10 Best Ceramic Non Stick Pans (October 2022) Reviews

Cookware made of ceramic is the ideal alternative to Teflon and after testing a variety of brands, we’ve put together this list of top ceramic non-stick fry pans.

With the increased awareness of the food we consume and what we nourish our body and soul with, the idea of safe cooking and baking pans is also gaining popularity. Traditional non-stick pans, which are made from a Teflon coating, PTFE, could emit toxic fumes at temperatures above 500 degrees F.

Thus, home cooks and chefs are turning towards more healthy and “greener” alternatives to “ceramics”. With their lighter weight, high endurance even heating, and a non-reactive surfaces, the new ceramic cookware and pans will not disappoint.

There are a lot of choices, we’ve studied and tested a variety of pans in order to pick the top 10 ceramic nonstick cookware options for your. Also , check out our suggestions for the top non stick pans with no Teflon as well as our top-performing non stick cookware that can be used at high temperatures..

Top 10 Best Ceramic Non Stick Pans 2022

NRXGuide.com has tested more than 50 ceramic coated non stick pans and came up with this list to aid you to make an informed decision prior to buying healthy cookware that is non-stick.

1. Gotham Steel – Best Oven Safe Pan

Gotham Steel renowned for its ti-cerama technology which bonds the most durable Titanium and ceramic coatings to create the non-stick property.

It’s advertised across the U.S. by Esmon Inc. and has built an audience and a consumer base to the company.

We previously looked at their hammered collection pan as the most effective non-stick 12-inch pan. The pan that we previously reviewed was part of their most expensive range. It is priced moderately with the same non-stick capability and measuring 12.5 inches.

It is a 12.5 inches wide skillet, it functions as a reliable tool for kitchen’s needs, cooking and searing large quantities of food for your family.

The angular slopes, when combined with the light mass (only 1.75 pounds) The pan is ideal for turning, flipping and transferring food using the help of a spatula.

We loved the stainless steel support handle on the other side of the pan , which helps to lift the pan with food. It’s something we didn’t find in the gothan pan. Gothan pan.

Because of the stainless steel handles as well as the tough coating, it is possible to use this pan inside a scorching oven at temperatures up to 500 degF.

Although it’s dishwasher-safe product, we suggest avoid washing it often in the dishwasher. Repeated washing can scratch off the non-stick coating more quickly than the normal.


  • Big enough to cook large meals
  • The oil does not slide over the edges
  • Oven safe to 500 degrees F
  • Sturdy and long-lasting


  • Dishwasher cleaning can damage the coating
  • Be aware that the handle can be hot.

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2. GreenLife Soft Grip the Best Pan to Make Eggs

The GreenLife pan blends high-quality, comfort and design. The non-stick frying pans with soft pastel colors feature a lighter-colored interior and are the kind of pan used in Instagram food posts of influencers.

The electric as well as propane stovetop-safe non-stick skillet is able to meet every need for cooking. If you are looking to cook fluffy eggs, searing steaks or sauteing your vegetables.

Made from GreenLife’s patent-pending “Thermolon” These beautiful pans are completely free that come from PTFE, PFOA and other harmful substances.

The pans come from their range of soft grips. They are named after their comfortable handles that are made using Bakelite. They are cool when you stir, flip or sauté your food.

However, the Bakelite handle can’t be used with a more hot oven, and it is rated at 350 degF.

The hole that is located at the bottom of the pot is designed to hang vertically on your wall to make it easy to access and to increase visibility (who isn’t looking to hide beautiful pans?).

The rims that are angled outwards on the pan allow for drip-free transfer of food items while serving. For its non-stick qualities eggs and crepes will slide from the glassy non-porous surface effortlessly.

One of the major advantages of these pans is their weight which makes flipping and moving the food an easy task.

The main obstacle in cleaning the non-stick cookware is the rivets that are in the interior. GreenLife pans simplify cleaning and maintenance with their non-riveting interior. You won’t need to worry about burned or stuck food residue.


