5 Best Big Green Egg Table (September 2022) Reviews

Each holiday, a lot of people gather for a celebratory occasion, which is referred to as the Barbeque Party.

This kind of celebration includes numerous festivities, including cooking various meat, dishes on a grill, sipping and having a good time with friends.

Barbeque is a popular activity that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Today one of the most frequent methods to grill is using the Big Green Egg. It’s a kind of charcoal cooker with multiple uses, aside from barbequing.

In case you require tables, we’ll review the top big green eggs tabletops you can get on the market in 2022.

Top 5 Best Big Green Egg Table 2022

Although they do have stands, however, a Big Green Egg should be used by a table that holds it up. We had a look at a number of tables and came across 8 egg tables, which is one of the most unique cooking equipment available.

1. JJGeorge Table to Big Green Egg

So, let’s look at some advantages of owning a Big Green Egg table. The majority of the time the Big Green Egg has stands which you can utilize it on. A table is a good thing, as it allows you to have an extra area to store other cooking supplies.

If you’re looking for more space to place your cooker You can look into this Big Green Egg table by JJGeorge. The table is gorgeous and fruitful in every way.

The space that is long under the table is ideal for keeping all your equipment and other ingredients in a tidy space.

After the praise is over we can now discuss the major characteristics. For the material, the table is constructed of Cedarwood construction and a deep brown finish. It’s rectangular and features an enormous hole that functions like a huge egg cabinet in green . A few Casters act as the base for the table.

To facilitate your use The table also comes with an area that resembles a tray underneath the top. This design can serve as an ideal storage space for all of your brushes and spoons, spatulas and other kitchen utensils. It is also possible to place your vegetable and meat tray on the table without needing an additional table.

Key Features:

  • Durable and sturdy Cedarwood construction.
  • Dark brown cedar finish across the table.
  • A hole on top of the egg for to hold the large green egg.
  • Large-sized, which can accommodate most big green eggs.
  • Factory is finished with Sparurethane to ensure long-lasting durability.

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2. JS Designs Shop Big Green Egg Cabinet Table

One of the most valuable elements of a table is compartments. They are an important part of tables for those who want to keep whatever you wish to store. A Big Green Egg table with an area for storage is definitely an advantage for barbecues.

If you are looking for a cabinet-style table to serve the Big Green Egg, then the table from JS Designs Shop is perfect for you. It is loaded with features that can be appreciated at every level. There are very few tables that have features that are as well-designed as these in them.

First of all, the table is constructed using the clear grade Cypress timber. The table’s moisture content is decreased to 6.5 percent this way. This means that you can cook with this table with no worries about cracking and wood shrinkage when cooking outdoors.

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We will now discuss the functions. This table is divided into three compartments and several accessories that you could consider very beneficial. This cabinet’s primary compartment is large enough that it is able to hold your kitchen appliances, dishes and many other things.

A side tray as well as a sliding container can help you keep other things like containers for spices and other items. Overall the design choices made the perfect table that can do well in offering storage space that is needed and comfort.

Key Features:

  • Wood construction made of Clear Grade Cypress.
  • As high as 6.5 percentage reduction in moisture.
  • Prevents cracking and shrinkage.
  • Large cabinet that can accommodate all kinds of tools.
  • Sliding container for spices.
  • Side retractable tray that can be used to cut ingredients.

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3. Titan Great Outdoors Ceramic Table

It’s true that for a tool to cook with this Big Green Egg is rather heavy. It’s a massive multi-purpose cooker for instance. To hold a cooker that heavy, you require an item that is solid and does not sway.

If you’re ready to go ceramic tables could be the answer to this issue. Titan Great Outdoors makes some of the top ceramic grill tables that you can purchase. They make use of a variety of materials for their tables.

This table is made of ceramic from top to the bottom. The countertops are supported with four sturdy aluminum legs. With an overall ceiling height at 34 1/2 inches it’s ideal for those who want to grill on it.

An additional shelf space is possible thanks to a different countertop that is constructed from Ceramic. It is possible to use the area below for storage of all your cooking equipment and food items and not let them go to the trash.

To secure your Big Green Egg in place You can attach those four clips that are on the table’s cutout. Four locking wheels on the casters make it easier for you to shift the table wherever you’d like.

Key Features:

  • Excellent ceramic construction quality which ensures long-lasting the durability.
  • Legs made of aluminum that are sturdy and durable.
  • The additional shelf space is a result of the 2 2nd countertop.
  • Locking clips are on the Big Green Egg cutout.
  • Four locking wheels on casters for simple motion.
  • Simple assembly, which results in superior transportability and portability.

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4. RMP Superior Big Green Egg Stainless Steel Table

The Big Green Egg is a cooker that needs careful control and care to operate. It should be handled very carefully since it has several moving parts, and requires assembly too. To accomplish this an appropriate table or stand is needed.

Here’s an area where Big Green Egg table by RMP is available. It’s a robust table with many options. The materials it is made of are carefully selected to increase the durability.

When you think about tables, one of the things that pops into your mind is the material that the table is made from. The table manufactured by RMP is constructed from Stainless Steel. Yes, that’s the type of steel that will not allow for the staining process.

For its features this table is distinctive in this regard. As with most Big Green Egg tables, it also has a second shelf however, the space is used in a different way. It comes with a small wash basin which can be used to wash the ingredients.

You may also remove the table from its space and use the table with it. Two separate trays on the sides make it easy to store your tools and ingredients. To make it easy to move the legs are equipped with roller wheels too.

