10 Best Double Burner Griddle (September 2022) Reviews

Nothing tastes better than hot pancakes, toast, and freshly cooked eggs. Just the aroma that’s emitted all over the kitchen when you’re cooking can delight you.

If you’re a breakfast lover like I do, you’ll know how painful it is when you use your grates set to toast bread, and the food gets stuck to the bottom. You end up with burnt and charred toast. What a waste of your day!

We’re aware of this that you’re feeling, so we’re here to help you locate the perfect double burner griddle to fit in your kitchen. With the best equipment, you will be able to prepare delicious and perfect meals every time.

Do you want to know what double griddle you should purchase for cooking delicious meals? Check out our double burner griddle reviews.

The Reasons Why purchasing a Two-Burner Griddle is a good idea?

We can all agree that food cooked on a grill simply tastes more delicious than food that has been cooked in the stove or skillet. However, bringing out your grill every time you’re craving toasty bread pancakesor a hamburger can be difficult. Grills aren’t easy to clean, and they certainly aren’t the most efficient use of space, too.

This is the reason we recommend purchasing the burner griddle. The product isn’t equipped with the grooves you find on a grill, however it is able to heat enough to impart that earthy, rich flavor. Because the surface is softer it is much more easy to maintain and clean.

Griddles made of cast iron, or even cast aluminum can become smoking hot and smokey with little effort. If you’re making dinner for your family and do not want grill outside it, you can use the griddle to cook hamburgers and steaks, too.

The two-burner griddles can be big enough to cook at least two dishes simultaneously. Since the griddle takes just two of the burners it means you have two more burners for other dishes you’d like to cook.

Top 10 Best Double Burner Griddle 2022

Are you unable to choose which double burner to purchase for the best-cooked meals? We’ve got you covered! Take a look at our best reviews of double burner griddles for a clear understanding about the best griddle for you.

1. Cuisinart Stainless Steel Double Burner Griddle

A hot griddle doesn’t always mean you’ll get burned food. It is made with tri-ply technology this griddle will be heated to impart your food with the perfect rich and smoky taste without burning. This ideal temperature of heat transmission is ideal when you’re just starting out in cooking.

A non-stick double burner grill allows you to cook without having to use tons of oil in order to prevent your food from sticking in the pan.

This type of cooking surface also more easy to clean. Food or other food items that have stuck to the griddle can slide effortlessly off using warm water and mild soap. If you’re lazy, you could throw them into the dishwasher.

The Stainless stainless steel double-burner griddle like this one is great and lasts the whole time but is also stylish. Also, just that it’s made out of steel does not mean that you must wear gloves to lift it off the stove.

The specially designed handles keep at a cool temperature even when it sits in a high-flame area. In the end, it could be described as one of, or perhaps the best double burner griddles.

Key Features:

  • The exterior is hard-ionized to provide long-lasting durability.
  • Construction of stainless steel, with non-stick surfaces.
  • Simple to clean, and there is no need to season.
  • Tri-ply design and heat surround technology provides you the ideal amount of heat transfer and even distribution.
  • Handles remain cool, even when they are placed on high-intensity flames

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2. Lodge Reversible Grill/Griddle

Sometimes you’d like the char-grilled look on your burgers or steaks We get it. The majority of times, grills don’t have the same flavor as grilling will. This is the reason we have the right tool to help you.

This grill/griddle reversible gives you the choice of using both pans. The two in one combination is essential if you like cooking but don’t wish to be outside often.

A cast iron griddle with two burners such as this one will last for years! Handles are placed in the griddle and the grill to make it easier for transportation and use. Cast iron grills heat up and give you that smoky flavor that aluminum and steel grill pans won’t.

The griddle and grill are able to be used on any surface for cooking you prefer. It could be a stovetop or open fire, an induction cooker, or the grill itself, they are a great fit. They can also be put on the grill!

20x 10.5-inch cooking area is plenty of space to cook food for two or three people. It is possible to stir freely to cook your food without having any spills.

Key Features:

  • The grill comes with as well as a griddle for cooking on.
  • Cast iron is strong and provides a great taste.
  • They can be used on stovetop grill, on the open flames, oven and even induction cooktops.
  • It’s big enough to easily stir your food
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3. Cuisinart GG45-25 Non-stick Double Burner Griddle

An griddle with two burners for your stove top that is constructed of aluminum makes a wonderful option for any kitchen. Griddles made of aluminum can add lots of flavor to food without the need to spice the griddles.

Grids that are hard anodized last longer than ordinary aluminum griddles. This one is sure to last for a long time. The thought-out design helps the griddle evenly heat up that allows you to cook meat as well as pancakes and any other food item without burning.

