10 Best Best Tennis Overgrips for Sweaty Hands (September 2022) Reviews

For professional athletes, their game is the world to them. One mistake could be extremely dangerous to their game. The sweat that is among the most dangerous things that if not dealt with could make your hands slippery, and it is possible to lose the perfect shot. This is the Best Tennis overgrip for sweaty hands is the sole solution to this problem.

The Overgrips is a tennis grip band tied around the grip base on your handle . You are able to easily replace or replace them if you feel the need.

The best tennis grips for hands with sweaty hands aid in absorbing moisture. With dry hands, you’ll be able to play at the highest level your tennis.

Top 10 Best Best Tennis Overgrips for Sweaty Hands 2022

1. Yonex Super Grip Racket grip

Yonex first came to market at the end of 1987. Since then, they’ve created and sold strong grips across the globe.

You can beat your sweat anytime by making use of this awesome grip Yonex grips.

These grips improve your game by absorbing shocks and sweat, and giving you an incredible feeling and control.

The grip’s feel is a bit sticky, which will give you the best grip on the grip of your racket.

It’s the perfect grip for absorbing moisture as well as shock. It’s a perfect combination of the comfort of a durable grip, its durability and the ability to hold.

These grips work with any racket, whether it’s racquetball, squash tennis, badminton or tennis.


  • Absorb shock
  • Absorb moisture
  • Improves the game
  • Fantastic assistance
  • Durable
  • Confortable


  • Sticky feel

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2. ADV Tennis Dry. OverGrip.

The grips are developed for and tested Pro players. The ultra-absorbent fabric is utilized for keeping the grips dry during long Matches and in all kinds of climates , including hot and humid.

Unique designed Material made of PU is utilized on the surface to provide the soft cushioning needed to increase confidence in every stroke.

To ensure a secure and comfortable fit, soft bristled cotton base layer is employed. For soft comfort and moderate tack, top layer of PU is offered. It’s a returnable item.

The grip is wide to assist players get more coverage. It also comes with a waterproof pouch.


  • No slip
  • Moisture absorbent
  • Great grip
  • Feathered security and comfort
  • High tear resistance
  • Guarantee
  • Long lasting



  • Cotton could cause irritation in the hands.

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3. Tourna Leather Grip

If you’d like to feel your racket as if it was brand new again , then Tourna Genuine Leather grips is an top high-quality rubber grip.

The grips are composed of high-quality synthetic polymer which provides an abrasive feel and long-lasting. They are easy to set up and are easy to get started.

The beveled edges assist in wrapping the grip in a seamless mannerwithout any lines. The grip remains on the racket, and doesn’t require staples due to the adhesive used.

Securement at high-end of grip together with the tape that finishes it. These grips are ideal to cover all of the long tennis handle.


  • Adhesive back
  • Quick installation
  • Genuine leather
  • The perfect fit
  • Sweat absorbent
  • Ideal for long handles


  • It could feel like it’s sticky

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4. Tourna Soft Tac Neon Tacky Overgrip

If you’re searching to get the perfect feel from the handle of your racket then Tourna’s soft and comfortable TAC grip will provide what you want.

The soft-touch grip makes you feel at ease and the tacky feeling of the grip will aid keep your racket in place even when you sweat.

Whatever time you play, you’ll enjoy the comfortable and soft touch that keeps your hands comfortable.

The grip offers an excellent sweat absorption. While other grips simply transmit the sweat back to your hands and you can slip your hand onto the handle.

The grip is great for tennis but it’s also useful for squash racketball, baseball, fishing and archery. Golf, Etc.

If you’re looking to experience an unique tactile feel and gentleness, this grip is ideal for sweat absorption.


  • Finishing tape
  • Tacky feel
  • Perfect sweat absorption
  • Great for tennis
  • No slip
  • High-performance


  • It could be that it isn’t very soft.

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5. Wilson Pro Perforated Overgrip

These best tennis grips to soothe sweaty hands are available in three shades: white, neon, and pink.

If you’re looking for an overgrip that is ideal for absorption of moisture, then this perforated version of Wilson’s most well-known grip is the perfect choice.

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Professional players want greater control, and this perforated proves to be the ideal grip for professional players.

