10 Best Color Laser Printer For Mac OS (October 2022) Reviews

A reliable color laser compatible with a Mac OS printer should function right from the box. Most major printer manufacturers will provide excellent support and driver updates for Mac OS, attentive support bugs, and solid software.

But, certain brands are known for bringing nothing but frustration and disappointment.

How do you decide the most suitable print quality for color on Mac?

Over the years, I’ve observed several brands drop support for mac OS because they think the market isn’t as big or worth the effort.

But, if printing and editing pictures using the Mac books, iMac, or any other device running Mac OS, you will require an efficient printer that can work with no issues.

In this round-up, we’ve chosen ten of the best color laser printers that will seamlessly work with the Mac operating system.

Top 10 Best Color Laser Printer For Mac OS 2022

Here are the most compatible printers for Mac that work well using Mac OS. Print, scan, email, and fax using these multifunctional, Wi-Fi, and Air Print capable machines.

1. Brother Monochrome Laser Printer MCL2710DW

Brother is a reputable brand in the field of printing. Most students or business start-up organizations do not want to invest much money to purchase a printer.

If you’re one of those, then the MFCL2710DW may be the perfect solution. It is a Mac-friendly device with everything you want at an affordable price.

As it is an AIO printer, it’s very versatile, providing you with the possibility to fax, scan or print all kinds of text and images. I’m confident this is the top multifunctional color laser printer available for mac users. It comes with an enormous 250-sheet tray and includes an override slot should you require printing off-sized media.

With a duty cycle of approximately 15000 pages, the unit is able to handle high-volume usage without issue. This model offers a decent efficiency of about 36 sheets per minute in terms of printing speed. If you are printing images, you should anticipate around 11 seconds per image.

But the quality of images produced by the printer might not be sufficient for atypical photographers. The printer comes with an automatic document feeder for 50 pages. It is also compatible with features like Google Cloud Print and Air Print.

It also comes with connectivity basics like Ethernet Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB connectivity to your PC. The running costs are low due to its high ink use, and the small dimensions of the device are perfect for any workplace.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • 50-page automatic document feeder.
  • Respectable printing speed.
  • Efficient and low running cost.

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2. Lexmark C3224dw

Next up is another great option to print for your Mac from Lexmark. Lexmark’s C3224dw is a small and sophisticated printer that offers an array of connectivity options and guarantees absolute protection for documents. Even with all these incredible features, the cost of this printer is rather low.

The greatest feature of this model is the capability to print text as well as images with high quality. If you’re an Mac professional user you’ll be able connect it instantly without the need to install any drivers. If you print text you’ll be looking at speeds of approximately 24-pages per hour.

Due to its superior output resolution of 600 dpi, you’ll receive crystal clear images following printing. Additionally, it comes with the document tray which has 250 pages capacity as well as a single-sheet feed for quick feeding of documents.

If you print with using the Unison Printer from Lexmark you’ll be able to achieve approximately 1500 pages of printing without problem. Even if the toner has run out, you’ll be able to keep printing in black.

The device has essential connections, including USB as well as Wi-Fi and Ethernet but the integration of mobile connectivity lets users to use their smartphones to print documents. Additionally, it comes with the Full-Spectrum Security technology to ensure that your information is protected and secure.

Key Features:

  • Secure and safe printing.
  • Great image resolution and good color quality.
  • App support for all Apple devices.
  • The memory onboard is 256 MB.

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3. Xerox WorkCentre 6515/DNI Multifunction Color Laser Printer For MAC

The next item we will review is we’ll be looking at the 6515/DNI color printing device from the company that requires not be introduced, Xerox. The brand is widely considered to be one of the top options for businesses the color printer can produce top-quality printing output and comes with an impressive collection of options.

This printer can make the lives of Mac users much easier. There is no requirement to download the driver for this printer. Your MBP will identify this device. It is possible to use Air Print to connect iPads as well as iPhones through Air Print and keep your Mac connected with a either Wi-Fi or cable. It is without doubt that this is the top colour laser printer wireless that works with Mac.

