6 Best Bowl For Microwaving Oatmeal (October 2022) Reviews

I remember vividly the moment when I broke one of the bowls in the microwave once. My brain is permanently etched with the death stare that I received from my mother.

There was oatmeal everywhere in the oven and was starting to harden. It was messy – an unclean mess that I needed to scrub for several hours!

Yet, I’m able to let my kids heat food items with the oven. The best bowl to use for microwaved oatmeal is the key to my quiet manner of living.

I’ve got about more than a dozen of them to ensure that my kids and I are comfortable in microwaving food items. Are you interested in joining the club and get more information on these bowls?

Microwavable Bowls to prepare Oatmeal Purchase Guide

The first step is to find an option to determine the most suitable option for you. I’ll talk to you about it in this article. What better way to start than making your own cup of coffee and then relax for a moment?

What is the size, shape & Depth?

It all depends on the way you live. Are you looking for a large or smaller bowl? What shape will suit your style whether square or round?

Does the bowl need to have a more intricate design or are simple designs sufficient? You’re probably able to guess that this section will answer most of your questions about the oatmeal bowl that can be microwaved.

The dimensions of the bowl shouldn’t be too large for the microwave. Therefore, take a look at the space inside your oven and determine what size is the most suitable. However it’s also contingent on the quantity your family members or you consume regularly.

What is the style? It’s not a matter to be concerned about. But, many people are deeply affected by mismatching forms (people who are on the spectrum, ADHD, OCD symptoms and so on. ).

In this case, selecting the right shape is equally important as the dimensions.

Remember that without the fullness of the bowl there is a good possibility of the oatmeal boiling. It’s a gooey and sticky mess that you will not want to scrub clean.

The more deep the deeper, the more valuable!

Does the Material Microwave secure?

Now, you must focus on the product. Can it be used for microwaving safely? What kinds of materials are commonly employed in the oven? How do you decide which to select?

The first thing to remember is that the most suitable bowl to microwavable oatmeal shouldn’t break. I learned from experience how risky it can be for the oven and for you.

There are three major kinds of materials you could choose from – ceramic, glass and plastic. Are you wondering what I can do to ensure that the plastic will not melt, or that the glass or ceramic won’t break?

The bowls will always be marked with an indication of use for safety. Don’t forget to read the label. It is safe to trust when it is accompanied by an icon or says ‘Microwave safe.’

No matter if it’s ceramic, glass, or even plastic, the company has created them as resistant to heat.

Third, regardless of the material you select (sometimes silicone is microwave safe, as well) Make sure everything is impervious.

The feature stops food odors from being in the nutrition bowl. into the bowl of nutrition.

Are the Bowls durable?

What happens first? The scratches are visible after many scraping. This tells us whether the bowl you purchased is robust or not.

This is only for after purchase. How do you know beforehand? There is no technical method of knowing. We have to believe in the brand and the manufacturing process.

I must admit that the bowl I broke in the microwave wasn’t high-quality. It has been my comfort throughout the years.

Even after many years of use the microwave-safe bowls will not explode, break or break when the material quality is top-quality. Also, select trusted manufacturers who have been selling the products for years without complaints.

It will allow you to find the perfect thing in just a few minutes.


Most bowls that are safe to use in microwave ovens can also be used in dishwashers. The top rack of your dishwasher is the place to put them.

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It is important to check the safety symbol to ensure that you are allowed to put the bowl into the dishwasher and go about your day. In the event that it is not, you’ll need to clean the bowl in the traditional method.


How much are we discussing? The good news is that the microwave bowl or pot for oatmeal is fairly affordable to purchase. Although the cost will differ according to the type of material used but you’ll still save money after purchasing an entire set!

Top 6 Best Bowl For Microwaving Oatmeal 2022

I hope you’ve got just a few cups of coffee remaining in your cup, because it’s now bowl hunt time! Be patient; we’re getting close.

1. Duolu Unbreakable Cereal Bowls

This oatmeal bowl that is suitable for microwave ovens is very dear my own heart. Since its introduction it has impressed many people, from the capability to the materials quality.

