10 Best Chocolate Melting Pot (September 2022) Reviews

I watched cartoons as a kid among the things that fascinated my most were the images of chocolate fountains that were pixelated. The art of dipping cakes, breads and cookies into chocolate melts will bring joy to everyone.

If you’re among those chocolate lovers that want to create yourself a chocolate fondue then you’ll require the top chocolate melting pan available.

Melting candy is nothing less than an art. to make art, you’ll require something skilled and elegant.

The old melting method can lead you nowhere, whereas the microwave melting as well as the double boiler technique can cause a mess.

In light of these issues considering these issues, candy melting pots were designed to help you make your chocolate fountain, or an array of chocolate sauces.

Being a chocoholic myself, I’ve gotten right to the core of the subject. And after hours of research I came having 10 melting pans for chocolate. I also wrote an exhaustive review guide about the subject.

How Do You Use the The Chocolate Melting pot?

There was a time that I would put an entire bowl of chocolate in the microwave, and then wait until it had melted. In all honesty the method was effective.

What prompted me to change to melting chocolate pots is the fact that microwave-melted chocolates can harden very quickly. This meant that I was forced to race against the clock and move back and forward to the microwave for my chocolate to remain melting.

To overcome this issue I purchased the chocolate melter pan and believe me when I say that “it transformed the way I live my day”. After I’ve used a chocolate melting pan for my baking, let me share with you how I use it.

First and foremost, it is essential to study the instruction manual thoroughly to know the functions of the machine. Since chocolate melting pots are available with different settings, it is important to understand the subtleties and nuances.

Since the majority of chocolate melting pans I have reviewed here utilize an electricity and use a similar method Let me talk to you about the most common method.

  • Place your chocolate melting pan on the counter or a solid surface, and connect it to the outlet for electricity.
  • After your pot has been connected to the power source You must then add all the chocolate that you require. It could be as much as two and half cups of chocolate or more.
  • After filling the pot, it is time to search for the indicator which indicate the various modes that can be activated with one press. For instance, you could be able to select three modes. A mode for shutting it off, another for warming the chocolate, and another for heating (the most extreme setting). To melt chocolate, you have to activate the “heating” button to start the melting process.
  • As the chocolate melts using a spatula or spoon to mix the chocolate, and then verify the consistency of the melted chocolate.
  • Once you’ve melted your chocolate to the amount you prefer then it’s time to change the heat setting and then “warming.” The chocolate will remain melting and warm. So, the chocolate will not harden in time and you’ll have your time to prepare your dessert of choice
  • After you’ve finished using the pot, look over the directions to determine whether it’s dishwasher-friendly or not. Based on the directions of the manufacturer the best way to eliminate any chocolate leftover and wash it prior to storing

Top 10 Best Chocolate Melting Pot 2022

Here are 10 fantastic candy melting dishes with a variety of performance, quality as well as convenience and long-term durability. Each is part of a company with a many satisfied customers.

I’ve made sure to mention the most important attributes as well as seatsbacks for each product so that you can compare and decide which one is the most appropriate for you.

1. Wilton Candy Melts Pot

To top my list is one of the top chocolate melters by Wilton. Wilton claims to be the most effective ingredient and an authoritative guide to your kitchen. It gives you a wide range of cooking and baking supplies that will help you make your kitchen shine and unleash your imagination.

The chocolate melting pan comes with a unique design. It weighs just 1.23 pounds, meaning you can transport it effortlessly from one place to the next.

Furthermore, the small profile lets you store it in the kitchen drawer or on the countertop in the kitchen when it is not using it. The whole melt process about 10x simpler that the dual boiler method of melting. Let me explain how.

It comes with two temperatures. One of them is to melt while the other one will keep the melted content warm.

The only thing you have to do is put the 2 1/2 cup of chocolate or candy melts in the pot, and then push the slider button all way until you reach”melt” setting “melt” settings. Within ten minutes, it will have the entire contents always melting.

When you’re done, press the slider backwards to”warm. “warm” setting. Keep it moist, gooey and melted to drip your pretzels, strawberry, or cake pops. For your safety that the handle isn’t able to accumulate heat, making it a safe and easy-to-use application.

