10 Best 900 Watt Microwave (September 2022) Reviews

The 900-watt microwave falls under the category of moderately and mid-range powered microwaves that bring ease for your cooking. The most efficient microwaves with 900 watts are easy to use and fast enough to heat food items, cook vegetables, or even pop the whole bag of pop without burning.

They are compact appliances that can easily be put on the countertop, in the dorm, or even under the cabinets.

These microwaves with a 900-watt power source have simple design and a user-friendly interface, and you don’t have fancy sensors or frequently used auto-cook functions. Actually, the majority of these microwaves are copies of each other , and provide the same features.

It all boils down to efficiency, budget, and brands, and the smallest variations in the features you can choose the best 900 watt microwave oven. We also have test results for the top microwaves under $100..

Top 10 Best 900 Watt Microwave 2022 [Compact & Power Efficient]

1. Black + Decker – Best Microwave that has Child Safety Lock

Black and Decker 900 watts have an elegant black box design, with a stainless steel corrosion-resistant design at the front.

This durable stainless steel is not bulky or too small. It just needs only a few inches more on the countertop in comparison to its 700 watt model EM720CB7 which we looked at and reviewed previously.

The dimensions on the outside are 19.1 inches wide, 14.8 inches of depth as well as 11.5 inches tall. The inside dimensions are large enough to cook the food faster in one.

Turntable dimensions are 10.6 by 10.6 inches and can fit inside the large 12 inches of interior space that makes no obstacle to the quieter and more comfortable running of the turntable while the microwave is on.

Black & Decker’s powerful 990 watts is powerful enough to effectively heat and defrost food quicker than 700 watt microwaves.

The 0.9 cubic feet. microwave is equipped with the most basic but essential features that are essential to any family’s requirements. The auto-cook menu is pre-programmed and allows the user from entering temperature and time settings to reheat pizza, cooking popcorn, potatoes, vegetables, and heating beverages.

The 10 different power levels provide you with the ability to control cooking the same way that we control the temperature using knobs on the stovetops.

Although it’s not equipped with auto-sensors, or mute functions to stop annoying sound beeps, it does have the ability to save settings. It can store the temperature you saved and you can use it to save the most commonly used setting.

It is worth noting that the Black & Decker microwaves have the door release button that is pushed that we have found to function smoothly, in contrast to other push-button microwaves.

The disadvantage is the way the button’s frontal, regardless of how easy to use, is not easy to read and the buttons are very rigid and require more force to work.


  • Large LED digital display that includes clock function
  • Control panel is simple to read and operate.
  • Inside light to check the status of food items.
  • Child lock to stop children from manipulating timers


  • The oven and kitchen timer cannot be used simultaneously
  • Beeps aren’t able to be turned off.

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2. Toshiba EM925A5A-SS – The Best Stainless Microwave in Steel

Revel delight in the simplicity of this microwave oven which features a one-touch feature that lets you automate the start-up. Additionally, it comes with six presets as well as an option to defrost. The big display helps the user to use.

The compact microwave oven with a dimension of 19.2 inches across as well as 14.8 inches tall, is one of the most efficient microwaves designed for kitchens with small spaces.

Additionally, it’s perfect for college students who live in dorms. The microwave that is countertop-style can be installed under cabinets, as long as there is enough room to allow for air circulation.

It is a common practice to keep safety at the forefront when buying electronic. It comes with an option for locking the child’s display that provides protection for children by locking the display’s front bar.

This prevents children from using the buttons and altering the settings of a microwave while food is inside. The shockproof bar adds safety.

The high-performance microwave provides speedy operation and can increase the temperature of the water to 90°F in just 45 minutes.

But, the efficiency is dependent on the kind of food item you are refining. It is efficient in heating burritos and sausages with less time than beans and potatoes.

Contrary to Black & Decker, the microwave comes with an “mute” button to shut down the annoying sound of beeps upon the end of the cooking process.

Another amazing feature of Toshiba that we didn’t get to see in Black and Decker can be found in its Eco Mode to disable the display and reduce consumption of power.

From a pricing standpoint it’s cost-effective in comparison to its counterpart Toshiba EM131A5C that is 1100 watts. However, this model has an output of 900W, and the difference by 40$ in price.