Speed is at the top of this machine. It can print 28.8 pages in a minute in simplex printing. It can also be used for duplex printing equally well, with a speed of about 13 pages per min. It is able to print the entire business suit in approximately 11 per min, which is a remarkable feat.

Its output quality is higher than the average units available at the same cost. Due to its superior OCR software, the text is clear and well-equipped to function in a corporate setting. The quality of images, although it could be improved, is sufficient for any purpose other than a specialized photography studio.

It also has wireless connectivity, whether you need Wi-Fi direct or Wi Fi. Due to its outstanding design, it comes with a extremely low cost of running. The automatic document feeder of this machine supports two-sided and single-pass scanning, which is great for people who need this feature.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for printing text and scanning.
  • Automatic document feeder , with one pass and two-sided scanning.
  • Amazing speed of printing.
  • There is no necessity to set up any driver to run Mac.

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4. Canon Image CLASS LBP6230dw Wireless Laser Printer

If you’re in the market for a private monochrome printer to fit on your desk, you should look no further than Canon Image Class LBP6230dw. This compact but powerful printer provides a fantastic combination of speed as well as print quality and paper handling which makes it one of the most efficient small-sized office printers available.

It comes with the duplexer that allows two-sided printing. Furthermore the 250-page input tray will be able to manage the majority of your daily tasks. If this isn’t enough, a single-sheet hand-feed is offered. Therefore, you’ll not have any issues regarding paper handling.

With such a tiny printer The speed it can deliver is truly impressive. It is possible to print around sixteen pages per minute using duplex printing or for simplex mode you’ll get about the rate of 26 pages per min. The print quality is adequate for professional usage, but for the casual user, it might not be sufficient.

The only thing to be aware of about the machine is its comparatively high maintenance cost. The machine can go through ink quickly and is priced at 4.1 cents per sheet. If you’re with a tight low budget, then this machine regardless of its price may not be the one you’d like.

Although it’s not easy to recommend this printer for Apple products due to the absence in Air Print support, it is a great choice for operating on computers running Mac OS X 10.6 and higher. With the right driver, it’s likely to be compatible on your MBP. If you are unable to locate the correct drivers, you can get in touch with their support.

Key Features:

  • Convenient and compact design.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Rapid speed for printing.
  • Excellent choice for a your home office.

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5. HP M283fdw All-in-One Color Laser Printer for Mac

If you’re looking for the most powerful all-in-one color laser printer for Mac that is able to do just about anything you need in a professional workplace, then you should look no further than HP’s HP LaserJet Pro M283fdw. While it’s one of the most expensive units that we have reviewed however, the number of features it offers is well worth the cost.

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It is easy to make use of this printer using HP Smart App. HP Smart App which you can download from the App Store as well as Google Play. It is a highly-rated application that gives you total control over the printer and also customize how you wish to print. Printing can be done from iPad, iPhone, MacBook and many more.

For printing single-sided this device can print approximately 22 pages per hour. Although it may not be the most efficient printing speed but the quality of text due to of its top-quality OCR means that you’ll be capable of printing errors-free documents in no time. If you plan to print images and documents, expect that they take between 19 and 19 minutes.

Other features of this printer include automated 2-sided printing and a 50-page automated document feeder, as well as the possibility of hooking it up to HP Smart App. HP Smart App.

With this app for your smartphone you’ll be able to receive notifications to your mobile regarding the status of your printing and you can print or direct scan from the smartphone.

It also includes all of the top HP security features to help you manage sensitive documents and data with no trepidation. Dual-band Wi-Fi within the device ensures that you enjoy a seamless internet connection without any drops that could affect your productivity.

Key Features:

  • High-quality printing of text.
  • Excellent user interface.
  • Smartphone app connectivity.
  • Secure and safe.

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6. Brother The HL-L3290CDW Compact Digital Color Printer

The next printer we will review we’ll be heading back to the name Brother with their small digital color printer called the HL-L3290CDW. It is a mid-range color printer that has outstanding support for the Mac OS and works flawlessly to ensure that you get an enjoyable experience, regardless of whether it is used at home or in a business.

