10 Best Color Printer For Teachers (September 2022) Reviews

Teachers can access school printers to print large quantities. However, should they need to plan a lesson, it is best to have one in close proximity.

However, is printing expensive?

Well, it all depends on what you want to do. If you are a teacher looking for a low-cost printing solution, they’ll get it.

If you’re seeking the industry standard printing device for school and school use, you can also purchase this.

Since this review will be about the top color printers for teachers, We will recommend inexpensive, speedy, and easy-to-carry printers. For first-time buyers, we’ve got a step-by-step guide to help them understand what is to be expected.

Top 10 Best Color Printer For Teachers 2022

1. HP OfficeJet 3830 All-In-One Wireless Classroom Printer

HP is among the most well-known brands in the world of technology. They have bad products. Therefore, this printer was selected based on its general usability, cost, and its multi-functionality.

It’s more than just the printer. It can copy, scan as well as fax, and much more. However, where teachers will be impressed is that it’s portable.

Thus, you can put the device in the office and, when you require it, to take it out, just throw it in your bag and bring it to your home. Wireless connectivity is one of the major benefits of this.

For those who aren’t technologically adept, this device is easy to master. The set-up process takes less than 15 mins. It can be done using your smartphone too. Simply scan the images on your phone and then get them printed. It’s as simple as that.

Additionally, to ease the process is a virtually transparent touchscreen. It also has an advanced auto feeder, so it can print multiple documents without needing to place them in one piece at a time. Additionally, it has an option to cancel out noise printing in silence.

What makes this different is that you can join HP’s instant ink service, which gives you free ink, to begin with, for two consecutive months, after which you must pay a small monthly cost. Be aware that it limits the number of prints you can print each month.

But, you can use it even without this offer, and you can also make use of other cartridges.

Key Features:

  • Easy to carry and portable.
  • Simple access and touchscreen screen.
  • Wireless technology can be used using smartphones.
  • Sign up for HP’s instant ink package to get two months of printing for free.

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2. Epson EcoTank ET-4760 Teachers Printing

The Epson no-cartridge offer is one that you’ll be happy to have in your office. Epson has been a constant proponent of developing new and creative methods to assist its customers. Their printer designed for use in offices is one that teachers will appreciate.

But, it’s not designed for single use. If you’re a group of people seeking something stable and you can all get involved, this is the perfect choice for you.

This printer is a top choice because it’s the most effective in what it does; printing. This printer is perfect for the job if you’re looking to print many images, whether colored or not.

Of course, it won’t offer the same vibrancy as a commercially printed image; however, if you’re trying to be nitpicky, the colors and vibrance will be awe-inspiring.

Additionally, as we’ve mentioned previously, this doesn’t make use of tiny cartridges that don’t allow you to complete each one properly. Instead, you get the color bottle optimized for your printer use, and it doesn’t get worn out after just the first few prints.

One bottle could yield more prints than 80 cartridges. You’ll save a few trips to the stationery store and work without stress. Another thing we like about this is it’s extremely convenient to use. The tray for paper is able to accommodate 250 sheets.

In contrast to smaller printers, where you must adjust the paper every time you print, this can save time and effort. Additionally, the menus are easy to understand. It’s not necessary to strain your muscles. The intuitive touchscreen will be as easy as day to understand.

If you’re worried about inks drying out during the break, do not worry, as they can last up to two years. We suggest using the printer at least once per week and the suggested Epson ink.

Key Features:

  • Prints of excellent quality and color.
  • It doesn’t use Cartridges; instead, it uses ink bottles.
  • Inks aren’t able to dry quickly.
  • Each set is able to print many pages.

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3. Brother School Printer HL-L3210CW

Brother has always been loved for its budget-friendly and reliable equipment. In terms of teaching, they’ve got the top color printer for teachers searching for low-cost devices.

If you are looking for pages with vibrant infographics, graphs, and pictures, this program can help you as you will get results that aren’t just vibrant and vivid but also be explored in a wide variety of colors. This can make your work easier for both of you. Your students will be able to concentrate more effectively.

Another benefit is that it doesn’t require connecting it to a laptop or computer to print. If you’ve been looking at documents on your mobile, you can simply connect them to the printer and have them printed. This is a time-saving and simple method of printing.

It’s not just an ordinary printer. This is why the manual feeder can accommodate various sizes of paper. Therefore, if you’d like bigger or smaller prints, you don’t need to limit your print to the boundaries of an A4 sheet. It is possible to print envelopes, cards, and other sizes.

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Since this is a laser printer, it uses toner for printing. With its high-performance toner, you will be able to get vibrant prints. To make it even more efficient and save time, you can use the toner save mode to reduce the cost of toner printing your prints.

Tailoring your printing to meet your requirements is an original and effective technique.

