12 Best Button Maker (September 2022) Reviews

Even a tiny button can make a huge changes to how your clothes appear. It could transform a plain shirt into a fashionable one with the proper design size, color, and shape are employed. If you are running a small, company at home or a larger business, buttons are able to work amazing things.

Apart from making a fashion statement What could be more fun than customizing badges and buttons that display your favourite idea or social cause you are passionate about!

With the most effective button maker available you can turn your passion into a small company, or your huge-scale venture to a distinctive one. There are a variety of brands for button making equipment, but none of them will satisfy your needs.

Therefore, this article was compiled following a lot of study and user feedback to help you pick a button maker device which is an ideal option for you. Explore the post to discover all available options!

Top 12 Best Button Maker 2022

1. Mophorn Button Maker

A multi-purpose machine can simplify our lives particularly when we work working in an industry where quick time-to-market is essential to keep customers.

This appealing photo button maker is an essential instrument to make sure your customers are content by making sure that their orders are delivered promptly. With a rate of between 200 and 300 pieces in output every hour, the machine is able to create a batch of 500 buttons quickly. The 3-inch, or 75-millimeter diameter is the ideal size for all kinds of buttons.

Its die-cast aluminum frame is strong, thereby ensuring that you will be able to rely on it for a long time. The handle is constructed of steel that is resistant to corrosion and rust, thus providing you with an extended period of stable service. The base of the handle is made of metal, which allows you to swap the molds quickly, thereby improving your effectiveness.

It is very easy to put together when you install the base, you need to place on top the mold, and after that the two lower molds. The last step is to put in the handle and turn it into the fuselage. The handle is simple to use and is very user-friendly. The ergonomic design provides an ergonomic grip that makes your work more comfortable.

In addition to making buttons as well, you can create other merchandisers using this tool, such as keys chains, bottle openers rope ties, incense boxes and badges. Its broad application provides many opportunities to grow your business or hobby.

The small size of the device allows it to be portable and easy to store since it doesn’t take up a lot of space. The base measures 11.5-inch long in length and 6.3-inch in width the maximum height of the machine with the handle is 19 inches.

The bundle includes the button maker as well as an assortment of 75 millimeter dies 500 button sets made of metal and plastic parts covered in transparent plastic, a cutter to cut the plastic film, tools for the machine, as well as an instruction manual for the user.

Key Features:

  • 500 sets button quantity.
  • Speed between 200 and 300 units/hour.
  • 3 inches or 75 millimeters in diameter. size.
  • An ergonomic handle to give you a good grip.
  • Sturdy metal base for durability.

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2. A Button maker that is affordable and easy to use

Create custom button badges, pinbacks or buttons that make it clear to the world a cause you’re behind!

The 25-millimeter , or 1-inch button size that this machine offers opens up endless creative possibilities for you. You can also create rope ties, key chains as well as bottle openers using the same tool.

Other possibilities include Christmas gifts custom-designed giveaways, souvenirs, as well as badges for events.

With a body made of metal with a plastic base this machine is easy to transport and put away in the corner. It is also robust and will give you numerous hours of simple pin-making. It doesn’t matter if you’d like to embellish your stitched fabric or interior décor, this device will help you achieve it!

The dimensions are the base dimensions of 11.33 inches in length and 6.22 inches in width. The height total of the handle is 20.27 inches. The length of the handle measures 11.81 cm or about 30 millimeters.

A button count of 500 pieces is included in this gadget. It can handle 200 to 300 to 300 buttons an hour. The handle cushioned for comfort gives the user a comfortable but firm grip.

The setup and operation is easy, particularly as this feature guarantees an exact alignment between the upper and lower molds. Be sure that you make use of the laser printer to print images text, logos, and images because they will appear more clear and vivid on pins and badges.

People have praised this product for its light weight and ease to use. Strong arms are not required and even seniors can comfortably use it.

Key Features:

  • The button size is 25 millimeters, or 1 inch.
  • A button that has 500 pieces.
  • A speed of between 200 and 300 button buttons an hour.
  • A cushioned handle that provides a comfy but solid grip.
  • Plastic back makes it mobile and light.

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3. FASTTOBUY Red Button Maker Machine

Implementation of innovative ideas requires unique yet simple tools. One example can be this badge maker which can create pins and buttons to express your unique ideas.

