10 Best Crab Meat for Crab Cakes (September 2022) Reviews

Did someone just mention crab cakes? Who wouldn’t want that delicious dish with a shrimp cocktails at a gathering? Imagine taking a bite of flesh and serving coleslaw to go with it!

It’s all about taste in the case of the meat. But it’s the quality that is considered to fulfill the function of the best selection.

So , how do you select the most delicious crab meat to make crab cakes that go perfectly in a your own cocktail sauce?

Sometimes, the simple nature of canned foods can fool the consumer, but they’re actually not very bad. When you next pass by the aisle of canned crab meat look to see if one of the brands mentioned above is looking back at you, ready to be taken.

I’ve finished the tough part of picking ten from hundreds. Let’s continue with the remaining!

Top 10 Best Crab Meat for Crab Cakes 2022

The majority of them are lump crabmeats, which are a sensible price for families. Read on to discover their strengths and weaknesses to choose the right one!

1. A Chicken from Sea Crab to make Crabcake and Stuffed Muchrooms

This company produces versatile meat (tuna shrimp, tuna, salmon etc.) kinds without any problems. It was evident that I needed to verify its authenticity with regard to crabs.

I was surprised by the taste, general nutrition content and the overall quality have never disappointed me. There are many cans of this product for crab cakes for other salads or stuffing reasons.

It does not contain harmful bleaching chemicals or harmful preservatives to wash the crab’s meat white. The Non-GMO canned meat is extremely rich with Omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, protein and.

In addition, the taste is like the ocean’s essence it’s a little sweet as you bite into the freshly baked crab cakes. You could prepare a wider variety of dishes with the same chunk of crab meat.

The brand guarantees that there is no overfishing during the crab’s catching wild to provide food for the ocean. This is the reason I trust this product and it’s one of my favorite crab meat alternatives.

I suggest this to anyone who wants to make a difference in recipes for canned crab meat. Try it!

Key Features:

  • Involved in a fatal accident and held accountable
  • Fantastic source of nutrients in a single bottle
  • Superior grade lump crab meat
  • Health-conscious consumers who want to eat less calories
  • NFI Certified crab council

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2. The Crown Prince White Lump Crab Meat

Are you aware of why canned crab is the most delicious all-around? It’s the fact that you will not find shells, no smell or taste.

The likelihood of finding an excellent product that doesn’t cost the money is nearly non-existent. Fortunately, White lump crab from Crown Prince is perfect for people who are looking for a taste that is luxurious and have very little money.

Each can is just 40 calories! It’s an excellent source of nutrition for the majority of people, it’s also possible to prepare numerous crab cakes and not alter your daily diet.

It is a preservative-free six ounce lump of white of food with no trans fats, carbs and additives as well as MSG. You get the natural taste for the right cost.

Some might find the salty taste unpalatable to their taste. However, once you’ve tried the meat in a variety of recipes (crab cakes sautes, salads, salads etc. ) You’ll forget about all the stress.

There’s a minor issue with the product, however. The crab meat has an almost mushy texture that isn’t evident. But I recommend being soft when folding it with other ingredients.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for diets with low carbs
  • Nutritionally rich and high in calories
  • Bleaching and preservatives are not included.
  • It’s delicious and fresh. It’s also a good source of chunks
  • There are no shells to choose from

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3. Geisha wild caught fancy crab meat

If you’ve never heard of Geisha canning crabmeat now is the perfect moment to talk about its nutritional value. The fancy crab meat mainly is made up of claw and white meat. They are appreciated for the variety of dishes they can be served.

I am a sucker for making crab soup from just one can. It’s not as sweet than the top quality product made from lump crab. However Have you tried frying the crab meat stir-fried in the event that it’s difficult to cook to make crab cakes?

If you’re ready for the challenge There are a variety of ways to use the cost of a can of Geisha exquisite crab meat.

The product is stuffed with iron, calcium vitamin C, calcium and other essential minerals. With just 35 calories and fat-free benefits it’s a fantastic option for those looking to lose weight.

Additionally, every crab is caught in the wild, allowing the crabs to thrive in their natural habitats without a frenzied feeding process for bulky results.

Before you make the mistake of thinking this is lump crab, I will clarify that the meat here comes broken into smaller pieces. Some people had difficulty forming the crab cakes, despite the breadcrumbs and other ingredients.

It may take a while but you can get the soft and tender interior with crab cakes that are crispy. Don’t be worried about the many attempts. We all start with a place. The meat is nutritious and delicious when added to other foods.

Don’t not forget to take the shells off prior to cooking them.