  • Has a very cool design
  • Free of harmful materials
  • Handle is very grippy and keeps cool
  • Excellent non-stick properties


  • Pans that are not oven safe.

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3. Blue Diamond Cookware – Best 12 Inches Pan

Blue diamond pots are made of industrial diamond dust that is bonded to their ceramic coating, giving these non-stick pans a unique shine.

Their marketing hype and promises have surely caught the interest of consumers. Therefore, we have decided to study and check out the hype for their pans that are nonstick.

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The non-stick 12-inch pans feature flared edges. They are designed with the perfect size to prevent oil from splattering and offer enough surface to cook on.

The stainless steel handles are reinforced by rivets to increase the strength and balance that the handle. Because stainless steel does not have a protective sheath made of rubber or plastic, it’s able to endure high oven temperatures of up to 600degrees F.

The temperature mentioned is just for ovens. Direct heat on the stove should be maintained at a moderate temperature.

Yes, the steel base provides it with strength because it is warp-resistant. Regarding the non-stick characteristic that is present in the Blue diamonds, it is surprising that the non-stick property of the pan stands by the claim.

The delicate food items like eggs and fish fillets also let the surface go easily. But, having an oil-coated surface on the base of the food makes it easier to enjoy.

In contrast to their claims, Blue Diamond pans are not scratch-proof like similar ceramic pot. To increase their durability we recommend you wash the pans by hand.


  • Long-lasting and durable design
  • Very little or no splashing of oil
  • Pan is oven-safe for up to 600deg F.
  • Flat surface, doesn’t wobble when cooking


  • Surface is not scratch-resistant.
  • High temperatures can cause damage to its coating

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4. Home Hero – Best 8 Inches Pan

If there is a require a smaller or basic non-stick pan to cook eggs, the 8-inch Home Hero copper pan with ceramic coating is an best choice.

The interior of this pan is glaze with a copper coating as well as aluminum on its bottom. Aluminum’s excellent heat conductivity guarantees that the pan is heated quickly and equally.

The pan has the lid made of tempered glass and is ideal for families with small children. It features a stainless steel handle, which is fastened by rivets inside the. The handles offer a comfortable grip, but they can get hot. Make sure to ensure you keep a kitchen glove nearby when the pot is cooking for long periods of period of time.

The pan features a stainless steel plate bonded to the bottom, making it suitable for induction cooktops. In addition it is oven-proof , even at temperatures that are high.

The pans feature a thick-gauged bottom that measures 2.8 millimeters, but they are light and simple to use.

The non-stick coating isn’t able to break down earlier, and, if maintained, the inside surface also wards off scratches.

The process of cleaning requires only one drop of dishwashing soap, however we discovered that the residue in the area of interior rivets requires a thorough clean.

The cooking surface of the pan is not flat, and so liquid or oil collects along the edge of the skillet.


  • Heating quickly and evenly
  • Ideal for induction burners
  • Ultra non-stick surface
  • Easy to clean


  • Surface isn’t as smooth, so be prepared for to see some pooling
  • Handle isn’t easy to grip.

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5. MICHELANGELO – Best Large Non-Stick Pan

On at the beginning, Michelangelo pans resemble Gotham Steel cookware because both come with ceramic surfaces and are strengthened by Titanium. This makes their cookware extremely sturdy, weighing less than half its weight.

The 8-inch shape of the skillet features low walls on the sides, which make it ideal for pancakes or omelets. sautéing vegetables or roasting small slices of meat.

The low sides make moving and turning food using a spatula much easier. The edges are rolled, meaning there’s no oil drips or food debris to clean later.

The handles are made of stainless steel, which is slippery, particularly if your hands are oily or hot as well. The handles don’t have a helper handles here, like the ones we find on Gotham Steel pans.

The absence of rubber or sheath material lets the pan put it in the scorching oven at 450 degrees F.

The tri-ply pans have been soldered using a the stainless steel base to ensure that they can be used with induction burners as well.

