Best Bluetooth Headsets for Calls in Noisy Environment

Are you searching for the best Bluetooth headsets for calling in noisy environments? Continue reading if you answered yes to the above question.

Bluetooth headsets can be used for hands-free and remote working. Bluetooth headsets can be used for both listening to music or making calls.

Calls can be made via your mobile phone, or hands-free. Background noise can interrupt you while making calls via a mobile phone.

The other person cannot hear your voice properly. Frequent interruptions in your environment can also cause frustration.

These are the best Bluetooth headsets to make calls in noisy environments. The best Bluetooth headsets will give you the best call experience. They have an active noise canceling feature that cancels out ambient noise.

Bluetooth connectivity eliminates the need to hold a phone in one’s hand. Bluetooth headsets offer many other benefits.

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bluetooth Headset for Phone Calls

You should be aware of the following important points when purchasing a Bluetooth headset to make calls in noisy environments. Below are the essential features of a Bluetooth headphone.


Comfortability is the first quality. Look for headsets with leathery, cushioned headbands and earcups. Lightweight headsets are more comfortable and don’t pound your head.

Heavy headsets are not recommended for use throughout the day. It can feel heavy on the head and can cause hearing loss and headaches.

So I have included the top-rated, light-weighted Bluetooth headsets for 2022 that will allow you to make calls even in noisy environments.

Noise-Cancelling Feaure

You want to buy the best Bluetooth headsets that can be used in noisy environments. This function adapts microphones to block background noises. It allows you to make continuous calls in noisy areas such as subway stations, airports and markets.

They also create an immersive music experience by blocking out the ambient sounds. Some headsets do not have active noise-canceling (ANC) feature. These headsets are not recommended for use in noisy environments.

Sound Quality

You should always choose a headset that has high-quality sound quality. You use it not only for calling but also to listen to music. Pay attention to the power and drivers. The sound should be clear and clean. You will have the best call experience if you include bass.

We have selected only Bluetooth headsets that deliver exceptional sound quality in this article. Transparency mode should be an option on your headset. This feature allows you to hear other people while wearing your headset.

Battery Life

Bluetooth headsets can be carried around. They come with a rechargeable battery that has a long-lasting life. You might wear headphones all day at work, or attend meetings via Skype.

You might also want to listen to music. Your Bluetooth headset should have a strong battery. Bluetooth headphones have a battery life between 14 and 40 hours. It is better to buy a headset that has a longer battery life.

Control and Connectivity

Over-ear headphones can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth. To make calls in noisy environments, the best choice for 2022 is to use headsets that have Bluetooth5.0 or another recent version. It is reliable and doesn’t drop calls.

You should also look at the Bluetooth range. You can move away from your device with a higher Bluetooth range. Some Bluetooth headsets also feature NFC pairing through an aux cable.

You should also look for compatible apps so you have quick control. Some Bluetooth headphones have touch controls, while others have physical buttons. It all depends on what you prefer.

Nearly all Bluetooth headsets have voice assistants. This feature allows you to control your device from one convenient location. You can control your headphones using your voice.

Other Features

Everyone loves beauty. Consider your personal taste when buying headphones. You can choose from matte or glossy colors. You can still choose your favorite color, but don’t compromise on quality.

Another important consideration is to carry cases. This makes it easier to store and transport. While some brands provide a comfortable, well-made case, others do not. You can still carry your Bluetooth headset with you, as it isn’t too heavy.

When buying a noise-canceling Bluetooth headset to make calls, you should consider the cost. While some are more expensive, others offer the same features at a lower price. Before you buy a headset, compare the prices of different brands.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headsets for Calls in Noisy Environment

There are many brands of headphones on the market. Everyone claims its quality. You feel overwhelmed and unable to choose the best. You won’t be anxious after reading this article.

Because I’ve sorted the best noise-canceling headphones. Speakersmag’s experts focused on the noise-canceling function while choosing the best Bluetooth headphones to make calls.

You now have a solid understanding of the key features that a good headset should possess. This will allow you to easily choose the right headset for you. I will be reviewing the 10 top headsets for 2022.

My Favorite Headphones

Sony WH-1000XM4 has been my top choice. This pair replaced my headphones recently. I prefer this product because of its performance, long-lasting batteries, and excellent noise-canceling powers.

