7 Best Butter Churner (September 2022) Reviews

Did you know the average American consumes 5.8 kilograms of butter per year? The consumption of butter isn’t harmful. The thing that is harmful is eating butter that has unhealthy ingredients such as excess sugar.

If you could eliminate supermarket butter and make your own at home, you’ll be certain of the ingredients, and reap all the health benefits of butter..

When I first considered making home-made butters, I didn’t realize the many benefits I could reap. It was a flims idea. When I finally did it and purchased the most effective butter churner that I could find I realized what I had missed when I bought store-bought butter.

For instance, I could change the flavor to what I’d prefer. Furthermore that by-product (buttermilk) can be used for pancakes , as well as other recipes. The tiny and small Kliner churn I use assists me in exercising and improve my hand.

If it’s the time to get started creating butter in your kitchen, this instructions below will aid you in finding the perfect machine to churn.

Let’s get started.

Top 7 Best Butter Churner 2022

1. Kilner Smaller Manual Butter Churner

Kilner Jars is a UK business that has been operating since the beginning of time! When the company was first set in the early 1900s, it was only producing glass bottles and jars however, towards the turn of the century it developed the first Kilner Jar.

The company would look into other innovations such as Kilner’s Kilner Small Manual Butter Churner. Let’s look at what this model can offer.

It can be described as a hand-churner made consisting of glass containers as well as an churning unit on the top. If you’re in search of the most efficient butter churner available to use at home You will discover the design to be very appealing.

It is, first of all, the ideal size for home operations. The size is 4 inches in diameter and the size of the jar measures 7 inches. The jar can fit as much as 34. oz of cream or liquid. The unit produces butter at a ratio of 3:1. That means each time you pour 34 oz cream, you’ll get about 10 oz butter.

It is also a small machine that is extremely simple to operate. You can remove the top portion completely to pour the cream in without restrictions. It’s amazing how it is like a piece cake.

Making butter from cream should not be a hassle. In this regard, Klinner has made things extremely simple. There’s no need to grip the jar in order to help it stand up when using it. Instead, you can use a grip easily located on the top. It’s made of wood, and is extremely comfortable.

The handle is also constructed out of wood, which also offers a comfortable grip.

You’ll be amazed by how easily the gears turn. In contrast to some models that get stuck, this model is easy to use and doesn’t get stuck. It is made from tough steel, making it strong.

The paddle is big enough and is made of BPA-free silicone to ensure durability and security.

Finally, the jar is transparent. It’s a great feature since it allows you to see what’s happening inside. It takes about 10-minutes to beat it to butter.

Key Features:

  • A good capacity for home use with up to 34 fluid OZ.
  • Wooden handle and grips for comfort and style.
  • Food-grade and durable paddle made of BPA-free silicon.
  • The turning gear is constructed of high-quality metal, which makes it durable and strong.
  • Smooth operation without jamming.
  • It can make up to a cup butter in just 15 minutes.

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2. Hand Churn of Chef’n Buttercup

Since its inception over 30 years ago Chef’n has brought you the tools you need to create better meals more effectively. The brand, part of Taylor Holdco LLC, Taylor Holdco LLC, is highly regarded for its high-quality and simple products it provides.

If you don’t want be forced to spin the wheel for more than 10 minutes, you may consider it useful to have the Chef’n Buttercup Butter Maker useful. The appliance is one of the most basic to use, yet easy-to-use designs.

It’s just a tiny container that has lids both sides. Under the upper lid there is a built-in sieve connected.

You’ll be amazed at how easy making butter using it. First, you pour your cream in the jar. Then, you put the jar with milk inside in your kitchen cupboard , or any other spot that will keep it at ambient temperature. It should remain there for between 6 and 8 hours.

Then, open the container then shake the can for 3 minutes while keeping the lids shut. At the end of this time you will begin to feel that the liquid in the container doesn’t want to shake. This happens when the butter begins to harden. However, the issue gets better because the butter separates itself from milk, much like a cream separates.

During the process, you’ll be required to drain off the buttermilk and leave with the fat. Luckily, you don’t need to lift the lid to pour it out. The built-in sieve at top allows you to get rid of the milk but remain in the butter. When the 3 minutes are done and you’re happy that the butter is well-formed then you can remove the lid from the bottom and scoop it up.

As you can see, the procedure of making butter using this cup is easy and hassle-free. If you don’t want sweat your elbows spinning wheels, this be the best option.

The transparent nature of the jar allows you to observe what’s going on inside.

Key Features:

  • Simple concept with there is no turning wheel or gear design.
  • 10 oz capacity will give you approximately 3 oz of butter for each round.
  • Easy to use – prepare butter in three mins by shaking.
  • An integrated sieve that is built in so that you don’t need to open the lid to dump the milk.
  • Transparent container that provides clear vision.
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3. SlavicBeauty Electric Butter Churn 1.6 Gallons

There are a variety of methods for making butter in your home. For instance, you can use gears to whip the whipping cream into butter, or you can make use of shakers.