It has a 58-millimeter size and comes with a 300-button set with a circle cutter, the stainless steel badge mold as well as 20 circular paper art with high-quality paper to print clear copies of your preferred image, text or logo.

The machine’s body is constructed from aluminum alloy casting that promises durability, quality and long-lasting. This mold made of stainless steel resists corrosion and ensures long-lasting durability.

Additionally it has a handle that is designed for ergonomic use, it gives an easy and secure grip, so you don’t have to struggle when making buttons, and become exhausted or lose time. It’s long, and is made of silicon-coated stainless steel that ensures it’s durable without becoming corroded.

The amount of button sets is 300 , which is included in the product. This spring-action lever that is included inside the circular cutter make cutting easy and comfortable. It also cuts down time and ensures precision since it doesn’t require cutting manually. In all it is simple for you to setup and use.

The machine is available in a compact size, to be placed on any table conveniently and removed when not in use, without taking up much space. The base measures a length of 29 centimeters, or 11-3/8 th inches, and 17 centimeters in width or 3 3/4 the inches. The height total is 20 inches, including the handle.

It is suggested to choose the appropriate kind of paper for this gadget – photographic paper that is not heavier than 41 pounds or multipurpose paper that weighs around 20 pounds.

Key Features:

  • Set with 300 buttons capacity.
  • The button’s size is 58 millimeters.
  • Aluminum casting body to ensure durability.
  • Long, ergonomic, silicone-covered comfortable handle.
  • Circle cutter that has spring action lever to ensure precision and ease of cutting.

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4. BEAMNOVA Button Badge Maker

Are you planning an event and need thousands of buttons created in an extremely short period of time? Don’t worry! The button maker tool is a trusted tool!

With the 1,000 button components and a circle cutter this machine can create the ideal 32 millimeter badges and pins!

It’s not just easy to set up, but also easy to use. The fiberglass base, when combined with the body made of cast iron of the device make it tough, strong and steady when you set it on flat surfaces.

The quick operation of this tool is due to its ergonomically designed and long handle, which is less strained and improves your productivity since you are able to produce many buttons at the same amount of time.

The aluminum railings add an attractive and polished look for the device. They are also resistant to corrosion and rust which means they will last for years with endless opportunities for badge-making.

The suggested weight range for paper for your project of making pins is in the range of 100g/square meter to an average of 157 grams per square meters. You can choose either colored inkjet paper as well as coated papers for the best outcomes.

The low rate of failure for this machine is due to the precision of the metal side plate which can monitor the operation quickly. Due to the raised part it’s easy to adjust the dies because they’re prevented from sliding away from the machine , while placing the badge in the correct position.

If you have the digital camera and a printer that is reliable there is an endless possibilities for making buttons. You can design personal gifts for loved ones and friends, place small orders to get your company up and running or just create buttons for a good cause.

It’s best to use buttons as well as other components of the same brand for this model.

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Key Features:

  • Includes 1,000 buttons and an e-cutter.
  • Creates buttons with a size of 32 millimeters.
  • Cast iron base with a fiberglass structure to ensure durability for a long time.
  • 100g per sq m, and 100 grams per square meter and 157 grams per square meter range of paper.
  • A high success rate, and greater precision with side plates made of metal.

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5. Neil Enterprises 2-1/4 Inch Neil Button Machine

If you’re in search of an affordable button maker to begin your passion of creating badges and pins for gifts to family members and mementos There’s no better product than this product to put up on the proper track!

It is able to make buttons that are dimensions of 2 1/4 inch. inches. In the box, you will also get mylar pinbacks, shells, as well as the circle cutter. With simple set-up and operations, users are able to create many custom buttons and with the 100 buttons making it easy to begin.

The base of the glass circle cutter needs to be taken care of and kept away from your bench or work table to stop that it falls. Follow the instructions for use and you will soon create buttons that look professional.

You can use this device to create badges for any cause that is that you are passionate about including political campaigns, fundraising and charity business events, as well as advertisements for various products and services.

Since it’s sold as only one piece, you’ll be able to work quickly with it. The design is strong enough that you’ll have endless hours creating pins and badges.

The small size of the tool makes it simple to carry around and store away after usage. The handle is equipped with grooves that allow you to position your fingers easily and comfortably for the grip you want. It isn’t necessary to fight using this handle, or put pressure on it too much.