Key Features:

  • Laser printers come with high-yielding ink.
  • Print on different sizes and types of paper.
  • Wireless connection to various devices.
  • Toner is compatible with save mode.

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4. Canon TS8320 Wireless All-In-One Color Printer for Homeschool

Canon is among the most technologically advanced brands for imaging. Since their first day, they have revolutionized how we look at printed and digital images. You can’t get to receive anything less than a fair price. It’s a printer designed that you can use for everyday usage.

One of the things we like about this printer was its elegant appearance. It is sleek and stylish and candid in three colors. The red color is a distinctive feature isn’t something we’re familiar with, however we believe that a lot of people will appreciate the look.

For those who are new to the technology There’s not anything to learn. The only thing you’ll need is the device it self, some paper and a smartphone or laptop. Its LCD touchscreen is bigger and clearer than the majority of gadgets. In addition it includes the ability to scan QR codes that can be easily set up on any device.

If you’re working on your phone, make use using the Canon print application that allows you to alter, crop, or scan your pages prior to printing them. There’s also a memory card slot that you are able to print without connecting the device. It’s not much easier than this.

In terms of it’s feeding mechanism, it has an additional tray for paper. It is possible to use plain paper as well as photos with the two different tray. It’s not necessary switch out one tray to make use of the other.

Key Features:

  • It has an app available for Android and iOS to print and edit.
  • Three different styles are available.
  • The LCD touch panel is large and easy to read.
  • Compatible with smartphones, and includes an SD card slot.

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5. HP Color LaserJet Pro Multifunction M479fdw

HP printers are top of the line when looking for efficacy. In contrast to the previous model that was used, this one is intended to be used more frequently. As teacher, you could create this to be used regularly by your class.

This printer is able to handle the task. With a printing capacity of 4000 pages per month, this printer won’t be overloaded in a matter of minutes. It’s also a way to ensure that you’ll have the ability to be active and be productive. It’s got a speedy printing speed too. Since it prints as many as 28 normal pages at a time, you will not have to waste time.

However, this is much more than just a printing device. It is ideal to scan and copy as well. Dual-sided scanning ensures that it is not necessary to manually check in each side while scan documents. Many commercial-use scanners don’t have this feature, but this multi-function device comes with it.

Another feature that is interesting about the LaserJet Pro is that it doesn’t require you to type the settings each time you print. You can save the settings and then access them later on with an LCD touchscreen. But, it’s not complicated in any way. The steps are easy to follow for everyone to be able to understand.

Furthermore, one area HP has made improvements in security is. It alerts you immediately in the event that an unidentified user attempts to take over the printer. It is also safe to printing your files without worrying about data theft. If printing concerns are required, you’ll be able print your documents using this.

Key Features:

  • Print up to 4000 pages per month.
  • Super fast double-sided scanning and printing.
  • Better security measures.
  • Set up saved settings to print in the future.

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6. Epson Expression Premium Printer

We’ve been looking into personal printers that print an adequate number of pages. We also looked at office printers that are designed for use in heavy usage. However, this printer is that is in the middle. If you are looking for a powerful printer that can meet every printing need then this printer is for you.

This device is powerful enough to print as many as 14000 sheets both in black, and 9000 color using the ink supplied on purchase. On average, that’s enough to last around 2 years. The best part is that you don’t need to refill cartridges. Instead you can purchase ink bottles that are more efficient.

However, if you don’t want to shell out for an original cartridge of ink can purchase Canon’s replacement that lowers the cost significantly.

A lot of people purchase printers only to find out that ink costs significantly more and prints less than they expected. However, if you buy inexpensive ink, then you won’t have to worry about the hassle of having to pay for it.

Furthermore, you can pick the printing quality. To get the highest quality and contrast in color it is recommended to use the five colored ink is suggested.

For the printer itself, it’s able to take on different types and sizes and sizes, meaning you’re not limited to only letter-sized paper. Like modern printers, you are able to make use of this without having the use of a desktop. Its USB and memory card slots are able to be used to operate wirelessly.

Key Features:

  • Prints 14000 black pages with the ink provided.
  • Doesn’t use a cartridge system.
  • Supports USB and memory cards.
  • Can deliver high color contrasts.

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7. HP ENVY 5055 Wireless All-In-One Photo Printer

The HP printer is among the cheapest printers available among the brands. It is true that an HP printer isn’t just good enough, but when one is it also affordable? If you can get it at a fair cost, then it is much more valuable. But have they sacrificed their quality?

It hasn’t. It still meets the standards which HP and other brands with a name are setting for their own brands.

As the name implies, it’s an all-in-one printer. It is. Because you can print without borders on pages and you won’t receive prints with the word “half” cut off from the sides. In addition, it also allows you to duplicate pages. If you’re looking to enhance your teaching it is the instrument to use.