We’re always searching for multi-purpose cooking products to shell out just a few dollars. This can lead to low-quality bowls that scratch to the point that it becomes difficult to chip or crack, or clean when microwaved in a few months.

But, DUOLUV cereal bowls are an excellent example of how you require versatility and a adequate capacity.

Each bowl of the set is able to hold approximately. 30 ounces. It is contingent on whether the contents are liquid or dry. What is the weigh? Let me assure you that you’ll only feel the weight of what you are adding!

The best part is that it’s a sustainable wheat straw fiber. There is no need to worry about causing harm to the environment.

Do these bowls take the dishwasher and microwave temperatures? You can bet on the amount you invest!

Additionally, they’re resistant to shattering when dropped, in contrast to glass. It’s as if you won a lottery you never even bought. I strongly recommend it.

Key Features:

  • Built from the sustainable wheat straw fiber
  • Plenty of capacity to stop spillover of oatmeal (up to 30 OZ.)
  • Microwave and dishwasher are safe
  • 100% BPA-free
  • It can be used for heating rice, ramen oatmeal, pasta, etc.
  • Indestructible and light

Check Price On Amazon

2. Sistema Microwave Secure Noodle Bowl

Have you ever had the chance to use an oatmeal bowl made of plastic which is designed to serve Ramen? The fact that the manufacturer refers to it as a noodle dish does not mean it’s the only thing it can hold.

It is important to remember that instant noodles require approximately two minutes to cook completely in the microwave. So, you are able to make use of the same bowl to make the best oatmeal too!

What is the difference from plastic that is BPA-free? It comes with a lid with a vent that lets out steam. In the end, it is possible to warm stew, soup, or other dishes that require covered heating to prevent splashes.

A locking mechanism lets the lid to remain in the right place. My favorite feature is that you can use the handle to sip a glass of soup or stew right from the bowl or maybe I should refer to it as an enormous cup?

It is possible to take the microwave to work and then heat the food items there (with the vent opened).

The question is what else is it suitable to use it for other than microwaving? Is it safe to leave this in your dishwasher? Fortunately the Sistema noodles bowl is fit for the top rack in the dishwasher.

It is also possible to put food items inside it and store to store in your freezer!

Key Features:

  • Multipurpose use
  • The lid has locking clips
  • Internal sealing keeps the lid stay in place without any leakage
  • The cover features the vent to release steam at the the top
  • Dishwasher, microwave and freezer are safe
  • 100% BPA-free

Check Price On Amazon

3. Pyrex Glass Mixing Bowls for Kitchen

There are three bowls of different sizes that are available. Each is the ideal bowl to microwave oatmeal. This is not an exaggeration These are truly exquisite products that should be found within every kitchen.

If this is the first time living without familymembers, I would recommend purchasing this set. It is not necessary to buy bowls for many years to come.

They are made using borosilicate glass, an extremely durable material that is thermally shockproof. Additionally, each bowl of the set is equipped with varied capacity.

You’ll definitely enjoy this set just like me, who is obsessed with the idea of labeling things. While the largest one is ideal for baking recipes The other sets can be used for similar functions, such as serving of pasta or snacks, for example.

The final result is that their high-rise edge allows you to microwave oatmeal with no fear of explosion that could spill over. Furthermore the glass is nonporous that means you can heat or heat any food item in the bowls however, they won’t absorb flavors or odors.

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It helps to clean them easily!

Key Features:

  • Three sizes are available: 1, 1 1/2, and 2 1/2 quarts
  • Made of heat resistant borosilicate glass
  • It is safe for the microwave, the in the oven that is preheated and dishwasher
  • The glass is tempered, which ensures it is freezer-safe
  • Different sizes can be nested to make space
  • It is used for many different purposes.

Check Price On Amazon

4. Silipint Silicone Dishwasher Safe Bowl

The microwave bowls that cook oatmeal are among the priciest of the lot. But that shouldn’t hinder me from having these within my own kitchen. What is the reason?