It’s a durable and well-designed grip well-known by its perforated design.

The perforated surface aids with the absorption process of sweat, making it easier to hold and allowing you to get an the perfect stroke with each ball. This grip is great for racketball, tennis badminton, and squash.


  • Confortable
  • Durable
  • Perforated
  • Absorption of sweat
  • Tennis Tips and ideas
  • More comfortable
  • Moisture absorption


  • Not very long-lasting.

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6. Wilson Tennis Ultra Wrap Overgrip

Wilson was created by people who were obsessed with the game.

The reason for this excellent tennis grip for hands that sweat was to enhance the playing experience that millions of players who are waiting for the perfect products.

It is said that the Legacy of Wilson is a legend and they’ve been delivering on their promises for many years.

This grip is designed to give an easy grip. If you’re looking for a durable gripwith softness, this grip is for you.

It is perfect for tennis. The grip comes in just one color. It is black. It’s a comfortable grip for Professional players.


  • The comfortable hold
  • Extremely robust
  • Soft touch
  • Moisture absorption
  • Very helpful during the game.
  • Long lasting


  • Ideal for intermediates and beginners

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7. Head Prestige Pro Racquet Overgrip

In the realm of revolution and technology Modern Head has always produced sports equipment that elevates the sport of tennis to the next level.

The most effective tennis equipment on markets is displayed by the head.

These grips are created specifically using an elastic material. A grip can be added to making shooting more comfortable.

No matter how tightly you hold it or whatever the conditions are, this grip will be in place to soak up excessive water.

When you require greater precision, dry hands always aid. It’s a perfect overgrip that can be wrapped around the racket’s the handle that you already have. The adhesive is glued to the opposite end of the handle.


  • Head performance
  • Improved grip
  • Moisture absorbing
  • Feeling great
  • Simple application
  • Adhesive is added


  • Could not be soft enough for your hands.

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8. ADV Tennis Tacky Overgrip

This grip is made of a unique Maxtac material.

If you’re caught in the intense match and you’re looking for a unique mix resin which is a thin, razor-thin and polyurethane that’s tough and tacky is sure to keep you safe.

The grip is coated with an unique resin coating that spreads water across the surface and is not that it is there and evaporates as fast as is feasible.

It also helps dry hands and provides the ideal tennis grip to use for hands that sweat..

Thanks to Pu-based substances, the grip is designed to last longer and you’ll want frequent replacements. The grip is broad to give you additional protection.

The grip comes with an elastomeric film to ensure tackiness and includes a tape for finishing. The dimension is very small. The gripis very thin, which means you don’t have to replace the grips over and over.


  • Moisture absorbing
  • High tear resistance
  • Thin grip
  • It comes with a guarantee
  • Durable
  • Confortable
  • Long lasting


  • Only for pros.

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9. The Head of Hydrosorb for Tour Tennis Racquet Grip

In the realm of revolution and Modern head, it has always created sporting equipment that elevates the sport of tennis to the next level.

The most effective tennis equipment on markets is displayed with the head.

These grips are designed using an elastomer-based material. A grip can be added to making every shooting easier to shoot.

No matter how tightly you grip or what the conditions are, this racket grip will be available to take in excessive water. If you require more precise dry hands, you can always get help.

It’s an ideal grip to wrap around the handle of your racket. The adhesive is placed to the opposite hand side.


  • Head performance
  • Improved grip
  • Moisture absorbing
  • Feeling great
  • Easy to apply
  • Adhesive is added


  • It might not be soft enough for hands.

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10. Onwon To Absorb Water and Anti-slip Overgrip

This top tennis grip designed for hands that sweat is 100% high-quality. High-end materials not only give it a thin , smooth surface but also a comfortable touch giving a more rounded design of the racket.

The PU construction creates a sweat-absorbing the felt is high-stretch, smooth and water-resistant, with no odor that is distinctive.

This racket can be used to be used for badminton, squash racketball, tennis as well for fishing rods and motorbike handlebars.

It is equipped with an anti-slip feature that allows sweat absorption.

This helps protect your grip and extends the lifespan of your tennis racket. is the the ideal tennis grip for hands that sweat .


