6 Best Comal For Tortillas (October 2022) Reviews

Mexican, as well as South American cuisines, are some of the most delicious and appealing in the entire world. When talking about these foods there is no way to leave out tacos, quesadillas, arepas burritos, fajitas, and burritos.

If you’re a fan of Mexican foods, you’ll need the most effective tortilla comal. This classic Mexican cooking tool was designed to ensure that tortillas are cooked well as well-cooked and even.

The most amazing feature of a comal that it’s extremely versatile. While it is perfect used to make tortillas you could also use it to make a variety of other meals. It can be used for cooking meat, searing it, sautéing vegetables and spices, grilling fish as well as frying potatoes.

If you’re searching for an excellent model, you’re in right spot. I’ll ease the headache of searching by revealing the most popular models in the market. These are long-lasting non-stick cooking comals that cook effectively.

Let’s get started.

Top 6 Best Comal For Tortillas 2022

1. Lodge Cast Iron Griddle Pre-Seasoned, 10.5-Inch

Lodge Cast Iron is one of the most renowned cookware manufacturers that has been in operation since the year 1896. In addition to its extensive time in operation and its rich history What sets the company apart is that the products are made in America. In terms of quality workmanship, there is nothing better than Lodge Cast Iron.

If you’re in search of the top tortilla comal You might want to consider Lodge’s Pre-Seasoned cast-iron skillet to cook tortillas A heavy-duty model with a great design.

It has a large dimension that is 10.5 inches, making it suitable for making tortillas, but also for various different cooking methods. It is suitable to cook by searing, sauteing baking, braising and broiling meat, vegetables and various other food items.

In the case of comals, the materials make the biggest difference. This is a gauge of cast iron with the proper thickness. It efficiently heats up and holds the heat for a long time which makes it an ideal instrument for cooking recipes that require a high, constant temperature.

Have you ever eaten or seen an uncoordinated tortilla cooked? One reason it happens is because of the wrong pan, which results in uneven heating. Fortunately, the Lodge comal is a high-quality quality, heavy, and thick material that is able to heat uniformly, which means that food cooks evenly.

The thick-gauge material helps keep the appliance in place and secure on the cooktop. Thus, you can spin those tortillas with no worry of your pan shaking or shifting.

Finally, I’m sure that you’re not planning the replacement of your cooktop anytime very soon. If you’re looking for a durable appliance that will last for decades then the Lodge griddle is going to be a great choice. It can be used across a variety of cooking surfaces, from campfires to ovensto stoves and grills.

Key Features:

  • 10.5-inch wide surface is ideal for big and small tortillas.
  • The thick casting iron material which heats uniformly.
  • Construction that is tough and long-lasting.
  • The bag comes with a handle to allow to allow for easy carrying.
  • Useful for baking, searing sauteing and braising, broiling and much more.

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2. Cuisinart Chef’s Classic 10-Inch Tortilla Pan

Cuisinart is a household name in the US. It is almost synonymous with kitchen equipment including kitchen appliances and processors.

If you’re looking for a reliable American-made comal pan, read closely as I explain what Cuisinart’s Chef’s Classic Crepe Pan 10-Inch has to provide.

The cookware is made of aluminum. While not as robust and sturdy as steel or iron, aluminum excels at conductor of heat. Another great benefit is that it is lightweight. This means you can have an extremely strong and thick piece of equipment that isn’t difficult to transport around. It actually weighs at just 1 pound. This could be ideal for you.

Recognizing the limitations of aluminum for enduring the rigors of usage, Cuisinart offers extra fortification. This means that it’s exterior gets anodized using Quan Tanium, a tough composite that is titanium-reinforced to provide an additional level of sturdiness. Aside from being wear-resistant, Quantanium is food-grade and safe when used with normal cooking temperatures, “> “>Have you ever had trouble with tortillas or other food items sticking to the pan’s surface? You can now be done with it.

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3. Futura Non-stick Flat Dosa Tava Griddle, 11-inch

Hawkins Futura offers a beautiful combination of function and form. If you want a truly exquisite cookware take a look and you’ll not be disappointed.

The Futura Flat Dosa Non-stick Tava Griddle is one the most beautiful comals that are available. It is constructed of aluminum anodized with a delicate, shiny finish. The handle is positioned to the pan in an angled form that is then lifted four inches off the pan in an apparent elegant manner.

The most striking thing is the stainless steel material of the handle, and the glossy silicone handle.

