8 Best Aebleskiver Pan (October 2022) Reviews

Are you fed up by eating the same desserts repeatedly? Are you a fan of pancakes but would like a variation on the traditional recipe? If so, then you’ll enjoy the aebleskivers!

It’s a sweet that comes from Denmark that tastes like meatballs, but it looks like pancakes! Aebleskivers can be filled with custard cream or comparable sweet topping.

Alternately, you can keep them as hollow as possible and enhance the experience of serving.

But making hollow or filled dessert balls requires a suitable cookware. This is the reason why aebleskiver pans are available that come with a range of circular indentations. They also have molds to form the balls to the right shape.

Here we’ve tried to find the top Aebleskiver pan that is available on the market at present.

Top 8 Best Aebleskiver Pan 2022

1. Norpro Nonstick Stuffed Pancake Pan 3113

One of the most seasoned companies in the kitchenware business – Norpro presents the very first aebleskiver skillet we’ll be discussing.

It has seven holes to ensure that you can make seven aebleskivers at the same interval for every batch. Each of the holes measures 0.75 inch or 2.25 centimeters in depth in diameter and 2.25 millimeters or 5.5 centimeters in diameter.

Although these measurements provide you with the chance to create larger dessert balls than traditional ones, it makes them less fluffy because of the small holes.

This means it could be difficult to create the perfect hollowness inside each ball. But, on the bright side, each ball will make you feel fuller than normal!

It’s made to be practical by having an ergonomic handle that measures 7.5 inches in length. Even after your pan is heated and has began cooking the balls, you are able to still use the handle with no worries because it remains cool to the contact.

However its body is made of cast aluminum, which means it will not take much time to heat up once the pan is placed onto the burner.

This is an excellent choice for novices as well as those who are experts but aren’t familiar with the Danish food.

This is because it is equipped with directions on how on how to use the pan, as well as some creative recipes for making delicious other dishes!

Key Features:

  • The hole in each is 2.25-inch wide and 0.75-inch deep.
  • Made from cast aluminum, so that it does not take time to warm up
  • Non-stick coating makes these delicious pieces simple to grab
  • The ergonomically designed long handle is cool to the touch
  • Includes recipes and directions for novice cooks.

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2. Norpro Cast Iron Stuffed Pancake Pan

A similar aebleskiver pan made by Norpro is this one that differs from the standard round shape of cookware.

In contrast to other pans, this pan is hexagonal in shape that will add flexibility in your kitchen appliances. Like the pan before this one also comes with seven holes, each measuring 0.75 millimeters deep.

However, they are slightly smaller in comparison. Each hole is an area in the range of two inches to five centimeters meaning that the aebleskiver will have a smaller diameter.

If you’re planning to take it on an outdoor picnic or create a dessert for your kids this cast-iron aebleskiver skillet is one of your best alternatives.

It’s designed to be very durable with casting iron construction. Despite its weighty material, it isn’t too much considering that the pan measures 11.5 inches wide as well as 6.5 inches in width.

You won’t need to invest excessively in it, because the pan is at a price that is so affordable. that it can be easily incorporated into any budget.

One of the drawbacks is that the aebleskiver that results might not be perfectly shaped globes. Due to the small holes the balls can each have an uneven surface at the bottom.

Key Features:

  • 0.75-inch deep holes measure 2 inches wide
  • Hexagonal pan made of sturdy construction made of cast iron
  • Small dimensions that measures 11.5-inch length as well as 6.5-inch width
  • Aids in making flat-bottomed pancakes
  • It includes recipes as well as instructions to help you

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3. Takoyaki Maker by StarBlue

As a world, it’s not uncommon to come across identical cuisines from two different regions of the globe!

For instance, this pan by StarBlue was originally designed to cook Takoyaki which is an authentic Japanese Octopus dish. Since the food is cooked in the same method, you could make use of this pan to cook the aebleskiver, too.

