8 Best Bass Computer Speakers (September 2022) Reviews

The default speakers on your computer are not great and lack bass whatsoever. It is recommended to purchase the best external speakers for your computer with great bass is recommended in order to take you audio enjoyment to the highest level. This is the reason we’ve examined the best bass computer speakers are available in 2022.

To listen to music, watching movies as well as playing games, it is recommended to invest in a 2.1 audio system. 2.0 stereo speakers are better than computer speakers built into computers however, they don’t have great bass.

Here’s a quick look at the speakers for computers that have the most bass.

The most important source for creating bass is the subwoofer that is missing in 2.0 setups , and is accessible for purchase in 2.1 or higher sound systems. 2.1 sound systems are the most popular setup due to its smaller footprint as well as being affordable. Additionally, it has subwoofers that can produce decent bass.

5.1 and 7.1 audio systems are employed with computers by many audiophiles, but they take up more space and are costly.

A few audio enthusiasts also create a an entire home theater audio system which they can connect with their computers. The powered shelves speakers are also compatible for computers, however they aren’t specifically designed for computers.

Bookshelf speakers have great bass and are more powerful than standard computer speakers that we will review. They can be used with or without subwoofers.

The problem with connecting the bookshelf speaker with computers is the fact that they’re big. They’re not as big than other audio speakers in the home, but they are big enough to sit on the shelves. If it comes to cost they’re a bit more expensive compared to 2.1 computer speakers.

Today we’ll look at only the top computers with bass. They can be described as 2.1 sound systems that offer great bass. It is easy to pick one as well as benefit from our extensive study.

Top 8 Best Bass Computer Speakers 2022

Logitech Z623 2.1 Speaker System with Deep Bass

Our top choice for the top bass computer speaker is the Logitech Z623 which is a great 2.1 audio system. It’s also ideal for gaming because it has excellent bass.

From the price to the performance It is a dazzling product from Logitech. With a price that is very affordable you can purchase the top computer speakers that have outstanding bass.

Its 2.1 Logitech speaker system is THX certified , which guarantees top-quality studio sound.

Two satellite speakers, each with 35 watts, and an under-woofer with 130 Watts of power. The entire audio system is 200 watts RMS and 400 watts peak power. This is a lot of power when compared with other speakers for computers.

The sound that is produced from these speaker is powerful enough to fill an entire room. The sound quality is so high that it doesn’t show any distortion when played at a high volume. The bass bass is great enough to listen to music or playing games. A subwoofer does more than just enhance the bass, but it also makes the sound stunning by absorbing low-frequency sounds, which isn’t possible with speakers.

It is possible to connect your computer desktop or laptop with a headphones as well as RCA cable. There isn’t Bluetooth connectivity, which is the main drawback of these speakers, but you could compromise on the connectivity as most people connect the speakers to computers by using the headphones. If you require wireless connectivity, choose a different model or purchase an adapter for wireless to turn your wired speaker into wireless.

These speakers are older and their design isn’t very appealing. But, it’s not bad since for a low cost, you have a sound system that is high-powered that has good bass and better sound.

In short, if are a fan of bass but don’t need an expensive subwoofer, this one is a fantastic choice for low cost.


  • 200 watts RMS that is fantastic
  • A clear and strong bass
  • THX-certified
  • Bass and volume control
  • The best for PC gaming
  • Affordable price


  • No wireless connectivity
  • The design is not very appealing and the unit is very heavy.

Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 USB-Powered Desktop Speakers

If you’re tight on budget These speakers are the best the perfect choice for those who are tight on money. At a low cost you can purchase the most bass-focused computer speakers that provide a good sound. One thing we didn’t like is that there’s no bass control. But, the bass is balanced to provide excellent audio quality.

These two speakers raised at 45 degrees produce a clear sound. The subwoofer provides significant improvements in low-end and bass. If you’re looking for a very high-quality and loud bass, go for an more expensive models.

The satellite speakers as well as the subwoofer are compact and have a modern style that looks stunning.

High gain mode delivers high-quality sound. The RMS power rises up to 8 watts. The sound isn’t significantly louder when we contrast it with the previous Logitech speakers. But, considering the cost of this system, it’s a great.

The volume control is situated in the rear of the right satellite speaker, but the bass is not controlled. Also, it does not have Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect the speakers to your computer by using a 3.5mm headphone Jack. There is no other input , aside from the headphone connector.