If you wish to pour the chocolate that has melted into a different bowl or decorative pouch it is possible to remove from the 5.7inches dish from the maker and easily.

In addition the base of this professional chocolate melting pan is resistant to heat and the feet are constructed of rubber to provide better stability when it is placed at the counter.

Not to mention, the dishwasher is safe. You can remove the silicon insert for simple cleaning.

On the exterior on the device, apply a damp cloth to clean off any residue and maintain it in a clean.

If you’re looking to add vibrant colors to your dessert but you aren’t sure what to do I recommend using the melting pan. Put some fun candy melts in it melt it, then pour it into a bag to decorate and pour the sweets using different hues.

Key Features::

  • Spouting out spouts both sides
  • Two temperature settings to melt and keep the contents of the melting
  • Handle and base are heat-resistant.
  • The base has rubber feet to ensure stability of storage
  • The silicone inserts can be removed to facilitate cleaning
  • It takes less than 10 minutes

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2. Electric Chocolate Melting Pot Gift Set

If you’re in search of an electric fondue kit that can melt any kind of chocolate with no mix of moistening or water you’re in luck! Good Cooking offers the chocolate melting pot as a gift set that includes more than 30 items at no cost. The set includes 7 Chocolate molds, Fondue Forks and more.

You can hone the skills of baking or decorating by using the free recipes that they have to offer. This is the most effective chocolate melting pot for novices who are looking to get started.

All you need to do is add the chocolate portion of one cup to the melting pan without water, and then switch the knob that is red on the center of the unit to the maximum temperature. There are two options which are “I” and the other one that is “II”.

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Second setting: most temperature mode. This is where you melt chocolate and when it’s completely melted it’s possible to switch back into the second setting, or switch off to”0″ “0” option.

Because it’s an electronic melting pot for chocolate It is essential to connect it to an electrical outlet and then place the pot on top of a sturdy cabinet. It melts the chocolate in a perfect way, but it also keeps it warm to allow for effortless dunking, dipping, pouring and drizzle.

You can embellish your desserts by using the included accessories and showcase your culinary skills to your family, guests and your friends. If you are planning to throw a lavish evening event, consider a table that is decorated with silver, linens and costly wines, you could include a chocolate fountain to delight guests.

Key Features::

  • 30 accessories for free which include seven Fondue Forks spatulas, fruit skewers, truffle dipper, and much more.
  • 12 free recipes are included in the set
  • Two temperature settings
  • Quick and quick melting, without water
  • It melts all kinds of chocolate
  • Cleaning and storage are effortless.

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3. ROSANNA PANSINO Wilton Nerdy Nummies Melting Pot Candy Melting Pot

Every time you’re looking to binge watch a Netflix show, you’ll spend much of your time wondering what food to eat while you watch it.

To solve the issue I would suggest that you dip some strawberries in candy melts. Or if you’re a fan of sweet and salty make use of pretzels as an alternative to strawberries. It’s a delicious snack when you’re watching on one of your favorite television shows.

This can all be accomplished in within ten minutes using the candy melting bowl made by Wilton. It has a adorable profile and slim design.

Like the first Wilton product I reviewed, this one has two purposes for temperature control also. The first is to melt the chocolate, while the other function is to ensure that the chocolate steady and warm.

One of the things that make the difference is that you should be cautious when you are setting the melting temperature because sometimes, due to excess heat, the chocolate will burn. Make sure to give it the proper time.

No more, no less.

Include 2 1/2 cups candy melt and this container melts like butter. The silicone container makes it easy to dunking, drizzling and dip process. Cleaning it is an easy task.

Use hot water to wash your hands and then hand wash the bowl. When you’re done washing the bowl, you can use a clean cloth to soak up the water that has dripped and then store it in the cabinet drawer in your kitchen.

Key Features::

  • You can melt two 1/2 cup of melts from candy, or chocolates
  • Two temperatures for melting and keeping warm and maintaining the dipping consistency
  • Spouts for easy-pouring allow you to coat, drizzle and pour efficiently
  • It is possible to wash the hands
  • Extremly light, making it effortless to transport and store
  • It melts cheese as well.