It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes in order to get it up as an internet-connected printer. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to easily print directly from any device, including your iPhone, iPad, and other computers that run Mac OS. The iPrint&Scan app is also compatible on this device.

With a time of just 25 pages per second, count on this machine to print huge volumes of documents within a short time.

Printing a business suit with this printer takes about 10.3 pages/minute, which is impressive considering the amount of printing required in this particular task.

Efficiency and speed are the two main issues, and you’ll be able to be able to see this clearly from the moment you gaze upon the device. The device includes a 250-sheet tray and a single-sheet tray that can be used as an override. The only issue is that you don’t have an automatic document feeders with this unit, which can be a disappointment for some.

Another excellent feature of the printer is its very low running cost. If you’re operating an organization, a printer that cost a lot to run isn’t the best option.

The low price of printing per page makes it an the ideal choice for every business setting. In addition, as a plus it can be used on any Alexa device to provide hands-free operation.

Key Features:

  • Durable and compact build quality.
  • Rapid printing speed.
  • Low operating cost.
  • Fantastic Mac OS support.

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7. Xerox Phaser 6510/DNI

The next printer to be reviewed is made by the brand Xerox This is a look at the middle-of-the-road market. Its Phaser 6510/DNI is a significant improvement over a basic home printer, and it comes with a numerous options, making it a great option for any office or office.

One one of the first things to take note of about the device is its superior paper handling. It features a 250-sheet paper tray, a duplexer that is standard as well as an automatic feed that has the capacity of one sheet. You can also include a second tray if you require larger printing loads.

The speed at which it prints is another area that merits applause. When it is used in the duplex setting, it produces the equivalent that is 5.5 pages/minute. The rate can be changed to simplex mode, which it increases to 6.5 pages per minute. While the text quality is not great, the images size and resolution are excellent.

In terms of connections, it could connect it to AirPrint from Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print and even the mobile application. It also has many safety features , including IPsec security, IP blocking, and so on. This will ensure that you are protected and your information is not compromised. If you’re having difficulty installing it, search for drivers on the web.

Key Features:

  • Simple and simple to use and compact.
  • Amazing speed of printing.
  • Excellent photo quality.
  • Secure data handling.

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8. Canon Color ImageCLASS MF743Cdw

If you’re looking for a printer that can handle an intensive paper handling system Canon imageClass MF743Cdw could be a good option. The color laser printer functions effectively with both Mac as well as Windows and is equipped with a solid list of features that make it worth the money. However, the price of the printer should be something you be aware of before purchasing it.

Installing this printer takes several hours however, once the correct driver is installed you are able to print on your MacBook devices wirelessly or wired. It can also support wireless printing on every Apple products.

It boasts an impressive printing speed of about 28 pages per min. If you print two-sided this speed may seem a bit sluggish with an average at 3.9 pages/minute. In a busy office it will work perfectly without getting in way of productivity.

For handling paper, you’ll receive 250 sheets of paper in the device. It can handle around 4000 sheets of paper each month, which means it is suitable for everyone. The device also has wireless connectivity and one-pass scanning, which can further boost the efficiency of your work.

To make it more accessible to all, the device has a 5-inch touchscreen, which allows you to use the various functions. The screen is fluid and allows for novices to use it effectively. You can also create various presets so that you can access multiple functions with just one tap.

Key Features:

  • One pass duplex scanning.
  • It is suitable for large-volume printing and scanning.
  • 250 sheets tray capacity.
  • Cost of running is low.

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9. Impresora Hp Color Laserjet Pro M454dw W1Y45A

You should be aware already, HP printers aren’t something you should underestimate. This LaserJet Pro M454dw printer is one of the best choices if you’re looking for an laser printer that you can use with your Mac. In spite of its impressive range of options, the cost for this printer is rather reasonable.

