8 Best Cake Turntables (October 2022) Reviews

If you are a fan of making cakes, you may be interested in moving cake stand. They are available in a variety of types. It is possible to use only a Lazy Susan that isn’t technically a turntable for decorating cakes but it’s something that a lot of people could have at home.

If you’re considering making the move to a professional, you’ll require the finest cake turntable. The standard PME models are sufficient for a cake maker who is just starting out. In the future you may need to upgrade and that is where we can help.

If you want to do cake decorating or intricate design work on cakes There are a few tilting turntables. You don’t have to worry about them; they’re absolutely secure.

A side note: If you’re considering starting a cake business that involves a lot of work that is meticulous, you might want to start by getting an expert cake turntable. It’s worthwhile in the end.

What are the benefits of Utilizing Cake Stands or Cake Turntable?

Turntables can cost a lot however, you don’t have to purchase the highest priced one if you’re just beginning to get started. Do not fall to the temptation of believing that you require a fancy-looking turntable.

You could make do with a basic plastic model. But, if you’re already using one there are plenty advantages to using the most professional grade, high-end cake stand that rotates.

  • This will make the entire cake decorating process much simpler and quicker.
  • The cake can be frosted much more quickly.
  • It lets you embellish the cake, without having to get up and down.
  • Turntables can complete the icing process for you.
  • They can also be used as an cake stand.

Top 8 Best Cake Turntables 2022

Create your cake decorating experience easy with a rotating cake stand. Here’s a brief list of turntables that can help you get to begin.

1. Kootek Beginner Cake Turntable Kit

We’ll start with a simple cake turntable by Kootek. It’s 11-inches in diameter, and includes two spatulas for icing and a smoother for icing and one decorating comb.

This kit is ideal for cake makers who are just starting to get started with decorating cakes. It is easy to rotate and features a very flat surface.

It is turned by the rollerball system, and it rotates clockwise or counterclockwise. This is a great platform for left-handed and right-handed decorators.

In terms of functionality, I believe this is the best cake turntable for those who are just beginning. It’s frequently utilized in many baking classes.

This cake turntable made of plastic won’t spin as smoothly as a cake turntable made of metal however that’s not necessarily something to be worried about. It could be advantageous when you’re a novice cake decorator, because often when you’re just beginning it isn’t a good idea to have your turntable to spin in a flurry.

You’d prefer to have more control and that is exactly what this turntable will provide. It’s a light decorating table with an anti-slip base to provide extra stability. In terms of accessories, the stainless steel spatulas work well to spread the crumb effortlessly and equally.

Key Features:

  • Steel ball bearings for smooth and smooth rotation.
  • Rotates in the direction of left.
  • A sturdy plastic base and platform.
  • It includes icing spatulas, icing smoother and decorating comb.

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2. Kootek aluminum Cake Turntable 12″ – Most quiet Cake Turntable

The cake turntable made of aluminum is sturdy, smooth and looks better than plastic cake stands. It is also quiet to turn. Its ball bearings work incredibly quiet and don’t produce any noise when turning. In terms of price, this can be the most quiet cake turntable available on the market. You should consider this instead of the cheap stand made of plastic.

In contrast to wobbly metal models, this is a stunning turntable that has solid bases. The stand also features an unskid rubberized base which makes it extremely solid and also user-friendly. The base of the stand is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. It also adds a bit of weight.

The extra weight stops that the cake stand is not moving, and ensures stability on counters. Additionally there are rubber feet as well as a non-slip material that helps keep the cake in its place and also the stand. For the additional accessories, you will find icing smoother as well as decorating and icing combs.

Remember that this is an entire cake decorating kit. This means you’ll get many accessories. In the beginning you’ll receive a cake server/cutter made of stainless-steel, 12.7-inch angled icing spatula and an icing spatula made from silicone. The decorating combs are top-quality and made of stainless-steel.