I’ve covered both methods previously. If you choose to use an electric spin wheel, then you can opt to use either a manual device, for instance, that of the previous product reviewed in this review, or an electric one. As you’ll see, the second choice offers more convenience.

If you are looking for the top electric butter churner, then the SlavicBeauty Butter Churn would be an ideal option.

The most important benefit is obviously the possibility of not using up your energy. The motor, situated right at the top of the unit, will do everything for you.

It is designed to be convenient, and it works by connecting to the home’s wall outlet that is 220V. It doesn’t draw a lot of energy.

When making butter that is intended to be consumed and eaten, you must, obviously, be mindful regarding the tools used in preparation’s security. Fortunately, this digital butter churner was designed with security in mind.

The agitator is constructed of stainless steel, while the glass jar is not made of glass, but plastic. Your butter is not in contact with plastic or aluminum.

In terms of the efficiency this machine has, you’ll be amazed. If the shaft is properly secured and you can have butter within about 25-30 minutes.

Its transparent design of device allows you to see the progress, so you can stop just at the right moment.

The 1-year manufacturer’s warranty will give you security. I discovered that the seller was friendly and easy to deal with.

Key Features:

  • 1.6-gallons capacity, suitable for families with large numbers.
  • Electric model that allows for simple hands-free operation.
  • Connects to the typical 220V US home outlet.
  • Made with safety in mind , stainless steel agitator as well as glass can.

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4. The Butter Brewer

If you don’t want put your hands through any time churning butter, then you should consider the Butter Brewer is a different model that you ought to think about. While it’s more expensive it offers amazing advantages that make it a worthwhile purchase.

In the first place, the design is stunning. It looks like a pot for serving food however, with the lid that has an attachment for a blade. With the gray and black colors, as well as the electronic functions the elegance is attractive.

The days are gone where you had to make your own butter. The Brewer is not as common as any other electronic model. It’s intended to make everything effortless. The controls panel can be placed in the front to facilitate operation.

The control panel comes with buttons to adjust all essential parameters, such as temp, timing, other important parameters like time, temperature, and. Additionally, there are buttons to turn the unit on and off as well as for launching or stopping the process.

My favorite and most impressive thing about this machine is the variety of options available. This machine is not only used to make butter. It can perform a variety of other uses, including decarboxylating cannabis. If you are looking to make use of medicinal marijuana then this is the device you’ll need to use to use to remove the carbs.

For decarb-related purposes The device can handle temperatures of 90- 300 degrees F and is able to last for up to 48 hours.

When you receive the item it will have a number of things that are included. One of the most crucial is the dish with one gallon of capacity. This is where you place your cream to make brewing. Since it’s non-stick and non-stick, taking your butter out of it is a piece cake. The little pot is dishwasher-safe and removable.

Key Features:

  • Elegant electric model, which requires 110v power.
  • Cook time, mixing interval and temperature can be adjusted.
  • Pot is nonstick and removable dishwasher-safe.
  • 1 gallon capacity pot and 1 quart strainer.
  • It can be used to make butter, oil and cannabis.
  • Supports temperatures of 90 to 300 degF.
  • Comprehensive instructional manual.

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5. Tellier Paderno World Cuisine Fresh Butter Maker

If you like making your own butter with your own hands The Tellier manual butter churn would be an item that you’ll be proud of. It has the same design as the Kliner the churner but has a with a different shape of squire, but with some variations. Let’s look at the features it offers.

The product is an insulated glass jar that has the spinner gear mechanism. Inside the jar, you can place up to 17 to 27 ounces of cream. When you beat the cream, you will get 10 ounces of butter.

If you aren’t able to fit a lot for your cooking area, you’ll appreciate the compact design of this cabinet very useful.

The gearing system of this model is a shining example of technological innovation. It is evident that the spinning is flawlessly smooth. Since the gears are able to move without effort and the process of making butter is quick, easy and fun. It’s not necessary to be concerned about getting stuck.

In contrast to the Kliner model however, the Tellier Churner does not have two lids. It would be extremely helpful to be able open the lid and then let the butter out as you can when using the Kliner. It’s a plus that the agitator in this model is designed to resemble the shape of a spatula. In addition to beating cream, it can also help you remove the butter.

From the materials the churner is constructed from it is simple to see that the maker focused on not just looks , but also durability and endurance.

Other than the jar made from glass, the rest (paddle as well as the lid) is made from stainless steel. The paddle is durable and sturdy and lasts. The stainless steel doesn’t rust, and is safe to use for cooking.

The glass jar is completely transparent. This means that you can see the process of making butter, which takes 3 – 9 mins.