The best thing about these headphones is the integration of 5 microphones. The call experience is unparalleled. Comfort is another feature that appealed to me.

These headphones are very lightweight. Even after listening to many hours of calls, my ears don’t hurt. There are many other options.

Here are the top 10 noise-canceling Bluetooth headsets that can be used to make calls in noisy environments in 2022. There are many brands that offer different qualities. Let’s find out what their features are.

1. Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Headphones

Sound Quality

The best Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones are the Sony WH-1000XM4. This upgraded version of the Sony WH1000XM3 headphone pair has been updated. They are more intelligent than XM3.

These headphones are very popular for calling in noisy environments. The headset cancels out all noises automatically. The Sony-XM4 headset allows you to hear everything clearly. You can also make continuous calls even in noisy environments.

The device has five microphones built in, which allow for accurate voice pickup. You can also control your voice with Alexa. The Sony XM4 headphones have premium sound quality. The bass is powerful and deep. The bass is well-boosted and flows easily. This headset has EQ adjustment. You can adjust the sound and bass settings.

The mids and highs are well-defined. Sony headsets offer a rich listening experience. This Bluetooth headset by Sony is ideal for music and calls.

Its noise cancelling feature is outstanding. For the best listening experience, it has a Digital Sound Enhancement feature.

These headphones allow you to make calls while listening to music. It has a talk-to-chat function. It detects your voice and pauses the music to turn on the ambient mode. If you’re a regular singer, you can disable this feature.


They are very comfortable and satisfy users. Plush padding is used in the headbands and earpads. You can listen for long periods of time with great comfort. This Bluetooth headset can be worn all day.

In noisy environments, you can still enjoy music and make calls. The design of this new headset is almost identical to the older model. The Sony-XM4 Bluetooth headsets are stylish and more elegant. They are available in silver, blue, and black colors.

They are also lighter than other headsets. This Bluetooth headset is made of high-quality plastic.

The Sony XM4 headset includes a gorgeous storing case. The slim, strong case can also store your aux cable and USB cable. This allows for easy portability.

Control and Connectivity

The Sony Connect app supports this Bluetooth headset. The app has many amazing features. You can control and set up many options. You can enable or disable the ambient sound control and touch sensor, as well as change the noise cancellation level.

This Bluetooth headset’s right earcup has a USB C charging port. Other accessories can be found in the left earcup. The left earcup houses an Aux input and a power button.

It also features a button that can be used to cancel out noises. This feature can be disabled to disable the Google Assistant or Alexa voice control. Other control options are available. The earcups are touch-sensitive.

You can adjust the volume and playback. By swiping up and down, you can adjust the volume. The double touch can be used to play and pause. You can connect the Sony XM4 Bluetooth headset to two devices simultaneously. This Bluetooth headset can be connected to both your mobile phone and laptop simultaneously.

The headset has a 30 hour battery life. The headset has an easy charging function. It can be charged in just 10 minutes and you will get 5 hours of playback. The Sony XM4 Bluetooth headset is by far the best. It’s less expensive than Bluetooth headphones with the same features and quality.

Salient Features

  • Sony XM4 comes with 5 microphones that can be used to make continuous calls.
  • Digital sound enhancement and EQ settings offer additional benefits
  • Google Assistant and Alexa compatibility allow you to control your device hands-free
  • Bluetooth headphones are known for their long-lasting, powerful batteries that can last up to 30 hours.


  • The best noise-canceling headset
  • Bluetooth pairing seamless
  • Design that is both stylish and comfortable
  • Dual device connectivity


  • It is not ideal to connect two devices at once
  • It takes effort and time to pair
  • Audio is not possible using the USB-C port

2. Bose Noise-Canceling 700 Bluetooth Headphones

Sound Quality

Bose 700 Bluetooth headset is very popular. The best noise cancelling feature is available with this headset, which can be adjusted on 11 levels. It has great bass. It has a smooth, well-balanced audio transmission.

These headphones are great for calling in noisy environments. This Bluetooth headset is perfect for office workers, airline passengers, and people who live in noisy areas.

This is the most recent model in the Bose QuietComfort headset series. This headset has many new features and sounds even better than the older models. It includes 8 microphones. It has 8 microphones that enhance the noise-cancelling function.

Its sound processing technology allows people to hear you clearly over a phone call. The headset features a sidetone feature that you can set to your preference so that you hear your voice over the phone. It prevents you speaking too loudly.


