5 Best Cat Proof Bassinet (September 2022) Reviews

Our fur babies are loved and part of our family. In most homes, the cat can sleep in the bedroom.

You should consider some things when buying a bassinet to protect your baby. You want a secure and safe bassinet.

It is easy to find the cat-proof bassinet that you like. The bassinet must have a strong canopy to protect your cat from falling on it. You can use a portable cover for cats to cover an open bassinet to protect your cat.

Our Top 3 Picks

  1. Dream on Me Karley Bassinet
  2. Baby Slumber Portable Rocking Bassinet
  3. Delta Children EZ Fold Bedside Bassinet

Best Cat Proof Bassinet Reviews 2022

1. Dream on Me Karley Bassinet

Main Features

The Dream On Me Karley bassinet will satisfy your search for a spacious, stylish, and strong bassinet. It has over 2000 reviews and is a popular choice for parents.

The double canopy cover is strong enough to keep bugs and cats away. You can also store baby items in the bottom hammock. This can be used to double as a cat’s area. They can also have their area to relax.

This is the one if you’re looking for a lightweight, portable, and secure bassinet. The quick folding mechanism makes it easy to transport, and it is made with lightweight aluminum frames. The Dream on me bassinet is available in nine color options so that you can match your nursery.


  • Double canopy cover to keep cats safe
  • Very spacious
  • Quick folding mechanism


  • Additional features such as adjustable height or rocking are not available.

My Verdict The Dream on me basset is light and cat-proof with its double canopy. It is a basic bassinet with no extra features but is very spacious and stylish.

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2. Baby Slumber Portable Rocking Bassinet

Main Features

Baby delight is the right choice if you are a fan of super features and aesthetics. This bassinet is more modern than other models.

The bassinet has adjustable heights, a removable canopy, and netting so you can rock your baby.

The best part is that the double netting and canopy can be removed to clean it. It folds easily for storage or travel.


  • Double canopy removable for cleaning
  • High mesh sides allow for better air circulation
  • Height adjustment
  • Sleek modern design


  • It is a little expensive.

My Verdict – If you’re looking for a bassinet that can rock your baby to sleep, this is the one. It’s safe for cats and can be used outdoors or around the house.

3. Delta Children EZ Fold Bedside Bassinet

The Delta foldable bassinet is the perfect choice if you live in a small apartment or home. The bassinet folds flat, which makes it easy to store close at hand and to open up for the baby’s safety.

This bassinet is ideal for homes with curious cats. The double canopy will protect the baby from their curious eyes.

This bassinet is a great option if you plan to take your baby on holiday or camping. The bassinet is easy to assemble and can be folded flat. It also comes with a carrying case.


  • It is foldable
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Double canopy


  • A little more on the smaller side

My verdict: This bassinet folds up and is very easy to use. It is lightweight and doesn’t take up much room. It is small, but it works well in small spaces.

4. Dream on me Lotus Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper

Main Features

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The Dream On Me Lotus Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper will work best for C-Section mothers. They can care for the baby and feed them without moving. It will allow you to get the rest you need for quick recovery.

It’s large enough to fit a toddler comfortably. It has a mesh fabric on the sides, allowing air to flow freely. It can be adjusted in height by moving 5 positions away from the ground so it perfectly fits your bed position.

You can also store baby items in the removable storage beneath. It folds up easily and comes with a bag to carry around when you travel. It is ideal for both vacations and trips out of town.


  • It is a co-side sleeper and a bassinet.
  • Ideal for C-section moms
  • Double canopy to keep cats out
  • Storage underneath
  • Height adjustment


  • It is a bit pricey

My Verdict – If you have a C-section and need a safe, comfortable bassinet to keep your cat quiet, this lotus bedside sleeping device is the best choice.

5. Comfy Bumpy Travel Bassinet for Baby

Main Features

Unlike all other bassinets on this list, the Comfy Bumpy Bassinet is made from steel frames. It is extremely sturdy yet lightweight. It can also be collapsed and assembled without the need for tools.

You can adjust the height, but it does not allow for adjustment. You can use two modes: the rocking mode or the stable position. Your baby will be able to rock away while you sleep.

This bassinet is a great choice for keeping your baby safe and comfortable. The Comfy Bumpy Basinet offers excellent value for money. The soft mattress, soft sheet, hygienic bladder pad, and detachable mosquito net are included.


  • Steel frames are very strong
  • Two modes: rocking and stable
  • Includes a soft mattress, washable sheets, a urine pad, and a detachable net


  • It’s not as high

My verdict: This package is everything you need. A mattress, a cat-proof cover, a sheet, and a urine pad are all included.

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How to choose the Best Cat Proof Bassinet

Bassinet Cover

A bassinet with a sturdy canopy cover is a great option if you want to keep your cat safe from mosquitoes and other bugs. It will not collapse if your cat jumps on top of it. You should be able to remove it for cleaning. You can also get a cover for your bassinet.


A canopy can be added to a modern, sleek-looking bassinet. You might consider neutral colors such as charcoal, black, or grey to blend them in with any space.


The bassinet must be made of breathable, safe material suitable for babies. To allow air circulation, it should have meshed walls. Avoid nylon and polyester.


Bassinets are generally suitable for babies up to 6 months old, with a maximum weight limit of 25lbs. You should ensure it is spacious and has high walls to allow your baby to move around and provide good air circulation.


The bassinet can be used outdoors or on the road if you plan to travel with it. For easy storage and transport, the bassinet must be light and portable. For safe storage and carrying, consider a bag.


Our cats are also family members. Expecting moms should be concerned about how their baby is being looked after. You can find more tips on keeping your cat off of baby items, especially if you share a bedroom with them.

You must prepare your cat for your baby if you’re a cat parent. When shopping for a bassinet, this is something you should consider. A sturdy canopy is necessary to ensure your cats are comfortable in the bassinet.

The BabyDelight Go with Me Slumber is our top choice for a cat-proof bassinet. The portable double canopy can be detached and moved up to 6 different heights. This will keep your cat safe, but it will also allow for fresh air circulation.

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