The non-stick coating of the pan is so smooth that food particles escape its edges when you stir the food using spatula. The non-stick 11-inch pan is ideal to use in the kitchen as it comes with an aluminum lid that goes included with the pan, making it more affordable and appealing.


  • A durable and robust pan
  • Ovens and inductions are secure
  • Heating evenly distributed
  • Flat surfaces prevent the accumulation of oil


  • Not suitable for high temperatures.
  • The handle can be slippery.

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6. GreenPan Chatham – the best Pan for High Temperatures

GreenPan Duo Set is intended to be the non-stick pan that is suitable for daily use and catering to all requirements due to the various sizes, whether it’s breakfast just with eggs or an entire meal.

This set of skillets is composed of hard-anodized aluminum with diamonds that are reinforced, and their trademark “Thermolon” technology that makes it stronger and more durable.

The gray pans have walls that slope with the perfect size to allow food to be contained inside the pan.

The drip-free edges of the rolled edges make pouring prepared food into the dish practical.

The handle made of stainless steel is secured securely with rivets inside. The interior of the pan could create a build-up of gunk and food in the event that it is not properly maintained.

GreenLife pan has an advantage against GreenPan in this respect because of its rivet-free and smooth exterior.

The greatest benefit is that the duo-sets can stand up to 600degF temperature in the oven, without damaging or deforming the coating.

The pans do not have stainless steel welded at their bottom , and they aren’t induction-compatible, however they’re still sturdy constructed, sturdy and warp-resistant.

The non-stick, non-toxic pans’ performance is also outstanding. From braising and searing to making omelets to evenly browning crepes is easy when using GreenPans that are nonstick. GreenPans.


  • Lightweight and tough
  • Oven safe to 600°F
  • Made from PFOA and PFAS made of non-toxic materials
  • A great ceramic coating that is non-sticky
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  • Rivets are hard to wash
  • It is not a dishwasher safe dish

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7. TECHEF CeraTerra – Best Induction Compatible Pan

The Non-stick Pan from Korea is sprayed with ceramics, and it has aluminum in its center.

The 12-inch TEChef pan in gray can cook meals for your entire family. The non-stick heavy gauge pan features an elongated magnetic base that is located in the middle of the pan, which makes it a cookware that is ready for induction.

You can appreciate the glamor of stainless steel brushed, creating a smooth sheen as well as the convenience and ease of a non-stick TeChef pan.

The stainless steel handle that is brushed could get hot if it is left on the stovetop too long. The pans are strong and scratch-proof, and they don’t shrink, but they’re heavy.

The weight of the pan and its hot handle can interfere with flipping the food using your wrist movements.

The pan cooks evenly while roasting and browning the food with perfection. The glaze on the ceramic of the pan is susceptible to disintegration in the event of cooking at high heat, which can result in flaking and chipping.

This pan is oven-safe with temperatures up to 450 deg F This means you can finish your baking in the oven without having to change the pan.

Avoid using abrasive metals or sponges in the cleaning or cooking process to ensure the protection and durability for the coating that is nonstick.


  • It is suitable for cooktops with induction
  • The surface is wrapped in a wrap that is scratch-resistant and durable.
  • Rapid and uniform distribution of heat
  • Handle feels comfortable, and stays cool


  • Not recommended for extreme heat.
  • Heavy weight can make the flipping process difficult

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8. GreenPan Primarily Midnight the best non-stick Frying Pan

Another Greenspan in our collection we couldn’t resist because of its non-stick properties.

The Belgian-based brand is known because of its safe, non-Teflon-based pans, which are healthy and eco-friendly alternative. This pan is part of the Midnight line of healthy ceramics.

GreenPan Chatham pans are lighter gray in color. So if you’re scared of staining your kitchen or would prefer an extremely dark black nonstick pan GreenPan’s midnight is an alternative.

The pan is also hard-anodized and features industrial-grade diamond dust in its non-stick coating. The shine and sparkle that diamond dust gives the surface reminds us of the starry night skies.

Diamonds are the most efficient heat conductors and improve the pot’s strength.