Key Features:

  • Affordable
  • Ideal for people who have a plan to lose weight with a weight loss goal in mind
  • Filled with different nutrients; softly textured
  • It includes leg meat, white and claw meat.
  • Food ready to eat and fat-free

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4. Pink Crab Meat by Crown Prince

Are you hosting a party at the home that is themed around seafood? Crab cakes are among the main dishes served at the table for dinner.

I’m going to tell you that the cans he gave to the Crown Prince do not contain the crab meat that is lumpy. How do you prepare crab cakes? Perhaps you’ve thought of making a dish with chopped crab meat?

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That’s exactly what you’ll discover in this recipe. Believe me when I say to youthat the meats will mix and fold in with other ingredients to create doughy texture. The only challenge is shaping the patties.

A soft mix could result in breadcrumbs added in the final product. But, if you combine all ingredients with a controlled mind you can expect delicious crab cakes within a matter of minutes.

To date, nobody has complained about the absence of shells. This places the item in the top five on the list since to bite into a shell when trying to enjoy the meat is an utter fail, in my opinion.

However it is possible to make delicious crab balls even if patties seems to be on the rise right now! It is possible to switch to soups, casseroles and dips, or salads even if crab meat sounds complicated.

The Non-GMO meat has a pinkish in color and is more omega-3 calcium, protein, and iron. In short the 70 calories in each serving of cans are perfect for when a gathering is coming up.

Key Features:

  • Twelve cans, totaling 72-ounces
  • Wild-caught
  • An excellent source of plenty of nutrients
  • Perfect for a variety of uses apart from crab cakes
  • Shredded texture

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5. Ocean Legacy Fat Free Lump Crab Meat

The first time I heard about Ocean Legacy, I had tried experimenting with an alternative brand. But, I was forced to look this up for all the great demands that were being made at the time.

The entire 8 OZ. lump crab meat is just 45 calories. Can you believe it? In addition, it’s pasteurized to make sure that no microorganisms are able to grow or ruin the meat in its storage.

It’s fat-free and gluten-free composed of calcium, protein and other nutritional elements to make healthy dishes. Are you currently trying to lose weight? Do you skip the fat-rich dinner to lose weight, yet crab meat is not your thing?

Choose this product and you will never regret it. There are no preservation chemicals to be concerned about. Each crab is wild-caught responsibly to enhance the quality of the meat while ensuring the sustainability of marine life.

You can notice the difference in this brand’s authenticity and imitations that have a taste of crab. This lump crab can be perfect to cook crab cakes without altering the flavor.

It’s usually used in wonton fillings, too. I guarantee you that they are very savory! The slightly sweet taste with freshness combines with all the other flavors come together to create a variety of recipes.

In addition, you can purchase it for a reasonable cost also. It is highly recommended product from the crab meat industry by many customers.

Key Features:

  • It is rich in many nutrient elements
  • Great flavor, with the slightest hint of sweetness; the texture is meaty
  • Freshness preserved; ready to consume
  • Pasteurized to prolong shelf-life even if it’s not used
  • Fat-free and gluten-free

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6. Bumble Bee, 6oz. White Crabmeat

Its Bumble Bee crab-meat product happens to be among the most economical among the dependable products. The cans contain just 40 calories, which leaves no reason to complain for those on a diet.

In addition being a bit more, it’s worth noting that the 0.5g of fat isn’t evident, but it’s important to be aware of that prior to purchasing. The luxurious white premium selection has shredded meat, which is ideal to crab cakes which need additional bread crumb.

The product could take advantage of salads, casseroles, and soups and dips. It is important to know what you’re getting prior to making purchasing. If you are looking for a huge piece of meat to eat it up, you’re not the best selection.

However the dried crabmeat is among the very few that are sold at a premium. I would suggest buying soups or dips that contain this type due to its smooth and soft texture.

This is the ideal option when you are on a tight budget but would like to please your guests and your family by serving your famous crab cakes or balls for a dinner party.

The meat is fresh and delicious and fresh, so make sure that you serve the meat with a complementary sauce. Although it may not satisfy everyone’s palate However, it’s always better to start somewhere.

Key Features:

  • The white crab’s meat comes taken from the body of the crab
  • Perfect for dips or crab balls.
  • It has the texture of flaky, shredded
  • Fresh aromas when you open the bottle
  • Ideal for low carb diets

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7. Phillips Foods Super Lump Crab Meat

Do you require super lumps to make several crab cakes? You’re on the right track even if the mushy, or shredded meat isn’t your thing.

This high-end product could be a sporadic choice due to its three-digit price but the quality is just as good. It is easy to count on its large big meaty pieces to create the best crab cakes for your family.

