7 Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet (September 2022) Reviews

It is essential that you have the right equipment if you want to be at your best. You can play basketball if you have the right shoes. If you have flat feet, or other conditions such as plantar fasciitis, it can be difficult to find the right shoes for you. This article will help to find the best flat-foot basketball shoes.

When shopping for basketball shoes, there are many factors to consider. However, the most important thing is that they offer high arch support and are made from lightweight materials. These two characteristics will help you find the right pair of basketball shoes.

You should look for shoes made specifically for flat feet. They may need extra support or cushioning.

When looking for the best basketball shoes to fit flat feet, there are three types of shoes that you can choose from:

Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet

It’s now time to choose the best basketball shoes! These are our top seven choices, along with a brief summary of what we love and dislike about each shoe.

Basketball Shoes LeBron Witness IV

The LeBron Witness IV Nike’s Men’s basketball shoe offers a superior fit, excellent cushioning, stability and traction. The shoe has a strong heel counter and a padded collar at the heel to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. The distinctive lion head design at the heel collars makes this basketball shoe very stylish.

The LeBron Witness IV also features several proprietary sole technologies from Nike like the ZOOM Air units under the forefoot. These lightweight units provide great support for your feet during running and pivot motions.

The pros

  • Good forefoot and ankle cushioning
  • Excellent fit, snug fit
  • Rubber outsole with shockwave pattern to prevent slippage
  • Available in a variety of colors to suit any style
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The cons

  • The shoe is relatively narrow so it may be difficult to find the right size if your feet are wide.

NIKE Air Visi Pro4 VI Basketball Shoes

Another collection of great basketball shoes from Nike is the Air Visi Pro VI. These basketball shoes are unique because they have a light phylon foam sole and a cushioned feet. Nike’s Tri-vis-Air-Sole is a proprietary design that offers exceptional cushioning and shock absorption. The lace-up enclosure, paired with the padded collar at the heel, ensures that your ankles are secure and supported. The Nike Air Visi Pro IV has a forefoot pivot that improves precision when turning and spinning.

Flat feet are more likely to sweat than those who wear traditional basketball shoes. The upper of this Nike offering features synthetic mesh material to encourage air circulation. It also features a textured rubber sole with a herringbone pattern and flex grooves.

The pros

  • Stability and traction are excellent
  • Upper side with a breath-taking view
  • Amazing support for the feet and ankles


  • You can be squeaky

Adidas OwnTheGame Basketball Shoe

Adidas’ OwnTheGame shoe is its grand entry to this highly coveted list. This is a stunning basketball shoe, and you’ll love how it looks on your feet. This mid-cut shoe features Adidas’ revolutionary Cloudfoam EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), cushioning in its midsole and footbed. This premium compound is lightweight, soft, plush, sturdy and provides adequate support for flat feet.

The Adiwear outsole, which is class-leading in traction and abrasion resistance, is also available on the OwnTheGame basketball shoes. The shoe features a leather vamp and a debossed top cap. It also has three Adidas signature stripes to the sides.

The pros

  • Comfortable for large flat feet
  • The Ortholite socks liner has a great moisture wicking ability
  • Great traction and durability of the outsole

The cons

  • Flexible options are less flexible than the first two.

D.O.N Issue 2 Basketball Shoe For Flat Feet

Adidas’ D.O.N. Issue 2 is a great offering aimed at athletes with flat feet. Adidas took a different approach for Issue 2. Adidas chose to create Issue 2 with a completely different approach than their other flat-footed basketball shoes. The upper of the sneaker is made from lightweight synthetic mesh. This makes it completely breathable. Issue 2 features a padded collar at the heel for maximum support.

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This Adidas flat feet basketball shoe also features a rubber sole. It has been reduced in weight to help keep the shoes light and provide great support. For increased durability and traction, the outsole was made of a more rigid rubber.

The pros

  • It is lightweight and ideal for long playtimes
  • Snuggly is designed to fit flat feet and is very comfortable
  • Fully breathable

The cons

  • The width of the shoe might be too narrow for flat feet.

Kyrie Flytrap IV

The Nike Kyrie Flytrap IV flat-foot sneaker is very versatile. The basketball shoe is versatile and can be used in many situations. The upper has a strong interior band and a unique lacing system.

The Kyrie Flytrap IV’s sole also has a rectangular Zoom Air portion at the back. This technology is also used in the LeBron Witness IV. It provides outstanding support for the balls of your feet during pivot motions or running. This basketball shoe is extremely lightweight because it incorporates Zoom Air into its sole.

The pros

  • Multi-purpose and versatile
  • For extended sporting activities, light weight
  • Comfortable even for wide flat feet

The cons

  • It does not provide impact protection

Basketball Shoes Under Armor Jet

Under Armor’s Jet basketball shoes are a great option for athletes looking for an affordable option. The EVA midsole provides lightweight flexibility, durability and top-line flexibility. The Jet comes with the Eva sock liners, which provide more comfort for the feet. A midfoot shank inside the Jet holds the arches up, minimizing rolling, which is quite common in flat feet.

The Under Armor offering includes a bootie construction and a heel counter to improve fit. This allows the sole to have a desirable spring for each step. The upper is made of synthetic textile material and has perforations to increase breathability. For increased durability and abrasion resistance, the shoe structure has TPU (thermoplastic Urethane) reinforcement.

The pros

  • Design that is visually appealing
  • Stability, cushioning and arch support that are excellent
  • Affordabler than other options

The cons

  • The shock absorption may not be as strong as other offerings.

NIKE Zoom KD12 Warriors Basketball Shoe

The Zoom KD12 Heroes is elegantly designed. It features a unique construction that will satisfy flat-foot athletes who value style and performance. The sole features the revolutionary Zoom Air technology. It is located below the sock liner. The sole provides an athlete with more bounce and responsiveness. This allows you to run faster to the basket.

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To further enhance its lightweight and minimalistic design, the Zoom KD12 warriors has Quad Axial Flywire cable installed to its upper to reinforce its lightweight construction. The basketball shoes’ outsole features a non-marking rubber sole, which provides excellent traction.

The pros

  • Zoom Air is a superior cushioning and performance product that has been used extensively
  • Long-lasting, lightweight use
  • Comfortable, soft, and plush inside shoes
  • Available in a variety of colors

The cons

  • Wide feet are not recommended
  • To achieve maximum performance, it must be broken in

What flat-foot basketball shoes should I buy?

What are the key features to look out for when looking for the best basketball shoes that will fit flat feet? First, consider the amount of support you need. Low tops and mid-tops might be enough for casual players who only play once in a while. High-top shoes are best for those with very flat feet who will be playing nearly every day.

It is also important to determine the right amount of cushioning for your game. There are many cushion systems available today that have shock-absorbing arch supports. This can make a huge difference in terms of performance and injuries. This is a good example from Adidas and Nike.

These are just a few of the criteria. Also, consider how supportive the out-soles and mid-soles. As this could cause injury, you don’t want your feet moving too much while playing. The soles of the feet should provide great traction so that players can stop quickly and move in any direction.

These features will make it easier to find the right basketball shoes for you if your feet are flat. You must remember that the best footwear is essential if you want to play basketball.

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