  • A better sense of racket
  • soft and smooth
  • Long lasting
  • Good absorption
  • anti-slip
  • The high stretch surface of the felt


  • Recommended for intermediates and beginners only

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Important Factors to Consider Prior To Purchase Before Purchasing Overgrips

Apart from being able to absorb sweat in addition, in addition to absorbing sweat, top tennis grips for hands that sweat must be comfortable in order to get the most accuracy from your tennis game. To enhance your performance, take into consideration the following points before buying an over grip.

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An rise in pressure on the tack shows the adhesion of the grip over. If you sweat, your over grip will become sticky, which allows the player to easily grip to the racket. Some grips lose the momentum as time passes.

Check that the grip is tacky enough to meet your expectations. If you don’t enjoy overgrips opt for dry finishes.

Absorption capacity

Hands that sweat are common when playing. The excessive sweating can affect your performance since you’ll have difficulty being able to grip the racket correctly.

It’s easy to soak up sweat and water with the grip that is extremely tight and excellent absorption. This gives a dry feel and helps the racket be more stable.

Additionally, Hoods are typically made of an elongated, soft molded structure that provides extra comfort.


Support cushions aid in the diminution of the vibration by taking the shock of the ball as it strikes the racket. This can help us achieve greater precision and effectiveness during play.

If you are uncomfortable, additional pillows might be a bit odd. When you are deciding on the right overgrip, ensure that you feel satisfied with its appearance and cushioning.

Why should you replace the overgrips?

Have you ever watched an event in tennis? You must have noticed that the players perform the most normal actions to delight the crowd?

It is likely that many players may be blowing their fingers any time during the match.

It is evident that there aren’t many, but a few of players practice this. Although many professional athletes use this technique due to their routine, the second reason is to maintain an temperature of their fingers at a lower levelor warm due to temperatures.

Weather conditions play a crucial role for the Sweat and game.

There are two kinds of conditions that could affect the performance of a professional player . The first is can be described as humid and cold weather . You need the most effective tennis grip for sweaty hands under these conditions.

  • Dry Conditions

When playing on the high-level circuit , and the hot summer dayscan be quite demanding. The sweat does not just smear your palms of athlete however the grip on the racket can become extremely slippery.

There are many strategies to fight the Sweat. One of the first things we can do to take is changing the grips regularly.

The worn-out drips are able to be replaced, and players can switch between grips in one game.

If they are changed at the appropriate moment , the grips could aid in reducing the slip and remain solid. Material like chalk or gel are also helpful in improving gripduring the game.

To ensure that the grip is steady and firm , these are common practices followed by professionals. Clothes, towels or even other items can be useful in removing sweat from hands.

The players can blow their hands away to get instant results. However, remember that blowing your fingers can cause the fingers a cold sensation due to the transpiration.

Blowing the hand might seem awkward at first, but it’s a quick way to remove the sweat from your hand.

  • Cold Weather

The participants blow their fingers and hands constantly during the cold weather. This warm breath and blow hands for a few seconds can be extremely helpful.

When temperatures are extremely cold, hands become numb, and the tennis player could feel their grip becoming weak. Therefore, they blow their fingers and hands in order to strengthen their grip and to keep their hands warm.

Fortunately, most of the high-end matches do not take place in winter. This is a huge relief for professional tennis players.

They can also utilize gloves or hand warmers for keeping their hands cozy.

The players may also have an outside heater near the bench on the court in order to warm their fingers and handsas as racket beam and strings since they are also frigid during extremely cold weather.

There are several players shifting the strings of the racquet by breathing during their sport.

They realize that even a minor mistake can make an huge difference to the gameand their performance, hence they attempt to overcome each obstacle to win their game.

Types of Over Grips

There are a variety of the best tennis grip for hands that sweat Dry, tacky and all-around. Be careful not to get confused with the various “types”.

In general all grips can deal with sweat, while remaining tacky. Picking a grip with a tacky surface certainly has the best grip sensitivity, but dry grips will produce greater sweat than grips that are all-around and sticky.

  • The Price

Over-grips are sold in bulk and packaged. Over grips are usually cheap, but they may be less expensive when you purchase them wholesale.

