5 Best Butane Fuel Refill for Torch Lighters (September 2022) Reviews

Torches made of butane are great heating tools, particularly when it comes to welding, pouring acrylic cooking, or other work of art. Whatever torch you’re using, it requires butane for its operation. In simple terms, a gas-powered device cannot function without gas!

Butane gas will eventually exhaust after frequent usage. This is when you’ll need to replenish it with gas from butane. However, lighters and fuel work in conjunction, but they’re typically sold separately.

This will make the investment more efficient, and you can buy one butane torch and then use it for many years by simply filling it up with gasoline. All you need to do is buy the most efficient butane-based fuel for refilling the torch’s lighters, and you’re set to go!

Quick Comparison Chart

RankProductQuick OverviewPrice
1.Zippo’s Butane fuel for torch Lighters1. 1 Can
2. Weight: 2.75 Oz.
3. Brand: Zippo
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2.Zippo Andane Torch Lighter Refill1. The Count is 2 Cans
2. Weight: 2.5 Oz.
3. Brand: Zippo
Check Price
3.Ronson Multi-Fill Ultra Butane fuel1. 1 Can
2. Weight: 4.5 Oz.
3. Brand: Ronson
Check Price
4.Colibri Premium Butane Fuel Refill1. 3 Cans = 3 Cans
2. Weight: 3.04 Oz.
3. Brand: Colibri
Check Price
5.Lotus Butane Fluid to Resin Torch1. 1. Count: 1 Can
2. Weight: 13.5 Oz.
3. Brand: Lotus
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A refill will ensure that you’ll save money without the expense of the purchase of a new torch. It also provides the best flame, enhancing your heating experience similarly. So getting the ideal fuel for your torch may be a challenge!

However, today the situation is about to be different!

After reading this guide, picking the right product is an exciting experience. We’ve put together amazing refills that be compatible when used with your torch.

Top 5 Best Butane Fuel Refill for Torch Lighters 2022

1. Zippo’s Fuel with Butane for the Torch Lighters

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Incorporated in 1932, Zippo is one of the most reliable butane fuel brands in the marketplace at present. They concentrate on making numerous products such as lighters and accessories. This is the perfect replacement if you’re looking for the most sought-after premium-grade product. It burns strong and clean without any problems!

Available in a 2.75 0.75 oz. Cans, this fuel comes with a universal tip. It is compatible with the majority of top torch brands available. You can use it to replenish candles, outdoor utility torches, and flexible necks.

The 2.75 Oz. can isn’t the only available size. It is possible to select to go with the 5.82 option if you wish to have your fuel be more durable. It is also the best alternative when you’re filling up a container with a bigger capacity. In addition, it has an exceptionally long shelf-life and extends its longevity.

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It is also important to note that this fuel won’t block valves for burning. Additionally, it doesn’t alter the size of the flame generated by the torch. Due to the lower non-volatile pollutants, it is completely safe for you to utilize. Most importantly, you must know that the product is refined three times, which makes it extremely pure.

To fill your lighter up with this fuel, just place it upside-down when it’s empty. After that, you can push the can into the unit for a refill. This is how easy it is to utilize.

Regardless of its top quality, the refill is cost-effective. Therefore, if you’ve not had the pleasure of using this fuel to fill your torch, you should test it out. It’s among the most effective butane fuel refills for torch and lighters!


  • Free of harmful particles
  • Affordable and well-known company
  • Compatible with the majority of torches.
  • Perfect for lighting, torchers, and other gas-powered devices

2. Zippo Butane Torch Lighter Refilling Fuel

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It’s yet another great butane-based refill option from Zippo. This shouldn’t come as a shock considering that ZIPPO is an extremely well-known brand to numerous people.

Like the product mentioned previously, this butane is priced reasonably and ensures the highest quality. It also features a universal tip that can work with most torch models. So, no matter whether the torch is refillable, the product can work with you. For instance, you could use it to refill torch lighters, candle candles, and flexible necks.

The recipe is clean to use. This is why it won’t clog the valves for burning your torch. It means that the flame’s performance or intensity won’t affect it.

For capacity, this package includes two refill cans. Each can contains 75ml of gasoline. Thus, all in all, you’re getting 150ml gas that is clean and safe to use. The manufacturer claims each bottle will contain enough fuel to refill up to 20 disposable lighters!

Overall, Zippo’s two cans of butane gasoline provide premium gas for refueling. Another advantage is that this package is affordable. So, you don’t need to shell out a lot of money to maintain your torch.


  • Easy to make use of
  • Premium quality gas
  • Cans are a universal tip
  • It is ideal for various lighters and torches.
  • Includes two 75ml cans
  • Doesn’t clog burner valves

3. Ronson Multi-Fill Ultra Butane Fuel Refill Can

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The company is based in the USA; Ronson has been involved in the business of butane since the year 1897. But, at the time, the company was known as ‘The Metal Works. That is to say, Ronson has been around like the majority of brands currently!

This is one of the top sources of butane torch fuel. Their refill cans are designed that is ultra-modern and have a universal tip. To do this, refilling any torch, lighter, and other gas-powered devices are easy and quick.

Another reason to look into this product is that it’s not contaminated with harmful contaminants. This allows it to burn cleanly without leaving the possibility of leaving behind residues. This means it will not block your lighters. Additionally, since the fuel is organic, it doesn’t alter the strength or size that the fire is burning.

Regarding packaging, the formula is available in a single 135ml aluminum-based can. They are durable, light, compact, and rust-proof. Additionally, the cans contain the fuel needed to run over 40 disposable lighters.

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Overall, this fuel can be used with refillable and kitchen torches. It produces a precise blue flame with a high heat that is ideal for various uses like outdoor camping, DIY resin art, and other hobbies.