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Installing the printer takes little effort. It’s easy by following the instructions and connecting the printer to Wi-Fi.

In addition, once you have downloaded the HP application, you are able to start printing immediately. However, you’ll need to register with HP to be able to use this printer. If you don’t, it won’t function.

If that isn’t a problem for you, the process is very easy. If the printer is aware that it’s not getting enough ink, it will immediately inform HP and HP will send ink to the location you have chosen.

However, you must pay monthly. This is a good option when you print frequently and have the number of pages they must print every month. If your print is not scheduled, then this may not be the most suitable option for you.

Key Features:

  • Provides a low-cost and profitable monthly subscription.
  • Simple to set up and run smoothly.
  • Print, copy, scan and print.
  • Wireless printing; compatible with smartphones.

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8. Brother Color Laser Business Printer

If you’re looking for professional printers, you require equipment that is able to handle the rigors of printing. Does that mean that you must spend more than $500 to purchase it? No, not if you purchase this particular model.

For top-quality office work Your brother has the right solution for you. It doesn’t require users to sign up for any service or pay monthly fees, but it’s still affordable.

It can print as much as 33 ppm in the fastest speed. The quality of the color on the printer is excellent as well. In addition to that they also offer automatic printing on both sides. This means that you don’t need to flip the page in order to print on the opposite side.

The display of this device is very modern. It comes with a color touchscreen that allows the controls to be more flexible. However, where it really gives other brands an edge is in the cartridge.

As you’ve probably guessed that cartridges are the primary reason that printing expenses are so high, and is also the reason that teachers do not use individual printers.

However, with the innovative technology of Brother it is possible to get toner cartridges that are able to run for around 6500 pages. This means less visits to the store and less ink waste.

In addition the tray for paper is time-saving since the tray can accommodate up to 250 sheets at once which is something that people who constantly on the go will appreciate.

Additionally, you can determine who will use this device, by assigning card. The system also comes with the NFC readers that will authenticate users.

Key Features:

  • Color touchscreen with intuitive interface.
  • Can print 33 papers per minutes.
  • Card reading support allows only those who have been designated to use it.
  • Get 6500 pages from the fill of each painting.

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9. HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw Wireless Laser Printer

It is among HP’s most innovative designs. It could be the most suitable printer for teachers. HP offers However, it’s not an ideal printer for those who are familiar with HP printers. Like we’ve said in previous HP models, these printers aren’t without challenging to use when it comes to signing into the system to the system and installing the drivers.

However, if you’re searching for a reliable printer that can withstand a lot of usage and is easy to operate, this might be the one.

The reason we give this printer such a high rating is because it’s built well. It’s a lot heavier than regular ones. It’s clear instantly that this was created with lots of thought and was designed to last for a long period of duration. But, it does not mean that we shouldn’t be able to move it around frequently. It’s heavy.

In any case it’s an wireless printer, which means you can access it from anywhere you’d like. A major issue with slow printers is that they require a long time to get warm before they are ready to print one page. However, this printer will begin providing pages in a matter of minutes.

Another unique feature they’ve included is the display that is over the printer. You can also tilt it from a flat angle to a vertical position. It’s obviously a touchscreen display, however, because it’s already inside its own room it would have been nice for it to be larger.

Connecting to the Wi-Fi via this method is easy and when you’re done setting up, the printing will be smooth.

Key Features:

  • Tilting touchscreen display.
  • It’s quick and easy to get started.
  • Colors of high-quality and smooth printing.
  • Utilizes a toner cartridge and supports various sizes of paper.

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10. Canon Color Image CLASS LBP622Cdw

This printer is ideal for small groups of instructors who require regular printing. Therefore, if your institution requires a printer with the ability to accommodate several users then this is the ideal printer for you.

The Canon color tech is superior to any other, which is why this printer is able to give you the most lively and energetic colors.

In addition it’s quickly and efficiently, so it doesn’t waste time. It’s not a device that will slow down and then wait for you to hit it to function. It’s a device which performs well. It is able to print as much as 22 pages in a minute and the warm-up time is about 10 seconds.

For this there is no need to buy different color cartridges. It is possible to purchase the all-in-one cartridge for high-quality prints. This will save you money and the effort of finding the best inks.

A further thing to consider is that you will have the assistance provided by Canon’s Canon team to guide you throughout the procedure. Their instructions are simple and precise. It shouldn’t be a problem to set up this, and it will begin giving regular prints in a matter of minutes.

Key Features:

  • Prints fast and effectively.
  • The body is ready to go in 10 seconds.
  • Button controls that display.
  • One cartridge of toner is required.