The first configuration is performed with the touch screen of the machine. Following that, you are able to manually configure it or let the installation wizard handle the remainder. Mac devices are able to instantly recognize the printer. After that, you will be able to download all the required software for this device.

While the printer has an estimated rate of 28, during testing, it produced an exceptional result of 29.9 pages/minute. is a duplex printer The unit can be capable of producing a speed that is 17.3 pages per minute, which will be sufficient for any working environment.

The printer can handle 300 sheets at a time. There is a 250-sheet paper tray as well as a 50-sheet manual override tray that is used for printing specialty papers such as envelopes or labels. It also lets you expand the size of the sheets by adding a second drawer with 550 sheets.

The most attractive feature of this device is its small and light design. If you’re looking to expand your desk, this is the ideal choice due to its compact design.

If you are looking for a small workplace or home office this device could offer the best worth in terms of the space available and the performance.

Key Features:

  • Compact, space-saving design.
  • Speedy printing speed.
  • A great selection of options for connectivity.
  • Ideal for large quantities of printing.

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10. Samsung ProXpress C3060FW

To conclude our list We will look at the best option for offices with small spaces. The Samsung ProXpress C3060FW has excellent printing quality and a high speed, which makes it ideal for use as a productive device. With the quality it offers its price is remarkably affordable.

If you’d like to connect it via wireless or wired it will work great both ways. There are many positive opinions about this device from Mac users.

Print wirelessly using an iPhone or print from your MacBook. Although it’s slow when compared to other models however, the results are satisfactory, but.

For printing with text only this printer can print at amazing speeds of about 30 pages in a minute. When printing a full business suite, expect an average speed of 15 pages per hour. This makes it among the most efficient options available in this price bracket.

With this device you will be able to complete your tasks efficiently and quickly without having to waste time.

Like we said, the factor that makes this printer unique is the quality of its output. When printing images or images it delivers superior performance. It is able to work in both color and monochrome printing. produces smooth gradients without any issues.

The cost for running the device is approximately 2.4 cents for a black page, and 13.5 cents to print color per page. Although the cost of running is higher for this model, but the quality of printing it provides is difficult to find elsewhere.

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If you are willing to put up with the cost of upkeep that is a bit higher this is among the best alternatives available.

Key Features:

  • Fantastic speed of printing.
  • Amazing print quality.
  • Cost of upkeep is high.
  • Great paper handling.

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Color Laser Printer for Mac The Buying Guide

In the realm of the color laser printer, you have many possibilities. From personal use at home, compact printer, or all-in-one multifunctional printers, there’s several options.

Printers, however in general can be irritating and may behave in an odd way.

While you’ll not face any issues with Windows PCs however, the situation is completely different when you need to connect a printer to your Mac. To keep the annoyances to an absolute minimum, we’ve selected a few printers that support both Mac as well as Windows.

Color laser printers are more effective in providing clear text and sharp graphics. They also aren’t likely to get blocked or hit unpredictably bumps along the way.

Additionally, if you have an printer that is compatible with the Mac operating systems, you’ll be capable of printing with ease.

Laser printers are straightforward to set up and utilize, and they do an excellent job of creating stunning prints in black and white as well as color. No matter if you utilize your printer on a regular basis or just weekly it will require a device that is able to be linked to your Mac PC.

A few of the top color laser printers available for Mac can even print wirelessly using devices like your computer, iPhone as well as iPad. This is something you might should consider if would like to work without your PC.

That being said there are some essential aspects you need to take into consideration when choosing the top color laser printer for your Mac.

Speed of printing

The first thing to put on your list of concerns is the speed of your printer. If you’re operating an enterprise, the total performance of your printer will depend on the speed at which it is delivered. In addition, home users must be aware of the speed of printing because it helps them avoid having to wait around for too long.

The speed of printing is measured by the number of pages per minute, or ppm in the case of short. You need a printer which can print a larger quantity (pages per minute) if need the fastest speed.

Be aware that printing using simplex mode, or on one side is generally quicker than duplex or two-sided printing.

