8 Best Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures (September 2022) Reviews

Bathroom vanity lights are, in fact, the most effective bathroom lighting options, because they provide a broad and consistent illumination of the mirror as well as other areas in your bathroom.

However modern bathroom vanity lights come with other accessories , such as towel rings, towel bars along with toilet paper holders to enhance your bathroom’s appearance. They are also stylish and therefore add additional hues to your bathroom’s decor.

If you’re trying to find the most effective lighting or are looking for bathroom lighting suggestions and tips on how to make the best choice, this article will provide useful details to help you.

Top 8 Best Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures 2022

1. The Hykolity 3Light Bathroom Vanity Light Fixture

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This elegant vanity light from Hykolity comes with an oversized towel ring toilet paper holders, towel bar hook for robes, and many other distinctive features that will meet the lighting requirements of your bathroom and more.

The light emits warm light effects to create an inviting atmosphere within your bath, ornamental aspects of the fixture can also enhance the decor of your bathroom. No matter if the fixture is lit or not, it is a striking statement.

Apart from your bathroom, this light is ideal for bedrooms and living rooms. The fixture is powered by 3 E26 Edison bulbs of 60W maximum. They are provided in the set. It is possible to purchase bulbs in the event that you require replacement.

Another interesting characteristic for this lamp is that it works in conjunction with LED lights, which results in the light consumes less energy. Lights that are LED also produce low temperatures and are in general eco-friendly. They don’t have the problems that come with fluorescent and incandescent lighting.

Additionally that the light can be dimmed so you can control the amount of light you would like to have for your bathroom.

This light is simple to set up and is supplied with the equipment needed for mounting.

2. Westinghouse Lighting 3 Light Vanity Light Fixture

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Are you in search of a classic lighting fixture for your bathroom? This is definitely an ideal option to look into. It’s a three-light vanity lamp with a classic design that can be incorporated into the modern and traditional bathroom styles.

The light fixture uses 60-watt light bulbs with a medium base. It utilizes LED bulbs, to allow you to take advantage of the benefits of LEDs, including lower energy consumption, as well as the fact that they produce less heat.

The light is the standard size, and requires a minimal amount of space. It’s 7.75 inches high and 29 inches in width and extends out from it’s wall to 9.63 inches.

Furthermore this fixture includes the necessary installation tools and a user’s guidebook to help you install it with ease.

3. All-In-One 3 Light Bathroom Vanity Light Set

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If you’re searching for the bathroom vanity light fixture along with other accessories like towels bars, towel ring toilet paper holder and robe, here’s one that will tick every box.

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The light fixture is an old-fashioned design, and comes with additional accessories to help make your time in the bathroom enjoyable. Whatever the time of day, if the light is illuminated it’s vintage style adds to the decor of your bathroom and creates an inviting ambience.

Although it was designed for bathrooms however, it’s also suitable for bedrooms and kitchens. To light the room fixtures, this fixture can work to use LED lamps, which results in that it consumes little energy. The bulb that is required would be one that is an E26 medium base bulb, 60 Watts maximum. The light fixture is equipped with 3 sockets for lighting, which means you will need three bulbs that are compatible.

The vanity is 24.63 inches in width and 11.7 inches high, and the shade measures 6.5 inches wide and has the diameter in the range of 5.32 inches.

For additional items, the bar is 20.87 inches long with a 2.72 inches in diameter. Towel Ring: 6.1 inches wide tall x 88 inches wide in height 2.72 inches’ in diameter. Robe hook 2.2 inches across at its base and x 2.2 inches wide Toilet paper holder: 6.69 inches wide and 2.77 inches in diameter. The entire fixture is the standard size and requires a tiny space.

Additionally this fixture includes all mounting hardwarethat helps in the installation process.

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4. Four Lights PRESDE Light Fixture for Bathroom Vanity Light Fixture

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The bathroom vanity light is unique in its design and comes with all the features needed to satisfy the needs of the user. It has a stainless steel crystal glass lamp shade with a mirror chrome finish that stands out no matter the lighting source.

