×2160) resolution. For video, it must have FHD ( Full High Definition) or 2.7k HD, with resolution of 1080 pixels at a minimum. This results in high-quality pictures and videos with the smallest details that are visible.

2. Flight Performance

The flight efficiency of a drone is usually determined by its flight duration along with its speed, and distance. A drone must be able to withstand the wind that is all around it in order to achieve a significant altitude within a brief time. The most effective drones designed for photography of real estate must be able to remain in the air for at least 30 minutes.

The drone’s speed must be at least 20 mph or 40 kph minimum. In addition to the bird’s eye perspective, having an impressive speed can allow the drone to be attached to moving objects like boats or vehicles for a truly stunning perspective of your property. This can lead to an array of captivating and fascinating photographs for your clients.

3. Transmission

The technology used to transmit data from your drone can have a major impact on the quality of real estate photography. A majority of quadcopters utilize Wi-Fi for transmission, which is readily available, but it isn’t the most ideal method to shoot real property. It is ideal for open spaces with not much obstruction or interference.

Certain leading brands such as the DJI have created their own transmission methods, like OcuSync. There have been two variations of this technology that increases the standard transmission distance for drones and improves the quality of the feed.

Naturally, introduction of more advanced technologies will mean the price of. This is why you need to decide if the benefits of these advancements are worth the price increase.

4. Stabilization

Every feed or photograph that is taken by a drone could be ineffective if it’s not properly stabilized. That’s why the drone must have efficient and reliable stabilization options such as the use of Gimbals. Without these features, each footage and shot will turn out to be jittery and difficult for viewers.

Gimbals ensure that the positioning of the camera attached remains in place no matter how the drone itself is trying to keep its position steady. Even when the frame is shifting due to wind it will give smooth and stable images on the drone’s feed.

5. Security

When you are taking amazing photos You must ensure that the people and other elements in the vicinity of the drone are not adversely affected. This is the reason why ensuring flight security is a crucial aspect to consider when using drones. Birds or people walking around doing their daily errands should be impacted by quadcopters.

So, look for drones that have the right security measures in place to ensure this safety for other people, and for you too. Certain drones may have vision sensors as well as GPS positioners. For more elaborate designs, you should look for drones that have more vision sensors than the standard.

6. Portability

A drone that is portable is crucial to shoot real estate photos as you’ll have to travel from one place to the next often. This is the way that potential buyers can look at the property from every angle without actually visiting the property. For portability small and light drones are the best choice.

7. Flight Modes

Many drones are pre-programmed with flight modes designed to make your job simpler for you.

There are, for instance, intelligent modes that are available in DJI drones that will give amazing footage with complex flight pattern. If you’re new to drones, you will be able to capture amazing videos and images within a matter of minutes!

8. Easy To Use

Before you make a final decision by analyzing its technical specifications make sure you look up the related software, aircraft , and remote controller. Making use of these shouldn’t be a lengthy process or be difficult to comprehend.

9. Battery Life

Because you’ll need to spend a lot of time outside to capture the shots you need the drone should have a sufficient battery life to allow for the long hours. While drones for residential use require just about one hour battery time however commercial drones like real estate photography will require much more.

10. Cost

Drones to photograph real estate come at all cost. There are affordable ones that are priced at around one hundred dollars while the highest priced drones cost over 1000 dollars!

Make sure you find a balance between shooting needs and budget in order to choose the most affordable option.

The Difference between Real Estate Drone and Normal Drone

The term “normal drone” usually means quadcopters that you can play with for fun or casual for entertainment. They do not participate in professional projects that need images with high resolution or high-quality transmission systems that provide feeds over long distances.

There are a number of stark differences between these drones that are normal and those that are that are used for real estate photography. We will go through more in-depth discussions of the differences.


In lieu of having an additional camera that is mounted on gimbals, regular drones generally have an integrated camera that is very poor in terms of resolution. In the end, it is difficult to obtain even decent quality video and photos from these drones, much less something to sell.

Speed and Distance

Drones specifically designed for photography of real estate typically have greater ranges of speeds and distance than regular drones. It is possible to fly regular quadcopters in 300m at the most, while the drones designed for photography reach kilometers during their flight.


Most drones do not come with a gimbal which is the primary component to ensure stability in your photos. Even when they do come with one however, the gimbal may not be constructed well enough to handle the weight. They might not have the ability to hold altitude, that causes them to lose control of elevation and fall quickly.

Battery Life

You won’t be able to count upon the life span of batteries in standard drones, as they can end up being a problem before you take a decent photo. It could last for just 10 minutes! But drones for photography can last for up to an hour. This is an excellent option for those who are determined to take the best photo in the shortest amount of time.

Professional License for Professionals

People who are just starting out or are still learning how to operate drones do not usually require an official license. The drones they use are designed to be light with foam often being used as a component, which makes it less necessary to obtain formal registration further.

If you’re planning to earn money making drone-related videos or drone images for the real estate industry, then you legally require an official license.

Special Features

Professional drones that are used for photography in real estate could include a variety of unique features that aren’t available in regular drones. They can support many overhead map overlays, 360 degree panoramas cinematic displays blast off shots, and much more.

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Price Points

The normal drones don’t come with high-end cameras, or long enough battery life, or stabilization features. This is why they’re priced at extremely low cost points. Real estate drones have all of these features, and more premium ones, which is the reason they are priced at a greater price.