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If you are a fan of efficiency above all else then you’ll be happy to have this pan instead of the typical pans made of aebleskiver.

It’s because it comes in 18 1.5-inch holes that allow you to create a variety of filled pancakes in one shot.

Therefore, you can make enough aebleskivers in one go and then keep them to binge later!

The body of the pan has been constructed from heavy aluminum and HDPE (high-density polyethylene) to make it robust and durable.

Its exterior is heat-resistant, and the aluminum inside keeps it from bending. Therefore, you are able to use it for a long period of time and continue to enjoy tasty meals!

Alongside its cool-touch construction and its compact design, the Aebleskiver pan features an automated temperature control as well as non-stick Teflon cooking to allow for effortless removal of balls.

As an added bonus as a bonus, you receive two Takoyaki pieces free of charge that will assist you in lifting the aebleskivers while cooking!

Key Features:

  • Primarily designed for Japanese Octopus balls known as Takoyaki
  • A robust and durable body made of thick aluminum and HDPE
  • Have 18 round molds to make more aebleskivers from one batch
  • Non-stick Teflon coating to facilitate the removal of cooked balls.
  • Light and compact pan that won’t put tension on hands

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4. Upstreet Cast Iron Aebleskiver Pan

People who have been seeking more vibrant colors all the time will finally have peace of mind by purchasing this aebleskiver pan by Upstreet!

It is pretty much like any other standard aebleskiver pans, but the handle color can be altered! It is possible to cover its black handle in silicone covers that come in three vibrant shades namely blue, red and yellow.

In addition to adding more energy for your cooking area, it could help keep you safe from burns because it is cool all the time!

The removable silicone cover is resistant to heat, which means that the handle will remain safe to use even when the pan is at a high temperature.

The pan is made of the cast iron to make it as strong as is possible. Another benefit of this model is its light structure, even with the weight of the material.

We’ve all heard about the weight of casting iron is however this pan is just four pounds or just two kilograms. This means you won’t need to put any strain on your hands.

It is able to be used for any surface to cook on, such as induction stovetops and electrical countertops (glass or ceramic) and electric coil stovetops.

It is able to be used for long periods of time because the pan is designed to resist scratches. After every use, it is easy to clean it up, but make sure you clean it quickly to ensure that it won’t remain wet for long.

Key Features:

  • Handle covers are available in three different colors: red, blue and yellow.
  • Pan made from casting iron weighs around four pounds.
  • Cover made of heat-resistant silicone ensures it stays cool, and secure
  • Use it for any surface to cook on,, including glass tops
  • It is also easy to wash after use

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5. Health and Home Multifunction Pan

Are you looking forward to the latest and most exciting set of cookware that offers something more than just the saucepan?

This unique multi-purpose baking maker by Health And Home can surely meet your needs! There are many parts to this cookware , which will unlock new avenues for your culinary explorations.

It comes with three different baking dishes that can be used for different needs. All three plates must be placed on a base, and then you have to hit a button in order to begin cooking. You can prepare a variety of flexible recipes every single day with this set.

The first can be described as one called an aebleskiver which is also called a Takoyaki pan with small holes. Each hole measures 1.5 inches wide and ideal for making meatballs or pancakes stuffed with a filling quickly.

The two other plates include a flat grill tray as well as an a plate for pancakes that has six flat holes. Each plate must be placed on the base of the unit prior to cooking.

This set will help promote an improved lifestyle as it emits less smoke and requires much less oil in order to cook. It’s not a hassle when lifting or turning the balls because they have a nonstick surface.

It also features an intelligent temperature control that helps you cook your food perfectly and prevent burning anything.

It is not surprising that many consider it as the most effective aebleskiver pan made, as its molds are deep. There are three different pans and it’s very simple to make use of!