  • Elegant and solid stainless steel design
  • Eco mode reduces energy use and helps reduce the cost of electricity.
  • With a child-safety lock
  • You can muffle the final cooking beep by muting it easily


  • The light won’t shut off If you leave the door unlocked
  • Fingerprints appear on handle

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3. COMFEE CM-M091AGN – Best Retro Style Microwave

The Next item on our list of top 0.9 cubic feet of microwave ovens is this retro-style microwave.

The timeless design of an oven can create an appealing look for your small kitchen. A variety of colors, including pastel white, pastel green and black, are offered with this model.

Apart from having a stylish appearance The microwave oven is also simple to operate, with an easy control knob, and nine pre-sets. It is simply a matter of turning the knob to adjust the time.

If you wish to begin it for just 30 seconds, just hit”start. In comparison to other microwave ovens, this is quite silent in its use.

The style for the microwave is simple and straightforward, with tiny LED display as well as a knob and five additional buttons that offer a variety of choices.

In the front, it features a glass panel that can be used to observe the progress of cooking your food. It doesn’t come with an on/off button, but instead comes with a handle to open the door. The handle is so strong that it can move the entire oven once you unlock the door. Other notable features include “ECO mode” as well as the “mute” choice.

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What else? You can’t overlook the most impressive characteristic of this microwave the position memory feature. The oven is able to automatically determine the exact position at which you’ve placed your coffee mug upon the table. When the heating process the turntable will be returned to its location.

The retro style, simplicity and awe-inspiring design of the microwave are not its only drawback, but the food will also cook quicker thanks to the moderate power of 900 watts as well as the multiple-stage cook helps cook the food fast after the defrosting process.


  • Unique retro design adds style to your kitchen
  • Multi-stage cooking allows defrosting and cooking simultaneously
  • Beeps can be shut off through the mute function
  • The turntable’s position memory will return it back to the point where it began


  • The control panel can be a bit difficult to comprehend.
  • A little expensive

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4. Commercial Chef CHM990B is the best for Small Countertop

For an affordable microwave that has stainless steel accents on its outside, Comfee is an ideal alternative.

With basic microwave functions with the added bonus of speed defrosting options, Comfee doesn’t disappoint in regards to performance. It’s included in our top list of microwaves under $100.

It has the 0.9 cubic feet. capacity and the turntable having an overall diameter of 10,5/8 inches. It will take a 10-inch dinner plate comfortably.

For a 11-inch dinner plate, you’ll need to tilt it in order to be able to use the microwave. not the ideal method to heat up a large amount of food in oil that may slide down the sides.

With a weight of 30 pounds, it is a light microwave that can put on the counter. Its compact and small design makes it easier to use the oven.

In comparison to its affordable cost, the microwave offers superior performance.

Six auto-cook settings lets you select the most precise and quick cooking options at a single click. You don’t have to guess the cooking duration or setting the exact temperature.

If you’re planning to cook pepperoni pizza , or potato mash or mashed potatoes, you have the option of choosing among the options.

This Comfee Microwaves’ distinctive feature is its speed of defrost. Most microwaves require less power to melt the frozen food items in a defrost setting without a start cooking process.

Due to the small energy, the procedure may be slow. Comfee’s speed-defrost feature allows you to defrost the food quickly and evenly without cooking in the middle or creating frozen areas.

On the other hand there are occasions when the turntable is not stable which means you will hear a loud rattle when it’s operating.


  • Large digital clock/timer, large LED display
  • Ideal for small kitchens or dorm rooms
  • 6-one-touch quick-cook menu buttons
  • It is easy to wash and requires little maintenance


  • It moves around on the counter
  • There isn’t a clock on this microwave.

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5. Panasonic Microwave with NN-SB458S In-built Inverter

Panasonic has been an established and trusted brand in the world of electronics, specifically kitchen appliances. With its sleek stainless body the model is considered to be one of the most elegant stainless steel microwave ovens.

It’s not just the usual metallic silver color. You can pick the black color to provide your kitchen with a trendy design if you find that silver stainless steel is boring.

Although it’s only 0.9 cubic feet. space, the inside is large enough that it can hold an enormous dinner plate since the turntable measures. 6 inches.

Although the Panasonic microwave features a footprint like the other top microwaves, its interior space is larger, when compared with other models. This is due to the fact that the front panel for control is smaller as well as the mechanical components are also smaller in size.

What we are most impressed with of this oven microwave is the sensors that adjusts time and power according to the type of food.

With Inverter technology, the microwave oven provides evenly distributed heat to cook efficiently from all angles. With the help of the inverter technology “turbo defrost” is a method of thawing the food in what is known as the “turbo velocity” without creating frozen spots in the middle.