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What should you look for prior to purchasing a Color Printers for Teachers

Printers aren’t something you buy often If you do purchase one, you’ll would like it to last enough that you won’t be able to remember the date you bought your previous printer.

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With all the leading and well-known companies making printers in a diverse price point, making the right choice isn’t an easy one. In addition the operating costs as well.

Particularly for teachers who will need frequently use the printer purchasing the best printer is crucial.

Know Your Brand

This is the first suggestion we could provide. Since, at the end of the day when you’ve read about the technical aspects of it, the chances are that you will not understand the whole thing. What you will be able to comprehend is the image.

Brands such as Brother provide printers with more generalized features at a lower cost. In addition, Canon is known for its vivid color prints.

Epson offers multifunctional printing and higher-end printers. HP offers everything. Choose the one that is most compatible to the type of work you’re planning to do using it.

Each of these brands is able to provide the top color printer for teachers however, it should meet your needs.

Ink Type

Printers employ various types of pigments. In addition, they cost more than what you’d like to spend for it.

Although larger ink bottles may cost you more, over the course of a day but they will also reduce the number of trips to the stationery shop. Because they’re filled with huge inks they are able to print a number of pages from one bottle. Another benefit of these inks is that they don’t produce a lot of waste.

Since the entire bottle has one fill, the usage is metered and you’ll not lose much at the bottom. But, they do tend to dry out as well in the event that you don’t frequent use of. This can cause a loss that is larger when compared to cartridges.

The liquid cartridge is alternative to the popular ink. They offer greater control. You can make use of the basic black and white cartridges or opt for color cartridges. They can be refilled and are smaller. You can refill them after a certain amount of usages.

One issue with this method is that you need to purchase additional ink, and you’re not able to buy one large amount at once , because there’s possibility of that ink drying.

In addition, when you’re using colored cartridges when one color you want to print has run out and you’re not printing even though you have the other colors.


Laser printers employ the toner option instead of using liquid ink. Toner is a similar powder that melts and creates ink. This kind of ink is available at a cost but typically lasts long. Toners last 2 to 3 years. Because they don’t contain liquid, they won’t go through the process of drying out.

Speed of printing

The days are gone when you had to wait for the printer to remove the paper. Today, printers print more than 20 pages per minute. They’re faster and more efficient.

If you notice that the device is not performing as it should It’s possible that it’s the best device. Be sure to check the speed, because when they’re not fast you could be experiencing unneeded delays.

Warm-Up Time

In the beginning, printing typically will take longer. For some devices it can take a lot longer to start. The ideal warm-up period is between 10 and 20 seconds. The machine that takes longer to warm up is considered to be slow.

Auto Feeder System

There is no need to manually feed paper and verify that they’ve entered the printer. Advance printers can take in pages by themselves, without requiring you to play around with it. Trays that can hold 250 pages are considered to be standard today.

Paper Size

There are a variety of printers that support different sizes of paper and kinds. Therefore, if your printer only supports A4, it’s a good idea to think about a better model because you’re likely get one at a lower cost. Even if you don’t require an alternative size, it’s a good idea to purchase a printer that comes with advanced features available to you.

Other Features

The printers of today are wired and can be used with Wi-Fi as well as smartphones. Additionally small-sized printers may include copier and scanner functions within the printers. If you’re paying more than $200, then you must consider an printer with these features. Don’t settle for less.

When it comes to wireless connectivity, you can also utilize USB and memory card that support them. Print directly from your mobile.

Most Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Which is better, Toner or Ink?

Ink is less expensive and is easier refill. Toner lasts longer, but cost more. Quality-wise, both produce high-quality prints. But toner might smudge at times.

Which is Better? Laser Printer Or Inkjet Printer?

Laser printers are more efficient and precise. Inkjet is less expensive and suitable in personal usage. Laser printing will be more accuracy since it utilizes the technology of lasers. Additionally, it won’t require changing cartridges every so often.

Do Printers Take A Long time to begin?

Inkjet printers usually require a longer period of time to begin due to the fact that they must prepare ink to print. For instant print, laser printers do a better job.

Do Inks dry out?

Yes, inks that are liquid dry out if it is not utilized. It is recommended to utilize the printer at least once a week to make sure it’s running efficiently.

Is it possible that not using my printer for a long time affect It?

It is recommended to keep printing with the printer. If you do not, it could delay printing and you’ll waste pages and ink just to begin printing before you print your first correct page.

Wrapping up!

Color printers are fantastic for teachers looking to get to know their students more effectively. However, they don’t have to be expensive.

This is the reason we looked at various products to find the top color printers for teachers. We made sure to include something that fits every budget, and using different types of ink.

Keep the price of the cartridges in the back of your head. These are operating costs that you’ll be making frequently and you should be aware of this.

I hope that you enjoyed this article and agree with our recommendations.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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