The non-stick coating is present with this particular griddle based on ceramic and is also non-petrochemical. Apart from being easy to clean, this griddle beneficial for your health. There are no harmful chemicals and there is there is no need to add oil!

Handles on this griddle constructed from stainless steel which is recycled. They’re also made to be cool, so you can use them without gloves.

There is no need to scrape and waste long hours trying to make this mess cleaned All you require is warm liquid soap and water. In order to speed up the process,, you could let the water simmer on the griddle to ensure that all residue has a chance to come off the surface. Overall, it is an impressive claim to it to win the ” best two burner griddle” title.

Key Features:

  • Ovens are safe and is suitable for use in a broiler too.
  • Handles are made from stainless steel that was recycled and is not hot.
  • This non-stick coat is free of petroleum and chemical substances.
  • A special hard-ionized aluminum grille that does not require replacement.
  • Heating is distributed evenly so that food can cook properly.

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4. Nordic Ware Double Gridle

Its Nordic ware griddle is proof that you don’t need spend a fortune to purchase the best quality griddle. Although it’s an inexpensive griddle, it is superior to a number of expensive griddles.

Made from aluminum, this griddle is extremely light. It can be carried all around easily and carry the pan around for an excursion to camp or for the picnic. Additionally, because the pan is light and aluminum has enough strength not to be bent, fold or undergo any other type of deformation.

Nordic has been working on this metal fabrication for many years. This is the reason they have come up with this silky smooth aluminum structure. They use their skills to cut out the griddles in the best way they can. The scraps left after making the handles for the griddle can be recycled or reused.

The 17-1/2-inch by 10-1/4″ inch griddle can be placed over two stovetops, or even the campfire stove. This grill is ideal for outdoor and indoor cooking.

Non-stick surface griddle pans , such like this one can reduce your oil consumption when required to cook your food and stop the risk of burning. In addition griddles made of non-stick are the most easy to clean and need no seasoning.

Key Features:

  • It is available at a bargain cost.
  • Produced using an aluminum metal fabrication, which was created with years of study and a hard word.
  • Lightweight but durable.
  • Non-stick surfaces help you reduce the use of oil and makes the griddle easier wash

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5. The Legend Dual Burner Cast Iron Grddle for gas Stove

Legend is well-known for its cookware that boasts the toughness of a vintage pan but with the convenience of a contemporary one. The perfect mix of the modern and retro elements is what makes the Legend two-burner cast iron griddle among our top picks.

The set includes the grill and griddle pan with this set. If you don’t have an grill or grill pan in your home, we strongly recommend that you buy this. Grills feature grooves which let the oil be able to escape and run down. Because your food isn’t being soaked in oil, your food will be a bit healthier.

It is made of top-quality steel and iron, the pan is also able to deliver the right flavor. The griddle and grills already seasoned, so you don’t need to do everything. The seasoning makes it better with each prepare food using it.

The 20 x 20 design provides two stovetops that are larger than enough space to cook for a small household. Easy-grip handles are spaced right to allow adequate control over the hot griddle, but doesn’t cause burns to your hands.

Key Features:

  • It is pre-seasoned and improves every time you use it.
  • It is designed to be as sturdy as old-fashioned cookware.
  • Grill and griddle set in one.
  • Construction is constructed using the highest-quality steel and iron.
  • Grips placed in a manner so that they don’t cause burns to your hands but allows you complete control over your hot grill.

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6. Ecolution Dual Burner Double family Griddle Grill Pan

Cleaning the griddle is likely all that is a bit sour about it. Sometimes, getting burnt or glazes food off of the griddle could be a difficult task. However, not if you are using Ecolution Pans for griddles at home.

The griddle pans are put in the dishwasher for quick cleaning. There isn’t any effort. Because the structure is made from aluminum, food can slip off of the surface very easily.

In addition, because the pan is reversible you can cook on both sides of the pan to cook. This can make it easier to cook in less time. When you’re finished using the griddle side, simply switch it to that side for grilling. Since both sides are easy to clean, it’s easy to clean them once you’re finished with the cooking process There’s you don’t have to wash them between meals.

This aluminum griddle features an extremely strong gauge that lets the interior be evenly heated. Food will cook more well and evenly across every side. This feature is a great option for cooking large pieces of meat frequently because you can get the perfect steak each time.

In addition, the saucepan is also non-stick, and features an easy-to-use two-handle design.

Key Features:

  • Double burner grill that flips to make it the grill side.
  • Aluminum construction, with a thick gauge that allows for even heating.
  • Ideal for use in everyday life.
  • Grill and non-stick griddle, featuring a dual-handle design.
  • It is easy to clean and put in the dishwasher.
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7. Lodge Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle

We enjoy griddles that are pre-seasoned! You don’t have to go through the long process. You can begin using the griddle right out of the package. Pans that are pre-seasoned improve when you use them.

