15 Best Cheap Bluetooth Speakers Under $10 (September 2022) Reviews

For the price of just $10, you can get several Bluetooth headphones that can be affordable and also the best. It’s up to you the color and design you like. We’ve listed all the speakers that might be great for a budget.

Instead of scouring the market by yourself, seek the help of our hard work that we’ve completed for you. When you finish the review, you’ll be able to find an Bluetooth speaker for under $10 , and even the cheapest at around $6.

Is it true that Bluetooth speakers that cost less than $10 really worth it?

If you’re on an budget of just 10 dollars you can purchase an Bluetooth speaker that offers an excellent listening experience. There are plenty of high-end speakers on the market but that doesn’t necessarily mean that low-cost speakers aren’t good.

It’s also dependent on the brands you prefer, many have outstanding speakers that are just $10, while some cost 20 to 30 dollars, but the speaker will have the worst performance.

The choice of the right one is important greatly, regardless of whether it’s an inexpensive or costly speaker. This list of speakers has excellent battery timing, and some of them are waterproof, which is safe for outdoor use, and they all have high sound quality.

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Top 10 Best Cheap Bluetooth Speakers Under $10 2022

Here’s a quick review on 15 Bluetooth speaker that’s inexpensive and top of the line for this price. Each has its unique design, features, and features. The choice is yours to decide which features you require and none of them is going to disappoint you.

Best Versatile: KEROLFFU Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Our first choice of a sub 10 dollars Bluetooth speakers is KEROLFFU. With more than 5 watts of power, the amplifier delivers extremely clear and loud sound. Increase the volume to a maximum volume and enjoy a clear, undistorted audio.

A highly sensitive driver that delivers the bass that you are sure to appreciate in this compact speaker.

Battery has 1500mA which gives you a 15-hour backup. You’ll be surprised it’s really great timing. It is possible to play music continuously for 15 hours with no charge. This means that you will be able to play for as long as you want during a day as you won’t be using longer than fifteen hours per day. And that’s not even in one charge.

It is robust and the appearance is very appealing. It’s waterproof, dustproof in addition to being dropproof. It is, in short, suitable for use in any environment.

Connect to your smartphone or other audio device with Bluetooth 4.0 and the range of connectivity is 33 feet, which is sufficient.

It is tiny and inexpensive, it is a multi-functional Bluetooth speaker that you can utilize it at a variety of places and get lots of value for less than 10 dollars.

Best Portable: ZeroLemon Bluetooth Speaker

ZeroLemon Also, it is among the top affordable Bluetooth speakers for less than $10 within the same price class with almost the same specs and power, however with a distinct style.

It provides high-quality sound, with clear bass and crisp mid-range. Its sound is loud and loud with 5 Watts of power.

ZeroLemon is also water-proof , but it’s IPX4 waterproof whereas the KEROLFFU is IPX5-waterproof. This means that KEROLFFU is insensitive to low pressure and ZeroLemon is impervious to splashes coming from any direction. Learn the full details on IPX4 or IPX5 scores.

Utilizing Bluetooth 4.2 it is possible to connect to any device, including your phone to manage audio in a 10-meter range.

The best aspect of this speaker is its integrated Mic which makes it hands-free that lets you take phone calls right away while there is a connection to your mobile phone.

From appearance to performance, it is well worth the price. It’s also the cheapest price, which is less than 10 dollars.

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JLab Audio Crasher Bluetooth Micro Speaker Perfect under 10 Dollars

The JLab Audio can produce more than the expected quality of sound. A subwoofer and driver are synchronized to provide clear and loud audio with a strong bass. It’s small, but sounds like stereo speakers.

With its simple and elegant design the portable speaker is simple to take with you wherever you travel. Use it in your the office, at home or even small gatherings like birthdays.

Similar to KEROLFU also has a battery of 1500mA that lasts over 10 hours. You don’t have to recharge it for the entire day.

Both wired and wireless connections are accessible. Connect your smartphone to another Bluetooth enabled device with Bluetooth 2.1 and connect it to an old device with a 3.5mm audio connector.

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If connected via Bluetooth Its range is 30 feet which is the identical to the other ranges but the maximum range of our list is 33 feet.

It’s also water-resistant and dust-proof, which means you can put it in the outside of the door with no worry about damaging the speaker.