Quality Printing

In terms of the quality of print, we refer to the quality of the images when printing images as well as the precision in the printing of text. Your printer should have an excellent OCR also known as optical image recognition technology to ensure that there aren’t any errors when printing text.

Additionally, you need to check the resolution and color quality of the printer in order to print images. The higher resolution, the better clarity of the image.

To determine the resolution, look up the word “dpi” specifications of the printer. If you’re an photographer, choose a printer that has at least 600 dpi.

Size of the Printer Media Size

Another aspect you should look over prior to purchasing the printer is the size of its media. If you’re an individual who requires printing pages of various sizes, or uses labelling or envelopes, it is important to look into the various options for media that come when you purchase the printer.

In essence, you don’t need a printer which can print only the standard size A4 paper. Some models permit you to use a variety of sizes for media and can be useful for specific tasks.

This makes the printer extremely versatile which makes it suitable to a vast array of jobs.

Automatic Two-Sided Printing

Two-sided automatic printing can be an ideal feature to have if would like to print both sides of a page with the printer. This option is often known as Duplex. But, not all people require this feature If you don’t want it to avoid it, then you should do it.

If you’re looking to print on both sides of the page and wish to eliminate the minimum amount of effort look into a printer that can be automated for two-sided printing.

This way, you’ll be capable of printing both sides at the pressing of a button, without having to play using software.

Connectivity Options and Compatibility with Mac

Today, printers are equipped with various connectivity options to make life more convenient. We’ve mentioned before the fact that some printers offer wireless connectivity and are connected to your smartphone to manage it. If this is something you’d like, think about the connectivity options offered with the printer.

Ethernet or USB connectivity are two important alternatives when you purchase printers. In addition you may want to think about purchasing a printer that can connect wirelessly.

Some models also come with smartphones with applications that allow you to use the printer without your laptop or computer. If you own multiple printers, you can connect your printer using the print server to join all of them part of one network.

Operation Cost

Beyond the initial expense of purchasing printers need an ongoing cost. It is necessary to purchase ink cartridges and toner once they run out. While monochrome printers come with the lowest operating costs however, with color printers the maintenance cost is usually higher.

If you’re in a tight spot and want to go with an expensive model, think about choosing a model that comes with a low operating cost.

A device that uses ink efficiently and allows for an extended time for printing will offer lower operating costs than one that consumes the ink.

Size of the Printer

Size of your printer may be another thing to take into consideration based on the situation. If you work in a small office choosing a bigger printer may not be the best choice. It is important to think about the space it would be taking up on your desk in case that’s the place you intend for it to be kept.

If you do have a specific corner to your printer, it may not be too big of an issue. For home offices We believe that a smaller printer is better.

Small printers can also be smaller, which helps you manage it by yourself. For offices that are large it is possible that a bigger printer will be more suitable.’

Easy To Use

A printer that is too complicated doesn’t automatically mean it’s an ideal one. To provide the best user experience, choose one that can use all functions with ease. A basic LCD display is ideal since you can effortlessly scroll through all choices.

If your printer doesn’t have a display, it ought to have controls that are easy to grasp and operate. There is no one who is an expert, so if you desire a simple experience, consider a printer that is user-friendly. A user’s manual that is clear and provides operating instructions also aids in this area.


If you are looking for printers, it is best to choose a well-known brand. While it is possible to test the waters using a lesser-known brand in other devices, when it comes to printers, it’s generally unwise. Since this type of equipment requires an extensive amount of technical expertise and expertise, it is best to trust a reputable brand.

Brands such as Canon or HP will always have your back when you encounter problems with your unit. They will even go so in helping to get it repaired.

A reputable brand recognizes the importance of maintaining good customer relationships and will go the extra mile to assist you when you’re experiencing issues with its products.


By design, laser printers are slightly more expensive than the inkjet printing. However, this doesn’t mean that you must choose extravagantly expensive printers in the event that you do not actually require these. Today, printers come with a variety of modern features that aren’t even necessary to utilize for your work.