Key Features:

  • The tough Stainless steel construction with a dark-green finish.
  • Actively protects against being stained by the stainless’s nature.
  • Shelf space for secondary shelves.
  • Basin for washing ingredients.
  • Shelf space that can be detached.
  • Two cutting trays with cutting on the sides.
  • Ceramic roller wheel with ceramic support legs.
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5. Castle Stove Big Green Egg Table in Stainless

It’s hard to cook for your family members, let alone large groups of family members, friends and colleagues. Large groups require additional food, and even more food demands more ingredients. This is why you’ll have to find a space to store all the ingredients.

If your aim is to provide as much food as you can then you should consider the Big Green Egg table by Castle Stove is a great choice for you. The table will provide everything you require to keep whatever you’d like.

First of all, this table is the Stainless steel construction, which results in a sturdy and well-constructed table. There is no need to assemble the table since it is together with the shipment. It is more convenient to pull it out of its box and start using it straight away.

It can be used with the majority of Kamado-style cookers due to its 16 gauge stainless steel utility construction.

Let’s discuss the advantages. The reason to be looking at this table is due to its three different compartments. One of the compartments is directly on the right of the cooker and is the biggest one.

In addition, two drawer-like compartments are located on the bottom. They are similar to the one above. It is possible to use all these compartments to store huge quantities of tools like pots pans, pans, and kitchen utensils and other items like vegetables, meat and spices.

Key Features:

  • Construction of stainless steel, with the highest polish
  • The box is assembled in advance
  • A large compartment is available to store cooking equipment
  • Two drawer-like smaller compartments for ingredients
  • Table legs with roller wheels

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The Best Big Green Egg Table Guide

The majority of people have no knowledge of Big Green Eggs since they don’t cook using that type of equipment frequently. For your convenience, we’ve put together a comprehensive buying guide to assist you in choosing the right Big Green Egg Table for every one of your barbecue requirements.

Table Size

The first thing to be thinking about when you are buying the table you will need to cook on is its size. Big Green Eggs are available at all different sizes starting from mini up to 2XL. It is important to take a measurement of the circumference of the large green egg prior to looking for an appropriate table.

One of the best ways to determine the size of your cutout is using an elastic measuring tape wrap it in the Big Green Egg. This way, you will be able to calculate the size of a cutout that you require for your table. You must hold the cooktop in place for the best barbecue experience.

Building Material

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that to create a top table, you require the best materials. They will not change over time and allow the furniture to last for a long time.

Tables are made by manufacturers using various materials, including Ceramic, Aluminum, Wood and more. The most effective way to determine the table that is strong enough to hold the Big Green Egg is to examine the table for anything that is steel-related.

Wood is an excellent material, however there are many kinds of wood. Some are durable and others not. You should choose tables that are constructed by fittings that are strong and sturdy and has an extremely solid base.

Extra Compartments

The first aspect you must consider when buying tables is extra compartments. When you’re grilling, it’s important to require lots of tools and food items simultaneously. The storage of all these things and having them available at fingertips is beneficial when cooking for lots of people.

There are a variety of compartments, ranging from drawers to tray-like. The most important thing is to buy a table that has shelves that will accommodate all your possessions. A compartment that looks like a box is attractive as it shields the items you keep from bacteria.

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After the basic features there are other additional features you can be looking for in tables. Assembly is just one of them. Most tables come part by piece, and you must put them together once you have received the package.

Others tables come constructed at the factory prior to being shipped. If you’re new about furniture, we suggest purchasing an already assembled Big Green Egg table.


Another thing to consider is transport and movement. Do you travel frequently? Do you grill whenever you’re camping with friends? If so, tables with wheels is the ideal option. In this way, you will be able to move the table without a lot of effort.

Other Features

Certain Big Green Egg tables come with additional features, such as wash basins for washing, grilling racks and much other features.

We don’t recommend that you look for these features in a hurry as they are more of an option. If you do find these features in tables, don’t hesitate to buy tables as any other component is an excellent feature.

Frequently Answered Questions

What is an Big Green Egg?

The Big Green Egg is a kind of charcoal cooker that functions as a multi-purpose cooking device for a variety of uses. It’s a type of Kamado cooker that utilizes a ceramic dome to channel the heat to the ingredients.

Other accessories you may need to have if you’re an avid green egg fan like me:
– Charcoal for big green egg
– Gasket for big green egg

What is the reason I need an area for a Big Green Egg?

If you plan to grill using any kind of machine it is essential to place the cooker inside a secured base to hold it to the base. So, the cooktop will not move or move during the time you’re using it. Tables are more safe than a stand since it won’t move frequently because of external influences.

Do I really need compartments?

You must definitely purchase tables with additional compartments since the compartments can allow you to store your things and tools.

What do I need to know about which furniture material is best?

This question is frequently asked by people. As a general rule, it is important to determine whether the furniture has a hollow structure. If the legs or the countertop’s interiors are empty and there is no sign of hollowing, it’s not a solid design.

The type of legs that my table be made of?

There are a variety of table legs with numerous functions based on the requirements of your table. To be used for Big Green Egg tables, you need legs that are strong in proportion and do not have hollow cores. The box-style and Citadel-style legs are a good match for the description well.

Wrapping up!

It is easy to imagine how difficult it is to barbecue without the right tools. The table is among the most important elements of the Barbeque celebration.

In conclusion, we will say that the table made by Castle Stove will be your most suitable alternative due to its stainless steel construction and three compartments. The table from RMP universal can also be an option due to the Ceramic design.

We are hoping that our review of some most popular Big Green Egg table has given you the information to select the best Big Green Egg table that is perfect for your cooking requirements.

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