10 Best Blackstone Griddle (September 2022) Reviews

The preparation of food for outdoor gatherings can be quite challenging for those who don’t have the necessary kitchen appliances when you’re far from your home. Gas stoves that have multiple burners, the ability to cook BBQ as well as regular food appear like a cake when you’re in the kitchen.

But, you are able to demonstrate your cooking skills by cooking outdoors with grill stoves. Outdoor griddles are among the essential equipment to have when you are planning barbeque events more frequently.

However I personally would prefer to purchase the top Blackstone griddles due to the cost, sizes along with the high-quality material, along with the general cooking experience. If you’re already searching for the perfect one, don’t overlook the griddles below that have received very warm and positive reviews from their customers.

Top 10 Best Blackstone Griddle 2022

No matter what your budget or size preference, you’ll find the one to fit your needs in the following list.

1. Blackstone 1554 Inches 4 Burner Flat Top Gas Outdoor Griddle

When you’re cooking for the entire community it is necessary to have an extra large griddle than the standard size. This Blackstone 36-inch griddle will meet the needs without compromising. The cooktop can be large enough to hold 4 burners which allows you to cook multiple foods at the same time.

Made from top-quality stainless steel The burners are sturdy and robust which will last longer than you could ever imagine. To ensure the retention of heat and for distribution it’s has a thickly rolling steel that makes cooking easier regardless of what cooking skills you possess.

You can regulate the heat that each cooktop produces. To cook with versatility, think about altering the temperature to low or high temperature. It is also possible to use stove to keep food warm as you cook other dishes. This is the kind of thing you’d have to do to host an outdoor event.

If you’re worried about the taste, you’re likely to enjoy the most delicious hamburgers you can cook. From breakfast dishes to stir-frys, the griddle is well-equipped to cook everything with the same flavor and juices.

To ease the user’s experience It comes with an electric push button that eliminates the effort of starting the unit. It will begin when you press the button. It is possible to easily transfer the device from one location to another using its caster wheels made of industrial grade. The wheels come with an locking mechanism to hold the unit in its place.

Key Features:

  • 36 inches cooktop that has four burners and a variety of cooking options.
  • Durable construction made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • The temperature can be adjusted for each burner.
  • It’s easy to press on the button for start.
  • Caster wheels made of industrial grade for menuverability.

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2. Blackstone 17 Inch Portable Gas Grid

If you’re traveling on your own, or usually travel with a partner, this less mobile griddle will meet your requirements. In comparison to the standard size griddles, this one is much less. From a cost standpoint, it’s a great Blackstone outdoors griddle combination for single-use.

With an electric igniter that is powered by an electric igniter, you won’t have difficulties in getting the cooker started. To power this appliance it requires just a 1 propane bottle that weighs 1 pound. Because it comes with an integrated grease catcher cooking with it will be fun and easy.

In order to assist you in the preparation of food items, this features an H-shaped burner constructed from stainless steel. It is expected to quickly heat up and the heat distribution is impressive, in contrast to the majority of smaller griddles. The burner can generate 12,000 BTU heat that allows cooking to be completed without taking much time.

Its small size can easily accommodate any space. Great for hunting, road trips or camping, and various outdoor cooking needs. If it’s time to clean it’s not too hard. It’s a matter of using the paper towel to clean off the cooking surface.

It’s specifically designed for those who travel frequently on their own and are often on the road, it’s up to the task of enduring almost anything the excursions put at it. It can also be used for cooking at home or for breakfast preparation with no issues.

When you consider the specs and features that it has It’s difficult to find an alternative to this for this price.

Key Features:

  • Single H-shaped burner for single use.
  • 12,000 BTU high-heat burner.
  • A durable design of stainless steel.
  • Electric ignition is easy to turn on and off.
  • The built-in grease trap makes cleaning easier.

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3. Blackstone Griddle 28 Inch

In comparison to traditional grills or barbecues, cooking on an griddle stove can be much more efficient and a effortless task. If you’re confused between grills and griddle stoves and you are not sure, you won’t regret buying the Blackstone 28″ giddle.

Whatever food you’d like to serve for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you’ll find that the stove will be sufficient for the majority of cooking needs. To reduce the preparation stress There is an end and a top shelf that can be used to store food items to be used for this purpose.

The stove has two heat zones in the shape of Hs. allow you to control the heat according to what recipes you require. Each burner produces 15000 BTU of heat, so food items that require high temperatures can be cooked on this stove with no difficulty. Since the temperature is adjustable it is able to handle foods that cook slowly.

For fueling the unit, there’s an ordinary 20-pound tank, which has storage space for convenience. No requirement to set up a sitting position for propane storage.