There are many benefits in the structure of this device. The first is that the hard anodizing process of the aluminum material is beneficial to boost the tensile strength. As a result, this is a griddle you can count on for a long time. In contrast to other models, it won’t chip, crack pit, corrode wear out, or suffer other types of damage in the near future.

In addition, anodizing makes an ideal surface to ensure that your food items will not adhere to.

When making tortillas, evenness that the flame is an important aspect. If the heat is not even it cooks the tortillas unevenly which can alter the texture and appearance. The size of the skillet is one the elements that determine if the distribution of heat will be uneven or not.

Know that the material that the maker of this device it 4.88mm thick. This way, the material holds heat better and spreads it out evenly to ensure even cooking.

The raised shape on the handles is designed to protect your hands from the scorching heat. Additionally the handle is protected by a non-slip silicone. In order to remove the pan from the heat is therefore secure and easy.

I love the way that the handle is secured to the pan using three strong rivets. In contrast to some other comals I’ve seen the handle of this comal does not shake , but it is solid.

Key Features:

  • A large-sized cooking surface of 11 inches.
  • 4.88mm-thick to allow better heat distribution.
  • The handle is raised to keep your hands from scorching heat.
  • A handle that is insulated with silicone provides an ice-cold gripping surface that stays cool.
  • Anodized non-stick surface.
  • Free cookbook with recipes that are relevant.

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4. Calphalon Modern Aluminium Nonstick Comal Tortilla Pan

Round comals are a popular. If you’re looking to try something new The Calphalon Contemporary Aluminum Nonstick Square Griddle Pan could be exactly what you’re looking for. The name suggests it’s a square-shaped cooking pan.

One of the first things that caught my eye was the design. This comal has a unique look and adds a touch class with its glossy black finish and silver handle.

Apart from the appearance it also offers incredible toughness. It is indeed made of aluminum, however it is hard-anodized making it immune to the different forms of deterioration that plague cheaper pans. It is not susceptible to cracking and chipping and will not tarnish.

If there’s one thing that will make you anxious while cooking in a pan the foods sticking on the pan’s surface. Luckily it’s not so. The Calphalon pan is constructed so that you do not have to be concerned about it. It’s an multi-layer that is PFOA-free that food products can’t adhere to.

I assume you are concerned for your health as well as that of your family members. One way to live an a healthier eating style is to cut down on the amount of oil or fat you consume.

When we consider pans in this way certain models will require more fat than other models. The Calphalon griddle, thanks to its non-stick multi-layer PFOA-free requires less oil. If you’re looking to prepare low-fat cooking, then you’ll be able to use the griddle in a very efficient manner.

If you are looking for an comal, you’ll need to know which heat sources it’s compatible with. What makes this model appropriate is its exceptional compatibility.

It can be used in conjunction with a campfire, stove including electric, halogen or gas. So long as the temperature levels are not over the temperature of 450 degrees, you are able to safely cook with the cookware.

Key Features:

  • Hard-anodized, durable comal.
  • Heavy-gauge construction made of anodized aluminum.
  • Heating surface that cooks evenly.
  • Non-stick coating.
  • 11-inch wide flat surface that can accommodate more food items.
  • Long, stainless-steel-riveted handle that remains cool while cooking.
  • Clean and safe for dishwashers.

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5. Mineral B Carbon Steel Crepe/Tortilla Pan 12-Inch

At the moment I’ve only discussed pans with a wall that is short. This is great for pancakes and tortillas because they are comparatively thin.

However, you may need a pan that you could utilize for searing meats as well as sautéing vegetables as well as other forms of cooking that require the use of a larger wall. If this is your goal look into this Mineral B Carbon Steel Tortilla/Crepe Pan.

When you cook tortillas 1. change them every time so that they cook evenly. To do this, you need to make use of an spatula. But based on the design of the pan used to cook it may be difficult or even simple to use the spatula.

Tell me what? The pan’s wall has an outward-slanting design that is very convenient to slide a spoon under the food.

The process of making your comal and the materials it is made from have significant implications for not just the long-term durability of the comal , but also the efficiency of it.

The unit is constructed of carbon steel, a remarkably sturdy material that offers the griddle the ability to resist elements. In reality the unit will last an entire lifetime without being damaged.

Furthermore, the tough structure makes the pan resistant to high temperatures. You can also put it into the oven to bake for as long as 20 minutes at temperatures of 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

In most cases, you need to spice up the tortilla pan at the time that you receive it. It’s not that easy, but it could be tiring for some. You could also be seeking to use immediately.

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To meet these requirements, Mineral B has availed an item that has been pre-seasoned. It makes use of 100% beeswax that is efficient, but is safe in terms of health.