Let’s take a moment to do not overlook the fact that these bowls are not glass as the silicone material is equally at home with both ice and heat. If you have kids who are obsessed with cereal or oatmeal but have not yet learned how the art of holding a glass dish, Silipint silicone is the ideal solution.

The bowls are shatterproof. I’ve witnessed one bounce around on the floor and not break! It also ensures the bowl not crashing in a loud clump in the event that a child views the bowl to be a drumming exercise.

The kid eats while playing with you – while you assume the title of the brilliant parent!

As children are the primary motive behind the production of these products Are they safe? Yes it is possible to clean silicone bowls quickly. Another advantage of the material is that sticky food is easily removed from it.

Additionally, the depth of each bowl lets you cook oatmeal and not spill it over easily.

The most important thing is that the silicone is food grade and is completely safe to serve meals, snacks and more.

Key Features:

  • It comes as four sets.
  • Made of BPA-free 100% silicone
  • Odor and phthalates are free
  • Microwave as well as dishwasher and freezer are all safe
  • Silicone is eco-friendly
  • It has a range of color patterns

Check Price On Amazon

5. Homestockplus Dessert Bowls to Serve Oatmeal Soup, Pasta, Soup and Salad

Have you ever heard that certain microwave safe cooking bowls are so relaxing to gaze at that you are happy just from using them? I didn’t know about this sensation until I came across the unbreakable cereal bowls from Homestockplus.

They share the same features as our previous option, DUOLUV, so I decided to include them in the set.

You’ve guessed right, similar characteristics refer to the same ecologically friendly straw. The bowls won’t break even if you accidentally drop them.

While the product has won me over in all ways however, there are some drawbacks. It cannot be used in the oven. The microwave temperature must be within 300F and don’t heat any colored sauce.

The bowls are great however, the fiber isn’t resistant to colorants in sauces. It’s unpleasing, but you can cook oatmeal daily in them!

Key Features:

  • Eco friendly and with more depth
  • 100% BPA-free
  • Constructed from wheat straw
  • Perfect for seniors and young children.
  • Microwave safe to 230F.
  • Dishwasher is safe

Check Price On Amazon

6. Rapid Soup Mug

Remember the Sistema Noodle Bowl, our second favorite on our list? This is a very similar bowl or mug to the one for oatmeal that will not let you down.

Yes, they can lift your mood after everything has been cooked in a uniform heat distribution.

Are you aware of that many people use disposable lunch containers often during school or office breaks? It’s a staggering number obviously.

But it is true that the Rapid cup is one of the safer alternatives that you can carry to work. Use the lid that locks to prevent leaks and heat the food contents at the time you are ready to take a bite.

It is possible to make ramen, oatmeal and make it a container for food and the outcome is identical. It’s an unbreakable bowl that has a handle to is able to carry your meal in the field.

Key Features:

  • The lid has an air vent
  • Microwave safety
  • Dishwasher is friendly
  • 100 BPA-free plastic that is 100 percent BPA-free
  • Reusable up to 5 years
  • The handle is heat-resistant.

Check Price On Amazon

3 Common Microwave Oatmeal Recipes Make Easily At Home

I won’t bother you because oatmeal is so easy that you can start it now!

The ingredients and nutritional quantity is for only one person.

Recipe 1 the classic Oatmeal mixed with Fruit

The ingredients are 1/3 cup of oats (old-fashioned) 2/3 cup of milk (water is also a good choice) A small amount of vanilla extract as well as one teaspoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of butter that is not salted (it isn’t required) and a few fruit, berries and so on. for toppings.


  • Use a microwave bowl of oatmeal.
  • Add the oats, milk salt, and butter Mix them well.
  • Microwave the food between 90 seconds and 2 1/2 minutes, with intervals (the time depends on the degree of tenderness you are looking for).
  • Remove the bowl (do make sure to take oven mitts , if needed).
  • Make use of the mixed fruits (strawberries blueberries, raspberries and blackberries) and bananas cut into slices for toppings.
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The second recipe is Oatmeal With Nuts, Honey and Honey

The ingredients are 1/3 cup of oats (old-fashioned) 2/3 cup of milk (you could also add water) and a couple of teaspoons. of honey as well as some cinnamon and the toasted nuts (walnuts and almonds, walnuts).