When compared against it’s counterpart, the Comfee microwave, this model is much lighter, at just 20.9 pounds.

The option to keep warm is helpful when your guests are stuck in traffic and arrive later in the evening than they expected. It is possible to serve them food hot and fresh making use of this option. It keeps the temperature of food and won’t cause it to overcook.

Overall, by combining the powerful performance that comes from the Panasonic microwave and its smaller footprint, it can heat food faster than other microwave of its kind.


  • Incorporates an inverter technology to provide outstanding performance
  • Extra-large 11.25 inch turntable
  • Genius sensor adjusts the power and time according to the food requirements
  • Child lock to prevent children from tampering


  • Not completely stainless steel exterior
  • A little expensive when compared with other options available

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6. Farberware Classic FM09SSE – Best Microwave Consumer Reports

The small but not tiny Farberware microwave is built robustly using stainless steel trimmings, and black exterior. It can be easily stored in the kitchen under cabinets.

In comparison to the other products, Farberware Classic is an excellent choice to consider.

Similar in terms of features as other expensive 900 watt microwaves, and with a budget and excellent performance, Farberware has received favorable reviews and acclaim from customers.

Farberware provides all-inclusive features, including the usual automatic cook functions, multiple-stage cookers and the ability to set temperature manually and power.

Like other microwaves, this has an option to defrost. You can defrost based on the duration or weight of the appliance to avoid defrosting in part and distribute heat evenly according to the food’s density.

Since it is spacious from the inside the oven can handle a large-sized dinner plate with a diameter of minimum 10 inches. A dinner plate of 11 inches could hinder the spin as the turntable is only 10.6 inches.

There isn’t an “Eco Mode” as well as the “mute” option However, Memory the Express Cooking feature, Child Lock and 10 levels of power that you can adjust are the basic features included in the microwave.

In terms of performance, it heats the food uniformly and the turntable runs efficiently.

Farberware excels even when it is just a basic feature. However those buttons that are on its digital interface need greater force, and can be difficult to see in dim lighting.


  • Sturdy and durable stainless steel constructed
  • Create your own cooking experience by using one-touch cooking programs
  • Simple to use control panel
  • LED display that includes kitchen timer and timer


  • It is a 5x beep when timer is over, which can be quite annoying.
  • Not recommended for rooms with tight spaces.

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7. Magic Chef MCD993R is the Best Microwave for small Kitchen

Dwell the kitchen by using this bright red beautiful microwave oven to capture a refreshing feel. It’s not just an amazing hue, but also an amazing outline.

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It’s a mid-sized microwave that measures 12 inches in width interior and 9 inches of height.

The microwave oven with 900 watts can heat the food quicker than 700-watt oven.

Six cooking presets can aid in cooking speed as they reduce the guesswork time.

By pressing the clock button it is possible to set the timer to meet the needs of the food you are serving. You can also raise the duration to 30 seconds with a single touch with the Start button.

In addition to being a good performer In addition, the microwave can be equipped with an Auto-Defrost option.

Place the frozen object inside the refrigerator, and it adjusts the duration and power required to defrost.

It’s surprising that this oven offers two options for opening the doors. It is possible to open it with a push button or using the handle.

The only minor issues that aren’t big ones are that the light comes on when the door is closed and the microwave is constantly buzzing and buzzing, which lets you monitor the development. However, the fact that the lights turn off after opening the door. This can be quite uncomfortable for some people.

Another small issue is the thin film of plastic on the keyboard, which wears down quickly however, it’s not a problem for the microwave’s function.

Overall, the beautiful design, performance of the microwave solid construction, as well as cost are the main reasons behind purchasing it for your kitchen of your home.


  • Digital control panel that has LED display
  • Different options for defrosting; based on weight and duration.
  • 8 quick cooking choices
  • A very budget-friendly the 900 watt microwave


  • The plastic film covering the keypad is thin

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8. GE Appliances JES1095SMSS – Best Microwave for the Dorm

Next within our top small 900 watt microwaves is GE appliances of outstanding quality and durable construction. front trims that are made of stainless steel.

The design doesn’t have the “wow” aspect like we get on Magic Chef, but the functions, as always are the same.

The microwave that is moderately powerful is small enough to fit under counters in kitchens. It also comes with 0.9 cubic feet. capacity, which will suffice for a small family.