The headset is beautiful. This headset is available in three colors: silver luxe, soapstone and triple black. Its headband is made of stainless steel, instead of plastic. These headphones are more durable and stronger because of this.

This design does not fold as it doesn’t have hinges. The headset must be kept flat in its protective case. It is lightweight and stylish, however. You can also store your USB-C charging cables and audio cables. It is slightly heavier than the Bose QuietComfort35 headphones.

The headband is made from a soft rubber band that’s filled with air. This creates a cushion for your head. This headset can be used for hours of listening.

Control and Connectivity

The headset has modern controls. Bluetooth 5.0 ensures that the headset can be connected to your smartphone. These headphones can also be paired with Bose soundbars.

It also offers wired listening with a hands-free option. It supports Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. It can cancel all distortions and picks up voice commands even in noisy environments.

The right earcup features a touch sensitive area. You can adjust the settings. Bose 700’s touch panel works well in winter, unlike other headphones. On the headphones is the noise-canceling switch.

This feature can be adjusted at high, low, and mid levels. It offers true transparency in Bose terms. To pause or play music, you simply press the button.

Bose Music companion is an iOS and Android application that supports this headset. This app allows you to customize many settings. It is compatible with Bose AR applications.

The Bluetooth headset can be used with up to two devices simultaneously. The battery lasts for 20 hours. The Quick Charge feature provides 3.5 hours of playback with a 15-minute charge.

Salient Features

  • Bose 700 headphones have a distinctive feature: the noise-canceling feature can be adjusted across 11 levels.
  • To ensure smooth calls, the pair has 8 microphones built in.
  • These headphones are compatible with Bluetooth 5.0. This latest version supports a wider range, faster, and smoother data transmission
  • They are compatible with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.


  • Wonderful sound, well-balanced
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Transparency mode that is truly transparent
  • For long listening hours, a comfortable headset is ideal


  • It is relativey more expensive than its counterparts
  • Battery life must be improved
  • The mobile app is not ideal

3. Srhythm NC25 Bluetooth Headset ANC

Sound Quality

The headset features digital noise-canceling technology. It blocks out background noises. You can therefore make calls in crowds and subways as well as airports. It eliminates 90% of the background noise.

It is however not ideal to cancel out human voice. The headset can be used with either a wired or wireless connection. The headset can cancel out noises even without the ANC feature.

It is also very satisfying with its powerful signals and crystal clear sound. Dual HD audio drivers are included. These headphones are powered by 40mm high resolution drivers and 360° ANC technology.

This headset is ideal for listening in quiet places. You can enjoy an immersive music experience with the headset. The headset has a great soundstage and audio transmission is very smooth. The sound is clear and well balanced. It works well at all levels, including low, medium, and high.


The Bluetooth headset is extremely lightweight. These headphones have been professionally designed to provide the best possible listening experience. They are extremely comfortable and can be used for hours.

Its ergonomic design is another great feature. This headset can be adjusted at multiple levels. You can rotate the headset from 90 degrees to 170 degrees. It will fit your head best based on the size of your head.

It folds up easily and can be stored away. The headset is lightweight and portable, making it the ideal companion for travel. The unique structure of the headset maintains air pressure.

These headphones are extremely comfortable to wear. The soft cushioned earcups won’t irritate your ears. You can choose from three colors: matte black, coral orange, or mint green.

Control and Connectivity

This headset’s most remarkable feature is the long-lasting battery. The battery’s 1000mAh capacity can last for up to 50 hours. It takes just 2 hours to charge.

A quick 10-minute charge provides 3 hours of playtime. The Bluetooth headset comes with a stereo audio cable measuring 3.5mm. Many Bluetooth headsets come with a 2.5mm cable. You can also use the wired connection if the battery is low.

The volume, MFB and ANC buttons are located in the right earcup. The control is easy to use. The headset also features a low latency gaming mode. Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest technology in this headset.

It also supports voice assistants such as Siri. This headset can be connected to up to two devices simultaneously. You can listen to music and make calls easily.

Salient Features

  • The Active Noise-Canceling Headphone Srhythm NC25 can cancel out 90% of background noise
  • It is a great choice for battery life, with up to 50 hours of use and a quick charging feature.
  • These headphones are very comfortable and flexible.
  • They offer Bluetooth 5.0 and a 3.5mm audio output.