A standard paper with 20 pounds weighs well on this machine. Since these films that are transparent thin, be sure that you’ve only selected one per button because otherwise, the machine may become jammed.

Key Features:

  • It is easy on the pocket and easy to use.
  • Included are 100 button sets to make life easier.
  • The firm grip offered by the handle requires no additional pressure.
  • Any paper that weighs 20 pounds or less is sufficient.
  • Produces buttons in the size of 1 1/4 inches. inches.

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6. Yosooo Low-cost Button Maker

Change any item of clothing or your home decor using custom buttons to give it a more unique look!

This is a top-quality button maker that produces 1.25-inch size pins and buttons to bring glitz and glamour to plain fabrics, or turn an ordinary wall into a work art.

The structure of the machine is made from materials that ensure durability and a smooth operation. With the slide base, which allows quick slide track operation you can expect more accuracy when placing badges.

The correct alignment of molds will ensure that you print your desired image precisely in the correct place. The raised portion prevents the dies from moving when you adjust them.

The safe handle offers a secure and comfortable grip, and it doesn’t require more pressure to get your printing completed. Therefore, it’s comfortable to hold and helps speed up the process of your work.

Because of the ergonomic handle design you’ll have less failures as it will constantly help you create the best pins. These badges and pins are ideal gifts for family members and acquaintances. They can also be used for any social or event reason or to promote materials for services and products.

Its dimensions with a height of 20.4 inches including handles, 6.3 inches of base width and 11.4 inches length of the base – makes it easy to place wherever you want and then storing it in small areas after usage. It’s also mobile and easy to work from any place.

The package comes with dies and 1,000 sets of button components, 2 dowels two washers, two screws and two hex keys for simple set-up and operations.

Key Features:

  • Size of the button is 1.25 inches.
  • Slide base to check exactness and align.
  • Sturdy construction for durability.
  • Ergonomic handle that allows for easy and quick operation.
  • Small size for portability and storage that is easy.

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7. Badge-A-Minit 2 1/4” Starter Kit Button Press

This is most likely the smallest and most useful button maker you’ll ever find!

The kit comes with 10 sets of everything you require to create buttons, and 10 designs that are ready to use This is guaranteed to ignite your love for design and creating custom pins in no time!

The speed of 50 buttons per hour on this device that is handheld is impressive. It’s easy to place this device with a 2-1/4-inch size in your pocket and carry it everywhere and not feel its burden. Its size for the button that this device will produce is 2 1/4 the inches, which is enough to include images, text or logos on these.

It’s a great present for anyone who is new to the field and can create personalized buttons in hours if you own an printer and a digital camera. It’s an ideal way to get started with your own small-scale business and it does not require a large money, but it can allow you to earn a substantial income in a short amount of period of.

The easy-to-use mechanism doesn’t require any kind of installation. It is easy and safe to use by children. It is a great way to introduce children into the fun world that have the imprints of their favourite animations.

The construction made of hard plastic in this small-sized button kit is sturdy and light. The lever is simple to press down without any extra strength and , as a result, is comfortable to hold.

In addition to buttons, you can create other merchandise items like keyrings, bottle openers mirrors, magnets, and so on. For adults and kids alike There’s no better method to decorate their backpacks, and other wearable items.

Key Features:

  • 1 1/4 1/8 inches hand presses that’s light and compact.
  • Ideal for beginning students and safe for children.
  • A durable, hard plastic construction.
  • A speed of 50 buttons an hour.
  • 1-1/2 the in button width.

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8. CO-Z Button Maker Machine

Create badges and pins in every possible shape and size including hearts, squares triangles, circles, and many more using this machine for making photo buttons!

With a variety of sizes and shapes that your buttons can be the perfect symbol of individuality and will transform any fabric, craft or home decor from plain to simply stunning! This is a huge button maker that is able to create buttons that measure 25 millimeters in size.

The high level of precision and exact placement and alignment can be attributed to the unique swivel mounting technology used in the item. It aids you in precise placement and imprinting, making sure that your text, logo or image will be exactly where it is supposed to be on the pin.

It doesn’t consume your time and can increase the efficiency and productivity of your business in order to increase the profits of your company. It’s suitable for professionals with experience and those looking to take on a hobby that is fun.