Overall, it’s the top and most highly rated Bluetooth speaker for less than $10. Every penny will go to waste, and you can enjoy it for many years with less than 10 dollars.

If it is able to meet your needs for features, it might be one of the top and most affordable Bluetooth speakers that cost less than $10.

Cheapest & Most Effective Blackweb Rugged, waterproof and outdoor Bluetooth Audio Speaker

Added useful clip makes this subwoofer distinct from other models. However , the performance and build quality are also extremely high.

The charging speed is very fast and you are able to utilize it throughout the day. The sound is louder than you expected and crystal-clear sound.

Because it is small, it is able to be used outdoors and is specifically designed for it. Whatever you do, whether you’re near the water or even use it in the shower It is secure.

The speaker also has a speakerphone feature that lets you listen to calls. When you’re looking for an affordable best speaker at less than 10 dollars It will never be overlooked since it’s the most affordable speaker available.

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Best Design: Guppy WP-06BLK Water Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Old is the best! This is a speaker that was launched in May of 2015 and is loved by many even in the present. An excellent choice from seven shades.

With your preferred color and tunes You can play music and color indoors or outdoors. Bring this portable speaker for a trip to the beach, the pool or camping or even to the shower.

It’s a light speaker with the battery’s timing of 6 hours which is excellent, however if you need 15 hours, you should check the at the highest of the list.

By using Bluetooth wireless connection allows you to connect your phone to other devices that have Bluetooth compatible.

It includes an USB cable and a 17″‘ of carrying strap, allowing the user to attach it to shower heads and pool umbrellas, or any other place you’d like.

With its water resistance high it is able to withstand splashes however submerging it in water could harm it. A waterproof silicon housing, as well as a covered charging ports keep it protected from water’s contact.

Flexible and light weight QCY Mini Portable speaker that comes with Bluetooth

The most efficient, multiple-functional Bluetooth speaker QCY features a unique and fashionable design and a small size. It’s the best small Bluetooth speaker that costs less than $10.

Enjoy hours of high-quality audio with a great bass. Enjoy music or watch films without any distortion thanks to high-quality sound that is crystal clear.

With just one button you can adjust the volume, call answer or stop calls, and so on. Battery power is a plus over other speakers.

The battery is 950mA and is fully charged within 1.5 hours, and it then runs up to 10 hours. It’s pretty good for this small speaker.

There are wired and wireless connection options. With Bluetooth allows you to connect to all Bluetooth connected device. If not, you can use a USB cables to link to any device compatible with Bluetooth.

If you connect via Bluetooth It has a 33-foot range. For the price of just 10 dollars, you will get lots of features and a long-lasting working time.

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German IF Design Award Mini Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

An German IF Design speakers that has a microphone built-in and touch button to listen to calls, and noise-reducing technology for crisp audio.

The five colors of the spectrum light when you play music, giving you a an amazing look. You can adjust these colors to your personal preferences.

The portable speaker is compact that you can carry it and carried anywhere, but its small size doesn’t mean you can’t get high-quality audio. Music played at a high bass and high volume with this speaker is truly a pleasure.

The compact speaker can support Bluetooth connections, and AUX as well as TF card. The body of the metal is scratch-proof and the touch volume control provides an assurance that you have an excellent Bluetooth speaker, not the cheapest speaker that costs less than $10.

In this Bluetooth speaker, you’ll be provided with an AUX cable as well as the USB cable, as well as an instruction manual for the user. It has some unique features on this model contrasted to other models. However, certain features are not included and also water resistance.

If you intend to only use it for indoor activities , and don’t require water resistance This one is superior to the speakers above because it is more feature-rich and are suitable for indoor use.

Old-fashioned HotNCold Surround Sound Outdoor Wireless Boombox Speaker

HotNCold Vintage is also a stunning speaker that has a unique style and characteristics. It’s a bit big when compared to the other models.

Connect your phone to the speaker by using Bluetooth or AUX cable, based on the device you prefer and its the availability.

It also has remote control, which isn’t available on one of these speakers. You can adjust volume or other things while you are far away from the remote control.

If you’re not keen to connect your mobile , but enjoy music instead, connect an SD card , or USB and listen to music.

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To transmit voice you can use an earphone too. You can answer calls or listen to music without the microphone on the phone.