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4. Cuisinart CFO-3SS electric Fondue Maker

One of the most difficult challenges you face during your chocolate melting experience is the need to separate the chocolate chunks that are sticky in the other pots. This is because the majority confectioners don’t consist of non-stick material.

To solve this issue Cuisinart has developed an Non-stick electronic fondue maker that’s easy to operate and has an attractive and sleek design.

If you’re hosting an event for Christmas and you want an evening of fondue You will require an adequate container that can hold enough chocolate for at least eight guests. This electronic chocolate melting jar has enough space to carry plenty of chocolate to accommodate eight guests, and even more. It’s made from stainless steel that has been brushed and paired with a non-stick liner.

The overall design is stylish and appealing because of the silver shimmer. When you take it out from the cabinet and place it on the table for use, your guests is aware of what’s about occur!

Assembling the base, the ring and all of the required accessories is easy and it is also easy to disassemble.

If you’re not aware that the heat is generated at the bottom of the pot. Moreover, it has an adjustable temperature probe, which has the option of eight settings. The temperature is simple to control and due to the turn dial setting, you can alter the temperature to suit your preferences.

The heat spreads evenly, to ensure that cheese, chocolate, and broth melts evenly. The entire appliance can be washed and is dishwasher safe, allowing simple cleaning. Make sure to keep the temperature probe as well as the cord in while you wash.

There are eight forks to make fondue as well as an unrestricted recipe book included when you purchase this set. If you are planning a regular fondue celebration this is the perfect option.

Key Features::

  • 1,000 watts of high-powered electric heat
  • The temperature can be changed via a simple turn of the dial
  • Perfect for cheese, chocolate and broth fondue party
  • Non-stick interiors don’t stick the contents of the bowl.
  • Bowl, rings stand, and the rest of the accessories are simple to put together
  • In 10 to 15 minutes the melting process is complete

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5. Sysmie Double Boiler Pot Set

If you’re on looking for a double boiler pot that is easy to fit into the majority of kitchen equipment got it! Don’t worry! The double boiler made by Sysmie lets you melt 2 1/2 cups of chocolate in just less than a minute.

It is a basic conventional design, however the use process is extremely simple. It comes with a heat-resistant 4.5inch handle that allows you to sit comfortably and put it in any pan, large pot or pan.

There’s a hook on front of the melting pot which is attached to the pot that you’re using to steam. It not only melts chocolates, but also candy and caramels, cheese soap, butter wax, and various confectionery products.

If you’re looking to stay clear of direct heating and prefer to have complete control of the temperature This double boiler can be useful. The chocolate melting pan cooks delicate food items using its gentle heat and keeps the nutritional value of food items.

When you’re done with the process, you are able to cleanse the whole unit using pure and clean water.

Because it is made of tough material You don’t need to worry about corrosion or rust. It’ll last for a long time and never move! This is among the least expensive and under-rated pans for melting chocolate.

Key Features::

  • Includes 2 1/2 cups of chocolate
  • Made from strong stainless steel material resistant to rust.
  • The handle is heat-resistant, allowing you to make use of it with ease
  • It comes with a hook on the front to help keep the pot stable and double spouts that make it easy to pouring.
  • It can be used in all of the pots
  • Do not make use of direct heat to avoid burning or scorching the chocolate

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6. Nostalgia FPS200

The holiday season is nipping at your door, but you’re not quite sure what to do. It is my suggestion to host a pool party, and entertain your guests by serving delicious cheese and chocolate dips.

Nostalgia has a stainless steel electric fondue pan that allows you to have fun in the most fashionable and unique ways. The pot has space for six cups of chocolate and with a remarkable temperature control, you are able to keep the fondue at the optimal temperature by changing using the temperature control dial that is blue lit.

Simply grab six cups worth of candy melts, chocolates, or cheese or whatever you like to put them into the pot. In a matter of minutes, you’ll see all of the ingredients melting evenly.

The best part isthat the stainless-steel cookware is evenly heated and won’t cause your chocolate to burn.