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Key Features:

  • Three baking dishes that can be interchanged to promote the creation of a variety of recipes
  • Meatball pans can hold 24 1.5-inch aebleskivers at a time
  • Also included is the flat grill tray and an apl pancake tray that has 6 flat holes
  • The push-button switch is convenient and easy to use, as well as the intelligent temperature control
  • Produces less smoke and requires less oil for healthier cooking.

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6. Happy Sales HSTKP20 Ebelskivers Pan

This aebleskiver skillet by Happy Sales makes cooking easy by incorporating a variety of useful features, including the lightweight design.

It weighs under a pound. This means that you can easily manage it without causing tension on your hands. It has handles both side to ensure you don’t have any problem getting it to balance.

It’s 11.5 inches long and eight inches wide overall. There are 20 holes or molds inside that you can use to cook savory dishes like Takoyaki and meatballs or sweets such as the aebleskiver.

Each hole is 1.5 inches across and 1 inches deep or height. With these dimensions, you can take pleasure in perfectly-sized puffy traditional aebleskivers, which aren’t too large or small. They are also flat-bottomed.

The body is made from aluminum alloy, which is an alloy that is well-known for its the uniform distribution of heat.

In addition is the two layer that are the Pfluon layer to create a non-stick surface and also to aid in turning the aebleskivers much easier.

Key Features:

  • The 11.5-inch pan is stocked with 20 molds for aebleskiver or holes
  • Each hole measures 1.5 inches across, and 1 inch deep or height.
  • Its body is made from aluminum alloy, which disperses heat equally
  • Non-stick coating that has two layers Pfluon assists in turning and lift

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7. Vinod Appam Patra Paniyaram Ebleskiver Pan

If you’ve been seeking an aebleskiver that is smaller that is only 9.5 inches is an ideal option.

Though it was initially designed to make Indian food items such as Appam, Patra and Paniyaram You can certainly use it to make aebleskiver, Takoyaki or similar meatball-shaped dishes, too.

The holes or molds here are slightly larger than the usual aebleskiver pans. The molds are as well 1.5 inches deep, which means that you can place more stuffing into each ball.

The size may not be as small as traditional Danish sweets, but it can make you hungry more with each bite. You can make 9 balls from each batch using this pan.

It is constructed from an extra-thick 3 mm of aluminum to ensure that heat from your stove is evenly distributed throughout the pan, and cook every aebleskiver to perfection.

Furthermore, it is coated with three layers of ceramic that create a non-stick surface that is comfortable to work with. It will help reduce costs for your monthly expenses as it requires less fuel.

Key Features:

  • A tiny 9.5-inch Aebleskiver pan that is able to hold 9 molds
  • A non-stick surface that has three coats of ceramic to allow for smooth turning
  • 3mm thicker aluminum to ensure better heat distribution
  • Reduces the use of gas and helps reduce monthly expenses
  • Simple to maintain and clean using soapy water and warm water.

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8. Norpro Deluxe Munk Aebleskiver Pan

Norpro is featured yet again, with their 7 hole Aebleskiver pan. It is constructed from casting iron to ensure it is strong and long-lasting.

It weighs around two pounds, which makes it a bit difficult to carry and use. But, it can assist in the seasoning process and keep food warm for longer.

As previously mentioned you can create at least seven of these using it at once. Each hole is 2.125 inches , or 5.25 cm in diameter . one inch, or 2.5 cm deep.

You can also make bigger meatballs or aebleskivers with more stuffing in them and you can eat them for a longer period of time!

While the pan is made from cast iron the 4-inch handle is constructed out of wood. This means that you are able to touch it with worrying about it even when the skillet is burning hot.

After you have used it, you’ll have to wash the pan by hand and dry it completely. Be sure not to allow the pan to sit in water since it could lead to the formation of rust.