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If you’re also in search of the best budget computer speakers that have good bass, Creative Pebble Plus is an excellent choice. They aren’t louder due to more bass, however the bass and sound is crisp and clear. For high volume, speakers with high power like the above the Logitech Z623 are well.

We also have a thorough analysis of all the top Logitech speaker systems for computers. Logitech speakers are extremely efficient and are affordable for all models. You are able to make a excellent decision.


  • Very affordable and budget-friendly
  • Excellent bass and clear voice.
  • High-quality highs and deep lows


  • No bass control knob
  • Only one headphone input

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Logitech Z333 2.1 Speakers For PC High Bass

Similar to the other Logitech audio products, this too you will get a superior quality at a reasonable cost.

Two satellite speakers as well as the subwoofer that has 80 Watts of peak power and 40 Watts of RMS power offer high-quality sound with excellent bass.

The sound is powerful enough to fill a large space, and the bass is sufficient to play music or games.

The remote that is wired has volume and power controls, as well as headphones connector. You can connect your headphones to these speakers , without disconnecting the speakers from your TV and listen to music in privacy.

On the back of the subwoofer it also has a control knob for bass. You can alter the bass according to your preference while watching films and listening to your favorite music.

There are two options for inputs i.e RCA and 3.5mm audio Jack. Two devices can be connected at the same time or switch them, without disconnecting any of them.

The lows and highs are both excellent. The bass is not overpowering. The frequencies are all separated to give greater audio quality. Subwoofer with a 5” driver can effectively block low frequency sounds.

The short version is that this version is one of Logitech computer speakers has excellent bass, and as always the price is fair.


  • 40 watts of power RMS
  • Headphone jack
  • Control of the bass
  • Sound is clear and undistorted with great bass
  • Connect two devices at once


  • Wired remote control
  • There is no Bluetooth connection

Edifier Bookshelf S350DB Speakers for Rooms with Computers. Rooms

If you’re looking for outstanding bass quality, 2.1 Sound System might not be enough for you. Therefore, Edifier S350DB has excellent bass and a fantastic overall audio quality. Although it’s a speaker for bookshelves but it’s designed to be compatible to computers as well.

It will require a bit of more space to set them up with your computer, however the quality of sound and bass are superior to 2.1 audio system.

The subwoofer comes with an 8 inches of driver which can produce a powerful bass. Other computer speakers feature a five inches of bass driver.

The right speaker comes with volume as well as bass and treble control. It allows you to adjust the sound in a balanced way. You can adjust the bass high or extremely low.

This system of sound has a wide range of input options. The best part is that it supports Bluetooth 4.1 which lets wireless connection to your computer or desktop. One of the major benefits to Bluetooth connectivity is that it means that you can set these speakers away from your computer in case there’s a shortage of space, and connect wirelessly. So you don’t need to work with long cables and your computer’s space will appear beautiful.

The inputs wired are AUX, RCA, Optical and coaxial. This optical connection is missing from many audio systems and is the most recent technology in audio transmission and is thought to be most effective following HDMI.

The wireless remote is available that has power, volume and input control options.

If you have a budget and plenty of area in the computer space, then you will be able to purchase something extraordinary. In comparison to standard computer speakers the bookshelf speakers offer more impressive sound. They are smaller than the other bookshelf speakers , but are larger than the speakers for computers.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Optic input
  • Excellent sound quality and excellent bass
  • Large 8-inch subwoofer driver
  • No distortion
  • Remote control wireless
  • Tweeters to get clear highs
  • The best computer bass speaker you’ve ever heard


  • The included cables aren’t very long, but you can purchase the cables on your own if you require longer cables

Cyber Acoustics CA-SP34BT Bluetooth Speakers Perfect For PC Gaming

Another collection of the best bass computer speakers is the Cyber Acoustics CA-SP34BT. The deep bass and the beautiful lighting are among the best characteristics of this sound system. It was designed specifically for gaming on computers, therefore lights are an essential part of the system.

The lights can be set to various colors, and they can also be shut off. You can choose from red, blue, green and purple. You can also select yellow white light blue, constant color changes, etc. depending on the color scheme of your space. It improves the gaming experience.

A lot of other computer speakers aren’t equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. Here , you can enjoy Bluetooth wireless connectivity to make it easy for connections and placement.

A 3.5mm port as well as an RCA input is also wired connections available. When you use these speakers to play events at night, Bluetooth connection to your laptop, computer, or smartphone , along with bright lighting make the experience more enjoyable.

There isn’t any wireless or wired remote, controls are located to the right side of the subwoofer. You can adjust the volume, bass, Bluetooth pairing, power and headphone jacks, as well as au, RCA, etc. through the subwoofer.