Key Features:

  • Smooth, clear and professional cake turntable.
  • Stainless-steel decorating combs.
  • Two spatulas to icing as well as cutter/server for cakes.
  • Non-slip silicone base and non-sliding top.

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3. Wilton Cake Decorating Supplies Set

The cake turntable from Wilton is a standout from the rest due to its vibrant accents and distinctive design. It’s constructed of strong plastic and has numerous characteristics which make it the top turning cake stand that fits the market on a budget. The Tilt-N’-Turn cake turntable is sure to help every cake decorating job run easily.

No matter if you’re an experienced cake decorating professional or beginner, you’ll appreciate the capabilities of this turntable very beneficial. It comes with the form of a complete set, giving you the necessary tools needed to create cake designs for special occasions. If you’re an expert cake decorator, it’s all the time wedding cake season.

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The cake stand measures about 12 inches across and features a non-slip pad at the top to allow the cake to be placed on. This stops the cake from falling off when decorating.

The speed of rotation isn’t too as fast on this turntable. But, it’s smooth and offers complete control when decorating.

You can lock the turntable in its place to stop it from turning. This feature lets it be used as a cake stand.

In terms of tilting There are 18 tilting options that allow you to precisely embellish your cakes to your specifications. Since it tilts at different angles, there’s no requirement to get up from the spot you’re standing.

Key Features:

  • 18 tilting angles that can be adjusted to create a simple and precise decoration.
  • The ability of locking turntable into its place.
  • A durable plastic construction that doesn’t shake or move.
  • Smooth rotation and easy to wash.

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4. RFAQK Rotating Cake Stand with Non-Slip Pad

If you’re a complete novice and don’t possess a single thing to bake cakes, it’s an excellent idea to begin with a complete cake decoration tools kit. It’s to ensure that you are able to master the art of the whole procedure. This set of 35 pieces is the perfect set to start. It also comes with a free book on baking cakes.

Let’s begin with the largest feature of this set, the turntable. This RFAQK turntable is constructed of premium high-quality BPA non-toxic, FDA accredited, food safe plastic.

On the bottom, it includes a non-slip rubber rings for greater stability. The anti-slip bottom is necessary to ensure your safety.

The plastic is not sticky and it is dishwasher-safe. In terms of the rotation, it is possible to turn it counterclockwise as well as clockwise.

They are concealed and are placed in a manner that makes it easy to have a seamless 360 degree rotation. It is also simple to clean since you can take off the top cake platform.

In addition to the 11-inch cake turntable plate you’ll also get seven tips for icing 2 spatulas of 11-inch size and a cake slicer and leveler, as well as twenty disposable bags, as well as an e-book that is free.

There’s quite a bit. Even if you’re a bit proficient in decorating cakes, you’ll be amazed by the quality of the equipment for this cost.

Key Features:

  • Complete Cake decorating kit.
  • Good cake slicer of good quality.
  • Smooth turntable that is anti-slip at the bottom.
  • The book is packed with important information for novices.

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5. Wilton Trim-N-Turn Cake Decorating Turntable

The next thing we’ll look at is an extremely basic turntable for decorating made by Wilton. If you’re making cakes, it’s simply impossible to climb up the counter to get to the other end.

That’s why you’ll require a table that rotates to enable you to sit in one spot and then move the desired portion of the cake.

Trim-N-Turn Ultra Trim-N-Turn Ultra spins in both directions and comes with an locking switch that stops its spinning. It comes in a gorgeous green and white combination that, once locked in place, it can be used it as an ideal cake stand. The material used in construction of this table is sturdy also BPA free.

It’s also food-safe plastic which means you don’t need to worry about dangers to your health. Tables are slightly elevated and comes with non-slip rubber pads beneath.

The base is also constructed with plastic, but has non-slip rubber pads that allow for easy movement. The lever that is located underneath the platform secures the table into the right position.

If you’d like the cake to be stable just pull the lever then the cake will cease turning. This lets you decorate and decorate the cake with greater accuracy without having to rotate the table frequently. It is also possible to take the table apart to clean it.