Because of its powder-coated black steel housing that has the stainless steel burners you are able to count on the griddle’s its durability. The thick cold-rolled steel cooktop is designed to distribute heat evenly; this means you will get well-cooked breakfast and lunch and dinner dishes every time.

Key Features:

  • Two H-shaped burners with 15,000 BTU for flexible cooking.
  • The thick steel cooktop will ensure the proper temperature near edges.
  • Excellent black and constructed from stainless steel.
  • Controllable heat zones.
  • Wheels with integrated wheels to allow mobility.
  • 20 pounds propane tank.

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4. Blackstone 22″ Tabletop Griddle Outdoor Grill

If you are cooking for a regular basis for regular cooking, you must ensure that the cooktop is big enough to allow you to cook a variety of meals simultaneously. For such needs it is possible to purchase this 22-inch cooktop that is not too big nor too small , and sits at the perfect point between the sizes.

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Because of its small and lightweight size, you can cook the majority of your full meals wherever you’re. It’s not difficult because it weighs just 22 pounds. For backyard barbecues, parties and tailgaters, as well as the like, all you require is this stove, and let the cooking work to it.

No matter how skilled you are at cooking it will not cause burning or smoky taste whatsoever. Foods will be tender enough, and the meats will be tender regardless of how often you cook.

If you’re concerned whether the cooktop will ignite food items in the kitchen or not, I am able to confirm that the stove won’t cause any harm when cooking a variety of foods. It also lets you keep your food warm while cooking other dishes.

Both H-shaped burners are temperature-adjustable according to the needs of the dish. It is possible to cook high or low-temperature meals with no trouble, and without taking too long. It has an internal grease channel that removes grease from food items without disturbing you.

Key Features:

  • 22 inches cooktop that has two H-shaped burners that can cook a variety of dishes.
  • A consistent temperature to cook better.
  • Extremely mobile.
  • The heat-resistant handle lets you be positioned near the handle to aid in stirring.
  • Burners can be heated to your liking.
  • Built-in grease system minimizes cleaning headaches.

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5. A Blackstone Tailgater Portable Gas Grill and Griddle Combo

An additional Blackstone outdoor griddle packed with excellent specifications and features that will alleviate cooking worries away from going camping, having a party, or backyard activities. This is a combo package that comes with an oven to satisfy your cravings for grilling.

To make it easy to move around The unit has adjustable legs that can be used even on rough terrain. It is a great way to take it into the woods or as a part of family entertainment and leisure time..

As a versatile stove There are a variety of options to utilize the stove to cook. It is possible to experiment with different configurations including two grill boxes in both cooking zones with one grill box and one that is used to cook on, or you can use both burners to cook pans or pots.

Therefore, regardless of what your camping or party requires you to plan you’ll always have your supplies prepared. There are many possibilities to choose from.

Grill box constructed of tough and durable material. Additionally, the vent handles, handle, and grates are made from sturdy cast iron for extra toughness. The entire piece was coated with an extremely durable powder coat finish to ensure the heavy use of it won’t cause damage to the unit.

For all types of cooking needs, the appliance includes an H-shaped stainless steel burner as well as a cast iron burner. The H-shaped burner can go the height of 15,000 BTU. If your meals require more heat, the second one is for you that produces 22,000 BTU of high-temperature heat.

Key Features:

  • Variable cooking options and cooking methods to meet your needs in a variety of ways.
  • Grilling and griddle cooking surfaces at the same time.
  • High heat burners with 15,000 to 10,000 BTU.
  • Durable construction.

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6. Blackstone 36″ 4 Burners Griddle Side Shelf

When you’re making food for a large-scale gathering you’ll need something larger than the norm to cook effectively without consuming too much time. In this way, Blackstone comes with another 36-inch griddle stove that comes with all the necessary equipment.

The stove has 4 stainless steel cooktops that can produce upwards of 15000 BTU each. Additionally, you can alter the temperature from low to high according to what food items you require. So, dishes that require high and low temperatures can be cooked on these cooktops in the at the same time.

To make the device robust, the company made use of stainless steel burners with a powder-coated black frame. However often you host parties or hang out with friends you’ll find it tough enough to stand up to nearly all.

The cooktop is strong enough and constructed with cold-rolled steel so that food is cooked evenly each time.

Even though it’s a big griddle, it’s also equipped with wheels that allow you to easily move it from one spot to another. To make it more convenient it is possible to remove the top of the griddle, and fold the legs in half. When you are at the desired area for cooking it will be device much simpler to put back together.