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If we look at the cost, it’s inexpensive and affordable. These speakers are very good in audio performance as well as a beautiful design.

In the simplest terms, Cyber Acoustics CA-SP34BT is a solid sound system that has the best bass and value for the price. For avid gamers, it comes with both sound quality and design.


  • Colorful adjustable Led lights
  • Bluetooth input
  • Controls for treble and bass
  • Great bass to PC gaming
  • Great for night time parties.
  • Headphone jack
  • Affordable price


  • The speakers do not have a mesh to protect them
  • A bit short cable

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Razer Leviathan Deep Immersive Bass For PC Gaming

Another system of sound for PC gaming that has deep and immersive bass, is Razer Leviathan, which comes with Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound that will provide you with high-quality sound experience.

The compact subwoofer delivers more bass than you would expect. The soundbar provides enough volume with clear and crisp sound.

It is possible to connect directly to your laptop or computer via Bluetooth. If you want to connect via wire you can use an 3.5mm audio connection port.

They also come with NFC technology that allows quicker than ever pairing by a single touch. It is possible to connect instantly to any NFC enabled device such as numerous smartphones.

This system is between 180Hz and 20kHz which is excellent. In the low- to higher frequency you can hear all sounds. However, some subwoofers can cover the lower frequencies.

While it’s not 5.1 surround sound but the quality of sound and bass is good. The highs and lows are fantastic without distortion.

In the end, it’s also the most bass-sounding system you can get for your computer. With a high price tag they surely offer higher quality than the other speakers. However, if you’re on money, you could opt for a cheaper model because of their price. are worth it.


  • Bluetooth aptX Technology v4.0
  • Deep , immersive bass
  • NFC technology
  • Good frequency response
  • Beautiful highs and brilliant lows


  • It’s not true 5.1 surround sound
  • Limited surround sound

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Computer Speaker

Klipsch ProMedia is the best bass speaker that is certified by THX. It has excellent sound quality and affordable prices, Klipsch ProMedia is one of the top 2.1 audio systems.

They are individual and THX certification assures the highest quality of sound.

The two speakers are both equipped with tiny legs that give the design a stunning look and redirect sound towards your ears.

The 200 watts of power makes these speakers extremely powerful and loud. The power is higher than most of the other 2.1 audio systems on the list.

Although the sound is larger, there is no apparent distortion, even at the highest volume. You can experience true high-quality sound for music, movies and games.

The larger 6.5-inch subwoofer has incredible bass. The mids and highs also sound amazing. All of these elements give the sound a distinct sound.

You can also alter the bass with the bass knob to get the tone you desire.

A subwoofer’s frequency response subwoofers is between 31 Hz and 20 kHz which is impressive. It is able to cover deep frequencies in comparison to other subwoofers.

In other words, if you are looking for games to be played or just listen to music, this system will provide the highest bass. You’ll get the desired quality. The cost isn’t that costly and these speakers are excellent value for money.


  • The frequency range is from 31Hz to 20kHz.
  • THX-certified
  • 200 watts of high-power
  • Knob to control bass
  • Best bass, distortion-free sound and best quality
  • Price for value


  • There is no wireless input option.
  • There isn’t a power switch active on it.

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the Logitech speaker system Z323 that has a subwoofer. Good Sound

Another excellent bass computer speaker is from Logitech. As I mentioned before, Logitech has many best computer speakers, all of which have great bass, and at a low cost.

Logitech Z323 also comes with an 2.1 sound system that includes an under-woofer that produces deep bass. If we consider the quality of sound it’s incredible for the cost. However, if you have an adequate budget, a variety of computer speakers that have better sound quality are readily available.

The great aspect of this device is the fact that it provides 360-degree audio. The speakers direct the sound to all directions, which can be a fantastic experience.

The bass is excellent and is it is adjustable. In the rear of the subwoofer is a knob accessible to alter the bass to match your preferences.

Highs and mids are excellent however, when the bass volume is increased mids and highs get completely erased. You won’t get the best listening experience with higher volume. At lower volumes as well as bass levels, all is well.

These speakers produce the power of 30W, that creates enough sound volume to fill up a room.

With a headphone port allows you to enjoy private listening, without removing the headphones from your computer.

There isn’t a wireless input, but the only way to do this is by connecting your laptop or computer via RCA as well as 3.5mm audio Jack.

If you want the most powerful bass and low-cost computers, Logitech Z323 is a good choice.


