9 Best Bluetooth Speakers That Pair With Each Other (September 2022) Reviews

In this article, I’ve listed the top 9 most effective Bluetooth speakers that can pair with one another to improve the quality of sound. If the two speakers are connected together, the sound quality is additionally enhanced and there is a boost in bass. If you connect two speakers you will be able to benefit from the left and right channel sound experience outside the house.

Certain portable Bluetooth speakers can be used for connecting 100 or more speakers. There is no need to buy 100 speakers that connect to each other, but this option is accessible to those who want things that are different.

However, based on your preference, you can connect as many speakers and have great time outside using tiny portable speakers.

The Notes on the Method I Used to Select the Top Bluetooth Speakers

Most of the time, I just use one speaker that is powerful and strong for audio playback. However, in recent times I was prompted to look for two Bluetooth speakers. As I listen to recordings, music or even motivational material I am moving around my house to finish chores.

In this instance the situation, a single speaker in my bedroom is not able to provide sufficient sound. So, I decided to put a second Bluetooth speaker outside of my bedroom to ensure that I do not miss a single word.

Personally, I am a fan of JBL speakers due to their solid, loud and stylish. In addition, I have a JBL Charge 4 already. This is why I purchased the identical model to go with the earlier model.

I recommend that you pick the same speakers (if you already own an existing one) to pair two Bluetooth speakers. This will help you avoid problems with compatibility.

However, if you’re thinking of buying two brand new Bluetooth speakers, then you have a variety of options. I’ve picked the top Bluetooth speakers that have been in my possession for a while.

They are all reliable since I did extensive study. I do not compromise on quality, and I also take into account the cost.

Being aware of the quality of the sound as well as the durability, price, Bluetooth range, and advanced features, I suggest buying one of these Bluetooth speakers

Top 9 Best Bluetooth Speakers That Pair With Each Other 2022

1. JBL FLIP 5 True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

The most recent speaker in the Flip series is the Flip 5 which comes with features that people are accustomed to. It is not only able to connect 100 JBL Flip 5 speakers together but it also has a host of other amazing features. Its cost is reasonable and is much lower than the quality of sound it offers.

It’s IPX7-waterproof This means that it can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes without causing damage. Even though it has not been tested for dust or other substances, it’s an excellent portable outdoor speaker.

Comparatively to the previous model from JBL This one is focused on a higher level of audio quality. The microphone is gone while the speakers are big.

It is possible to control many things through the app however the EQ settings aren’t available and it doesn’t connect to the older JBL models. JBL.

The battery life is 12 hours, which can be enough to play throughout the day. You can choose to buy alternative speakers if you need greater battery time. The battery is 4800mAh which isn’t too small, but timing is quite low due to the improved sound quality and larger drivers.

There are 11 colors to choose from on the JBL Flip 5. You can choose different shades if you purchase several speakers to pair them with one another.

In the simplest terms, JBL Flip 5 is the most powerful JBL speaker for under $100. It can be combined with other compatible JBL speakers to have an entire celebration. Just buy 2 JBL Flip 5 and have stereo audio when you pair them with one another.

Key Features:

  • It’s a real Bluetooth stereo speaker that has an easy-to-carry style.
  • JBL Flip 5 can connect up to 100 Bluetooth speakers. This makes it ideal for large gatherings.
  • It’s equipped with powerful drivers, and offers high-quality sound.
  • It’s an IPX7 rated speaker that has high durability.
  • Flip 5 comes with a 4800mAh battery that is capable of providing the user with up to 12 hours gaming time


  • Can connect up 100 Bluetooth speakers.
  • Long-lasting and powerful battery
  • Great sound quality at a low cost
  • IPX7 Rated, strong material


  • There is no voice assistant or speakerphone
  • Connect only to JBL speakers.
  • The bass in the music is not what you want.