Then there’s more it’s very durable and won’t break off even in the presence of moisture. It’s also weatherproof and waterproof and therefore you don’t have to worry about the effects of splashes of water.

It is also portable and measures 26.8 inches wide, and a the height is 5.1 inches. The distance to it to the wall measures 5.1 inches. It requires the G9 bulb (dimmable and non-dimmable) for this fixture to provide lighting. It has four lights, therefore you will need the four G9 bulbs.

This light fixture is also designed for simple installation. It is possible to install it yourself, or let an electrician do the task. It is compatible with the junction box you already have and includes the mounting hardware needed to get the fixture running within minutes.

5. Kira Lights Home 3Light Farmhouse Modern Bathroom Vanity Light

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It’s a multi-functional bathroom light that can be installed conveniently in bathrooms in the bathroom, on vanities or mirrors as well as over a kitchen sink and within a bath that is half-bath and much more.

It is a good fit for almost every place you require an elongated bathroom light. If you’re interested in an lighting fixture for your bathroom that has polished nickel This is an possibility to consider.

Furthermore this light comes with an extremely sturdy gooseneck construction that guarantees longevity. Additionally the light fixture has been tested and certified as safe by UL. It’s UL certified for wet environments.

The fixture is powered by three bulbs: CFL, LED CFL as well as incandescent medium-base bulbs with 60-watts maximum.

You might want to think about the size prior to deciding for it. It’s; 9.5 inches in height in height 25.5 inches of length 5.5 inches in diameter. These funnel shades are 3.74 inches high and 8.5 inches across.

6. Design House Transitional Indoor Vanity Light Fixture

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If you’re in search of an lighting fixture for your bathroom that functions with dimmer switches and bulbs it’s a good alternative for you.

This isn’t the only aspect that makes this light among the top with an elegant satin nickel finish that is compatible with a variety of home décors. In addition, it has a cylindrical frosted glass that makes an impressive statement wherever it’s placed. It’s certainly a stunning look even when not lit.

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Furthermore it can be utilized in hallways, bedrooms and many other places. If you choose not to install the fixture in the bathroom, it’s suitable in other areas.

The light fixture is powered by three medium base 60-watt bulbs. It’s also compatible with LEDs, which means it won’t be a burden on your energy consumption.

This light can be used in damp areas with no worry, since it’s been tested and accepted by UL for damp environments.

It’s 20.75 inches high and 21.6 inches of length 6.75 inches in width.

7. IC Instant Coach Two-Light Bathroom Wall Lighting

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This vanity light for bathrooms has an elegant oil rubbed black finish that enhances the beauty of your bathroom, and everywhere else you’d like to put it.

It’s made to be used in bathrooms, but it’s can also be used in kitchens bars, cafes and dining rooms. This retro-modern light fixture is sure to create an atmosphere of rustic charm wherever it’s placed.

The fixture works it with LED, CFL, incandescent and Halogen bulbs. It features 2 E26 sockets, meaning you’ll need E26 base bulbs and 60W maximum. The bulbs can be purchased separately.

The light fixture comes wired and pre-assembled. That means it is only necessary to put the lamp shade on and then mount it on one of the junction boxes. This means it’s easy to set up isn’t it?

8. Globe Electric 51272 Bayfield 3-Light Vanity Light

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This is a lighting fixture for your bathroom that has a polish chrome finishes. If you’re in search of an elegant vanity light that has an elegant chrome finish and attractive features, you might consider giving the Gobe three-light light fixture a shot.

In addition to its chrome-colored finish, this fixture also has glasses with ribbed seeded shades that provide a warm ambience and light up your bedroom, bathroom or any other room in style.

Furthermore it is adjustable, giving the user control over the brightness of the light. You can alter the brightness to suit your mood. The dimming feature can also help to conserve energy.

This fixture for the bathroom is also simple to install. It comes with all the necessary hardware for installation, making the installation process simple.