  • 360-degree sound
  • Clear crystal sound even at normal volume
  • Headphone Jack for private listening
  • 30 watts RMS
  • Deep, rich bass
  • A very affordable price


  • High volume distortion can cause distortion.
  • There is no Bluetooth connection

How do I choose the computer speakers that have the best bass?

Nowadays, with so many brands and choices on the market , it can be difficult to choose the most powerful bass computer speakers somewhat difficult.

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It is important to understand what you need to know and what is most effectively for your needs. There is no one thing that is suitable to all. It is possible to make a sound selection only if you’re aware of the things you must purchase and the price.

The first thing you should consider when purchasing speakers for your computer is what you’re buying them for. Many people purchase computer speakers to play games, while some are used to watch movies or listen to music.

Certain people prefer very clear bass, while some people dislike more bass and prefer only pure sound. But, the majority of people enjoy good bass and will always have speakers that have excellent bass regardless of whether they purchase speakers for their computer. Laptops, parties, or for home audio.

Our review was about the best computer speakers that have bass. We have written this buying guide in accordance with it.

All-Sonic Quality

The first thing you should check in the speakers of any computer is the overall quality of the audio. Any audio system you purchase for your computer will provide crystal clear sound.

The quality and volume of the sound depend on several factors.


The most important factor to determine the sound quality includes the rating of power. Since all of these speakers have power ratings, they come with 2.1 sound systems, the only exception is one that is a bookshelf. They all have three pieces that include a subwoofer as well as two satellite speakers. There’s a separate RMS and the maximum power for each component. It is recommended to verify RMS on a regular basis for each the entire system. A higher power output means a louder sound.

The power is generally greater when drivers are big and larger drivers produce louder sound.

Frequency Response

The frequency that humans naturally experience in their hearing is between 20Hz to 20kHz. Any sound system that can cover frequency ranges that are very close to them is considered the top sound system. Also, the sound produced by this sound system can be generally regarded as high-quality audio.

In 2.1 models, a subwoofer focuses on low-frequency signals. Satellite speakers are used to cover the mids and highs.

To get good bass, every functions are played in the subwoofer. If the subwoofer has good performance with great frequency response your sound will be fantastic.

Options for Audio input

All you need is a single source of input for connecting these Bass speakers with your PC. Laptops, or to any other device you’re thinking of connecting.

The most important thing to determine is whether the speakers offer the input options you intend to use.

In this situation, we’re talking about speakers that work with computers and the 3.5mm Jack is great for connecting any speaker with the laptop computer. If your speakers come with an 3.5mm connector, that’s fantastic. However, if you’d like an internet connection wirelessly make sure to check Bluetooth availability.

Speakers can provide different input options such as Aux, RCA, Optical, USB port, and Bluetooth. It is best if additional connectivity options are offered. However, you must ensure that of the options available at a minimum, one of them will be compatible to work with the system you are using.


Different speakers come with different controls for the speakers. Some speakers also have wireless or wired remote controls and others control subwoofers or satellite speakers.

Be sure that they are easy to use and not a hassle every time you need to utilize them.

Bass and treble controls aren’t present in a majority of speakers. This is a fantastic feature that lets you modify the quality of sound. If there’s no bass control the sound quality is left to the default settings for balanced sound.

The power switch plays an essential function. If there’s an absence of a power button, you’ll be required to unplug the speaker each time you wish to shut them off.

The headphone jack is useful when you need to have private listening. This makes headphones much more convenient since it doesn’t require you to remove the headphones from your laptop.

There are other options for controlling such as changing input options when several source of input are connected, etc.

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So, which are the top computer speakers that have good bass?

After you have read the review of the 8 top computers with bass, you will be able to pick the one that best meets your needs and is in your price range.

If you’re still uncertain we will help you.

For the best bass, we suggest the Edifier S350DB speakers. These aren’t as expensive as any other speakers for computers, but provide more than the usual bass and sound quality. They come with modern features, top audio performance , and stunning design. Also, you can read our in-depth analysis of the top Klipsch Bookshelf Speakers to decide which one to buy for your laptop.

If we are talking about budget computer speakers with top bassquality Logitech Z623 is a fantastic choice. Its design isn’t very elegant, but the audio quality is fantastic. The bass is what you need and the price is reasonable.

If you’re limited on funds, Creative Pebble Plus is a good option. The only issue with this sound system is its absence of bass control. But, the bass is adequate and for this low cost it’s incredible.

Five other options are there to aid you in locating the top sounding computer speaker for bass.

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