There’s a wonderful feature of the power bank, too. It is possible to plug in your mobile device using USB cable , and then it’ll begin charging. Also, if you are using it in outdoor activities it will function as an energy bank as well.

It is equipped with an Lithium-ion battery which can provide eight hour battery power. This is almost enough considering the options and a price of less than $10.

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Miniature and Cheap onN Mini Bluetooth Speaker

This portable speaker is distinctive in its design, but does not have the features of our other speakers with the similar price.

There’s a strip that you can hang it wherever you want, like with showerheads or pool umbrellas.

It also resists splashes of water. So you can use it outdoors without worry about damaging it. A full immersion in the water can cause damage to it.

The built-in speakerphone lets you make calls without the need to use a phone directly from the speaker.

It is possible to connect via Bluetooth however, other advanced options aren’t yet available like wired connections if you wish to connect it with an older device.

In terms of the sound quality, it’s excellent. The only issue that can be found in the speaker’s sound quality is that its the charging port loosens after a period of time, and it then is difficult or even impossible to charge the device.

Lovely and less expensive than All-K3 Bluetooth Smart Speaker

If you have a budget of less than than $10, you’ll be able to purchase a beautiful and elegant speaker. For this price there’s nothing available to match the K3 Smart Bluetooth speaker that is the most stunning but affordable Bluetooth speaker that costs less than 10 dollars.

There are two choices for choosing the color. Colors that enhance music during the night, and you are able to alter them to match your preference.

There is only a Bluetooth connectivity option you can connect your phone to any other Bluetooth connected device.

The sound quality is excellent for listening to music at workplace, at home or at a party. For a low cost you will get a some features but excellent performance.

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Tmvel Mini Water Resistant Best Cheap Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Tmvel has been designed as an IPX5 water-resistant speaker which can be used in situations with low water pressure. In other speakers with water resistance that are IPX4 certified, they can only withstand water splashes.

Connect via Bluetooth and has a range of 10m/33ft. Inbuilt microphone for attending and taking calls.

Enjoy music for six hours. Standby time can last for 120 hours. Sound is perfect and is suitable for use both outdoors and indoors.

The design is prettier than the majority of our speakers, and the sound is clear and crisp with plenty of bass. The most beautiful and finest mini Bluetooth speaker that costs less than $10.

GEAR4 Espresso Small and Affordable Cup Style Bluetooth Speaker Cup Fashion Bluetooth Music Speaker

There are three models, however they have similar speakers. The first one is Pink(PS006PKG) second is Turquois(PS006CYG) and the third model has Yellow(PS006YWG).

The speakers vary in color, but not in the features. All of them have a great design , as you can see from the pink color in the image. Similar to a teacup that has an handle provides a great appearance. The size is comparable to the size of a teacup.

Like other devices, you are able to connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device , including your phone and listen to music.

Despite the size being so tiny, the voice is clear and undistorted. It’s not overly loud, however for the size, it is loud enough to be enjoyed at a gathering or at home. The wireless range of this speaker is 10 meters.

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Sudroid Mushroom Mini Wireless Portable and Cheap Bluetooth Music Speakers

The Sudroid Mushroom speaker comes in five various colors, and they are all priced at less than $10. The speakers come with Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity. built-in mic, portable size design inspired by the Mushroom, and a surprisingly powerful bass.

The power output from these speakers are 3 Watts, which means you won’t hear an extremely loud sound, but they have a frequency response that is excellent from 100 Hz to 20 kHz. This will give high-quality and clear sound.

The built-in microphone makes it hand-freespeaker, so you can make calls directly from the speaker.

It takes between 2 and 3 hours to charge, and then it can work for all day. Some people reported less backup time.

It also has Bluetooth 4.1 and sound quality is also excellent, with a great bass, but not as loud.

Cheap Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with Mic

With the distinctive design and a portable hands-free speaker it is another top Bluetooth speaker to consider.

There are two colors to choose from, blue and pink and prices vary. The first one is pricier cost than blue, and its appearance is much better than blue. However, your choices could be different.

The speaker’s waterproof design allows it to withstand low pressure direct contact with water. You are free to use it in showers.

Great for music-related entertainment at home, work or on a trip. Also great for a conference. Answer phone calls directly with built-in microphone.