  • High quality sound quality
  • Notable bass and well-balanced sound
  • This stylish and beautiful product is available in three colors
  • Affordable and well worth the cost


  • In wired mode, volume cannot be adjusted
  • Noise reduction is not 100%, but 90%

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4. Bose QuietComfort35 II Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones

Sound Quality

Bose is a well-known brand in the field acoustics. They specialize in creating the best audio devices. Bose 35 II Bluetooth headset is ideal for calling in noisy environments.

This headset is a top pick because of its well-balanced sound quality and noise cancelling technology. This headset is a great choice for travelers who need to make and receive calls in noisy environments.

Bose headsets have effective pads that can block extra noises. The pads can block external noises even if noise cancellation is disabled. You can still make smooth calls even in noisy environments.

The noise-cancelling feature of the device is extremely efficient and comes in three levels. It makes you feel as if you are walking in a peaceful and quiet place. Dual microphones allow for excellent voice pickup. It can pick up both high and middle ranges.

This Bluetooth headset’s neutral sound is the best thing. The soundstage and bass are excellent.


The Bluetooth headset is stylish and elegant. This Bluetooth headset is available in silver and black colors. These headphones are made of high quality plastic.

Metal can add weight and cause headaches. They are lightweight and easy to use. The leather covers the earcups. This headset can be used for extended periods of time comfortably.

This headset also comes with a handy storing case. This case makes it easier to transport.

Control and Connectivity

Bose was the first to introduce voice-assisted headphones, and other brands have followed suit. Bose 35 headphones have a built-in Google Assistant. You can also control the headphones by speaking into your voice.

The Google Assistant button is located in the left earcup. To ask Google any question, press and hold the button. This headset also reads your notifications and eliminates the need to check your phone repeatedly.

The Bose Android and iOS apps are compatible with this headset. You have additional control options with this app. You can also adjust the noise cancellation levels and toggle noises.

This app can be downloaded to your smartphone. This headset supports other Bose AR-enhanced applications. Pairing via Bluetooth takes seconds and is easy. The Bluetooth headset works with all smart devices.

The right earcup features a touch-sensitive panel. It also has a power and pairing slider. The right earcup also houses the volume and playback buttons.

This headphones is great for calling and listening to music. The headphones come with a powerful battery. The battery can last for 20 hours.

Salient Features

  • Bose QuietComfort comes with a built-in Google Assistant that can read the phone notifications and answer any questions
  • Bose Acoustics is the specialist in this field, and this pair produces a balanced and neutral sound.
  • These stylish, efficient headphones provide 20 hours of battery life


  • Efficient noise-canceling headset
  • Voice pick-up with dual microphones
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Volume-optimized EQ settings


  • Auto play/pause not available
  • There is no instant mute option
  • Instead of a 3.5mm audio cable, use a 2.5mm audio cord

5. Beats Solo Pro On-Ear Headphones

Sound Quality

The Beats Solo Pro headphones have a lot of popularity. They are trusted by the majority of customers. Beats and Apple collaborated to create this headset.

It comes with an Apple silicon chip. It is identical to the AirPods’ latest AirPods equipped with the H1 chip. Its performance is comparable to Apple’s authentic acoustic products.

Beats Solo Pros now has many more features. This Bluetooth headset is ideal for calling in noisy environments. These headphones come with 40mm drivers.

It also features dual beam-forming microphones. Noise cancelling is made possible by the motion- and speech-detecting accelerometers.

This headset also has noise-canceling capabilities comparable to premium headphones. This headset is ideal for traveling. The headphones effectively cancel environmental noises.

It is perfect for music. It produces a clear, balanced sound. It has a good bass and audio at all levels.


These headphones are made of sturdy plastic. These headphones are strong and durable. They are lightweight, which makes them ideal for listening to music. They fold up easily and can be carried around. They can be carried in their carry case or in a travel bag.

Ear cups are cushioned and padded. They protect your ears but don’t pound your head. The silicone headband is perfect for your head.

The size can be adjusted to fit your head. The headset is available in three colors: dark blue, lightblue, and red. Its sleek and matte design makes it look professional.

Control and Connectivity

The Apple H1 chip in this headset improves performance. This chip reduces the sound quality and prolongs battery life. You get better audio quality and longer calls.