Key Features:

  • The circular pan is able to make up to 7 aebleskivers at one time.
  • Each hole measures 2.125 inches wide and one inch deep
  • Made from casting iron to provide a solid and long-lasting structure
  • A wooden handle that is 4-inches long remains cool to the feel
  • The item must be cleaned manually and then thoroughly dried

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Aebleskiver Pan Buying Guide

If you’re looking for the top aebleskiver pan you must take into consideration the following factors regardless of what your needs are. Look over the top considerations that you should take into consideration before purchasing pan. pan-

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Material is among the most crucial aspects of cooking equipment. It determines the quality of your meals will turn out. If you use the wrong ingredient, it can ruin the flavor you expect from your mouth-watering food recipe.

For Aebleskiver pots, the majority of them are made from one of two materials: casting iron or aluminum. Cast iron pans will certainly weigh much more than aluminum pans.

But, due to the additional weight, cast iron pans will hold the heat for longer, and help keep fresh Aebleskivers toasty as well.

Aluminum pans are much easier to use and cheaper. They are also less susceptible to rust.

However, cast iron can be rusty if not maintained regularly. If maintained properly, cast iron will last longer than aluminum.

While aluminum does heat up quicker, both materials can spread the heat evenly across the pan. Thus, every piece of aebleskiver receives sufficient heat and is correctly cooked.


Typically, the aebleskiver pots are fitted with seven holes or molds with the central one being is surrounded by six.

However, there are numerous varieties of these pans available in the market, which can make more holes. It could range between 7 and 24 based on the dish it was originally made to serve.

Their diameters range from 1.5-2.5 inches and their height could be as low as 0.75 inches or as deep as 1.5 inches.

The more deep it gets deeper, the more stuffing you can place inside. Also for hollow aebleskivers the depth is important so that you can have an airy ball every time.


Naturally, the cooking pot’s handle has to be easy to reach even when the skillet is boiling hot. If it is also as scorching hot, you will not be able to move it with precision when you need to.

That’s why the pan’s handle must be made from or covered by a material that does not transmit heat.

Typically, wood or a type of plastic is used to build this piece. If your pan isn’t equipped with it, consider purchasing an elastomer cover to ensure that the handle is safe to handle.


Most popular aebleskiver materials such as aluminum and cast iron must be cleaned manually. You will not be able to simply throw your pan in the washing machine and then call it a day.

However, in general, cleaning the cast iron pans is more difficult because they’re heavy and cannot be rinsed to avoid the rust.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to use an Aebleskiver Pan?

Start by putting the aebleskiver pot on the stove, and then increasing the temperature to medium-high.

Once it is warm enough, place a bit of butter in each hole and then fill it with the batter. Don’t fill to the top as it requires space to expand.

Can I Reheat Aebleskivers?

Yes, you can cook the aebleskivers after keeping them inside the fridge for a few days. The oven will not alter their flavor or the texture.

You can cook them in several batches, then store them in the freezer for later use and take a bite every now and again.

How do I flip an Aebleskiver?

Flipping an aebleskiver is some skill and could take some time to become comfortable with it.

If the batter you place into the holes begins to cook it is necessary to make use of a chopstick or an apex spoon to place its tip into the batter, then lift it up, and then push it up.

The batter will be turned completely or halfway, creating an aebleskiver that is perfectly round.

How often should I season The Cast Iron Aebleskiver Pan?

An aebleskiver skillet must be maintained by a regular sprinkling of salt to maintain its heating capacity and texture. If the pan is made from cast iron it is recommended to season it at least 4 times a year.

Because that is the most minimal amount of time that you should make sure to season it more frequently when you are using it for a few days.

Wrapping Up

If you’ve discovered the perfect aebleskiver skillet for your culinary adventure make sure you try both hollow and filled dessert balls to determine which is more fun to take home!

You could even turn it into a contest to see which of your family members or guests will be left with the most hollow pieces!

But, you don’t need be restricted to making aebleskivers by using it. It can be used with its circular molds to make Meatballs Japanese Takoyaki and Indian food items like Appam, Patra and Paniyaram.

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