It’s very fast charging and battery life is good. It does however not sound very loud. The sound quality is still clear and the product is sturdy to stand up to drops to the flooring.

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Mogic Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker that is shockproof and IPX5 Weatherproof

The last and most affordable Bluetooth speaker for under $10. Mogic’s portable speaker is also equipped with great features such as IPx5 waterproof dust-proof, as well as a built-in microphone.

Connect to any Bluetooth-equipped device by using Bluetooth 4.1 for a a 10-meter distance.

IPX5 waterproof lets you use it for showers as well as on beaches, pools and everywhere else you leave your home. There is no fear of dust. It is easy to clean the body case.

Make calls or take advantage of conference calls thanks to a great built-in microphone. From a tiny speaker, the sound is clear and loud.

Final Verdict

The review is a short overview of 15 of the best wireless Bluetooth speakers that cost less than $10. They are all affordable and some are even under $5. With a variety of distinct styles as well as features, colors, and audio quality, there are plenty of options for you. But there isn’t a single speaker that are disappointing. With a price tag of less than $10, you’ll have a great time using one speaker.

What should you look for in speakers for less than $10?

If you are buying a Bluetooth speaker for less than $10, you’ll have to be aware of what the features you’re getting. Numerous brands advertise a wide range of features and high-quality in the same price range. However, some brands will are charging you for low-quality speakers.


Since they are all mobile wireless devices, Bluetooth can be found in every one of them. Some of them provide Bluetooth 4.2 compatibility, while others offer 2.1 compatibility. The more advanced it is the better.

Whatever the case, regardless of Bluetooth or not, there are a handful of speakers that offer the option of dual connections; Bluetooth and 3.5mm audio connector. An AUX cable connection is extremely useful if you want to connect the speaker to an older device that isn’t equipped with Bluetooth. If you don’t have an old device, then you could choose not to use this feature.

A few of these speakers offer a some speakers with a micro USB connection. The main benefit for this option is your phone is charged while playing and, if you’d like you want, it can be used as a power bank when in standby mode.

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built-in microphone

It’s a must-have feature for those who plan to stream music using your smartphone. If someone calls you and your phone is connected Bluetooth speaker, you’ll be able attend and listen only if the speaker has a built-in microphone. If not, you’ll need to turn off Bluetooth while listening to the the calls directly on the microphone on your phone.

This feature is included by a number of speakers and you need to search for it. If you do not intend to connect your smartphone to it in the near near future and play music via a different source, then you could choose not to use this feature.

Without a microphone, connecting an audio device to your smartphone could end the experience, and later have to put your portable speaker into the basket.


Speakers that can withstand low-pressure water are usually said as waterproof and IPX5 waterproof. Speakers which can withstand just splashes of water are referred to as water-resistant and have IPX4.

It is recommended to check this option if you wish to utilize it during showers, in the beach, in pools, or any other location where the exposure of water to feasible.

This feature is present in all of the above features, with the exception of 2 and 3.


Certain speakers in our selection are also drop-proof that means that if they fall on the ground they won’t be damaged. Different speakers are able to withstand the impact of a drop.

This feature is not present in all of the speakers. If it’s available, it is a good idea to first look for the most significant features, follow it up at the closing. It is not recommended to check this feature based on priority as you might not be able to purchase an excellent speaker this manner.

Time to Playback

It is a major factor in the speaker you purchase. A typical playback time of 5 – 7 hours will sufficient as you’ll mostly utilize it during this period throughout the day. However, the longer more, the better experience.

Certain speakers come with batteries of 1500mA, with good playback times between 10 and 15 hours. Anything longer than 10 hours is more than what you would expect.

It is recommended to make sure you are checking it according to your use throughout the day.

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Bass and Loudness

Even though they’re all small portable speakers, the majority of them sound louder than anticipated and some even have perfect bass and have great clarity. A few speakers have lower volume.

The loudness of the speaker can be will depend on the power. The majority of our speakers provide 5 watts, but others deliver 3 watts.

Bass is mostly generated by subwoofers, and is better than speakers. A speaker on the list features an synchronized subwoofer with the driver. This offers better bass than the other models. If you’re an avid bass player then you should choose this one.

If you read this complete review, you’ll be able choose the most affordable and reliable Bluetooth speaker for under $10.

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