In order to speed up the process the lower die with magnetic properties allows the swapping of molds effortless and easy. It also ensures the position of buttons so that each one is left with an exact alignment image.

The single-unit handle is simple to use and is equipped with spring bearings with added thickness to ensure you don’t have to struggle to push it with ease without straining your hands. Additionally, it’s made of steel that’s durable and is resistant to corrosion.

The aluminum alloy structure used in this badge maker is sturdy and long-lasting, ensuring the highest performance for a long time. Additionally, with consistent results, you’ll enjoy an extremely low rate of failure using this tool. By using the circular cutter as well as the 600 buttons, you’re prepared to create amazing stunning artwork!

The anti-slip pad stops the machine from sliding or sliding when you’re working. If you take the handle into account the dimensions of the machine are 43 centimeters by 28 centimeters by 8 centimeters.

Key Features:

  • Size of the button is 25 millimeters. It includes 600 sets of buttons.
  • Creates all kinds of shapes such as triangles, squares, hearts and more.
  • The Swivel Mount technology allows for precise positioning and alignment.
  • Steel and durable handles to ensure smooth and easy operation.
  • Aluminum alloy construction for durability.

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9. Inex Life Button Maker Badge Making Machine

A multi-purpose machine such as this to make badges and buttons is all you require to take your work to the next step!

Apart from the pins that you would normally use and pins, you can use this tool to create keyrings and bottles openers rope tie-ups, gift tags, or greeting cards the recipient is likely to want to keep and use them as unique ways to present gifts. This tool will take your crafting and paper crafts to the next level.

This tool allows you create buttons and pins with ease and in a seamless manner. The kit will get a 58-millimeter button mold, a button maker industrial circular cutter press, which is simple to use, as well as 1,000 parts for a circle button, comprising pinback and shell to help you get started right away.

The standard of the button-making kit is assured by its sturdy, die-casting of aluminum. The casting iron and injection combination make it the most effective button maker tool you can own. The overall build quality is robust, reliable and suitable for use in heavy-duty environments.

Fantastic buttons are just two steps away when you use this device. It’s simple to install and use, while the long, ergonomic handle adds to its easy operation. The handle is constructed of steel, making it strong and rust-proof. By using a comfortable and secure grip you’ll be able to make buttons quicker and make them more effective.

The 200 – 300 parts per hour is quite impressive and helps make the process speedier.

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With the circle cutter that has a spring-action lever You don’t have to cut paper manually and film, but instead use it to create perfect circles. You can use regular paper to make buttons that are of high-quality.

The machine’s base is wide and reinforced to prevent it from sliding away from the workbench , making it a danger.

Key Features:

  • The button’s size is 58 millimeters.
  • 1,000 button sets are included in the set.
  • Speed between 200 and 300 items per minute.
  • Construction of high-quality and durable materials for long-term durability and strength.
  • Steel handle and ergonomic design to provide comfort and long-lasting durability.

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10. VEVOR Button Maker

If you’ve put off your desire to launch a business to make buttons, this is your chance to start it!

You’ll be making a smart investment in this complete metal-bodied machine, which is solid, stable, reliable and long-lasting. The base itself is constructed out of steel to provide you with the highest level of security and stability.

The base’s mechanism is a rotatable device to allow the interchange of molds with more precision thus increasing efficiency and reducing waste. Additionally, the base resists wear and tear, and consequently durable.

With a size of 2.3 inches, you will receive the same buttons. The set includes 200 button sets in round form with a die set as well as an instruction manual accessories for the machine and a paper cutter.

Alongside the ease of installation and user-friendly It also has an ergonomically-designed, long handle that gives you an incredibly comfortable and secure grip. It is not necessary to exert additional pressure since the handle is simple to push with no Herculean effort.

Create badges, key chains magnets, bottle openers, rope ties, mirrors and pins to make use of at any time or to help promote the cause of a political or social group Add them to dull fabric to make them pop with vibrant color, and add some flair to your work with embroidery or paper crafts and arts.

It only takes three steps to set up it. It’s only three steps to install this. This means that you’re just one step away from having a perfect business and hobby! The machine is built to last and will put in the work to ensure that you don’t need to strain your back.

Key Features:

  • The button size is 2.3 inches.
  • A rotatable base that allows for the changing molds.
  • Metal construction with full metal for maximum durability and tough-duty use.
  • Well-designed and comfortable handle for comfort and ease of use.
  • Set of 200 round buttons.