Key Features:

  • The ability to secure its rotation.
  • A durable plastic body and base.
  • Large 12-inch diameter turntable.
  • Base that is non-slip for smooth turning.

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6. Foreversmooth Cake turntable stand Cakes Of Eden

Cakes of Eden is a name brand that is specialized in the creation of helpful tools for cake bakers and decorators. The ForeverSmooth features a 12-inch diameter and is 3.5-inch. It’s a sturdy cake stand that can be turned smooth even when you have heavy multi-tiered cakes. It’s also available with a stunning gift box.

Inside the box, you’ll discover an offset spatula four-sided icing brushes, an icing level as well as a 12-inch cakeboard as well as the table itself. The table also has an extra-wide base with a non-slip design that makes it simple to turn. The turntable can be rotated left and right with ease.

Due to the patent-pending and sturdy ball bearings, the table spins quietly and smoothly. The brake with a rotating mechanism is easy to accessand, by pressing one button, the table’s rotation stops and secures the table in its place. For the accessories, you’re receiving high-quality cake decorating tools.

It is an amazing set of decorating tools with a great price. Its ability to turn cakes effortlessly on a turntable is vital when frosting or making decorations for your cakes.

If you’re not planning to buy the set yourself, then you may get it as a present for anyone who is fond of decorating cakes.

Key Features:

  • It is packaged in a gorgeous gift box.
  • Set of high-end cake decorating.
  • 14.5-inches length offset spatula.
  • Includes a cake board.

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7. NaGaWood 13-in Wooden Cake Turntable

Connect with nature by decorating cakes using the wooden turntable made by NaGaWood. This cake turntable revolving is constructed with 100 high-quality, sturdy Acacia timber that’s ecologically safe and food-safe. It is top-quality wood with a smooth , smooth finish. This makes it ideal for weddings, parties and dining establishments.

Under the table is an anti-slip rubber foot which makes it simple to turn. The base of the table is constructed with top-quality acacia wood.

On the topof the cake, there is a non-slip area that stops the cake from sliding away. Alongside its outstanding stability, it also has smooth bearing.

The 13-inch cake stand is packed with lots of essential tools to decorate cakes. You’ll find decorating brushes, icing smothers for decorating, spatulas for frosting, and many more.

In terms of the size for the dimensions of those spatulas the spatulas are larger than standard industry practices. This is good for bakers who want to have greater control.

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The stand for decorating has a height of 2.5-inch with a 13-inch platform. The stand is strong and sturdy enough to hold small and large cakes.

It can also be used to display cakes as well as serve the guests using it. This allows you to show different styles of cake as well as cupcakes.

Key Features:

  • The detachable base makes it simple to clean.
  • Wooden base, with silicon rubber grip.
  • Non-slip bearings and smooth surface.
  • Made with food-safe and sustainable Acacia wood.

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8. Ateco Stand for Cast Iron cake

If you’re ready to take your cake to the next level with a stand, this is the best choice for you. One reason why it’s so amazing is the fact that it is built with the base of cast iron.

This is why it’s super durable and sturdy. It is possible to put a large cake on top of it and not worry about it falling over or wobbling while you’re frosting.

It spins very smooth. Therefore, when you’re decorating your cake or filling it with frosting and you want to put the spatula that is angled in a place and let the turntable do the job.

Another awesome characteristic in this cake stand is it’s top can be removed from the base with ease and is ideal for those who have a storage issue.

One of my favorite features of this cake-themed turntable is the fact that it includes an adjustable non-slip pad.

This prevents the cake from sliding about while frosting or filling it. It’s also easy to wash. Since the top separates to the bottom, you can simply wash it yourself.

It is also possible to wash the non-slip pads as well. All you need to do is wash it off and allow it to dry in the air. Then it is possible to use this turntable into an extra cake stand.

Take off the non-slip pad then place your gorgeous cake on top and you’ve got yourself the most elegant cake stand that rotates that is available.