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It has handles that are cool to touch so that you can mix the chocolate easily or remove away from the source of heat without risking burning your hands. In one instance, this fondue pot can hold chocolate for six persons.

With the forks that come with fondue that the guests can dip their favourite fruits, pretzels, vegetables bread, chicken wings and more into a myriad in fondue-based sauces. The six-color-coded forks let people to serve their own.

Furthermore there are notches within the rims to hold the forks in place.

This sturdy fondue pan made of stainless steel has an the most elegant and polished appearance that can enhance the appeal of your dining experience. It is washable easily since the pieces are easily removed as well as dishwasher-safe.

Key Features::

  • It can be used to make 3 pounds of the desired fondue
  • The handle is heat-resistant and can carry the pot with ease
  • Set includes fondue pan and six forks that are color-coded
  • It is easy to adjust the temperature control dial
  • Strong and durable stainless steel construction
  • Elegant look

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7. VonShef A Melting Pan for Chocolate

One of the main issues when melting chocolate in microwaves is that it does not evenly heat the chocolate and, often, you end up with burnt and scorched chocolate.

However, not when you own this vintage chocolate melting set by VonShef. The electric fondue maker has an antique look that instantly draws your eye. It’s specifically designed to make fondue.

This chocolate melter keeps your chocolates, candy and cheese melting in a consistent temperature that’s not too hot or cold. So, you don’t have to worry about burnt chocolate or anything else.

It includes 10 skewers, 1 spatula and 10 forks and a bowl which can accommodate 17oz of chocolate. In all honesty the fact that 17 ounces isn’t enough for a large gathering, but for two or three persons to dip their cake pops in a row This fondue bowl will suffice.

The operating procedure is quite easy. You’ll notice the white knob and two settings for heat in center of the machine.

Plug the device into the nearby electrical outlet and select your preferred heating setting to begin your melting procedure.

Because the handles are heat-resistant so there’s no risk of building up of heat and it’s easy to transfer them from one spot in one location to the other without the use of kitchen tongs.

At any social gathering or at a house event, this will be the main attraction. Bring a chocolate warmer pots for your at home today and wow your guests with chocolate fondue amusement.

Key Features::

  • holds 17 ounces of melted chocolate
  • A great option for dipping candies, fruits, cake pops, marshmallows, etc
  • Two different heat settings to melt the chocolate chunks, while preserving the consistency of dipping
  • There are a myriad of accessories
  • There is no heat transfer inside the handles to ensure safe transport and dips
  • Perfect for a steady batch of chocolate that melts each time

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8. PME Chocolate Melter

Sometimes you just want something quick and simple, with no hassle when it comes in melting chocolate. I’m convinced PME provides you with one of the easiest-to-use chocolate melting pots that’s extremely low-profile.

The electric melting pot comes with an US plug as well as two heat-setting base units as well as three melting pans made of aluminum. They have two spouts that allow for a simple serving of chocolate.

The cups can’t provide enough chocolate for an entire family. If you plan to make it into fondue pan the pot might not please you.

It has two aluminum pots, it is possible to move between pots quickly and without making a mess. In the end, you’ll get three cups melting chocolate to use for chocolate candy and cookies.

But, if you wish to utilize the other pots to melt wax or other components it is possible to do it. They are extremely flexible, and the device melts the contents in some minutes.

When you connect it to an electrical power source, you’ll see the power light flashing on the bottom of the device. It instantly informs you that it’s powered on and is ready for melting chocolate.

If you’ve bought it at a whim, and you’re not sure what you can do with it or how to use it, PME can help you with the same. It comes with a recipe guide and a handbook in which you will find “how to create” moldable cake pops and chocolates instructions and the best way to use the machine.

Key Features::

  • Three aluminum melting pots made of aluminum
  • Perfect for melting down candy and chocolates to make cake Ganache
  • Two temperature settings that are simple to manage
  • Durable stainless steel exterior that won’t wear out over time.
  • Compact and light weight makes it easy to transport and store items.
  • Includes a cookbook of recipes

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9. ALDKitchen Candy Melt

If you’re looking for an industrial chocolate melting machine there is nothing better than this machine for melting chocolate by ALDKitchen. It can be used for your home or restaurant kitchen, this design is perfect for any room.