The pan’s design is warp-resistant even in the event of an abrupt temperature drop and won’t scratch even if you accidently hit them on the floor.

In addition to the stainless steel handle and the ability to be used in the warmer oven (600degF) This pan can be put in a stack and frees up space in the kitchen.

Thanks to the “Thermolon” coating the food can be released quickly. They heat up fast and even. They are however not compatible with induction ovens.


  • Oil won’t slide over edges
  • Ovens and broilers are is safe
  • Non-stick coatings won’t chip or peel off.
  • It heats rapidly and uniformly


  • Not safer for induction-top
  • Do not cook with cooking spray

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9. DaTerra Cucina – The Best Pan on Gas Stoves

Donning the contemporary and modern look DaTerra Cucina’s nonstick pans are definitely worth the price and are the top cooking equipment for cooktops with gas.

The non-stick pans made in Italy have created 4-layers that are engineered to increase their durability. The natural-coated pans come with an sandblasted aluminum base to aid in the efficient and even dispersal of heat.

From searing, browning or braising to making flaky frittatas or steaks or even vegetables, DaTerra Cucina pans don’t fail in any way when it comes to cooking.

The pan is flared on the sides with an ample depth that makes pan-flips or using a spatula simple and enjoyable exercise.

The pan that measures 11 inches with this an impressive depth is extremely light yet sturdy and resistant to stretching and warping.

The handle made of stainless steel comes with a protective sheath of Silicone which is cool to the touch. Even when you have the Silicone sheath on the handles, pans may be put into a higher temperature oven that has a temperature threshold of up to 450 °.

The pan has an insulated glass lid that has an original C-shaped handle as well as an elastomer rim that surrounds the lid, making sure that the pan is well-sealed.

The lid of the cover is sealed tight the opening does not allow steam to build within the pan. In addition the glass lid can also be oven-proof.

The non-stickness of this expensive pan is unbeatable. Eggs and food slide out of the dish without the need to scrape or scratching.

On the other hand, the pan does not work with an induction stovetop.


  • Sturdy, light and lightweight
  • Handle remain cool during cooking
  • Glass lids are oven safe.
  • Non-stick coating won’t peel off.


  • Induction cooktops are not compatible.

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10. EPPMO Sapphire Blue – Best Non-Stick Pan with Lid

The final item on our list are EPMO non-stick fry pans. The pan heats quickly and evenly thanks to its triple-ply construction pan, which has aluminum sandwiched between the ceramic non-stick coating.

The 10-inch pan is coated with an interior coating of smooth cream and an exterior that is eye-catching Sapphire Blue finish.

The pan is strong but it has walls that are steep, when compared to GreenLife or Greenspan’s walls that are perfectly sloped.

The depth gives you the most cooking area, which means the pan is able for cooking a wide range of meals instead of making eggs for frying – the ideal pan for a couple, or a moderately sized family.

The handle made of stainless steel has an inward curve which makes gripping the handle comfortable and more comfortable.

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The handle is held securely by two rivets inside the inside, making sure that it will not lose its grip over throughout its life.

With its light-weight structure The pan is ideal to flip with a single flick of your wrist.

The non-stick’s performance is highly praised and all it takes is just a tiny coating of oil to disperse food items off its non-stick surfaces.

The surface of the pan is slightly elevated from the middle. eggs or oil or liquid move to the lower edge of the dish.

It has an lid that seals the pan, allowing it to cook faster. It is safe to bake with the ability to heat up to 500 degrees F.

Even though cleaning the pan does not require effort The light-colored interior demands regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent stains. Baking soda is a great way to remove tough stains from this pan.


  • Gorgeous and appealing design
  • Extremely durable construction made of triple-ply
  • It is faster to heat on the stoves and ovens.
  • Ideal for all stoves


  • Surface is slightly elevated from the middle
  • Recommended for medium to low temperature only

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Guide To Buying Ceramic Non-Stick Pan

Here are some important factors to think about before purchasing an organic non-stick cookware set made of ceramic. set:

Induction Compatibility

The pans have to be encapsulated, or welded, with an aluminum casing to make them compatible with induction stoves. Some manufacturers don’t have their pans suitable for induction stoves. Therefore, if you own an induction cooktop, make sure you check the pot’s compatibility thoroughly.