Key Features:

  • Healthy for you It is free from PTFE as well as PFOA.
  • Carbon steel construction with robust strength.
  • Pre-seasoned with 100 percent beeswax.
  • Oven-safe for up 20 minutes at 400 degrees F.
  • Induction-ready.
  • The wall is outward-slanting, which makes it simple to make use of a spatula.

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6. OXO Great Grips non-stick Square Griddle 11-Inch

The final product on our list is OXO Great Grips The Non-Stick Griddle. It is a top-quality product OXO Stores, an online kitchen equipment company that has completely changed the way we cook with some of the most cutting-edge tools and equipment.

The utensil is a stunning design and has a attractive dark-gray surface. It’s an incredibly beautiful and unique gadget that you’ll feel proud to keep inside your kitchen.

Apart from its stunning design it also features an extremely well-thought-out construction. The first is that the size is perfect for big meals and larger servings. It’s a flat and large 11 by 11 inches which can hold more food than smaller models with curved edges.

The wall is only 1 inch in height So working with spatulas is simple. It’s as easy as sliding it in without any restrictions.

If you are a fan of sauces and reductions, then you will find the design of the edge very beneficial. What exactly is it? Maybe you’ve had an oven that dripped during the time. In this design, the edge is rolled. This means you’ll be able pouring without drips.

Durability is a crucial aspect that is based on the way in which the tool is made. The comal is designed by German engineers from aluminum. The aluminum is then anodized in order to strengthen the material, making it more resistant to the effects of damage.

One of the advantages of this method is its heat-retention very good. This, in turn ensures that cooking is fast and even possible.

The second benefit is resistance to the elements. It isn’t the kind of device with a finished which is very easily damaged when used with other tools such as spatulas. It is extremely resistant to scratches.

A non-stick, attractive surface is what we want when looking for the tortilla griddle. Thankfully, this multi-functional model is non-stick. Due to this, this pan is simple to wash and, thankfully it’s dishwasher-safe.

Finally, the tool has a beautiful and curved handle. Long, ribbed and constructed of stainless steel the handle is capable of giving a comfortable grasping surface.

If you’re looking to get a huge for tortillas, make sure to look into OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Square Griddle. OXO Good Grips non-stick square griddle.

Key Features:

  • Large-size tortilla pan – 11-inch.
  • Safe oven for up to 430 degrees F.
  • 3-layer non-stick coating.
  • Food-grade, PFOA-free which is safe in cooking food..
  • The handle is a contoured steel with a cool design that gives an icy grip.
  • Hard-anodized, more heat retention and even heating.
  • Durable and scratch-resistant.

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How do you choose Comal to Cook Tortillas?

Many people have asked me how to obtain an authentic Mexican comal. They want to ensure that their tortillas turn out perfect in shape and taste. But in the true sense, it’s more than “made from Mexico” important instead, it is things like the non-stickiness and durability, convenience of using, heat retention and so on.

To assist you in finding an item that lasts and works effectively, I’ve put together an overview of things to look for when searching for the most reliable comal for tortillas.

Materials (What it is composed of)

A comal that is effective is one that has the ability to store heat and distribute it evenly. The material the utensil is made from is the primary element that determines this element.

A griddle is made out of any metal that is strong, from aluminum to stainless steel The best material to retain heat can be casting iron. Aside from that the comal that is made of cast iron will heat evenly.

Another advantage that comes with the cast iron is the fact that it’s heavy. It won’t shake or move in the oven when you cook.

In addition, the heat resistance also makes casting iron superior to other of the metals. For instance when anodized aluminum can only endure temperatures of about 400 degrees, cast iron can stand up to 600 degF temperatures.

However, for a variety of reasons, you may want to consider a lighter model. You might not need to strain to carry your pan. If that’s the case I’d suggest you purchase one made from aluminum. The material isn’t as durable and tough like casting iron however it can be used and is more lightweight. To ensure toughness, heat resistance, and long-lasting, ensure that the aluminum has been anodized.


Design is the way in which the product is constructed. For instance, the color match? The majority of comals are gray or black.

However, most important, in terms of the design, take a look at the dimensions of the device. Based on your requirements and what you plan to make use of the tool it could be either a large or small size.

If you are a single person and cook meals for one person all the times, a smaller size is fine. If you have a family , or you simply need to cook more meals at the same time choose a larger pan. In the article above you can see that the 12″ mineral B carbon steel crepe/tortilla pan is ideal for large-sized meals.