This chocolate melting container it is possible to melt up to 4kgs of chocolate, or any other confection you want.

In contrast to other electric cookware which heat the chocolate and then make it moisten the one you have here has an energy-efficient water heating system powered on electricity.

When the temperature of water increases the chocolates within the pot begin to melt. The chocolate is put through two processes of melting process to ensure consistent temperature distribution, so it melts the chocolate evenly.

The outlet and inlet valves ensure a steady flow of water, which affects the entire melting process. Because of the uniform heating and the water level markings , the melting of chocolate is likely.

So, you can be relax knowing that you’re melting chocolate using this machine. In addition you can alter your temperature with the knob located at the top of the machine.

It is a great way to get an abundance of melting chocolate, you should definitely take into consideration using it for hosting a big gathering.

It doesn’t matter if you’re serving your desserts fast or making a variety of candy dips the commercial melting pot is there for you.

It is possible to have your cookies fresh baked, ready to go when the chocolate melting pot can hold up to 4kg of chocolate that is ready to garnish. This is the ideal melting chocolate pot if you’re considering commercial usage.

Key Features::

  • Long-lasting stainless steel construction that is durable
  • The sophisticated design will complement any decor
  • It can accommodate up to 4kgs of chocolate, or candy melts
  • An ideal dual chocolate melting pot for serving desserts quickly
  • The M-type tube provides continuous heating
  • It is easy to adjust the heat regulator.

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10. Patelai 4 Pieces of Silicone Pot

Finally, you will find the four pieces of chocolate melting mold made of silicone purchased from Patelai store. It not only melts your chocolate , but keeps it in storage for several weeks. To begin, you’ll have four chocolate melting pans that come in two different shades.

Because the pots are constructed out of gel silica, you will be able to easily eliminate the excess chocolate that remains after you use it.

It is easy to clean up to take care of your regular chores of cleaning. You can melt chocolate caramel, butter, cheese and various other confections with just a single step.

All you have to do is put chocolate or any other item you’d like to melt into the pot, then close the lid and then put it into the microwave.

Then it’ll start melting the contents within without causing any mess. There are some items you need to be aware of. For instance, when shutting the lid be sure you release it to ensure that it doesn’t explode due to pressure inside.

Start with a low temperatures at first and wait for just a few seconds to increase the temperature. This is because too much heat could cause the lid to pop upwards and create a massive mess. You can keep the lid closed or slightly loose when you put it in the microwave.

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The style of the pot, it is designed with a comfortable to hold concave shape which is comfortable to hold. The other side the cover is an edging design that holds the heat within and minimizes the chance of leakage.

After you’ve finished melting, you are able to sprinkle it on your cakes or pancakes using the hole that you pour it through and not spill it. You can keep your melty butter or cheese as well as chocolate in these pots to use at a later time.

Key Features:

  • Four chocolate melting pans, each with two different colors.
  • Silica pots stop particles of dust and dirt from entering
  • Microwave melting process that is easy to use. process
  • Comfortable concave holding design
  • The cover is resistant to loss
  • Cover resists leakage and keeps the heat for a longer period of time
  • It’s not sticky, which makes it easy to wash

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Chocolate Melting Pot Buying Guide

Before you begin shopping for the perfect chocolate melting pan be sure to take into consideration a few essential details. To avoid making mistakes and guarantee an investment that is wise, bear these points in your head.


First, and foremost first, you must check whether the quality is good or bad for the melt chocolate dish. To do this you should conduct an initial background check on the company. Check if they offer warranties for replacement or not in the event that you are given a malfunctioning machine. Look over the review section to assess the performance of the product, etc.


The majority of chocolate candy melting pans are made from stainless steel because of their durability and heat resistance. nature. However, there are different materials to choose from. You can select one of them based on your needs and personal preferences.

Simply look at the unique benefits they provide and consider whether they are beneficial for your needs or not.

Another thing that can slip your mind is whether the machine has dishwasher safety or is it not. Most candy melter is dishwasher safe however being over careful is not harmful.