The headset supports Android devices as well as Apple devices such iPhones and iPads. The H1 chip allows for quick pairing and quicker switching between devices. It supports Siri and Google voice assistants.

It supports Bluetooth 5.0, which provides the most reliable connection. This headset can be paired with any device. The Bluetooth codes are SBC, AAC.

The Bluetooth headset has a long-lasting battery. You can listen for as long as 22 hours with the ANC feature enabled. With ANC off, the battery can last up to 40 hours.

These headphones can be used with the Beats Android App. You have many control options. They can also be used for wired connections. For wired listening, you can use a 3.5mm cable.

The volume and playback buttons are located on the right earcup. These buttons can be found under the Beats logo disc. The voice assistants can be accessed directly from the button. The noise cancelling button is located on the left earcup. You can adjust the transparency level.

Folding and unfolding the headset will turn it on/off. Apple can also repair this headset in the event that it develops faults.

Salient Features

  • Beats Solo Pro headset has an Apple H1 chip to ensure compatibility with iOS devices.
  • Battery life is improved – Play for up to 40 hours with ANC Off
  • For smoother transmission, connect wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.0 or establish a wired connection
  • This product is designed to resist sweat, so your health will not be affected


  • Active noise-canceling function
  • Beautiful design and a nice appearance
  • Battery life is 22-40 hours
  • Portable, light, and comfortable


  • Uses USB A lightning cable instead USB-C
  • When removed, does not automatically pause
  • These headphones are even more tight.

6. Jabra Evolve 75 UC Wireless Bluetooth Bluetooth Headset

Sound Quality

Jabra Evolve 75 headset is specially designed to make calls in noisy environments. This Bluetooth headset is extremely popular with noise-canceling headphones. This stereo headset offers the best call experience.

This headset also delivers exceptional sound quality. It is a Bluetooth headset certified for professional use. It can be used for personal and business purposes, as well as for Cisco and Skype meetings.

It syncs seamlessly with call service software. These headphones are recommended for calls in noisy environments. These headphones can also be used to enjoy stereo music.

High quality audio is guaranteed by the highly understandable boom mic. This mic produces high-quality sound. Its noise-canceling function is extremely powerful. It offers a smooth calling experience. It is not too loud and doesn’t panic your ears. The bass is very noticeable, and the sound quality is excellent at all levels.


The headset is lightweight and therefore ideal for everyday use. You are protected from fatigue and headaches by the comfortable design.

Leather is used to cushion the earcups. The rubber pads on the headband are very soft and comfortable. It is available in matte black.

This headset also includes an adjustable boom microphone. The ambient microphone allows you to communicate and listen to your surroundings while wearing the headset.

Control and Connectivity

Jabra Evolve has all of the controls buttons located on the right earcup, just like other headphones. It also has a central button that can be used to answer calls. You will also find the power, pairing and volume control buttons on the right earcup.

The dedicated mute button can be used to stop the music. This button can also be used to connect voice assistants. Two buttons are located on the left earcup. The ANC button is used to cancel noise.

The mic can be activated by pressing the other button. The headset allows for quick and easy pairing. Dual Bluetooth pairing is available with this headset. It can be connected to two devices at once, one for music and one for calls. Bluetooth range is approximately 30 feet.

It also has a voice function that tells you the battery percentage. The red light indicator acts as the “Don’t disturb” feature. It illuminates when you’re on a call, preventing other people from interrupting.

This headset also includes a USB dongle. You can use it to establish a wired connection. The purchase includes a USB charging cable as well as a carrying case.

The headset can be folded up and stored in its own bag. It is lightweight and portable, making it a great choice for travel. It takes approximately 2 hours to fully recharge and can last up to 18 hours. The timing of the battery charge depends on how much you use it.

Salient Features

  • Jabra Evolve headphones were specifically designed for call service sync
  • These stereo headphones are suitable for both calls in noisy environments as well as music.
  • This design incorporates a light indicator to indicate that you are on a phone call.


  • Active noise-canceling feature
  • Smooth, uninterrupted calls
  • High quality sound in HD
  • Design that is both comfortable and attractive
  • Excellent timing for battery charging


  • Apps not supported
  • Some on-ear controls are missing

7. Soundcore Anker Live Q30 Active Noise Cancelling headphones

Sound Quality

Anker Soundcore Q30 headphones are affordable and the best. These fashionable headphones have all the necessary features. This Bluetooth headset is extremely affordable and offers excellent sound quality.