If you’re looking to get the greatest return on your investment, purchase within a set price.

So, you’ll be able to eliminate many of the costly models and focus on the features you’d like to have. Overspending typically results in a bad shopping experience.

Laser Versus. Inkjet Printer: Which one is better for Mac Users?

The subject of this post, our main concern is laser printers. But, there’s another kind of printer widely used by Mac users: an inkjet printer.

To know if the laser printer is more effective or not than an Inkjet Printer you must know the strengths and weakness of each versions.

Laser Printer

Laser printers melt down the toner powder , and then utilizes it to make the printed image on the page. In general, laser printers are considered to be the most expensive choice. But, due to the lower operating costs of laser printers, they’re the best choice for you if you wish to keep costs affordable in the long-term.

Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printers, on other hand, spray drops of ink on paper to produce the print. In this way, they directly spray ink onto the paper, and can be costly in toner in the long term. But, the cost of a high-quality inkjet printer is generally less than laser printers.

The Verdict

Beyond the cost of printing in addition to the cost of operation, laser printers are acknowledged to be more efficient in printing every page. If you’re running your own business and want to print on a laser printer, it would be the best option due to the low cost of operation and quick printing speed.

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The quality of print is generally great for laser and inkjet printers, based on the model that you are purchasing.

Additionally, there is an issue with the inkjet printer . when you don’t frequent use of it the ink could dry out. If you keep your printer in storage for a period of time then you may need think about purchasing an additional ink cartridge. It’s not something you would want to happen to your printer.

In the end although laser printers can cost a lot, it could be the better option over the long term. The fact that it is low-cost to operate makes it an excellent choice as a printer for Mac regardless of whether you are using it for home or office.

Check out this guide to understanding the differences in this.

Mac Color Laser Printer Troubleshooting Guide

If you’re an Windows user, learning how to navigate Mac may be difficult initially. In fact, Mac users can be unable to figure out how to configure their printers their first attempt.

In this portion of this article, we’ll offer you some basics troubleshooting techniques when you’re having difficulty getting your laser printer in color working.

Basic Troubleshooting

Trouble printing may occur on Mac due to a variety of various reasons. If, for any reason, your printer isn’t responding, you must test the following methods first before proceeding to other options:

  • Verify that the cable for the printer is connected securely. Sometimes, even when the printer is on, it may not perform as expected when the cable connecting for your Mac remains loose. Also, ensure that the electrical outlet cable is properly connected to the printer.
  • If your printer is linked to the internet, you need to verify if the Mac as well as the printer is on the network shared by the other. In offices with large spaces there are often several printers sharing one network. You must ensure that you select the correct printer for the network.
  • If you share the printer with a different Mac make sure you make sure you are using the correct software version. You must have macOS 10.5 or greater to use this feature. Additionally, make sure your other Mac is sharing activated and is not sleeping mode.

Examine if the printer can be recognized on your Mac’s USB. It is necessary to access through the System Information menu and choose USB. If the name appears but you’re unable to utilize the printer, then you should review the operating manual for the printer.

If, however, the printer isn’t showing up, you may want to look for driver updates that may be available for the printer. These are the essential first actions you need to do before diving into the troubleshooting process.

If the problem persists, try the steps that we have listed below:

resume printing

If you’re having difficulty getting printing to resume, these steps could help. In the beginning, access the printer’s queue by clicking on the Printer Icon located on the Dock menu on the home screen.

  • If your printer is stopped then you will see an option to resume printing in the window for queue. Click it to resume printing.
  • If there is another task waiting to be completed it is necessary to wait until the print job is be completed. Then, you can erase the task using the X button to the right side of the screen to resume printing.
  • If you have several printing jobs that have been paused, then you can resume all of the tasks by using”Resume Job.

Verify that you are queued for the correct printer when there are several printers on this same network. Selecting the wrong printer will result in printing to a different printer. It is possible to determine the printer you’re using by looking at your queue windows.