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11. Yescom Button Badge Maker

Are you looking for some innovative and creative graphic designs or designs on paper but you’re not sure how you can bring them to life? Here’s the ideal solution to help you unleash your imagination!

Display the world your talents by designing buttons that showcase your work or take inspiration from it! This is the perfect button maker if you wish to begin with smaller quantities. Its high failure percentage means that you’re less likely to create waste.

A cast iron structure makes the device durable, stable and strong, is able to endure long periods of work. To ensure precise aligning and operation, steel slide plates are in place for quick sliding.

The base is constructed of acrylic, which is guaranteed to last for an extended period of time. The material also helps to make the machine’s weight perfect for portability. Its dimensions machine allow it to be easily stored.

You’ll find everything you’ll need to help you reach the right track – 1,000 button sets , which include transparent film top, sides, and back. The button’s size is about 2-1/4 inches. inches. The interchangeable molds provide greater flexibility, as you can make buttons of different sizes.

It’s simple to install and use. It is possible to look up the manual enclosed for more specific instructions. Accessories for installation such as four Allen keys eight screws and two blades are provided in the kit. Also included is the circle cutter that allows for precise measurements as well as cutting.

This 15.8-centimeter handle is simple and simple to use without any additional pressure required. The weightage recommended for paper used ranges from 100g per square meter and an average of 157 grams per square millimeter.

In addition to buttons, you can create other merchandising products like rope tiesand bottle openers, key chains mirrors, magnets, and bottle openers.

Key Features:

  • Button size 2-1/4th inches.
  • Cast iron base and acrylic body for the durability and portability.
  • The kit contains 1000 button sets.
  • Molds that can be interchanged for larger size options.
  • 15.8-centimeter easy-to-operate handle.

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12. ChiButtons Button Maker Kit

This kit for making buttons will keep you entertained for hours as you get lost in the excitement creating custom buttons for family and friends.

The round mold of 25 millimeters produces buttons that are the same size. The circle cutter in the box is adjustable to allow you to be more flexible. Since there is additional photo papers as well as 500 buttons it is not necessary to shop around for other accessories.

The unique combination of aluminum and stainless steel creates a device that is robust, reliable, and sturdy and impervious to rust and corrosion. Additionally it’s simple to move around with your hands not feeling heavy. Additionally it is also resistant to rust and long-lasting.

For making the exchange of molds easy and effortless This machine comes with an swivel base for molds that has slots that allow for a faster and more precise process. A ergonomically-designed handle offers the ideal level of grip and comfort. This means you spend less time wrestling with it, and more time working.

With the non-slip platform, you’re guaranteed an environment that is safe as there is no risk of the machine falling off or falling off your bench, and then falling. There are many things that you can make with this machine: buttons rope ties, mirrors keys, key chains, magnets and hanging badges.

In any situation where the brand or cause has to be advertised buttons are the best method to do so. with a tool such as this, your working hours can be transformed into thrilling and enjoyable times.

The dimensions of the model are 15.7 inches of height, 5.5 inches base length as well as 3.4 inches of base width It is easy to store after usage.

Key Features:

  • Size of button is 25 millimeters.
  • It includes 500 button sets.
  • Construction made of stainless and aluminum for long-lasting durability.
  • The mold base can be rotated to allow for quick and simple swapping of molds.
  • A non-slip base with ergonomic handles to provide safety and comfort.

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How To Select the Right Button Making Machine?

If you’re planning invest money in a top button maker, remembering the following points before you purchase one is a smart decision to make. We’re here to help!

The purpose

Consider why you require buttons to begin with. Are you running an organization that requires an expensive machine that is able to produce massive quantities of buttons, with various features?

If you are required to make buttons in large quantities and you will need the button maker regularly Choose a button maker that is sturdy and offer you the option of creating multiple sizes, using multi-molds and different colors and pins for badges.

But, if sewing some buttons is only an opportunity to add a little flair to your sewing hobbies and you want to make a few buttons, then you need the best quality button press machine that’s simple to put together, and portable and not intended to be used in a heavy-duty manner.


The construction of the manufacturer you select will give you an idea of how durable and long-lasting the product will be. Therefore, you should examine the materials used in making it, and choose one made of stainless steel or cast iron since they’re good at resisting the rust. You can, however, pick one made from aluminum.