Q30 is Anker Soundcore Q20’s successor. Many specifications were included. It was released by Anker in 2020. The popularity of this model was quick.

Active Noise Cancelling is a feature of this headset. This headset provides a quiet environment for making calls. The audio quality is excellent with rich bass. Although the noise-canceling function works well, it is not as good as brands with higher prices.

Soundcore can still be used to make calls in noisy environments. It cancels low-frequency noise and doesn’t interrupt calls.

It also blurs out high-frequency sounds. The ANC can be adjusted on three levels: indoor, outdoor, or transport. These modes allow you to have a better listening experience.

With ANC, the bass is deeper. The headset works well even with ANC off. These Bluetooth headphones can also be used to listen to music. These headphones are equipped with 40mm drivers. They provide crystal clear sound at all levels.


This stylish headset is available in pink, blue, or black. These headsets look professional and professional. It has a luxurious look and feel at a very affordable price.

It is made from sturdy plastic, steel and leather. The headset is durable and strong. Soundcore logo embossed on earcups adds beauty and elegance.

The Bluetooth headset is heavy. It is lightweight and comfortable thanks to the snug fitting headband. Both the headband and earcups have cushioning. Some users feel that the quality is not up to par. The quality is the best for your budget.

Control and Connectivity

Soundcore headset does not have touch controls. The headset only has one button to switch between ANC modes. It does have a physical button on each earcup. On the left earcup is the ANC button. This button is used to toggle between transparency and ANC modes.

You will also find other control buttons on the right earcup. These buttons include volume and play/pause. You can also use the play/pause buttons to answer or end calls. Holding down this button will activate voice assistants.

These headphones can be used with Siri or Google Assistant. Siri is compatible with iOS devices, while Google Assistant works better. Voice commands can be used to perform multiple functions. Thus, operate your headset hands-free.

Soundcore supports these headphones. You have more control options. An Anker headset also includes an aux cable for wired listening.

NFC technology is also available for fast pairing. Bluetooth connectivity is extremely reliable with a range of 50 feet. Hence, you face no dropouts during calls.

This headset’s 22 preset EQ settings are the best feature. Each setting can be used to play a different type of music. The Sleep Mode produces soothing sounds, which is perhaps the most amazing. These modes can be accessed through the app.

It has a great battery life. The Anker Soundcore’s battery life is the longest at 40 hours. The battery can still run for 20 hours even with the ANC turned on. The quick charge feature provides 4 hours of battery life and a 5-minute charging time.

Salient Features

  • Soundcore Anker Life has adjustable ANC settings and 3 EQ settings
  • It has the longest battery life, up to 40 hours when the ANC feature is turned ON and 20 hours when it’s off
  • This device boasts the longest Bluetooth range, and can be used up to 50 feet. It also has NFC connectivity technology.
  • These headphones work with Siri and Google Assistant, two of the most popular voice assistants.


  • Calls can be made more pleasant with active noise cancellation
  • Beautiful and sensible choice
  • Available in three stunning colors
  • High quality at a very affordable price


  • Manufactured without touch controls
  • Heavy headset with tight fitting
  • Some tracks have bass that is annoying

8. Shure AONIC 50 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sound Quality

The Shure AONIC50 is worth every penny. This Bluetooth headset features a premium noise cancelling feature. This headset is ideal for calling in noisy environments.

It produces a pleasant, neutral sound. It is equipped with 50mm dynamic speakers. It works well at all frequencies. You will hear clear, detailed audio.

These headphones make the perfect companion for travellers. These headphones can cancel out low-frequency sounds. The powerful noise-canceling technology ensures smooth calls.

You can choose from five preset EQ settings. You can personalize them to find your favorite. Shure AONIC headphones can cancel low-frequency noises.

This headset can be used to make calls with no interruptions from the surrounding environment. The headset cancels all outside noise, so there is no need to raise the volume. This protects your hearing.


These headphones are elegant and fashionable. These headphones have a good look and are available in brown, black, or white. They are very comfortable and can be worn all day.

The headband and earcups are also made of leather. It is also very comfortable. Don’t panic about your ears or head. Earpads are removable for cleaning and the design is flexible.

The headset comes with a comfortable carrying case. It is lightweight and easy to transport. These headphones are not foldable because they lack hinges. They are nevertheless durable and reliable.