To examine the queue for your printer To check the queue of printers, open System Preferences in the Apple menu and choose Printers and Scanners. There will be an array of printers and you can select the appropriate one to view the queue.

Use a Different Printing Application

If your printing application is not working, you can consider using a different program. We suggest using a simple applications such as TextEdit. Sometimes, a printer may cause strange problems with certain applications. If this is the issue that you are experiencing, then using an alternative software can fix the issue.

You may also refer to the product’s documentation to determine its compatibility with the application you’re using.

Switch Off Additions to Print Dialog

PDE, or Print Dialog Extensions let users to design customized prints and dialogs. However, this could cause printing issues on certain models. It is possible to switch off the option if have issues with the software that is associated with the printer you have selected.

To open PDE you must follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Apple Menu
  • Select Printers and Scanners from System Preferences
  • Select your printer.
  • Click on the Options & Supplies menu.
  • Look for the checkbox that says “Generic Printer Features.”
  • Click OK

It is recommended that you turn off PDE turned off and check whether that resolves the issue.

Make sure the printer is working

The majority of issues are not related to software, but sometimes hardware issues can cause problems too. Even if the printer you are using is brand new, it is important to examine a few aspects.

  • Your printer is operating properly and its normal status light is on.
  • There aren’t any paper jams.
  • Also, you should determine whether is enough ink or toner
  • All of the connecting cables are connected correctly.

Create a new Printer Queue, by adding the Printer Once More

Sometimes, adding the printer to the system can fix a few typical problems that are difficult to fix. As creating a brand new queue of printers is simple enough, try it.

  • Go to the Apple Menu along with System Preferences
  • Select Printers and Scanners
  • Select the appropriate printer and create a new Printer Queue.

If it’s working fine make sure to clear the queue that was previously used.

If you are unable to locate your printer under the Printers & Scanners menu, or the printer is not working or is connected to an unrelated network. In this situation, you must connect the printer to that same network with your Mac.

Also, ensure that the printer is off correctly prior to changing the network. If you don’t have access to admin rights on the network, you need to reach out to the person with admin access to resolve the issues with your network.

Install Your Updated Software

Incorrect software version of your printer can cause a glitchy performance. It is important to ensure that you have the correct driver version in order to enjoy smooth operation with your printer. If you have a different driver version for the same printer another network could result in problems.

First, verify which driver version you’re running.

  • Click on Printers & Scanners from the System Preferences option in your Apple Menu.
  • Click on the printer and click on Options & Supplies.
  • Select the General tab and you’ll be able to be able to see your driver’s version.

If you’re running the proper driver for the printer on your network, there should be no problems.

If you’re using a printer equipped with an AirPrint function, you may visit the website of the manufacturer to determine if there’s an update that is available to the software for the printer you are using.

Frequently Answered Questions

How often do I need to purchase Toner for my Color Laser Printer?

It is contingent on how often you will use it. A typical toner cartridge will print about 2000 pages. If you don’t print often it is possible to continue using the toner for a minimum of a year before having be replacing it. For regular users the toner must be replaced at least each six-month period.

Can I Print With Ipad, IPhone, Or Android To Print? IPad, IPhone, Or Android Printer To Print From my Color Laser Printer?

You cando this in the event that your printer supports it. Certain printers today include apps which allows you to connect your smartphone to use it as the printer for your text or design prints.

Can I Print Photos With My Color Laser Printer to Print Pictures?

Yes, definitely. However, unless the printer is specifically equipped to print photos you may not get the ideal result. This is where we conduct research for the ideal color laser printer that is ideal for printing photos.

Final Thoughts

The purchase of the right color laser printer to use on your Mac is certainly a significant aspect. With so many factors to think about, you need to ensure that you’re using the correct printer in order to avoid compatibility or connectivity problems.

Our guide to purchasing the top Color laser printers for Mac will help you determine the best models to take into review when you are looking to buy your next. If you’re looking for a quick suggestion, I would suggest that you take a look at the C3224dw from Lexmark Laser Printer.

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