Verify that your machine’s base is constructed of plastic or acrylic. It’s fine for light-duty and short-term use but be sure to not compromise the quality that the plates on either side. They should be made from metal.

Size of Machine

Find out the size that the badge makers make. According to the location you intend to put it to decide on the right size for your needs. Choose a button maker with a small design to make it easy to carry and storage. You do not require a huge area to create a tiny product such as buttons.


Speed of your machine determines the number of buttons you are able to make per hour. If you’re involved in the production of buttons, then you require a machine that is fast enough to produce about 300 buttons an hour. However, for DIYers or small-scale businesses, a device that can produce 50 buttons per hour will be sufficient.

Button Size

The size of the button can determine the type of button printer you need to buy. If you require buttons that are greater than 3 inches, or smaller that 1.5 inches, that indicates that you run an company that makes fabric. So, you need to choose an equipment that will offer buttons in any size.

Check for buttons and check whether they can be modified in accordance with the size of the button that you would like to make. While you’re there make sure to check whether the mold can make different shapes of buttons. This way, you’ll have the most number of buttons.


The accessories like a cutter are crucial to take into consideration before buying the button maker. Some models come with an integrated cutter and others do not have one. In the latter you will need to purchase an additional cutter according to the design you prefer.

Easy Of Operation

The last thing to mention is that you need an accessory kit for making buttons that is easy to set up and use. Make sure you read the instructions for setting up and using for each model and check out how easy it is to setup and use. The majority of these buttons can be used with ease since they do not require batteries or electricity.

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If you are looking for a basic button maker look at the pressure you’ll have to put into. This shouldn’t be high-pressure when it’s a basic but basic maker.

Benefits Of Button Maker

Every machine can help speed up the process and speed it up, as opposed things manually. The machine for making buttons is no different. The following are the advantages of using a button maker:


Are there any ways to create buttons with your hands and ensure that the shape and size are perfectly the same? Maybe once or twice but not always! It is crucial in order to make the badge to the exact size and shape you desire, and that’s the reason the badge maker comes to your assistance.

The cutter on this machine lets you create precise circles and any form every time.


It could be dull if every badge pins, and buttons looked identical, don’t you think? Use the badge maker for buttons! It allows you to achieve the highest degree of customization.

The machine allows you to make pins and badges as in accordance with your preferred images or designs. A multi-size button maker allows you to create buttons in any dimension and form, making it possible to personalize the items you create.


The simple button maker could save you time since it can create an enormous number of buttons in one shot. This reduces time and improves the efficiency and productivity of your business which is essential to keeping deadlines in managing a business and you want to ensure that your customers are satisfied.

Creativity Inducer

When you use a device called the button you’ll be able to stretch your creativity by triggering your imagination with the various options it has to offer. When you begin working with the device, you’ll discover that you can adapt it to your own creative needs. This will also help to develop your creativity.

The Top Five Button and Badge Maker Brands on the Market

Be aware of the top makers of button equipment so you are able to select only the best quality. This article will provide an overview of the top five brands.


This company produces not only button-making machines, but also other equipment, totalling more than 495 products. The brand aims to offer the best shopping experience for customers.

Excellent customer service and top-quality products are what sets the brand apart. Hence it’s no surprise that they’ve been highly praised both in the US and on international market.


Beamnova is an Chinese brand, and its parent company was founded in the year 2015. The main focus of the business is to manufacture and export products that please the consumer and provide the lowest cost.

The company is specialized in the production and trading industrial and business products, garden and home products, as well as LED lighting.


The firm has been at the leading edge of button-making for both hobbyists and professionals over the past 45 years. It offers a wide range of button makers to meet every need The brand helps make the entire process quicker more efficient, simpler, and more effective.

Their deep understanding of buttons has brought the company to the top of its game.


Vevor has been involved in exporting and manufacturing for the past 10 years. The company is focused on various categories of kitchenware, business as well as other product categories. They strive to offer top-quality products at reasonable prices.

Each product goes through rigorous quality tests to make sure that every customer receives a top-quality product.


An online-based business that is located in California This company began it’s journey back in. They offer all kinds of business, commercial, and household products to wholesale and retail channels.

Their aim is to build an integrated supply chain between suppliers, logistics and customers. With their platform, consumers are able to choose from a vast variety of products at reasonable price.