Control and Connectivity

The headset has a 20-hour battery life. You can use the headset during flight. Audiophiles will love this headset. It has a 2.5mm-3.5mm audio jack that can be used to connect headphones. Many other brands have a 2.5mm audio connector.

It supports the latest Bluetooth technology, including aptX HD and low latency LDAC codecs. Bluetooth 5.0 allows for a stable connection to all types of devices. Bluetooth range is approximately 10 meters.

The pairing process is fast and efficient. This headphones can be connected to up to two devices simultaneously, just like other headphones. You can therefore enjoy high-quality, vivid audio. The USB-C has two purposes. It can be used to charge the headset and input data.

The majority of control buttons can be found on the right earcup. The right earcup houses the ambient listening switch, noise cancelling, Bluetooth, power, volume and playback controls.

It also has a Google Assistant button. This Bluetooth can be operated by your voice. An iOS and Android app are available for Shure Bluetooth headset.

Many control options are available in the ShurePlus app. This app can be downloaded to your smartphone and used to check the battery, play music, adjust the noise cancelling function, and update firmware.

Salient Features

  • Shure headphones feature the most recent Bluetooth 5.0 technology and support aptX HD and low latency LDAC codecs.
  • This headset is versatile with 5 customizable EQ settings.
  • Google Assistant compatibility is only a click away
  • It is very clear in voice transmission and clarity, plus it cancels background noises actively


  • Multifunctional on-ear controls
  • Great aesthetic quality
  • Comfortable design that is suitable for long hours of listening
  • With 20 hours of playtime, the battery lasts a long time.


  • It lacks hinges and isn’t foldable
  • The price is higher
  • Good quality, but heavy-weighted

9. SENNHEISER Momentum3 Bluetooth Headphones

Sound Quality

Sennheiser Momentum 3 has been updated. This Bluetooth headset has many features. This headset is the most advanced in the Sennheiser audio line.

These headphones deliver amazing sound quality. These headphones deliver a deep bass and a clear sound. The active noise cancellation feature gives you an amazing call experience. These headphones are great for making uninterrupted calls.

The headset cancels out all interfering sound. It works well at all frequencies. It has 42mm dynamic drivers. It also has a decent high-end that does not torture your ears.

This headset’s mic is very clear. You can be heard clearly by the person listening to you on the other end of the phone. The mic transmits strong signals, which overcomes environmental noise.

Speaking frankly, the audio quality is outstanding. The ANC feature also includes smart pause and auto on/off functions. The ANC feature can be adjusted on three levels.


These headphones are available in white and black colors. These headphones have a distinctive design and a nice appearance. They are made of metal and feature a clean design. The inner earcups are made of both leather and memory foam.

The cushioned texture of the headband is extremely comfortable for your ears. The leathery, soft headband is also available. These Bluetooth headphones can be worn all day. It is comfortable and fits comfortably on your head.

The case is a grey zip-up and comes with the headset. The headphones are easily foldable. It is lightweight and easily transportable.

Control and Connectivity

Major control buttons are located in the right earcup. This is where you can switch between ambient and ANC modes. The right earcup also houses the voice assistant button.

It is compatible with many voice assistants such as Siri, Google and Amazon Alexa. Five more buttons were located in the right earcup. These buttons can be used to control call volume, playback, or navigation. NFC pairing technology is also supported by this headset.

These Bluetooth headphones can also be controlled by the Sennheiser smart control app. It is compatible with both iOS as well as Android. The app controls many other features, in addition to EQ adjustments.

Bluetooth version 5.0 is supported. aptX and AAC codecs also available. This allows for reliable pairing. Audio transmission is smooth and of high quality.

The headset charges via a USB-C port. To make a wired connection, the headset has a 3.55mm audio connector. The headset’s battery life lasts almost 17 hours. The battery timing can vary depending on the volume and whether or not you have the ANC feature turned on/off.

Salient Features

  • SENNHEISER Momentum 3 delivers the highest quality audio at all frequencies
  • Its leathery texture ensures comfort and ease of wearing
  • Continuous connections are possible with feature Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC technology
  • It supports popular voice assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant


  • Headphones with active noise cancellation
  • This is a great choice for calls in noisy environments
  • Vivid sound and bass are evident
  • Design that is elegant and well-thought out
  • Apps for iOS and Android are supported


  • It is more expensive than its counterparts
  • The app has bugs

10. Sennheiser SDW 5066 Dect Headset

Sound Quality

Sennheiser’s SDW 5066 is also known as EPOS. This headset is very popular among travelers. Because it features ultra-noise-cancellation with wideband audio. This headset has a double-sided design.