  • Tackiness

While playing tennis, we make comfort our first priority. Therefore, it is crucial to examine the grip’s tackiness in order to assurea grip that istight grip whenever you can.

Swallow A LOT Of The Sweat?

If you are looking to stop sweating during play, it is essential to choose a grip that will be able to absorb sweat the best while playing. You don’t want your hands to slide off the handle during play with a high-quality absorbent material.

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How sweaty hands impact the Game Of Tennis

There aren’t all tennis players at risk of sweaty hands during tennis. For others it is a constant challenge. The sweating hands can wreck your games and make you want to become more more effective tennis player.

The sweaty palms and hands can affect your racket’s grip, ultimately, your playing well.

There is a chance that your racket could be thrown off quicker when you hit it. This could damage the rocket, and cause you to end your chances of playing well.

But this isn’t all. If your hands are sweating and you’re not able to hold the handle properly it will increase your strength and force to stop the rocketfrom falling off. Not only does this cause you to become more tired however, it also can create blisters.

People can sweat However, this can be because of the environment and weather conditions they’re playing in.

High humidity, high temperatures and enclosed areas which do not regulate the temperature can result in excessive sweating. (In Florida, people know that they’re talking about.)

How to Handle Your Palms That Are Sweaty In Tennis

1. Have More Overgrips

There are typically two main kinds of grips: (1) grips which provide more tackiness, and (2) grips which provide greater sweat absorption.

Selecting the appropriate grip could help when playing, so we should pay attention to the need for grips with overs to fight sweat.

A high-quality moisture-wicking grip is essential. Many tennis players love the grips on Tourna as well as Yonex the Tennis Over.

Its Tourna grip is among the most popular grips due to the sweat that it absorbed the greater grip one receives. Another extension that performs well in similar situations is The perforated Wilson Pro.

The grips on the lower end usually last for a long time, however if you sweat heavily, the frequency of changing your upper grip will be more greater than that of lower grips, so you need to replace the upper grips each three to four hours generally.

Take extra grips for over and scissors to modify your grip when you need to, ensuring a firm grip on your racket while playing.

If you are aware that your hands sweat frequently, make sure you play with a more modern grips, and skip over the old grips. Old grips tend to make your hands sweaty, which can affect the game further.


What’s the best Tennis Handgrip for sweatyHands?

There are numerous over grips manufactured by different brands. However, Tourna grips as well as Wilson tennis gripsare popular for their absorption of moisture.

They are among the most well-known grips to use for sweaty hands, especially for professional tennis players. There are many excellent reviews of these two brands from various professional players of Tennis.

What do tennis players Use To Dry Their Hands?

Tennis players can do a variety of things when they play and their hands get sweaty.

  • They constantly blow on their fingers and hands
  • Tennis grips help in absorbing moisture.
  • They put gel or chalk on their hands to keep the grip steady and firm.
  • They make use of a towel or cloth and continue wiping away sweat from their hands

What is a Replacement Grip For A Sweaty Hand?

The grip replacement is a smooth tape which is wrapped around the grip of the racket to give the racket grip solid and stable. If the weather isn’t favorable to you, then your hands may sweat.

The grips like, Tourna grip XL are excellent in absorbing moisture, so they will not let your hands sweat , which can impact your performance.

Can an Overgrip Be Utilized As A Ersatz Grip?

Replacing your grip with the most effective one could be costly and challenging for you. Consider applying an overgrip to your racket.

The over grips can be wrapped around and put on top of the base grip. It give you a fresh sensation. They can easily remove and replace with a new Over Grip.

Wrapping Up

There are a variety of top tennis grips designed for sweaty hands on the market. Over grips are excellent when you want to play an extremely professional game at your next match.

Overgrips can help you in various ways for example, they can make your grip feel soft and soft. They also ensure that they absorb sweat and sweat on your hands as you’re shooting your best shots.

There are various kinds of grips, and you need to pick one that suits your game.

Grips like Wilson tennis grips Tourna grip XL etc. are specifically designed to absorb moisture. They absorb any water on your hands and make your hand more solid, allowing you to hold your hand comfortably.

Three important aspects in deciding on an overgrip. They include absorption capacity, cushion and the degree of tackiness.

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