Six cans provide one pounds of crab meat in a lump. They’re loaded with nutrient content that will ensure that you do not miss out on your diet routine. They are protein-rich and are low in calories and fat.

This is a unique experience for those who love crabs and should be added in your basket now before it’s sold out.

With Phillips Foods, even if you’re not in the water’s edge You can still choose savory and tender crab cakes. The best part is that there’s no shells to pick to eat; it’s just a matter of eating the whole thing straight from the container.

In all honesty the big, chunky crab meats are extremely delicious to cook, regardless of the location you place them. Look for the item that has many stars on the inside.

Key Features:

  • Fantastic for crab cakes.
  • It is made up of large meat chunks for a variety of dishes
  • High-end quality
  • Clean and fresh Ready to eat straight from the can
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Low amount of calories and fat

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8. “Chicken of the Sea” White Crab

I’ve been back for the Chicken of the Sea, because it never fails to delight me. Be aware that this white crab’s meat isn’t chunky or lumpy.

It’s more similar to the canned tuna that is shredded you can buy in the market. Prepare yourself ahead of time. White crab meat demands more attention than the larger lump.

In the end, you need to increase the quantity of bread crumbs as well as other ingredients to make delicious crab cakes that have a distinct crab scent. It’s not an easy task to attain that perfect flavor when using this kind of meat.

I am sure that you can achieve this if you add all 12 cans after emptying the water.

There’s not a fat that can ease your mood, but the calories are 60 for each could be. The calories may be more expensive than other brands but the overall flavor is sure to distract your mind away from it.

In addition, the mild and sweet crab flavor is sure to fill your mouth when you bite into a piece of the crab cake or ball. The meat provides omega-3 fatty acids, protein and.

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But the real question is how did they get them? You can be assured that the wild-caught method applies to this too. It is a sign that crabs caught by people must adhere to strict rules for the ecological sustainability of the ocean.

Key Features:

  • A low calorie per serving
  • No fat
  • Intense in nutrients to enhance the health of
  • Ideal for those who are dietary conscious.
  • MSC certified

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9. Majestic Blue Jumbo Lump Crab Meat

There are times when appearances count when it comes to cocktails made with crab or cakes with massive pieces of crab. However, what canned food item really can offer such a wide variety.

In addition, the cost is another factor. Fortunately, Phillips Foods has come to help you improve your image and your presentation. Imagine showcasing your delicious and soft crab cakes, and drinks, fresh and delicious like you’ve just gotten these from shallow saltwater.

It is no doubt that 6 pounds of the massive lump is expensive but you could overlook it for a better flavor, aroma and the best quality. The packaging should have one pound of food per serving, with a an overall total of six.

They can be mistaken as chicken pieces!

It is evident that the huge crab meats contain a lot of protein as well as other nutrients that we want to get through various methods. In some cases, crab meat can be an ideal solution to boring diet, but it’s just an inner opinion.

Make sure you purchase this product only if you’re in the middle of making large quantities of cocktails and crab cakes to prepare. It comes with a shelf life of just two weeks beginning from the purchase date.

Key Features:

  • Protein-rich and has other aspects of nutrition
  • Jumbo lump crab meat with a meaty, chunky texture
  • Ideal for a variety of applications
  • Non-returnable
  • No shells, delicious in flavor and high in quality

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10. Natural Red King Crab Meat by Putina

The product’s final version is excellent meat pieces from the king of crabs called Kamchatka The red King crabs. They’re native to the north of the Pacific Ocean.

This three-can box is a delicious snack from Russia that can be used to complement a variety of recipes with ease. No matter if you’re planning to make the crab cake, melt sandwich or artichoke, the savory flesh will not disappoint you.

From nutrition to taste, it’s got everything. You can taste the delicious and tender meat as soon as you take a bite of the crab cakes that are made by this company.

The main point is that despite its exotic perspective, the product is quite high quality. This crab meat is great for any meal or snack you choose to cook to enjoy during the day.

It has an aromatic and sweet taste that makes you want to try more. I would highly recommend it!

Key Features:

  • Crabmeat is extracted from the red King crabs.
  • Medium lumpy, juicy meat chunks
  • Sweet taste and an incredibly smooth texture
  • Wild-caught
  • Ideal for a variety of recipes.

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Crab Meat for Crab Cakes Guide

Since you’ll depend on canned crab meat for the moment knowing what’s best in terms of health and wellness is an important thing to learn. What can you be expecting? Look below.

Meat Type

There are four main types of crabmeats available – Jumbo chunk, White, Claw, and Backfin.

a. Jumbo Lump

Think of it as the best meat that could be more expensive over the other types. The part you see is made from the muscles connecting the legs of a crab swimming.