This Bluetooth headset is very enjoyable in terms of sound quality. The volume is high and balanced. The sound is full of bass and rich.

It is truly amazing how the music effects work. The headset allows you to feel completely immersed in the music. Two microphones are included to make it easy to understand. The noise-canceling system of the device is strong enough. It allows you to make clear calls even in noisy environments.

It also features its own voice detection technology, which prevents you speaking loudly on calls. This headset also has a hearing protection feature.

It measures the sound pressure and audio levels. Your ears will not feel any acoustic shock. The headset produces a crisp, clear sound.

This headset can also be used to make conference calls and webinars. According to the company, this Sennheiser headset has been certified for professional calls.


The headset is both stylish and professional. It is made of a strong material and has a solid structure. Its comfortable design makes it suitable for long wear. The earpads feel soft and leathery. They provide the best noise-cancelling function.

Flexible and bendable, the microphone can be used in a variety of situations. The microphone has an easy-to-use mute button. The headband is lightweight and doesn’t put pressure on your head.

Control and Connectivity

It can be used with any device, including smartphones and computers. This headset can be connected to a computer and controlled by the volume control.

The light indicator is multifunctional and a great addition to the unit. To ensure that you don’t disturb others, the light will turn red when you’re on a call. The light changes color while charging the headset and glows purple when it is connected to the computer.

To indicate an incoming call, the light will blink in blue. This indicator light is extremely helpful in determining the status and health of your headphones.

The base station is included with these Bluetooth headphones. The base station is compatible with all Sennheiser headphones and contains most of the control options. This headset’s most remarkable feature is its triple connectivity. It can be connected to a PC, a smartphone, or a desktop.

Bluetooth ranges up to 180 metres. The Bluetooth security certificate DECT is included to ensure security. Your call data is kept confidential. The battery lasts for 14 hours. In just 30 minutes, the quick charge feature charges 50% of the battery.

Salient Features

  • High-quality mic with ultra-noise cancelling
  • Sennheiser’s headset is certified for professional calls
  • You will receive 14 hours of talk and 50% off your monthly bill within 30 minutes
  • It’s a Binaural Bluetooth headset that has the triple connectivity feature


  • Clear and crisp sound
  • Perfect for professional calls
  • High quality music
  • Multi-purpose light indicator
  • Equip with DECT security certified
  • Includes a base station


  • The design cannot be folded.
  • Heavy and more expensive headsets

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Commonly Asked Questions about Bluetooth Headsets

This article attempted to cover all aspects. You may still have questions about Bluetooth headsets that allow you to make calls in noisy environments. These are some common questions that new buyers may have.

What headset is best for noise cancellation?

The Sony WH-1000XM4 headset is by far the most noise-canceling. To reduce background noises, it has Active Noise Cancellation technology (ANC). It also has 5 microphones built in, Alexa compatibility, and Google Assistant compatibility. It has a 30 hour battery life. All these features make the headset ideal for calling.

Is it worth spending on noise-canceling headphones?

Yes, noise-canceling headphones have special technology that reduces background noise. They are worth the investment if you want to make clear calls and not be distracted. They are great for listening to music and not disturbing others.

Can noise-canceling headphones cause Tinnitus or damage to hearing?

Noise-canceling headsets can be used safely. They will not damage your hearing or cause Tinnitus. They reduce the noise load on your ears and block outside noises to a great degree. They were actually designed for pilots to reduce the noise from heavy engines so they don’t distract.

What is Noise Canceling Headphones?

This article identifies the 10 best Bluetooth headsets to use in noisy environments. These headphones have been tested for noise cancellation.

Wrapping Up!

I only included the best Bluetooth Headsets for Calls in Noisy Environment that were rated highly by maximum users. All of my reviews are honest and sincere.

Additionally, I listed the disadvantages of each headset. These are minor issues. The main concern is the quality of sound and noise cancellation.

This article should help you find the best noise-canceling Bluetooth headsets for making calls in noisy environments.

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