2. JBL FLIP 4 Portable, Waterproof Bluetooth Audio Speaker

While JBL Flip 4 is a slightly older model, that does not mean that it’s not a good product. Because it comes with unique characteristics, some users still enjoy it more than Flip 5. It’s a bit old-fashioned, but still a decent JBL speaker which can be connected to this model, or with another compatible model to provide greater audio. It is possible to connect 2 JBL Flip 4 speakers with one another for increased bass and high-quality sound. stereo audio from right and left channels.

IPX7 waterproof is ideal for outdoor use and isn’t worried about being submerged by water. I frequently use it for the pool at my buddies at their homes to increase the volume of music.

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The battery has 3000mAH capacity and is it claims to offer twelve hours of playing time. However, when you play it at maximum volume, it will end with only 4 hours. It’s still good and you should have at minimum 7+ hours as it won’t be running the battery at maximum volume constantly.

Similar to JBL Flip 5, it also comes with JBL connect+ which allows you to connect up 100 of your compatible JBL speakers together to give your party a boost.

Utilizing Bluetooth with Bluetooth, you can connect two smartphones using JBL Flip 4. Contrary to JBL Flip 5, it also has a built-in microphone for conference calls as well as loudspeaker calls. Noise cancellation and echo cancellation assist you with crystal clear calls.

Simply by pressing one button, you are able to speak to Google as well as Siri.

In the end the end, this speaker is well worth the price because of its amazing features and superb sound and bass. It is possible to connect two or more speakers together.

Key Features:

  • JBL Flip 4 integrates voice assistants, such as Google Siri and Siri
  • It also has an echo speakerphone and noise-canceling feature for calls.
  • Combine it with two smartphones simultaneously , and you can connect it with as many as 100 additional JBL speakers
  • It’s IPX7-rated and can be submerged for up to 30 minutes. It is therefore ideal for pool and beach outdoor events.


  • Includes bass radiator as well as JBL Signature Sound
  • Up up to 8 hours of playtime with 3000 mAh battery
  • Highly waterproof and ideal for outdoor use.
  • Voice assistant and speakerphone built-in


  • The mid-range sounds are not ideal.
  • There are no track navigation buttons

3. JBL Charge 4 Portable, Waterproof Bluetooth Sound System

JBL Charge 4 has been in my possession for quite a while. This adorable speaker has never let me down. I am awed by its premium sound quality, IPX7 rating, and its portability.

If you’re on a budget and you want to buy something great from JBL Charge 4, it is one of the most popular and most highly rated speakers. It’s the most recent model that is part of JBL’s JBL Charge series and comes with a variety of unique and excellent features. Additionally, there is the JBL Connect+ function that lets users to connect up to 100 JBL speakers together.

Additionally, it is IPX7 certified waterproof and is able to flounder in the water. If you happen to drop into water, it won’t get damaged or drown in the water. It is completely safe to use in water.

In terms of design and appearance It’s almost identical in appearance and design to the JBL Charge 3, and is a top speaker, but with a lower price tag than it. It is also recommended to look into JBL Charge 3 before purchasing JBL Charge 4.

JBL Charge 4 doesn’t have an integrated microphone and the buttons do not flash in dark. These two issues are quite irritating. JBL Charge 3 features an integrated microphone and you’ll surely require it when your smartphone is linked to the device. This feature is what makes Charge 3 better at a extremely low cost contrasted the Charge 4.

In addition, using JBL Connect+, which is the JBL Connect+ function it is possible to pair up to 100 or two compatible JBL speakers together. The older JBL speakers that have JBL Connect+ feature are not compatible with the feature.

The battery is large that can play for 20 hours in time. However, if you use it at high volume, it’ll be 13 hours, which is great.

Furthermore, it features two bass radiators that increase bass volume and provide crystal clear sound. The quality of sound is superior to what you would expect from all JBL speakers. If you purchase two JBL Charge 4 speakers, you can pair them one another.

Key Features:

  • Dual bass radiators ensure premium sound quality
  • A powerful 7500mAh battery that provides the capacity to last upto 20 hours gaming time
  • JBL Charge 4 is great for pool and beach celebrations because of its IPX7 rating.
  • Combine with another 100 JBL speakers using Connect+ technology. Connect+ technology.