This means they add an extra depth of flavor for your meals. Therefore, you must have the Lodge Cast Iron if would like your food to taste great throughout the day.

Lodge designed this model to be more slim and sleek. It’s so that you can put the tool in any kitchen. While this griddle is big and can take up two stove tops, it is easy to squeeze into an cuttingboard or even a couple of pans. It is easy to store it.

Similar to many of other griddles we’ve discussed it also comes with a grill and griddle grill side. This means you can select the kind of pan that you’ll need depending on what you’re cooking.

You can use the griddle outdoors and indoors. The pan is able to take on lots of heat prior to any indications of deformation are evident.

It is easy to use and the rectangular shape make the griddle the ideal cookware to toast sandwiches!

Key Features:

  • It is pre-seasoned, and provides your food with an excellent flavor that grows with each use.
  • Includes grill and griddle sides.
  • Design slim and elegant; it is easy to put away in the kitchen.
  • It is ideal for the stovetop or over open flames.
  • The rectangular shape is convenient and makes it ideal to toast bread on.

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8. The Coghlan’s two Burner Non-Stick Camp Griddle

Coghlan’s two-burner griddle is option that is affordable. It is now possible to toast the bread and flip the pancake into perfection without going broke.

An aluminum griddle that’s also double gauged is difficult to find at a cost similar to this. Therefore, we strongly recommend to not miss out on this opportunity. The griddle is built to last for a long time.

Therefore, the pan is able to handle a lot of heat. You could drop it several times without seeing any indications of stretching or breaking. The model is absolutely foolproof.

Non-stick surfaces prevent foods from sticking in the pot. It also makes cleanup much quicker and simpler for you later.

A huge 16-1/2 by 10-inch size griddle pan is enough to cook enough food for the entire family of four. This size is also ideal because you can carry the pan outside for picnics too.

The hook is integrated that can be used to store the griddle , or to dry it following washing. Drying the griddle pan in this an order will stop any form of corrosion.

Key Features:

  • It is not prone to cracking or bending easily.
  • Design that is foolproof; Ideal for newbies.
  • The double gauge is non-stick, and is able to withstand lots of heat.
  • A large-sized pot ideal for families of four or for picnics.
  • Hook that is integrated and could be put to use to keep the griddle and to hang it up after washing.

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9. Sizzle Q SQ180 Stainless Steel Universal Griddle

If you’re in search of an griddle pan that can use indoors as well as outdoors then this is the pan to buy.

The huge size and sturdy design allow it to be suitable for handling the extreme temperature of grills. You can cook for at least three persons at once with this grill pan.

This 18x13x3-inch griddle pan is made of high-quality stainless steel. The glossy surface heats up evenly, allowing you to cook your food to perfect. Heating is even thanks to the ventilated design, which allows airflow.

A double burner made of stainless steel grill works well with outdoor high-flames such as a stovetop, or grill. It’s not damaged and no burning edges or an odor to contend with. It can take up 600 ° F of hot!

Furthermore than that, an elongated design with underside cross braiding as well as steel construction is what you want to make a griddle that you’d like to last.

To avoid any mess to avoid any mess, the oil you cook with is safely stored to ensure that you clean it later. There’s no spillage which is great since it prevents flare-ups.

It is not suitable for the dishwasher due to the size, however cleaning it manually requires little effort also.

Key Features:

  • It can be used indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Double gauge system with an underside cross-braiding as well as steel construction to ensure durability.
  • Oil is safely collected to avoid flare-ups.
  • Can withstand 600 to 700 degrees F of temperatures.

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10. Anolon Advanced Grill Pan/Griddle

One of the advantages of hard anodized pans for griddles is that they are always level. Balance isn’t something you’re looking for when purchasing the griddle, but trust us it’s important!

Because the Anolon Advanced griddle always stays in place and never loses the balance even after regular use It is much more convenient to cook meals on the stove. It will be evident that the liquid you place onto the griddle remains in the same spot. This is a great feature when making something with any type of batter.

The top of the grille non-stick, you can still use the metal tools for stirring your meals. The surface is resistant to scratches. Also, there are no chemicals that are used in the production of this non-stick coating.

A pour spout can help you get all the oil utilized efficiently into a separate bowl. This will make cleaning simpler. This pan is clean in the dishwasher or by hand.

The griddle may be expensive, but the griddle pan is the highest quality for restaurant use. Excellent heat conduction along with even heat distribution and unavoidably long-lasting quality at the cost you pay.