It’s a 3-light fixture, therefore you’ll need three bulbs. The suitable bulbs are E26 medium base 60W bulbs. This fixture is compatible with LEDs, and preferably older Edison bulbs.

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Designing the Perfect bathroom vanity light fixture Things to Take into

Dimensions and Position of The Mirror

Your vanity lights need to create an even light around your mirror, therefore you must think about the size and location of your mirror to ensure you choose the right lighting.

For larger mirrors, greater than 4ft. You may have to add 3 lights over the mirror as well as on the sides. Fortunately, modern vanity lighting fixtures are available with three light options, meaning that you won’t need to install separate fixtures. Instead, you can choose one that has three lights.

Depending on the light You may wish to include lights on either aspect of your mirror as well as below. Be aware that this is only especially true for large mirrors. Smaller mirrors might only require just one or two light sources. It is possible to use three lights for greater luminosity.

You should also look for lighting fixtures that are identical length the mirror to provide more light.

Design And Color

In addition to aiming for an appropriate lighting to your bathroom mirror, you would like your bathroom to be beautiful design. Naturally, lighting fixtures are home decor and it is important to choose fixtures that are compatible with the other bathroom’s elements like shower faucets and counter-tops.

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It is also important to look at the bathroom’s paint to avoid using different colors. You could choose to use lighting fixtures that have chrome or nickel finishes as they blend well with various colors.

Safety Ratings/Waterproof

There’s typically a greater danger if you live near water and electricity. Therefore, make sure to determine whether the lighting fixture is as safe for areas with wet conditions before you purchase.

In addition, water can rapidly cause damage to the light if it’s not waterproof. So make sure that you use only waterproof lights for your bathrooms.

The following are the most important items you should be aware of to ensure that you have the perfect light fixture for your vanity in your bathroom.

You might also look into the possibility of changing your glass light shades when they become damaged or old. This means that you must purchase light fixtures that have regular glass shades that are easily changed.

frequently asked questions about Bathroom vanity Light Fixtures

What kind of lighting is Ideal for Bathroom Vanity?

For lighting fixtures, wall mounted fixtures are ideal to use for your bathroom vanity. Of of course, there are wall sconces specifically designed for bathroom vanities. They are typically referred to as bathroom vanity lights. The best choice is largely dependent on the dimensions of the bathroom vanity.

The light fixtures come as a single light or two lights, as well as at least four lighting. For smaller bathrooms, a single light could provide better lighting, while larger mirrors and larger vanities might require two, three or even four lights.

The bulbs in fixtures are equipped with both LED bulbs and Incandescent bulbs. They provide excellent illumination.

Do you think Vanity Lights Be Up Or Down?

Down facing lights could provide excellent lighting in task lighting however they can create a harsh shadow that you do not wish to create. But that’s not the case with upward facing lights. They provide great ambient lighting that is free of harsh shadows. Therefore, based on the requirements of your space it is possible to turn your lights either up or down.

Are LED lights good for Bathroom Vanity?

Yes, the majority of bathroom vanity lighting fixtures are equipped with LED lighting and emit excellent lighting effects that can make your bathroom appear brighter and to create a peaceful environment.

Additionally, some LEDs can dim and give you the ability to control the level of brightness.

Are Vanity Lights Hang Over The Mirror?

Yes, placing your vanity lights on top of the mirror is recommended to ensure an even light. They should be positioned approximately 40 inches higher than the vanity. You may also require lights along the sides to accommodate mirrors with larger dimensions.

Wrapping up!

Bathroom vanity lighting fixtures are used for a variety of purposes as you will observe. For decoration or warm lighting, as well as other things such as towel bars and rings, these fixtures are great options to take into consideration.

The lights also give an even lighting pattern around your mirror, allowing for better makeup and other similar items.

But, you must make sure you have the top lights in order to fully enjoy the benefits. If you’re interested to know more, look through our top choices to discover the lights that satisfy your needs.

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