  • A sturdy portable Bluetooth speaker
  • Super-powerful battery
  • Excellent quality of construction and a decent design
  • Can be connected to two phones and 100 speakers.
  • It is available in various colors for a reasonable price.


  • It does not have a built-in microphone
  • Do not have backlit buttons.

4. Sony SRSXB12 mini Bluetooth Speaker-Pair 2 Together

Another highly-rated Bluetooth speaker on the lowest price lets you pair two Sony speakers to have more enjoyment at parties.

The speaker is IP67 certified, which means it is waterproof and dustproof. It can be submerged in the water for up to 30 mins at a one-meter deep. You can clean it off if it becomes dirty.

Additionally, it comes with the most compact design, and carrying straps for simple transport. This speaker is able to provide 16 hours of playback in normal listening volume.

A passive radiator that covers low-frequency tones improves bass sound. For those who love bass, this is a fantastic speaker, and when you connect 2 of them each other, you’ll get excellent stereo sound on both channels.

You can select your favorite color from five different shades. Prices may differ a bit depending on the color.

In essence, for bass enthusiasts with a low cost, SONY provides a great speaker. The feature you love the most of pairing is included within these speakers.

Key Features:

  • Sony SRS can be described as a small intelligent, efficient, and smart Bluetooth speaker.
  • It is possible to connect two Sony speakers to one another.
  • It also has a built-in microphone for calls made via loudspeakers.
  • An ideal choice for those who love bass due to its powerful and deep bass.
  • It’s waterproof and dustproof because it is IP67 rating. This means you can have a reliable speaker for less than $100.


  • Simple portability using a strap to carry
  • 16 hours of playtime per day at normal levels
  • The ideal companion to travel with due to its compact size
  • Ideal for use everywhere because of its IP67 rating.
  • Connect to another Sony speaker


  • The microphone on the speakerphone is sometimes unclear
  • You may encounter distortion when you play deep bass.
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4. DOSS SoundBox Touch Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

DOSS SoundBox is also an inexpensive speaker. You could pair up two DOSS SoundBox speakers with each to get a better sound experience. Similar to SONY it is also a highly-rated and affordable speaker.

Control buttons that are touch-sensitive can make it a better speaker. With the most modern Bluetooth 4.2 technology it’s compatible with all of the most recent Bluetooth-compatible devices. It will automatically connect to the last device you have synced to after you turn it on. In addition, you could connect a micro SD card or connect it to the AUX connection.

Additionally, its two drivers offer premium quality stereo sound in 360deg with an enhanced bass. You’ll have a fantastic experience when you connect the two DOSS soundBox speakers together with one another.

It’s IPX4 water-resistant, which means it is able to take splatters of water coming from any direction.

If you use at half capacity the battery could last for up to 20 hours, while it can last 10 hours when it is at its maximum volume.

In short, in this price point you can get a top speaker made by this brand. You should consider it if you don’t have the funds. If you’re a lover of music and have sufficient funds, JBL speakers are still my number one recommendation. This is extremely adored and most popular speaker within this price bracket.

Key Features:

  • Doss Soundbox gives you superior sound quality and quality of sound from its compact body
  • A sleek portable speaker that comes with control panels that are touch-sensitive.
  • It’s capable of pairing with any Bluetooth devices, and can be used with any Bluetooth speaker
  • You’ll get 20 hours of entertainment at 50% volume, and 10 hours at full volume.


  • IPX5 approved and splash resistant
  • A powerful and portable speaker.
  • Dual drivers to provide 360-degree stereo sound
  • A good speaker for an affordable price


  • Features Bluetooth 4.2-an older version
  • The bass isn’t adequate to match the quality of the bass.

5. Rocksteady Portable Bluetooth Speakers

It’s a costly Bluetooth speaker that comes with a wide distance of connection, a extended battery life, as well as many options.

It is possible to join two speakers to each other and then set them as left, right channels to get a more powerful sound and great fun at gatherings. But the voice of one speaker can be much more loud.