Key Features:

  • 32 oz capacity is compact and ideal for small space.
  • Quality designed to last.
  • A stainless steel paddle is sturdy for stable agitation.
  • Churns within 3-9 minutes.
  • Very clear jar for simple inspection.
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6. Martinez Pottery Stoneware Hand-Turned Butter Churner

North Carolina is about more than Tobacco. While visiting there this year, I stumbled upon an old farm where lovely people used to make butter in according to the traditional method.

They explained that the enormous ceramic vase as well as the long stick with a circular bottom were similar to the kind used in the 1800s and into the mid-1900s. What a thrill to be able to study such an amazing historical facts!

Do you want to turn butter in the traditional manner? It is possible to do this with the Martinez Pottery Stoneware Hand-Turned Butter Churner is a good choice. It comes in a huge Crock and a an extended stick.

The appearance is the first thing to draw my focus. With its natural stone-colored color and the blue stripes at the top of the crock, it is a perfect example of classic style.

Utilizing the dasher is more enjoyable rather than a chore. The stick is constructed of unfinished wood, which is smooth-sanded to give you a good grip. In order to turn the cream into butter it is simply a matter of moving the stick in a downward and upward direction.

It would be extremely useful for you to purchase an easy stool to place on while you whip up.

In addition to the historic significance of the building One of the benefits you’ll appreciate is the size.

The container can hold a maximum capacity that is 3 gallon which means you can create butter to feed a huge household. You can also store some in the refrigerator for later usage. If you’re looking for something smaller then you can opt for the two-gallon version that is also available on Amazon.

The unit is designed with security in mind. The dash and crock are manufactured by the USA and free of lead-based contaminants.

Key Features:

  • Large capacity of 3 gallons and an option of 2 gals.
  • Traditional butter churner.
  • Gorgeous in an old-fashioned manner Natural stone-colored Crock.
  • A smooth-sanded and smooth dash for elegance and convenience.
  • It is safe to use free of lead.
  • Produced by the USA.

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7. Homeplace Butter Churn/Drill Power

The last item on our list is the Butter Churn/Drill from Homeplace Power. The item is constructed from an aluminum container and an agitating tool made of steel.

Do not be scared to discover this container’s made from plastic. It’s actually a top-quality type of plastic that is BPA-free to ensure your safety. It feels sturdy and as if it is made of something that will last.

The component that performs the bulk of the work in every churner machine includes the paddle for mixing. This is the component you must be the most attentive to because you don’t want anything that could break.

Thankfully, the paddle of this device is made from stainless steel. It is extremely sturdy and resistant to rust as well as pressure. I am sure it will last.

The paddle is intended to be operated with a hand. Simply grasp the paddle and gently move it around. The plug is located to the bottom of the bucket , where you can attach the paddle, ensuring it remains steady while it agitates.

It is interesting to note that you can also use the device to operate it electrically. How do you do this? Simply purchase an electric drill and place it to the top. When you turn it on it will create the force required for spinning the paddle. Luckily, a hole is built into the paddle’s top that allows you to connect the drill.

Are you a large family? Are you in need of an appliance that can be used to conduct business? This would be an excellent option. With a huge capacity of 4 gallons and the ability to work with drills the churner will allow you to create a large amount of butter in one go.

Key Features:

  • The container is constructed of BPA-freefood-grade plastic.
  • A strong and durable stainless-steel paddle.
  • Paddle comes with a drill slot at the top to allow electric operation.
  • Large capacity for large families as well as business needs 4 gallons.

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Butter Churns Buy Guide

There are a myriad of ways to consume butter. You can eat it in the form of bread, sauteed vegetables and nuts, mushrooms and many more. It is also possible to drink it with coffee or tea.

Making your homemade butter is extremely convenient as you are able to choose the flavor you prefer and ensure that the product you’re using is 100% natural. If you’re looking for the top butter maker, these tips will help you choose an excellent machine.


It is possible to make a specific amount of butter based what size churner that you pick. Also, size is important. However, the majority of the time, you’ll see that people don’t really examine the dimensions. Instead, what they are looking at is capacity.

There are two things you should ask about capacity: how much cream do you need to put into it as well as how many gallons of butter could be gotten.

Most of the time, you will make only about one-third of the volume of cream you make into butter.

A mixer that has a capacity of 30 ounces will only be able to provide approximately 10 ounces of butter.

If you’re living on your own and your household doesn’t consume a lot of butter, a small-sized Churner with a capacity of only 10 ounces could suffice to meet your requirements. However, if you have a family that is a big butter eater it could be necessary to purchase larger sized churners such as the 3 gallon Martinez Pottery Stoneware Hand-Turned Butter Churner that is featured described in this review.

Capacity is important due to another reason: space. Make sure you choose a capacity and size that your kitchen’s space is able to support.