Key Features:

  • It stays balanced and in a good place ideal for cooking using batter.
  • Non-stick; no chemical is employed in its production; but it is compatible with metallic tools.
  • Pour spout to make it easy for oil collection.
  • Restaurant quality construction.
  • Anolon’s advanced griddle spreads heat evenly and can conduct heat efficiently.
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Things to Consider Prior to buying a Double Burner Griddle

The purchase of a two-burner griddle may appear to be a simple task, and it’s however, it could go very wrong if you do not take a few key aspects in mind. You do not want to be left with two-burner griddles that smolder your food are you?

Read about the points we discussed to determine the top double burner griddle available.


Typically, griddles are available in three types of materials: cast iron, aluminum, and steel. Aluminum is known for its ability to transfer heat very efficiently. Griddles for burning are very light and simple to use.

If you’re looking for something simple to keep in good condition, will last an extended time and provide you with flavor try steel griddles a shot.

They’re shiny, look amazing, and are simple to wash. However, steel doesn’t hold heat very well. This is why a grill is typically coated with aluminum.

To get the most flavorful choose the cast iron double burner grill. Not only will they last for long, but they’re also excellent for cooking at high temperatures thus, adding a intense, rich, and smokey flavor of your meals.


If you’re considering smaller griddles, you must opt for one with a the longer handle. So you’ll be more secure since you’re further away from heat and flame.

The handle should be made from an material that doesn’t heat up, so you won’t require gloves to hold them. Griddles with built-in holes are better storage options.

Grease Control

Even though it’s not the best for us, we enjoy cooking our food with a bit of grease! However, cleaning up the mess afterward is a difficult task to accomplish. This is the reason you must be sure that your griddles have a method to collect this grease once you’re finished cooking.


You don’t want to be with a griddle that could simply fry one egg at an time Do you? However, you do not want a griddle that takes up the entire stovetop. It’s all about the size!

Find a griddle that’s depending on what your preferences are, how often you cook on a regular basis and how many guests you cook for. We believe that a griddle with two burners is the ideal size.

Power Source

Griddles can are mounted on the top of your stove, or you can also get griddles on their own. If you are thinking of using an griddle on a regular basis, you can purchase an individual one, however we suggest the stovetop version is the most useful.

Tips to Maintain the Burner Griddle

We’re sure that you’d like your two burner stove top gridd to last for many years. Here are some suggestions on how to achieve that.

Season Your Griddle

This is an essential action to ensure your griddle remains non-stick. You can apply any oil you want for this, including olive, vegetable, or canola oil for this. Use a small amount of oil and wipe it on a rag. rub it onto the grid.

Put it back on the stove, and keep it ablaze until the griddle begins to discolor. This indicates that the oil has bonded to the grid. Make this one time, before cooking on the griddle . the griddle will last many years.

Simple Gently

Do not use abrasive scrubbers in order to scrub your griddle. Warm soapy water and a sponge will be able to remove the griddle’s dirt in minutes. If you are using soap that is too harsh, you may need to re-season the griddle. You can also stay clear of soap altogether and make use of hot water in order to keep it free of dirt.

Take Care to Store

To keep it from rusting, place your griddle in a place that has air circulation and is dry and cool.

Frequently Answered Questions

To assist you in maintaining and comprehend the double-burner griddle better, we’ve compiled several of the most frequently asked questions.

What is the reason you should make sure you season your grill?

The process of sprinkling a two burn cast iron grille can ensure that the surface is non-sticky. This reduces the chance for food to stick and burn. The seasoning process also removes any moisture to ensure that the griddle will not get rusty.

What is the time it takes to heat the grill?

A typical double burner griddle takes about 10-15 minutes warm up.

What is the most effective oil to make griddles more seasoned?

Many experts recommend peanut or vegetable oil to flavor your griddle to get the most effective and longest-lasting results.

How do you get rid of sticky residues from the grill?

The most effective method to get rid of the sticky residue from your griddle is using 91 percent isopropyl alcohol. You can employ a rag or paper towel get rid of the sticky layer, without damaging your griddle’s surface.

How can you clean burned food off a grill?

Take as much food from the griddle by using the help of a rubber spatula. Then, pour warm water onto the grid and let it cook until the whole residue floats without a the top. Then, drain the water and wash the griddle using mild soap and water. Make sure to add some seasoning to the griddle following this.

Is cooking on a grill more nutritious?

Unfortunately, no. If you cook on an griddle, oil doesn’t drip or fall off, and if your food is being cooked in fat, it’s not healthy in any way.

Wrapping up!

We guarantee that getting the top double burner griddle can change your life. Who doesn’t like a sweet and spicy breakfast toast or egg on a Saturday morning?

It’s a must-have accessory to any kitchen, and it can be used for a variety of purposes also. We have no reason not to buy one of these double burner griddles we’ve examined!

Remember, if it is maintained correctly, a griddle will last for a long time. If you do purchase a griddle, be sure you follow our suggestions regarding how to take proper care.

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