The Control panel is situated at the upper part of the screen. This means that you can manipulate many features with one click. Connect your mobiles to the internet or connect to one another in simple and simple ways.

Additionally, inside the bag for travel you can place those four speakers. It is not a problem connecting all four speakers to play the exact tune from each of them at the same time. This can increase the volume and even make it more suitable to play at a large gathering.

In the end, it’s an excellent feature that allows users to connect several of them. It is however a pricey speaker, so only those with the money to purchase it.

Key Features:

  • Rocksteady is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 version that guarantees clear and high-quality sound and a range of 100 feet
  • It comes with the tweeter driver, mid-bass driver and bass drum, to provide the highest quality audio
  • You can connect up to four Rocksteady speakers together. But the single unit produces a superior sound
  • 16 hours of entertainment with a Fast-Charging feature and excellent mobility


  • A powerful speaker that has many drivers.
  • Fantastic bass and great sound.
  • Can be connected up to four Rocksteady Bluetooth speakers
  • Features Bluetooth 5.0 and a powerful connection, and a long-range


A high-end speaker costs more than $100

6. OontZ Angle 3 (3rd Gen) – Bluetooth Portable Speaker

The product is manufactured by Cambridge Sound Works, this one is a very special speaker with a low price. Since it is possible to pair two of them with one another using it’s True Wireless Stereo feature. Get better sound and improved clarity and clarity using this small speaker.

In this tiny speaker, 10plus watts of power is provided by the amplifier, which creates a higher volume.

It also has the most recent 4.2 Bluetooth technology and has 100 feet of range which is incredible. The only speaker of this class can boast this wide of a range.

In addition, thanks to IPX5 certification, it’s able to handle water with low pressure however, it isn’t able to submerge in water. Therefore, there is no need to worry about rain. Great to use outdoors and in showers, but avoid getting submerged in the water.

If it’s at 2/3 power, it runs up to 14 hours. When it is at full volume it can run for up to 8 hours, which is quite impressive.

In short, with the price of a small budget this is a reputable speaker that has modern features and a stunning design.

Key Features:

  • It offers 100 feet Bluetooth range.
  • A budget-friendly portable Bluetooth speaker with incredible features
  • IPX5 Rated, waterproof and safe to use outdoors
  • A battery’s lifespan of up to 14 hours would be good and perfect for traveling.


  • Super portable speaker in an ultra-compact design
  • A high-powered battery provides 14 hours of gaming time at 2/3 volume
  • Amazing Bluetooth range of up 100 feet
  • It provides stereo audio high-quality


  • It’s not the perfect bass
  • Not waterproof completely, but splashproof

As it is already know, Bose is well-known for its audio equipment. It is the highest-rated Bluetooth speaker from the brand. If you have just 100 bucks, this is a better option.

The style and design is different from other speakers in the list. Within 30 feet of range you will be able to enjoy high-quality sound and crystal clear bass quality.

Additionally, it comes with an integrated microphone that can be used to listen to calls or calling conference calls using a loudspeaker. This feature isn’t available on several speakers but it’s quite an important function. It is required in the event that you plan to connect your smartphone to the Bluetooth speaker to play music. You can, however, leave it off if you don’t have the need for it.

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In addition to being IPX7 waterproof and breathable, it also withstands scratches and dents, which makes it safe when falling onto the floor.

The battery life is 6 hours, which seems adequate, but at this price, it’s slightly lower. Other speakers in this price range offer more than 10 hours of playtime. It is still your choice what amount of playtime you need in a day.

Key Features:

  • Bose SoundLink is a micro speaker with a slim body and superb mobility
  • It’s IPX7 certified as both waterproof and solid durable
  • Its compact size doesn’t affect the sound quality.
  • Pairs with another Bose speaker to enable stereo or party mode.
  • It’s compatible with voice assistants, and includes built-in microphone.


  • Smart speaker with top audio quality
  • Fantastic sound quality and sound quality coming from a compact speaker
  • IPX7 rating is waterproof and durable enough to withstand physical impacts
  • Built-in microphone to make conference calls and is can be used with the voice assistant of your choice.