There is a variety of sizes to melting chocolate pots. Some are able to hold three cups of chocolate and some can accommodate over 2 kgs of chocolate.

Based on the needs of your family depending on your needs, you must ensure that you have the right size chocolate melting dish. For instance, if you’re looking for to have a chocolate melter for your family of three or four and you need a melting pan with a capacity of 2 cups chocolate will suffice.

However in the event that you want to melt chocolate for commercial purposes it is necessary to have an appropriate container to melt the chocolate that can accommodate several kgs of chocolate. In the end in accordance with the amount of chocolate that is melted you will require the size of the container should be specified.

Steam or electricity?

You must determine the kind of heat source you’d like to use for melting chocolate. Do you prefer one with an electrical chocolate melting vessel or one that utilizes steam to melt the chocolate? A very well-known and efficient options is electricity, as it does not just melt the chocolate, but will keep it warm as well as constant to dip.

It is important to remember that the electric melting pot has a variety of temperatures control options that can be adjusted. It is possible to control the temperature to suit your preferences and melt various foods, but not chocolate.

The best practice is to select the temperature that has the greatest control. The more variable the temperature is, the more food could melt.

If you’d rather steam for its slow heating you must be aware that melting chocolate will harden very quickly.

In this scenario it is imperative to be fast in making the dessert that you’re hoping to enjoy. There are other options, such as tealights and solid fuel. For outdoor usage, solid fuel may be considered, and for tiny fondue sets, tealights are employed.


In the end, it’s crucial to choose the chocolate melter with appealing design. It should match the interior of your kitchen or dining room where you’ll be placing it.

Frequently Answered Questions

Why is my chocolate forming a hardened state rapidly?

When you’ve melted the chocolate, you’ll need to make the dish as quickly while the chocolate sets or sets fast. When it’s set it’s difficult to bring it back to the melting consistency. It can happen due to the overheating of the material or if you’ve burned it.

Sometimes , when chocolate comes in contact with just a amount of moisture, it expands or becomes swollen. It is therefore recommended to ensure that the chocolate is completely dry.

Do I have to melt the chocolate that has hardened?

It depends. If the chocolate that has been hardened cools to around 84degF-86degF and is able to be considered liquid, then you are able to warm it up until it reaches an almost liquid consistency. If, however, it is completely solidified it is time to think about refrigerating it.

It should be heated for 5 to 10 seconds, continue stirring, and then check the temperature to ensure a good outcome. If you’re making use of dark chocolate heat it to 88degF or the temperature of 91degF.

Do I have to make use of my chocolate melting pot in order to melt cheese?

Most of the time it is possible to make the cheese melt. In the least, the melting pots that I’ve discussed above are able to melt cheese with the same way and have a consistent consistency. It is possible to make cheese fondue , or melt cheese to make nachos.

However, some chocolate melting machines have the form of a temperature range that may not be suitable to soften cheese. This is why I recommend studying the instruction manual before you experiment with something like this.

What should I do to make my chocolate from clumping?

The reason that your chocolate gets clumped is because of the moisture introduced into it. Chocolate is made up of cocoa powder, butter, sugar and other components that disintegrate equally when it melts and forms a solid mass.

If a tiny amount of moisture comes into contact with the sugar, it forms the syrupto which cocoa particles are able to stick, forming grains of clusters. As you will observe that moisture is the principal reason that chocolate clumps. it’s crucial to shield your chocolate from it, to keep the same texture of melting and without clumps.

What should I do when my chocolate is too thick?

You can make use of the strainer or the sieve to eliminate the bulkiness. If this doesn’t work try some drops from vegetable oils or shortening to smooth the texture.

Wrapping Up

After having read the guide for buying will have a good idea of the factors that must be considered. Your task now is to determine your priorities, preferences and, perhaps most important your “needs.”

After you have everything things sorted out, you can pick the top chocolate melting device from the options above. I suggest you select one that melts other ingredients as well, aside from chocolate. Since you don’t have a clue what your guests want!

Finally, be sure to make sure you invest in something that will last. It’s better to put your money into something that will last instead of saving a few dollars to buy a home that isn’t working.

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