Utilizing Guideline for Button Maker

Even though button makers come with installation and usage guidelines The following guideline will provide you general guidelines and instructions for the identical.


Different machines require a different kind of setup according to their specifications. However, the most common principle is to connect the stick and grip to the main portion of the unit. Look for the bolts in the box. Install the bolts on the bottom plate.

Next step installing the bottom and top molds and you’re ready to go.

Making The Design In The Game

Make your personal logo image you wish to print on regular paper. With the round cutter you can cut your design to fit the dimensions you’re looking for. Remember that the cut design must be the same dimensions of the translucent film so as to ensure that the alignment is correct.

Mold Setting and Picture Positioning

Place the bottom mold on the machine, then place the top mold on top. Place the metal cover within the mold’s top covering.

Find the circular slot on the left side, where the die is and put the metal top on top of it. Then, place the picture of the design or fabric as well as a transparent film over the cover made of metal. When you are putting the image on ensure that you print the image.

the Final Step

When you press down on the handle to the right, the image will be printed on the button. Keep the zigzag portion in the direction of upwards, place it into the right side of the die and then press down on the handle to finish the process. There shouldn’t be any space in the upper die as you push the handle down.

How Do You Maintain A Machine With Button?

A button-making machine is, in fact it is low-maintenance since it’s not powered through electricity or batteries. Therefore, with the least time spent taking good care of your machine it’ll make a huge difference to you. This article will show you how to maintain the button maker machine.


Utilize a moist rag or smaller brush to get rid of dust that has accumulated within the outer and inner rings. Fabric and paper that are inserted into the machine could cause dust particles to form. To avoid issues with alignment, a consistent maintenance schedule is suggested.


If the manual for the product suggests oiling the machine in order to maintain its smoothness, then make sure to do it. It is generally recommended to oil after the production of between 1,000 and five thousand buttons.


Make sure you check the screws and bolts and tighten them as soon as you apply manual pressure to your handle it’s normal for screws to be loose. Make use of a screwdriver to tighten the bolts in order that the machine’s body remains secure and strong.


The lever and joints that is used to make the buttons must be able to withstand the pressure, especially in the event that the machine is often used. So, applying some oil over these components keeps the machine in good shape and functional. Include some grease between die carriers as well as the base plates.


1. What are the Top 3 Safety Tips To Use When operating a button Maker?

Answer: The top three security tips to use the button maker are:

1.) Make sure you keep your fingers away from the dies whenever you press down on the lever.

2.) Make sure the machine is kept away from children and do not let it go unattended.

3.) Remove the machine to the side of the table to stop it from falling and causing injuries or damage to the machine itself.

2. What Other Uses Can I Make the Button Maker for?

Answer: You can make many merchandising products in addition to buttons. You can create badges pins keys chains, bottle openers, key chains magnets rope ties, ropes and mirrors. Make sure to get the 58 millimeter size machine that will allow you to make these things.

3. What are the various sizes of Buttons a Machine May Create?

Response: You should be capable of getting 3 to four kinds of sizes from the button badge maker.

These 1.5-inch or 2.25-inch circumference buttons are perfect for corporate as well as political parties’ logos messages as well as names.

The larger sizes – 3 inches and 3.5-inch circumferences – are ideal for printing images.

4. What should be the type and thickness of paper used for Button Printing?

Answer Normal paper can be suitable for printing on buttons however it is possible to use a higher-end type to get better outcomes. Laser printers are the best choice for button printing. the logo and images printed are much clearer than those printed by inkjet printers that are used for similar tasks.

The rule of thumb for paper is using it that has a an average weight of 22 to 28 pounds.

Wrapping up!

Similar to any other type of profession or pastime the tools you employ to establish an area of interest or create a mass market are essential. This is the same for making customized buttons.

Thus using pin-button makers that you make use of can be beneficial by allowing you to create distinctive patterns and designs which others do not offer.

While the button maker kit is easy to setup and use, you need learn how to utilize it correctly and keep it in good condition to ensure that it will last for an extended period of time. In the end, it’s not often that you could replace the badge maker that has been damaged.

If you pick the right button maker according to your requirements and maintain it properly, you will gain from it in the long term. Make sure you follow all safety guidelines while working on it. We’re looking forward to many years of colorful badges and cool buttons!

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