If you’re in the market to purchase a processor for butter the construction is among the most important factors to keep in mind. You’ll want to purchase a machine that’s designed to stand the strain of rough usage.

There are two major components of the gadget you need pay attention to – the container and the paddle. The paddle does do all of the beating work to turn mixture into butter which is why it needs to be durable and sturdy.

Paddles made from stainless steel are among the toughest and longest-lasting. However, they’re quite heavy and therefore not suitable for larger models.

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For instance, if there’s a Crock style churner you shouldn’t need that run to be made from metal. Wood is the best choice for this scenario, however it must be of good quality and well-sanded.

For the container it could be constructed of glass, steel ceramic, wood, or natural stone.

Steel is definitely the most durable however it is also extremely heavy. Glass is a great choice for smaller units because it offers an unobstructed view of the process of making butter. But it’s fragile and requires extra attention.

Polished wood, ceramic as well as natural stones are well for large antique-style Crocks.

Electric Vs Manual

There are two kinds of churners powered by power that are manual that you operate with hand or by electric models that are powered by electricity.

If you’re asking me to operate a manual churner, it is an absolute blast. If you’re bored, turning the gears with your hands to create butter is a great way to pass the time. Making cream inside a crock using an extended run is more enjoyable in the evenings of lazy Sundays.

But what happens if you’re not always able to make time? Perhaps you do not have elbow grease to spare? In such instances it’s a good idea to have an electric model in useful. Just click a few buttons and let the device takes over the job by itself.


When I say ergonomics, I am talking about elements that make the tool user-friendly.

Kilner Small Manual Butter Churner Kilner Small Manual Butter Churner (first in the review previously) is an example. It has a gripping area that is distinct from its handle. If you operate the handle using one hand, use another hand to hold the handle at the top and then secure the entire unit to ensure it isn’t moved when you use it.

These features allow for easy operation.

In the case of an enclosed unit, it’d be extremely helpful to be aware of when the churning process is completed or, more specifically, at the point when butter will be prepared. Some models come with an open container that gives the user a clear view of inside. This is a great ergonomic feature that is very sensible.

Common Questions and answers

What is an butter churn?

A butter churn can be described as a machine that converts cream mechanically into butter. The plunger can be either by hand or electric power to stir the cream and separate the solid fats from buttermilk. The fats build up in one location to create the butter.

How do you make butter using an ice cream maker?

Step 1 Make sure the tools are clean. A mix of equal amounts of vinegar and warm water will do the trick.

Second Step • Lubricate spinner’s gears if they are present. This is only needed when your churn is equipped with gears. Use food grade grease, such as coconut oil.

Step 3 Pour the cream in the container. It is possible to use milk, but it must not be pasteurized. Keep in mind that the higher the amount of cream in the milk is higher, the faster and better the outcomes will be. The milk or cream should rest within the container at minimum an hour prior to the process of churning. Be certain not to overfill the container, since the full container can result in the creation of a fluffy.

step IV Start turning. You’ll probably spin the spinner wheel, turn a plunger, or push the stick upwards and downwards. The procedure is contingent on the kind of churn that you are using. Continue to churn until butter has created.

Sometimes, you’ll need remove the buttermilk. The time it takes to drain will depend on the kind of churn that you are using and also the type of your cream. The process typically takes between 10 and an hour.

Phase V – Remove and wash the butter. When the butter has created, take it out of the container and clean it. Make sure you use cold water, since room temperature or warm water can make the butter melt. Once you have it, you can proceed to use the product. You can also keep the leftover inside the freezer.

What is the best time to cook butter?

The time frame varies from scenario to circumstance. Different factors influence the length of duration. For instance, it is known that cream will be more churned than milk. The greater the amount of cream in milk, the quicker the churning process. However, generally speaking, it takes between 10 and an hour to make butter.

Can I make butter?

When you’re talking about canned pasteurized milk you can buy at the grocery store, it’s almost impossible to to make butter using turning it into a churn. However, if it’s raw milk that is not pasteurized and has the cream in it you can make butter with it. The more cream you have the faster you will turn it into butter.

Wrapping up!

Home-made products are typically more nutritious and less expensive than the store-bought ones. When butter is involved it couldn’t be more true.

If you think it’s time to create yourself butter from scratch, then all you require is an adequate amount of cream as well as the perfect butter churner that meets your requirements. In my review, I ensured that there are models that have different characteristics to meet various needs.

You can pick an electric model such as that of the SlavicBeauty Butter Churn, which has an LCD screen with easy-to-use buttons, or you can opt for an manual model such as that of the Kilner Small Manual Butter Churner.

If you’re looking for the most user-friendly experience an electronic model will be the best option. If you’re looking to use your hands and have fun with a manual model, it’s the best option.

Are you looking for a model that will bring you back to the older days? What about the vintage-style Martinez Pottery Stoneware Hand-Turned Butter Churner? The entire range is featured within the article.

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