In contrast to conventional griddle cookers this model has trash bag hangers, an adjustable cutting surface and paper towel holders. Additionally, there’s a shelf for storing cooking tools and equipment in a convenient place.

Key Features:

  • Large cooktop of 36 inches that can cook meals for many people.
  • Four burners with 15000 BTU each.
  • Variable heating for a variety of cooking requirements.
  • Easy to operate battery-powered ignition button.
  • Durable black steel frame with the stainless steel burners.
  • Caster wheels to make menus easier.

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7. Blackstone Griddle and Charcoal Combo

If you can’t imagine an event without barbecue and you’d like to make sure that there are other food items that taste delicious also, you’ll require a griddle combo unit such as this one.

Due to its dual griddle design It allows the cook to prepare barbecue and simultaneously cook your breakfast, lunch or dinner on the regular burner. While it’s not a typical 17-inch model, it will be no problem making multiple meals simultaneously.

The days are gone that you’d need two stoves for multi-purpose cooking. Reduce the time spent cooking, and more exploring the camping area as well as various outdoor pursuits.

The H-shaped burner can produce 12,000 BTU that is perfect for slow cooking as well as speedy cooking. It’s not a letdown in terms of problems with grease management as well.

To aid you in transporting the unit from place location, it comes with two wheels to help you move it from one place to another. You can also remove the top of the griddle to make it lighter when carrying it. Therefore, for the enjoyment of your backyard and camping entertainment put off the cooking on the stove and relax in the knowledge that you will enjoy delicious and flavorful food.

As with other Blackstone griddles This one too is robust enough to stand up to weather conditions. The steel frame was given the coating of a powder coat while the stoves and burners are constructed from stainless steel. You are able to easily clean the appliance after you’re done cooking, and spend less time.

Key Features:

  • The Duo grill is charcoal and has a burner to provide flexible cooking.
  • A durable and durable stainless steel cooktop.
  • Adjustable 12,000 BTU high heat allows the cooking of low and high heat food items.
  • Rear grease management to make it easy for maintenance.
  • Wheels and cooktops that are removable ensure mobility.

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8. Blackstone 22″ Tabletop Griddle with Stainless Steel Front Plate

When it comes to cooking dishes that are high-temperature this Blackstone 2-burner griddle will manage your cooking requirements with ease. The high heat-generating power is the main appealing feature of the cooker. It is possible for the heat to be as high as 24,000 BTU with the two burners that are H-shaped.

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With a size of 22 inches, you’ll be able prepare several dishes at once. Two burners appear to be ample to cater to the needs of families. Along with the built-in ignitions, you can alter the temperature and heat of both burners.

The unit isn’t equipped with wheels or stands. Therefore, you’ll need to set it up on a table in the camping site or in the park. The unit is thankfully about 35 pounds and is transportable with no hassle.

One of the things I am most interested in is the taste of food I cook on. As you would imagine, the flavor remains delicious and tasty, similar to traditional stoves. Another benefit of it is the fact that it can utilize it in the kitchen, if you have vents.

If you’re thinking about going to the campground, make certain to bring a 1 propane bottle of 1 pound. It will give you approximately 45 minutes of fuel. Based on the amount of food you consume it is possible to choose an extra large bottle to make it easier.

Key Features:

  • Two H-style burners with 24,000 BTU.
  • Controls for heat that can be adjusted and simple to use ignition system.
  • High and low heat cooking.
  • Even heat distribution ensures consistent taste.
  • It is portable and easy to move with.
  • A system for managing grease to eliminate the mess up easily.

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9. Blackstone 22″ Tabletop Griddle

If you often go camping and enjoy tailgating with your friends You need an griddle such as this it makes moving life much easier and less stressful. In contrast to other griddles that are on this list, this one has the cover. It may not seem crucial for a griddle but it’s a nice feature at times when moving around.

Whatever amount you put into an oven, it has to cook your meals evenly and food items must have the same taste and smell. To make sure this is the case, Blackstone used cold-rolled steel for the top of the griddle. It will cook perfectly hot dogs and other items.

To cater to your cooking needs this stove has the stainless steel stove which can create up to 24,000 BTU worth of heating . You can choose to use one pound propane tank or a 20-pound tank. The package comes with an adapter hose so you don’t need to purchase an additional one.

Additionally, you will receive an griddle stand for the cooktop. It is foldable and is extremely mobile. With its dimensions for flexible cooking, portability, as well as general quality and durability of the product it’s the ideal Blackstone grill for those who are constantly in motion with their company.

Cleaning is also a lot easier with this model. The rear-facing grease management system also eases the maintenance process and eliminates the hassle of cleaning on your part.