Key Features:

  • It spins extremely smooth and is extremely quiet.
  • Durable and sturdy cast iron base.
  • Washable and removable non-slip pad.
  • It can also be used as a cake stand with a rotating rotor.

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The Cake Turntable: Buyer’s Guide To Beginning Users

When I first went to purchase a turntable it was an enormous step for me since there were so many options.

In a flash you’re investing cash into this larger tool you will need to use to be a cake decorator. It can be difficult to pick which one you want to purchase solely by looking at a picture.

It can be difficult to decide on the right product without understanding its capabilities, as well as the pros and cons and without being able observe how it operates in terms of how it turns.

A majority of the cake stands look the same initially, but there are specific characteristics that distinguish them from one another.

If you’re searching for the ideal model to begin decorating cakes, it is best to take a look at certain attributes.

This is why I’m creating an outline of the criteria you should consider when buying an equipment for cake decorating your first purchase.


For those who are just beginning plastic is the ideal material for the cake turntable. It’s inexpensive, light and simple to clean.

The greatest thing about them is that they will not get rusty no matter how long you’ve used them. They can be tossed straight into the dishwasher thanks to their removable design.

If you’re looking for an easy-clean cheap, easy-to-maintenance and inexpensive turntable to decorate cakes, then plastic is the best choice. But, be careful not to go too cheapor you’ll end up with a fragile table.

There are cake turntables made from plastic which are durable, however they’re not as sturdy as those that are constructed by using aluminum and cast iron.

If you’re decorating large or heavy cakes, there’s an opportunity that the tables made of plastic glide across counters. Don’t let that happen to you.

Build Quality

If you are using it for commercial purposes it is necessary to have something stronger. It is recommended to use an industrial cake turntable. This kind of item offers a sturdy build and gives you a professional look.

These sturdy and robust turntables will not slide and will remain firmly on your counter. For cakes that are larger the table is absolutely essential. There is no need to be concerned whether they will break or breaking after years of usage.

There is a negative, and that’s corrosion. Clean them regularly. It’s not enough to just put them in the dishwasher. The bearings and the surfaces must be cleaned in accordance with the correct procedures to prevent corrosion.


Many first-time cake bakers tend to overlook the aspect of height. You don’t want to be spending long hours in a position that will place a strain on your back and shoulder. If you’re trying to lessen the strain, then the height of the turntable must be greater than 2.5-inch.

In the event that you put the turntable on top of the countertop. Take a measurement of the length of the countertop and locate a piece that has a suitable height. Maintaining the correct posture when frosting cakes is essential.

To aid you in that To make things easier for you, the dimensions of the pedestal must be sufficient so that you don’t have to bend while decorating cakes. If you are planning to use the turntable to display cakes A shorter turntable will not perform the job.

Don’t choose the most tall turntable on the market. You don’t want your cake to fall over when serving it to guests. Select the correct cake, taking into consideration your requirements.

Non-Slip Grips

To stop cakes from sliding the top plate should be equipped with an anti-slip surface. Some turntables include an adjustable non-slip pad which can be used as cake plates.

The lower part of the table, there must be sufficient rubber mats or non-slip materials to hold the table on its feet while you embellish it.

To ensure that the board remains in place, a base that is non-slip can help significantly if you are planning to use an additional cake plate underneath the cake. But, if you’re not planning to use the cake board or a base with an uneven, non-slip surface is sufficient.

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Remember that if the surface of the cake is not smooth enough, then it could cause damage to the delicate cake’s bottom. Heavier turntables don’t move around much. But, tables made of plastic can slide, when there’s no rubber grips at the base.

A minor slip in the decorating process can be enough to ruin your entire working day.

Adjustments and Locking Mechanism

If you’re decorating a particular area on the cake, you’ll would like the turntable to stay at a certain level. This is achievable if the table you are using is equipped with the ability to lock. There are tables available with this feature.

Under the platform is a lever can be pulled to stop the tabletop from turning. There are occasions when you don’t need the table to rotate. It’s a great way to display your work to your guests or when you’re performing work in a meticulous manner.