  • The battery isn’t powerful and offers only 5 hours of time to play

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Another speaker by the same manufacturer Bose. This model is superior to the previous model, but its cost is high too. This is why it’s priced lower than the preceding one.

It also has 360deg of sound, with high-quality bass and a louder volume. Its playtime is 12 hours which is twice the previous one. It might not last all day long at maximum volume, but it will work at a normal volume. But it’s adequate and sufficient for your needs.

Two speakers can be paired each other to enjoy an outdoor party with a more powerful sound. The pairing together will double the power of the sound.

It is also possible to pair this audio device with Bose Smart Home Family by using Bose SimpleSync technology.

By using a built-in microphone it is possible to make clear and crystal-clear calls as well as conference calls using loudspeakers. The reach is only 30 feet, but like most phones, it’s sufficient.

It’s IPX4 which is the downside to this sound system. Even after spending this big price, it isn’t able to be submerged in the water. For this amount it is recommended to get at the very least an IPX7 rating, however here you will get is only IPX4 which is basically protection from water splashes.

In the end, it is of good quality, its IP rating is lower. There are many other choices to choose from JBL speakers. If you’re open to a lower IP rating the rest is perfect.

Key Features:

  • Bose SoundLink Rvolve a premium sleek, elegant, and fashionable portable speaker
  • It provides 360-degrees of loud and clear surround sound.
  • You can double the power of the sound by pairing it up with another Bose speaker.
  • Use the virtual assistants on your phone for hands-free operation using Google and Siri


  • 12 hours of fun at 50 percent volume
  • Bose SimpleSync technology to connect to Bose Smart Home Family
  • It supports the Bose Connect app and has quick control buttons
  • Listen to music in stereo or in party mode


  • A fairly expensive speaker
  • IPX4 is rated as disappointing for this price

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Frequently asked questions

Certain Bluetooth speakers in this list are able to pair with up to 100 additional speakers. Some speakers can pair with just one speaker. So, how do you connect them?

This might be a thought that you have in your head along with other questions that are common. Here, I’ve attempted to address several questions you may have.

How do I pair four or more Bluetooth speakers?

Certain Bluetooth speakers have special connectivity technology that lets you the pairing of as many as 100 speaker.

For instance, JBL features ‘Part Boost as well as the ‘Connect+’ technology that allows connecting multiple Bluetooth speaker systems together.

Other than that, you can make use of Bose Connect and AmpMe Ultimate Ears, and other similar apps to play the same track across multiple speakers.

Does Bluetooth 5 be connected with multiple audio devices?

Bluetooth 5 is the advanced Bluetooth version. It allows for the connection of up to two devices at once. This means that you can transmit the same audio to two speakers. Bluetooth has a greater bandwidth for transmission. Therefore, it is recommended to choose an audio device that supports Bluetooth 5.0 versions.

What is the features of the top Bluetooth speakers?

The primary quality of the finest Bluetooth speaker is the outstanding audio quality. You should also consider battery longevity and connectivity, durability, IP rating cost, and lastly the design.

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Does it work? Bluetooth speakers from different brands be used with each other?

It is indeed possible to connect to play and control two Bluetooth speakers of different brands. But, it’s not the best option due to the different audio features of each brand differ since they employ different technology and drivers. This means that you might encounter issues with delays in audio, sync and compatibility.

Why do my Bluetooth speakers aren’t connecting?

A minor software issue can cause Bluetooth speakers not to connect. They can be fixed by restarting either by resetting or reconnecting.

Wrapping Up!

These are just a few speakers we believe are the best. Each of these Bluetooth speakers are able to connect to each other. You can purchase two speakers from each of them and enjoy stereo sound with right and left channels for outdoor events.

My recommendation for you is JBL Flip 5 and JBL Charge 4, if are able to afford it. If you’re looking for the cheapest option There are a variety of top choices that are available. I’ve listed the top 9 top Bluetooth speakers in 2022 that work with one another.

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