Every crab has only two muscles. You can understand why a jar packed with large lumps of food is expensive and high-end.

b. White

Then, white crabmeat is a common ingredient in canned items. It’s made of flaked meat comprised of a huge chunk and claw meat. A lot of people prefer it due to it’s affordability and distinctive sweet taste.

c. Claw

This kind of meat isn’t costly in any way. It’s also not going to disappoint you by a taste that isn’t expensive. Because the meat is derived from claws, you’ll notice the shade darker and have an intense flavor. However, the meat isn’t sweet.

d. Backfin

Imagine this type of meat as a secondary substitute for the larger lump, which is less. It is a mix of large lumps and other meat types that are not found in the body. Its price can be attributed to unintentional shell pieces that are found inside the meat.

Do you prefer wild-caught or raised on farms?

It’s yours to decide. Are you interested in crabmeats which were caught in the ocean? Choose the wild-caught option. It’s also comforting to know that the crabs are in their normal habitat, with superior quality meat and muscles.

Select canned crab that has been raised in a farm. meat if you’re not a fan of overfishing, which can result in a constant danger for the sea. It’s convenientand helps in making sure that you don’t cause overexploitation. It also means you’re not compromising on the most natural flavor.


Let me breakdown the quality inspection into five key phrases.

Then, inhale and decide when you break open the container or tub. The smell must be fresh even though the crabmeat has been canned. If it smells fishy or awful, you’ve been fooled.

In the second, you should concentrate on the color of the meat after the delicious scent pleases your senses. Pure white is when bleach was employed. This is usually not a good idea, even when it’s white. The ideal color is ivory. It indicates high-grade meat quality.

Thirdly, look at the texture and meat piece’s strength. The texture can change in accordance with the type of meat used and size. Keep in mind that the canned crabmeat doesn’t need to be soft or a pureed product.

Check for shells. A couple of shells isn’t the problem, but canned crabmeat with excessive shells to make crab cakes is not good for any reason.

If you’ve not found anything that has triggered alarm bells, the final step is to taste the meat. There is a hint of taste that covers everything!


Always check the nutrition facts label. Crabmeats have a wide range of nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals. They are extremely healthy however, that does not mean that you shouldn’t be aware of the fat amount. Certain brands have greater fat content than others.

How do you Make Crab Cakes with Canned Crab?

Here’s where you’ll learn how to make the best crab cakes. What is the level of difficulty? If I tell you this from start, you’ll be missing the entire fun!

A type of Crab

This is a quick quiz to determine what kind of meat (as listed in our buying guides) do you think is best to make this dish?

Personally, I’d prefer the best crab meat to make crab cakes regardless of variation. What’s important is your enthusiasm to create something from various ingredients, with crab meat being the most important ingredient to make it taste good.

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So, enough dilly-dallying. I suggest you go for the white or jumbo lump of crab meat, as they provide an delicious crispy crusts and soft filling. Even if this is your first encounter with dried crabmeat, you’ll be well with this recipe.

Additionally, you could opt for less expensive options when a large lump appears excessive.

1. The classic crab cake Recipe!

Although there are many experts in crab cakes This recipe is explained for novices. I’ll make use of the jumbo lump crab meat since I love crab meat-filled cakes!

Ingredients to Collect

Many ingredients are readily available in the supermarket or many are in your kitchen. This recipe should take around 30 minutes, which includes the chilling time.

  • Jumbo Lump crab meat – 1 pound
  • Mayonnaise – 1/2 cup
  • Dijon Mustard – 1 tbs.
  • Worcestershire Sauce – 1 tsp.
  • Hot Sauce (Preferably Tabasco) – 1 teaspoon.
  • Large egg 1 egg (Slightly beat)
  • Lemon Zest (Fresh) 1 teaspoon.
  • Ground Spice 1/8 tsp.
  • Chopped parsley (Fresh) 2 tablespoons.
  • Panko Bread Crumbs 1/4 cup
  • Olive Oil/Butter – 1 tbs.

Instructions and Steps

Start by removing the medium and small bowl. Let’s start with the first.

Step 1.Remove the crab’s meats from the container and transfer them into the medium bowl..

Step 2.Look for shells and pick on the flesh. If you find them, discard them.

Step 3.Set aside the bowl that is medium.

4.Get an extra small bowl to prepare for the mayonnaise mix.

Phase 5:Add Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce Dijon and mayonnaise. lemon zest, eggs pepper, and parsley.

Sixth step:Mix with a vigorous stir. A batter-like liquid will develop.

7.Bring into the bowl medium and Add the breadcrumbs.

8.Pour mix of mayonnaise into crab’s meat and breadcrumbs.