However, there’s an issue. This kind of turntable is somewhat expensive and the mechanism isn’t exactly robust. Most of the time the levers fail. For instance, the Tilt N-Turn model comes with this feature.

There are also turntables that can be tilted. This may appear frightening, but let me assure youthat they are completely secure. If you’re the type of cake decorator who performs an over-the-top job tilting bases could make your work much simpler.

It makes the decorating experience more enjoyable and will enable you to see all the information you need. The tilting table is built with a solid base and a non-slip platform to hold the cake in place and stop it from sliding.

The more features you have, the more expensive as well as an increased chance you’ll find that your locking device as well as hinges could fail. In time, the joints will become worn-out, and if you’re just beginning your cake decorating journey there is no need to buy one immediately.


By the word “size,” I’m referring to the width that the turntable platform. The ideal size for the turntable is 12 inches. For most bakers this is a good size except if you’re making large cakes that go over this size.

It is a good idea to purchase a turntable that will hold the entire cake, while leaving the room for you to hold the plate in your hands and turn the platform. Certain surfaces are marked with designs that allow you place smaller cakes quickly.


Let’s discuss accessories. You’ll notice that a majority of the items in this list are available as an entire set. The sets contain decorations and smoothing tools like spatulas and combs as well as cakes printers and cake levelers.

How to Clean and Keep Your Turntable Clean?

Cake turntables require care and upkeep from time some. After many uses One thing you’ll be able to observe is that they begin to become a bit sticky and aren’t turning the way they did previously. While you travel around, they begin becoming bumpy.

A simple fix that could assist is to simply take away the cake stand, and cleaning all the components and pieces. It is also possible to coat the ball bearings with grease. This is the way to maintain the cake turntable.

For cleaning, don’t put them in the dishwasher. They will be destroyed beyond repair. The best thing to do is use a damp towel to wipe the table. It is possible to use mild detergent to wash the surface.

Frequently asked questions

1. How long will the turntable of a cake last?

It is dependent on the use. If you’re a professional cake decorator or baker and are using a low quality turntable made of plastic isn’t going to last long. You’ll require a professional top turntable.

However it is true that even the most expensive models will not last long If you don’t take good proper care of them. These machines require regular maintenance. If you wish to make your turntable last longer and maintain them in best condition, adhere to the proper cleaning guidelines.

2. Do I choose to go with wooden turnstables, or an aluminum one?

Turntables made of aluminum are among the most durable and reliable. Some cakes decorators like a natural look.

Turntables made of wood excel the most. They are durable and look stunning, as well as last for a longer time. In addition they don’t need to be concerned about the possibility of rust.

But, they’re higher in cost than aluminum and are not the best choice for use in everyday life. The finish may wear off and you’ll need regularly treat them with an approved food-safe wood conditioner.

3. Do cake turntables emit a sound when spinning?

Although some do, it’s barely heard. Some turntables have smooth ball bearings that permit ultra-smooth, smooth rotation but are silent.

Some units produce noises later. This can be addressed with a simple cleaning process of ball bearings as well as applying some grease.

4. What else can I do other than turning the cake?

Yes. instead of the traditional turning table, you can opt for lazy Susan. It’s shorter and cheaper, and it is thought to be the most suitable alternative to a cake revolving stand.

5. Do you really need to utilize a cake-rotating stand?

If you don’t have any desire for frosting you can decorate your cakes with any platter. But, for intricate design and frosting there’s no better option than turning the cake on a turntable.

Wrapping up!

There are many things we do when it comes down to icing evenly. It is possible to stand unmoved like a machine or let the equipment do all the work. A top cake turntable will ease the entire process.

Like I’ve stated previously, you don’t have to pay a fortune to purchase the top turntable. Turntables made of plastic can be effective baking cakes with only two or three layers.

Make sure to check the quality of the construction and speed. Find a good deal and get baking the cakes.

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