Another element that determines the size of food items the equipment can hold is the flatness of the surface or not. Flat surfaces let you cook more food than convex ones.

Another thing you may want to take a look at could be the design of your pan. The most common shapes are square and round in my opinion it’s an individual choice. For instance, if your food to be with a square appearance, then opt for the square comal.

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The size of the edge

When you use a tortilla dish there is a chance that you’ll have to insert the spatula inside. Do not choose a pan with a high wall or edge, because this will make it difficult to slide the spatula in. A slim edge that’s bent inwards is the best.

In terms of the design A edge that is rolled is ideal since it helps reduce dripping. This is a huge benefit in the event that you’re pouring semi-liquids or liquids like sauces directly from the pan.

Non-stick surface

Have you ever had the pan that didn’t let food out without tearing it up or needing to remove it using a spatula? It’s quite irritating to cook on a pan that has an unforgiving surface.

However, a pan that can release your food easily allows cooking tortillas, as well as other dishes, easy and enjoyable. Therefore non-stickiness is among the essential features you’ll want on the grill.

It is important to realize that the lack of stickiness is not an inherent characteristic of all substances. Instead, it’s created through the coating of different chemicals, the most popular being the quantanium. While quantanium is safe at the normal cooking temperature range below 500 degF However, some non-stick coatings are harmful to your health. To ensure that you’re sure make sure you choose a product which is not contaminated with PTFE as well as PFOA.

Quality Handle

I’ve not ever seen a comal which didn’t come with a handle . However, the shape and material of the handle is important.

The goal that the handles serve is to offer an option to transport the device from one place to another the desired location. Furthermore, it serves as an area to grip for the grid.

A handle that is longer is more effective than one that is shorter in that it reduces the heat that is emitted out of the pan. The handle must be properly fixed to the pan to ensure that it does not shake.

In terms of the material stainless steel is an excellent option for its toughness. It also can lose heat very quickly and helps to keep it cool. It’s nice for a heat resistant bit of plastic or rubber to ensure that the handle is safe to use when the comal is placed on the stove.

Common Questions and answers

1. How do you define a tortilla?

A Comal is a flat, grid traditionally constructed from clay, but is now comprised of casting iron and aluminum, steel and various other materials. It is most commonly used to make tortillas in South as well as Central America and in Mexico for making tortillas.

2. What food can I prepare in the Comal?

The majority of the time, a comal is used to create tortillas. There’s an infinite variety of things you can prepare using the grid. You can saute, sear, bake, fry and grill and even braise a wide range of meals, from meat to wheat, to vegetables and spices.

Folks utilize them to make fish fillets and broiled meats arepas, pancakes, meatballs and burgers, omelets, burgers and many more dishes.

3. Can I cook my tortillas on the stove in glass?

The best thing about tortilla griddles is that they are able to be used with virtually every cooker. It can be used with an electric or gas cooker without any problems. Because of their durability they can be used to cook on the campfire.

4. Do I need to spice my coal pan?

If your tortilla pan isn’t already seasoned, for example, that of the Lodge pre-seasoned Cast Iron Griddle (first in the review previously) It is essential to season your food. The reason you should season is to ensure that the food won’t adhere to the pan’s surface. When you season your pan, you fill in the tiny pores that line the surface, making sure that food doesn’t adhere to the surface.

To add flavor to your skillet, begin by rubbing a spoonful of cooking oil onto the surface. While not wiping the oil off and putting the pan into the oven to bake for about 60 minutes at temperatures of 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then, take off the pan from the oven and clean off the oil that remains before cooling the pan down. After the pan has cooled you can place it back inside the oven and bake it for another an hour, at the exact temperature.


It’s fun to utilize the comal to cook your most loved meals, such as pancakes, eggs, tortillas as well as broiled meat, and much more. A poor quality unit can ruin the fun and result in disappointment. This is that you must pick your unit with care.

If you’re looking for the top food processor for tortillas or other food items, the models that we have reviewed are excellent selections. They’re top-rated with amazing durability, resistance to heat, non-stickiness, ergonomic handles, and many other attributes to provide you with a pleasant experience.

Before making a decision take into consideration your requirements. For example, a bigger model such as that 12-inch Mineral B Carbon Steel Crepe/Tortilla Pan could be a good option for those with many children, since it is a huge cooking surface.

When wrapping the tortilla Make sure you clean the tortilla griddle properly. In the event that you leave a dirtied oil layer on the surface will cause it to break down as well as lose the non-stick quality. Think about hand washing rather than dishwashers, and then use towels that are soft to protect from the coating that is nonstick.

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