Real Estate Drone Photography Tips

Check The Weather Forecast

Outdoor photos must feature good weather to frame it. For real estate photography also, you’ll be required to monitor the weather forecast for the day you shoot. This is particularly important when it comes to drones as they perform aerial photography and have to record the sky in some way in the first place.

Choose the Right Setting Options

It could be difficult to choose from the myriad of options your drone may be providing if you don’t prepare for it in advance. A great tip to remember is to take the pictures and videos using raw formats. This opens many possibilities during the editing process and will increase the chances of producing a truly amazing final product.

Make sure to use autofocus rather than manual focus as the former could result in blurry photos. Another easy way to improve the quality of your images is to choose your aspect ratio in 3:2 and 4 :3 in place of your default. This will allow the images use the highest resolution that is available on your quadcopter.

Do Aerial Reveal Have Smooth Transition

Aerial reveal is among the major reasons why professionals buy drones. There is no other camera or device that can provide this type of image where viewers can view the house as if they were a bird flying over it. Additionally, your viewer will be able to clearly see the landscape by taking this picture.

Be sure to adjust the gimbal’s pitch to ensure the transition effect is smooth. This will guarantee maximum efficiency when shooting from the air.

Include nearby Facilities In Photo

In addition to the gorgeous surrounding and landscape surrounding the house, be sure to include the services that are nearby in the drone photos.

We all appreciate aesthetics, however it boils down to the necessities and conveniences at the end. Therefore, the presence of schools, hospitals cafés, parks, cafes and other facilities will make the home more appealing to prospective buyers.

Use Intelligent Flight Modes In Large Open Areas

Innovative flight options are readily available in the most popular drone brands such as DJI to assist both novices and experienced users create amazing images. Of these, the POI, also known as point of Interest mode does a amazing job of capturing the entire property as well as its surroundings in one image.

You can achieve this by first flying the quadcopter as high as 45 meters or 150 feet over the ground. After that, you can use the app to extend the radius of the circular flight path to 200 meters, or 600-700 feet. Then tilt the gimbal slightly so that the horizon is approximately 20 percent on your display.

The method you choose to use will give the customers the impression that they’re driving across the front of the home in a car. This is a refreshing alternative of the typical aerial photos and top-of-the-line views that drone photography normally creates.

There’s no need to go high Everytime

Although drones are able to fly high, which is what they are most well-known for but you must lower your drone in a few shots to provide your client with an accurate picture of your property.

For instance, it’s best to shoot from the front of the home to emphasize the position of windows, doors and chimneys. If you try to capture an image using the above will cause roofs to cover the vast majority of the.

Small Drone For Large Properties

If you are using one of the smaller drones, such as the Mavic Mini, you can still capture amazing photos and footage of your large property. You can do this with high-quality images or spherical video which offer a 360-degree view. Be sure to clear the space and examine the lighting prior to making these videos.

Avoid the camera’s wrong The Angle

As with any creative person, it is important to play around with the various angles that your drone camera could use to select your preferred angles. But, there are some angles you shouldn’t be using to make your images or videos more appealing to potential buyers.

In particular, you should avoid taking the picture starting from the top and ending at the bottom because it will make the property appear as if it’s something that is a 2D object. However, you could opt for it if you have some particular feature or design that could be highlighted in using this technique.

Schedule Shooting at Ideal Hours

The natural light conditions appear to be most optimal during the middle of the day. This period typically spans from 11 am to 3 pm. Additionally, the sky is filled with blue thanks to the perfect clear clouds and warm sunlight during this time. In the end, the beauty of your photographs reaches new heights.

Frequently asked questions

What is FPV?

The term FPV stands for First Person View and it is a popular term employed for drone photography.

The reason for its widespread use is that you are able to see what drones are viewing as if you were in the quadcopter. This is possible when you have a video download link that transmits its cameras feeds to an smartphone’s LCD monitor.

Do I require a permit to fly A Drone?

The need for a permit for flying your drone varies on the location you live within or are employed in. Most likely, you won’t require to apply for an approval for a quadcopter that is less weight than kgs or 4 pounds. and is designed to be used for personal use only.

For any commercial use of drones having a permit is required within the USA.

What is a normal flight time of a camera drone?

A camera drone must have a flight duration of at least 25 minutes. It is possible to think of this as the minimum requirements for a drone that is designed to be used for photographs of homes. In situations like this you’ll need to move around with your drone to take many stunning photos, so the duration of its flight must be extended.

Can I fly a Drone Over The Sea?

Technically, there’s no law that prohibits you from flying your drone over the ocean. However, you must keep in mind that the device’s chemical composition may be damaged if you do this. There are components in the sea water that are extremely corrosive to motors and electronic components.

So, it is suggested to never fly an aircraft above the ocean as most quadcopters were not built to be waterproof.

Are There Benefits to having more Rotors?

Yes, there are a variety of benefits you can reap from larger rotors on your UAVs such as drones.

A second rotor could enhance the time of flight for your drone in addition to increasing the capacity of payload and stabilizing the quadcopter while in flight. You can increase the durability of your drone by purchasing more Rotors.

Wrapping up!

There are a lot of choices to pick from, we’re certain that with the right knowledge, you’ll find the perfect drones for photography of real estate within a matter of minutes.

While putting aside the business the purchase of a drone is an amazing experience! It can open new avenues of creativity for photographers who are professional.

Utilizing drones in real estate transactions will definitely enhance your chances of success. Find one that gives you the most minimal trouble with regard to portability, registration and camera resolution without spending a lot!

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