  • Burns clean
  • Creates a lovely, high-heat flame
  • 135ml aluminum can
  • The product is made in the USA
  • Universal refill
  • Brand that lasts for a long time

4. Colibri Premium Butane Fuel Refill for Lighter

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With its refined 5X recipe, Colibri premium butane is one of the cleanest fuels on the market. This means it won’t cause blockages to the valves for burning. Additionally, it prevents failures and misfires.

It’s 99.99 percent pure and extremely efficient. This formulation is practically free of impure substances. It also has a low odor or taste and burns very well. However, due to its non-odorous nature, cover it with a cap to avoid leaks.

Additionally, the product is equipped with various fittings for different torch types. You don’t have to use these adapters, particularly with an ordinary torch. This is because the can features a handy nozzle. It easily fits in the majority of lighters. It gives the user more control over refilling. This allows users to refill most lighters.

Similar to the gas we’ve reviewed previously, the gas is also sold in packs of three cans. The only difference is how much fuel is contained in each. In this case, each can hold 90ml of fuel.

Generally speaking, this fuel will maintain the high quality of the gas-powered device. It helps keep the flame burning and ensures the lighter is in good operating condition. The only butane gas will give you the best value for dollars!


  • Five times more refined formula that has been refined 5 times
  • Free of impurities
  • Compatible with all lighters
  • Included are 5 adapters
  • Stops misfires, clogging, and other malfunctions

5. Lotus Butane Refill Fluid for Resin Torch Lighters

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This Lotus gas is the best choice if you’re looking for a speedy and cost-effective refill. It’s available in a 400ml container, yet it’s surprisingly priced and offers the best quality fuel.

In addition to being affordable, What else can this unit provide?

It is a formula with “zero impurities’ as noted on the label. This is because the formula has been refined 3 times, eliminating most pollutants.

If it wasn’t enough, fuel goes through a six-step removal process to remove any remaining contaminants, which results in a 99.9 100% pure product. This allows the producer to oversee the production process and monitor fuel quality.

With this high purity level, the fuel is able to protect your torches from expensive repairs. It also prevents burning issues and ensures that the valves on the burner don’t get blocked.

Another great benefit of this fuel type is that it can be used on all types of lighters due to the standard nozzle of the canister. Plus, the cap on the canister is equipped with adapters for all butane torches available.

In contrast to other items on our list, this one is manufactured in England. It’s specially designed for premium torches. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t refill other lighters.


  • Perfect for luxury, premium lighters
  • There are virtually no residues or contaminants
  • It goes through a purification process that involves six steps.
  • The can is 400ml in size.
  • Made in England
  • 99.9 percent pure
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Butane VS Lighter Fluid: What’s the Difference?

Lighter fuel is a flammable chemical compound. It’s utilized in many devices that generate or maintain fire. It is primarily composed of gaseous hydrocarbons.

However, butane is extremely flame-resistant and easily dissolves in a colorless gas. It’s mostly employed in gas-type torches and lighters. Therefore, it is classified as a kind of lighter fluid.

But, you can’t utilize lighter fluid and butane similarly. What is the reason we are saying this? There are significant distinctions between the two!

At the temperature of the room, butane remains in a gaseous form. To achieve this, it needs to be pressurized before it can become liquid. However, lighter fuels are carbon compounds with heavyweights like pentane and hexane. These compounds are present in liquid form at the temperature of ambient. Furthermore, these devices burn more quickly but consume fuel faster than lighter lighters for fuel.

What fuel do you pick? It’s an individual choice. But, if you’re looking for an elegant and slim lighter, Butane lighters are much more stylish than lighters that use fluids. Additionally, good lighters let users alter their flame’s intensity.

The difference between 5X and butane? Refined VS Regular Butane

Butane is a kind of natural gas that comes from petroleum. Following its extraction, the natural gas becomes very impure and not refined. In addition, it’s typically found in oil that requires separation from natural gas. Similar to water vapor, it needs to be separated from gas too.

Natural gas typically consists of three liquids: methane, propane, and butane. To get rid of these compounds, natural gas must go through an array of boiling and heating. Once each compound has reached its boiling temperature, the gas separates it. The term fractional distillation knows this process.

Even after extraction, butane isn’t the purest form. To achieve this, it needs to go through further filtering and purification. The majority of commercial applications demand gas that is 97 to 99.5 percent pure. This is achieved by refining and refined butane a certain amount of times. Refining reduces the presence of contaminants in the gas and improves the quality. Additionally, refined fuel protects valves that control the burner from becoming blocked and malfunctioning. It also prevents misfiring.

In the simplest terms, 11X gas is refined 11 times, while five-X butane is refined five times. There are some differences between the two fuels.

Due to its purity, 5X fuel is among the most sought-after butanes available. It is mostly utilized to replace lower-quality gas. In contrast, 11X gasoline is considered to be a standard lighter refill. It’s inexpensive, extremely flammable, and suitable for various applications. You can utilize it for industrial or household applications.

Wrapping Up!

Perhaps, the information above will have answered your query. Without a doubt, it’s time to get out and get your hands on any of these amazing items to replenish your butanes torch. You should be able to restore them to their original working condition.

Today is the last day. If you end up having any issues, ensure that you leave us a comment, and we’ll be sure to try our best to help.

Frequently Answered Questions

1. Are the ingredients in Zippo butane refined?

Yes, it’s been refined three times. To do this, it improves ignition and cleaner burning and is odorless.

2. Do you have to use any butane as an ignitor?

It’s an easily accessible and fairly affordable liquid gas that is affordable and readily available. It’s an extremely widely used fuel for jet-flame torches and lighters. But, you shouldn’t refill your torch with any type of butane. Instead, ensure that you’re using n-butane to fill your torch.

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