Handles & Oven-Safety

Handles are the main component of the pan that also affects the pan’s weight. The material of the handle determines if the pan is able to use in a hot warm baking oven. A stainless-steel handle can get hot but also increases the endurance of temperature in the oven. Silicone or Bakelite handles don’t become hot, but they limit their use in the oven.


Because the ceramic cookware made from 100% is more susceptible for wear and tear than traditional brands, you must be sure to verify their warranty and the clauses pertaining to warranties that are limited. In the event that a issues arise, you may return the product or get a refund. Their warranty also speaks of their non-stickiness and their durability.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top non-stick ceramic pans to be found in 2022?

  1. Gotham Steel – Oven Safe Pan
  2. GreenLife Soft Grip GreenLife Soft Grip Non Stick Pan without Teflon
  3. Blue Diamond – Best 12 inches of Frying Pan
  4. Home Hero – Best 8 Inches Frying Pan
  5. Michelangelo – Large Non-Stick Pan
  6. GreenPan Chatham – Best for High Heat
  7. TECHEF CeraTerra – Best Induction Compatible
  8. GreenPan Prime Midnight is the best for making Eggos
  9. DaTerra Cucina – Best Cookware for Gas Stoves
  10. EPPMO – The Best Non-Stick Cookware with Lid

Why should you select ceramic non-stick fry pans?

Ceramic non-stick cookware is the best option that is free of toxic gases even at high temperatures. The pan’s color-coated coating gives them a stunning and sophisticated appearance. Additionally they are light in weight, yet sturdy. The distribution of heat from ceramic coated pans is swift and uniform. Additionally but the ability to retain heat from the coated pans is amazing. Most importantly, Ceramic pans are less expensive than stainless steel, or any other pan.

Are ceramic non-sticks better than non-stick?

Ceramic non-stick pans aren’t composed of 100 percent Ceramic. Instead the pans are coated in a ceramic glaze and are anchored by a metal base. Pans made of 100% ceramic pots are made from clay, minerals and sand. Ceramic pans that are non-stick will degrade in time, but ceramic pans made from 100% ceramic will last for a long time. But real ceramic pans are a lot more expensive. The thermal retention of genuine ceramics is higher than that of the non-stick coated pans. However, when it comes to induction compatibility, the coated ceramic pans are equipped with an stainless steel base to enable induction compatibility, whereas real ceramic pans aren’t suitable for use on induction stoves.

Are ceramic fry pans that are non-stick are good?

Ceramic non-stick cookware are excellent for safety as well as appearance. Ceramic non-stick pans have PTFE or PFOA free and their vibrant colors brighten the dull kitchen, too. Their non-stickiness diminishes over time, however they are lighter and less expensive as compared to Teflon-based cookware.

Ceramic non-stick is superior to Teflon?

Teflon non-stick cookware has PTFE coatings, which emits harmful fumes when temperatures exceed 500degF. This limits their endurance to heat as well as cooking and searing on high temperatures. Concerning safety ceramic non-stick cooking pans are preferredsince they’re not connected to any health risks.

But in terms of non-stick performance the ceramic coating is prone to wear away faster than Teflon. The nonstick coatings made of ceramic also excel in regards to looks thanks to their fun colours.

Closing Up!

Ceramic cookware that is non-stick has advanced since its inception and has been improved with its non-stick coating, making it more durable. You can now enjoy the benefits of non-stick cooking without a health riskand, more importantly at a reasonable price. But, selecting ceramic cookware with non-stick coating can quickly become an exhausting and unsettling task when you have a myriad of choices. We have put together our list of the top ceramic nonstick pans in the light of thorough research and testing of numerous hours. Whatever model or brand you pick be sure to follow the guidelines for maintenance and use to ensure that you don’t need to replace your cookware earlier.

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