Key Features:

  • Compact cooktops that are 22 inches.
  • Four burners each with 12,000 BTU to cook for multiple purposes.
  • Materials of high-quality and long-lasting quality are employed.
  • Compatible with the 1 and 20-pound propane tanks.
  • Stand that folds to move from the stand from one location to another with ease.
  • Cooktop with hood for keeping the food in good order.

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10. Tabletop made of Blackstone Griddle and Stainless Steel Front Plate and Hood

last and lastly the last one, a griddle cooktop that has a the hood. It was designed for use by individuals the 17-inch cooktop is big enough for single-travel. Additionally, for cooking in the backyard time, you’ll have plenty of space to satisfy your requirements of cooking.

This size are not going to contain two burners. It has an H-style burner with 12,000 BTU that can handle slow as well as fast-cooking food well. Alongside steaks, hamburgers and hamburgers as well as other dishes, you can cook various meals from scratch while keeping the taste and consistency.

Smaller cooktops cook food more evenly than larger ones. Additionally, this cooktop comes with an griddle made of cold-rolled steel to ensure that no piece of food is left uncooked. Due to its tiny dimensions, food items larger than may get in the way of the cooking surface. However, rest at ease about the heat distribution.

Like many griddles of this kind, you are able to use the igniter built-in to regulate the heat to suit the meals you are cooking. Create delicious and tasty hot dogs, burgers stir fryand many other things you love without having to wait too long.

When cooking slow-cooked dishes it is possible to reduce the heat so that the food is cooked perfectly. So, there is no need to purchase a different slow cooker due to this.

You can choose to use a 20-pound or 1 pound propane tank to power the cooker. The package does not come with any hoses or accessories. Therefore, you’ll need to purchase them the accessories separately.

If you are looking for portability, you’ll hardly feel it difficult to transport from one location to the next. If you’re planning on the weekend, camping, or tailgating into the wild the griddle is always at hand to go with you. Whatever the terrain, whether you set it on muddy ground or on a hill covered in grass, it will withstand any outdoor conditions with ease.

Key Features:

  • 17 inches compact single-use tabletop.
  • H-style high-heat burner 12,000 BTU.
  • Even heat distribution for consistent cooking results.
  • Inbuilt, easy-to-use igniter.
  • Extremely mobile.

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The Blackstone Griddle Buyer’s Guide

The article is about Blackstone Gristle reviews, there’s nothing that can be said to criticize the company’s reputation. However, based on your cooking needs or preferences, it’s best to establish a filter to make sure you have the perfect griddle to meet your requirements. So, make sure you look at the points below.

1. Cooktop Dimension

The first thing you must determine is the dimensions of the cooktop or tabletop. It differs from person to person , and is the main reason to use the grid. Think about the quantity of food you will need to cook on it, and then search for the ideal size.

If you have a small family or just a few cooking requirements for cooking, a tabletop grill is plenty. Be aware that you may not be able to cook several dishes simultaneously with a grill of this size.

If you regularly plan backyard BBQ events with your neighbors and friends, either a 28 or 36 inch Blackstone grill top is the ideal option to choose. I would recommend going with the 36 inch model for those who aren’t taking the cooktop to the camping site.

If you are camping, a 28-inch model is the ideal size to be able to move.

2. The number of burners

This particular specification is pertinent to the dimensions. Based on the size, griddles have 1-4 burners. Think about how many people you’ll be cooking for, and then choose the right unit that has your preferred quantity of stoves. If you’re traveling solo or living, there’s no is the need to pay the extra dollars to purchase multiple burners.

Additional burners permit you to cook a variety of food items simultaneously. Thus, participants and guests at the party won’t have to wait too long for food to be served to them.

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There are more flexible models that include Blackstone flat-topped grills for grill preparation. You can also cook other things on a different.

3. Heating or BTU Ratings

The griddles do not all are cooking at the exact speed. They have cooking time frames that are based on the BTU ratings. A higher BTU signifies that the unit will produce greater heat while consuming less BTU for low temperatures.

If you’re looking to purchase an even larger unit be sure that the BTU is 15,000 or higher than that. Smaller models can be used having 12,000 BTU ratings.

This rating will also inform you how quickly the griddle is able to prepare meals for you. If you’re cooking food items that take a long time then the BTU should not be too high. For items that require high heat, like stir fry pick one that has greater ratings.

4. Adjustability

There are many food items that do not require the same temperature. Thus the griddle having the ability to adjust the heat improves the flexibility. Simply adjust the knob to alter the temperature in accordance with what requirements of the food.

The models I have listed have this feature to ease the cooking process. You can alter the temperature of every burner easily.