It’s one of my favorite breakfasts for the morning, which boosts protein levels for those who love sweets like me.


  • Make sure you have a microwave-safe oatmeal bowl.
  • Incorporate the oats and milk, and mix them up.
  • Microwave it for up or up to a minute.
  • Mix in honey and mix for a second time.
  • Repeat the microwave until the desired tenderness has been attained (about 1 minute).).
  • Remove the bowl with oven mitts if you require.
  • Sprinkle some cinnamon over the surface.
  • And then top it with walnuts and almonds.

Three Recipes: Oatmeal with Avocado & Egg

The ingredients are 1/3 cup of oats (rolled oatmeal/instant) 2/3 cup of water or milk as well as some salt an egg, 3 to 4 pieces of avocado (or as many as you like) 2 tablespoons parmesan cheese (shredded), some fresh parsley cut into herb fashion and an additional pinch of crushed black pepper.

If I don’t have lunch that happens more frequently in these times, I come up with this recipe to make an energizing meal in just 10 minutes! What are you waiting for? Why not give it the chance to try it yourself?


  • Then, poach an egg in a fry pan or skillet (you may choose to use either boiled or fried egg, too. It’s all the choice of your taste buds).
  • Second, cut some avocado slices and place them aside.
  • Get an oatmeal bowl or container which is suitable to use in the microwave..
  • Add the milk, oats and salt, mix lightly.
  • Microwave them for around 1 minute or until the desired tenderness has been reached. Don’t forget to stop at intervals to stir.
  • Then, get the container/bowl – it’s time to top!
  • Poach the egg (or soft or boiled eggs that have been fried into slices).
  • Set the slices of avocado on top of the egg.
  • Also, add the parmesan cheese.
  • Last but not least add maybe some of the black pepper (ground) and chopped parsley over the tops.

You are always able to create your own recipe using oats. This is the benefits of oatmeal. It is not just healthy, it can be served well with any delicious topping!

People Also asked

1. How do you heat oatmeal without it popping up?

It’s all about watching the process with a keen eye. Also, make sure to use an oatmeal bowl that is tall in microwaves so as to ensure that the oatmeal is deep. Don’t undervalue the power of intervals in order to avoid the overflow of oatmeal. Also, try not cover up the contents completely when you are microwaving.

2. Does oatmeal microwave in safe plastic bowls for microwave use?

Although it’s not the best choice because of the health risks associated with plastic Some are BPA-free and don’t leach substances into food. Research and measure the product to ensure microwave safety before making use of plastic dishes.

3. Are paper bowls safe to use for microwaving?

Some microwaves are technically safe, however, you need to look for the microwave-safe symbol before heating food items.

4. Does microwaving oatmeal make you healthier?

It’s actually an instant substitute for traditional stove-boiled oatmeal. If you’re on the go the microwaving of oatmeal can yield similar nutritional benefits.

5. What bowls aren’t safe to use in microwave ovens?

Any metal or Melamine (unless it is marked with a warning label visible) Ceramic (some vessels get too hot) and metal-handled containers bowls, containers that are made of foam and paper towels, painted china and rubber (if not clearly labeled) etc.

Wrapping up!

Dear people Do you know the definition of the most effective bowl for microwaving oatmeal , without harming other bowls?

It’s all about your preferences, and nobody can change it. The serving sizes are another aspect to take into consideration when evaluating.

Let’s face it, we all have oatmeal in a large container in the kitchen or pantry cabinet.

This illustrates how important an essential ingredient in a meal like oats is for the families and friends. It is not only possible to alter its flavor from sweet, spicy, or salty; you can play around with many ingredients as well.

The most satisfying feeling comes when you develop your own oatmeal recipes that nobody has tried before. How do you achieve this? The microwave-safe bowls allow you to have endless heating and reheating the food, without spilling.

Enjoy the oatmeal and your favorite toppings straight in the bowl!

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