Step 9Fold the entire thing gently in order to ensure that the meat is not broken.

10.Slowly form the beef mixture into 6 patties.

11.Place the cookies on a baking tray and cover it with baking sheet.

Step 12:Refrigerate the patties for around 30 minutes. to chill. The chilling step is not necessary however it can help the patties become firmer and is easier to manage.

Step 13:Take out a pan or skillet and put it in the oven, over medium temperature.

Step 14Melt either olive or butter. Put the crab cake patties in the oil when the oil is hot.

15.Wait until the top is golden brown. Then flip it and cook until the second side has a the same crisp color.

Step 16Now transfer them onto a plate. Serve these with lemon!

2. Crab Cakes are topped with Canned white Crab Meat

A few newbies may find some of the white crab’s meat difficult to use. This can raise a lot of questions regarding how to make the best patties that can stay in place.

This is the reason I thought of an original crab cake recipe that will brighten your day!

Ingredients to Collect

You may look at the ingredients listed here and think what the flavor will be like? It will definitely give you an entirely different taste, something completely different and actually quite appealing enough to keep coming back for more!

  • White Crab Meat – 2 cans (6 oz. per can)
  • Seasoned Bread Crumbs 1 Cup (Divided)
  • Green Onions 2. (Finely chopped)
  • Sweet Red Pepper – 1/4 cup (Finely chopped)
  • Large egg 1 egg (Slightly beat)
  • Reduced-Fat mayonnaise – 1/4 cup
  • Lemon Juice – 1 Tbs.
  • Garlic Powder 1/2 teaspoon.
  • Cayenne Pepper – 1/8 tsp.
  • Butter 1TBS.

Instructions and Steps

For this, you’ll need an extensive and shallow bowl. Find out why.

1.Take from a large bowl, and then add 1/3 cup breadcrumbs.

Step 2.Add fresh green onions, garlic powder egg, cayenne powder mayonnaise, lemon juice. Combine.

Step 3.Include your crab’s meat. Be sure that the meats are cut into pieces and then draining with the cartilage removed.

4.Now Fold the mix gently, so that the meat is still chunky.

Phase 5:Add remaining bread crumb mixture into a bowl that is shallow. It will be used to coat.

Sixth step:Slowly break up the ingredients in the bowl, into 8 equal parts. Hold each one in your hands and form into a 1/2 inch. thick patties.

step 7.Every every time that you make the patty, you should place it in the breadcrumbs and cover it with a good coating.

8.Take the nonstick skillet or frying pan over medium temperature. Add the butter , and slowly add the patties.

Step 9Cook approximately 3-4 minutes. or until golden brown. After that, flip the dish to get the same to the opposite side.

step 10You could serve these on a plate with lemon juice and tartar sauce.

Frequently asked questions

What type of crabmeat is suitable to make crab cakes?

Lump, also known as Jumbo lump, is pretty elegant and has an attractive appearance If that’s what you’re looking for as an host.

It is also possible to purchase white crab meat in canned form which has a fantastic taste and aroma after cooking.

Can canned crab meat be considered healthy?

Naturally, you’ll be able to get significant amounts of proteins, vitamins and minerals so long as you select a reputable brand.

Does pink or white crab meat superior?

Regarding flavor and taste In terms of flavor and taste, claw meat is generally popular. It has a flesh that is reddish-brown instead of white.

What is different between the chunk and the jumbo chunk crab?

Lump crab meat is big and often intact. It is ideal for making crab cakes.

Jumbo crab meats tend to be bigger and still intact. But, they’re more expensive and are often used to make sautes or cocktails.

What type of crab meat can be found in canning crab?

The most popular choice is white crab meat, which includes the claw and the large lumps. Some brands even contain leg meat in addition. This is the reason why white meat can be described as flakier and more stringy.

Last Words

This is where you will have the necessary knowledge and the facts to choose the most suitable crab meat to make crab cakes for crab cakesfor your taste buds.

I couldn’t resist feeling that a slight nudge could aid you in making a decision. So, I’ve picked two of the ten options based on my many crab cake-related experiences.

My first pick would be chicken that comes from Sea Lump Crab, 6oz Cans (Pack of 12) that’s highly nutritious and tasty! This high-quality crab meat in a can is difficult to believe until you’ve tried these.

You can always get to choose the Majestic blue Jumbo Lump Crab Meat 1 pound (6 for a cases) if you want to showcase your ability to make crab cakes. It’s packed with huge crab meat chunks that are balanced with calories and fat!

Feel free to select from the 10 options and try your hand at cooking skills in the kitchen with simple canning crabmeat. Best of luck!

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