5. Weight

The portability factor is among the primary reasons people opt for griddles. The weight factor is a major influence on the capacity of these stoves.

If you have moving the griddle one spot to another regularly or you’re an outdoor enthusiast who travels often, ensure that the griddle doesn’t weigh so heavy that it seems to be an unnecessary burden when moving.

But, if you are using the grill used for cooking in the backyard or for preparing food for parties, you may avoid the weight issue and concentrate on the dimensions and number of burners. The larger the size and amount of burners you have, more your griddle is likely to weigh.

6. Durability

It’s identical on each Blackstone outdoor grille. The entire housing is made up of sturdy steel that has been powder coated. Blackstone utilized high-quality stainless steel to make the fuel burners. Also, the grilling option include grates made from iron casting to withstand extreme heat.

7. Fuel Compatibility

It is always best to opt for a cookware that works with both a 1 and 20 lbs propane tank or bottle. If you’re away from your home on the camping site it is easy to fuel the griddle using a one propane bottle that weighs 1 pound. If you require additional fuel, you could also utilize 20-pound tanks.

8. Additional Features

While they’re not that is a big deal, having the options listed below will definitely improve your outdoor cooking experience and eliminate many of the headaches.

a. Wheels

The larger griddles are heavier. This is why the manufacturer introduced wheels to allow the unit to move from one location to the next easily. It is easy to pull or push the unit to get it to the desired spot.

b. Foldable Legs

If you purchase an griddle that comes with a stand, be sure that the stand and legs can be folded. This will let you put away the different components of the griddle easily. It is easy to carry them.

c. Side-Shelf

When you cook, you must have to deal with a variety of tools, ingredients cups, and other items. Two or three shelves at the sides let you keep or store essential cooking supplies as well as provide quick access to them without much effort.

How Do You Clean Your Blackstone Griddle?

No matter how messy the Blackstone grill gets when cooking cleaning it, cleaning it is an simple task.

Things you’ll require –

Be sure the griddle remains cool to the touch. It is important to wait a few minutes before turning it off to make sure you don’t end up burning your hands.

Use a spatula made of metal or an scraper for scraping away the cooktop.

Then, take the paper towel to clean the entire surface. It is also possible to make use of dishcloths. However, it’ll get slippery fast.

Think about pouring a bit of hot water over the grill, while it’s warm. There is no need to use soap. Hot water is sufficient to get rid of the stubborn grime and grease.

Use a nylon scouring pad then give your cooking area a soft rub. Clean the water using paper towels.

It is important to dry the griddle with a clean cloth to stop it from becoming rusty.

Frequently asked questions

Do you think an Blackstone grill worth the price?

If you are looking for a griddle that is able to manage breakfast, lunch and dinner with ease it is worth every cent. You can cook cheesesteaks, steaks and burgers or fried rice, as well as many other things all while keeping the delicious flavor and flavor.

Do you have the ability to make use of a Blackstone grddle in your garage?

In order to be able to utilize any grill, stove, and griddle, it is necessary be aware of the source of fuel. If the appliance is powered by charcoal grills or smokers, propane or other fuels that ignite sources, it’s safe to use it indoors. Even when you open your garage doors, it’s not secure.

Which grill is better? grill?

As compared to grill grates griddle grills offer a variety of advantages. Fish, for instance, doesn’t stick to theseasoned and oiled surface of the grid. Because of the solid surface of hot meals cooking, food items are cooked more quickly and efficiently unlike grill grills. Additionally, the flavor is far better cooking when you cook using a griddle stove.

Are Blackstone griddles safe?

Since grills don’t permit the flame to come into contact with the food directly, they are far safer to use them even for novices. They typically cook at 350 degrees Fahrenheit unlike traditional grills that use the temperature of 400 degrees F. Therefore, in the long run it is a good idea to utilize the Blackstone griddle, since these griddles are made to be secure.

Do burgers taste good on a grill?

Griddles are among the most reliable cooking stoves to make burgers for hamburger chefs. The flat surface of the griddle is ideal for hamburgers. When you have tried making hamburgers on the griddle, you’ll beg for the delicious patty cooked over a cooktop on a griddle.

Wrapping up!

If you’ve previously had cooktops with griddles from different brands, you’ll see a variety of distinctions that you will not change to a different brand once you’ve tried the top Blackstone grid.

Also, if it is for cooking in the backyard or for a party, choose an option that is larger. If you are traveling, choose an item that is portable and meets your travel preferences.

It is possible that you are no longer attracted by traditional BBQ stoves. There are plenty of foods to choose from in the outside.

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