“Auto-cook” options can be a lifesaver for home cooks as it controls the power and the time according to the choice and we discovered it to be fairly exact.

Defrosting using weight and time is effective, as are all other features like child lock and express cooking, as well as the mute function, are good in performance and do not disappoint.

The only design flaw we have found with the microwave is that the writing at the top of the display. The letters are not illuminated and is difficult to read. Sometimes, it requires lighting to help read the instructions.

Once you’re accustomed to the buttons, it won’t be an issue to find the function you need or the button. The door can also be noisy when you shut or open it. Apart from that, an excellent microwave in all ways.


  • Design that is durable and robust
  • Auto and time defrost options to ensure optimal results
  • Minute timer keeps you on course
  • The control panel can be locked to avoid accidents


  • The control panel isn’t lit, making the control panel difficult to comprehend.

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9. Walsh WSCMSR09BK09 – Best 0.9 Cu. Ft Microwave

The first impression you get of the microwave is its black look , with the small feet beneath the microwave, like we’ve seen at this Toshiba microwave. The front view of the microwave is quite tiny, with rounded corners.

This 0.9 cubic feet. microwave is equipped with the power level of 11 instead of 10 , which range from 900 to 900 watts.

The six auto presets which are essential to the operation of microwaves are also available.

We liked the speed defrost feature is available in addition to the standard defrost weight or time option. Speed defrost improves defrosting process and helps to thaw the food using the speed of turbo.

The microwave doesn’t come with an handle, and must be operated by a push-button. If you prefer having a control on your microwave, this may not be the best choice for you. Additionally, we don’t have the mute feature here to turn off the beeps following the microwaving.

In our tests of our microwaves, we encountered problems with defrosting unevenly. However the “auto-cook” worked well and we didn’t have to extend the time to complete the reheating/cooking.

It’s certainly far superior and much faster than any microwave with 700 watts as is evident from its quick heating. It’s an excellent choice for the price and will last for a long time.


  • Power can be adjusted to 11 different levels.
  • The interior lights up to track the cooking process
  • Food is cooked evenly, without cold spots
  • Lock your child’s fingers to allow the freedom of unsupervised operation


  • A little loud compared to other microwaves with 900 watts.
  • Beeps aren’t muted.

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10. Kenmore 70929 Best with Removable Turntable

Kenmore’s 990 milliwatt microwave is compact countertop appliance that is easily able to be placed on it. It is offered in four colors that include stainless steel, black, white, and red. It has 0.9 cubic feet. internal capacity, and turning tables of 11.2 inches Kenmore microwaves are still larger than the low-end 700 watt models from different brands, that typically have a 10 inches of turntable.

In terms of features and presets, Kenmore is no different since it comes with six typical settings that are found in other microwaves. The express cooking ranges from 1- 6 minutes, the 10 power levels that can be adjusted to control the power, the weight/time defrosting feature as well as 30 seconds of time addition, and child-lock All of these features are standard to 900 watt microwave.

The Kenmore microwave does not have the traditional handle but the push-open feature is simple and easy to operate, as compared to other 900 watt models. The black version features buttons that are difficult to read because of a lack of adequate contrast. Also, it leaves fingerprints that stick to the surface.

The inside cavity of Kenmore features distinctive diamond patterns which bounce off microwaves which means that it concentrates heat on food items. This particular design is intended to cook food evenly and reduce the time to cook.

In terms of performance is related to performance, Kenmore does its job in just a few minutes and warms the food in a timely manner. The presets are efficient and are a bonus which means that you don’t have to guess the duration and temperature. Overall an extremely durable, solidly constructed microwave that is superior to many of the top microwaves of the same capability and power.


  • Ideal for smaller kitchens, offices, or dorms
  • Make sure to defrost food frozen in a flash.
  • Simple to read and use touchscreen display panel
  • 11.22 inch large , removable turntable


  • Not suitable for large dinner plates
  • A bit expensive

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How to Buy 900 Watts Of Microwave

If you’ve chosen the power you need for your appliance, then here’s a checklist of the things to look for when you purchase the 900 watt microwave.

Types of Microwave

In the range of 900 watts there are three kinds of microwave ovens:

  • Countertop
  • Over-the-range
  • Built-in

Countertop models are the cheapest expensive and do not have to be installed. They typically are equipped with 0.9 cubic feet. internal capacity, and are the most sought-after choice for consumers. The microwaves that are over-the-range are popular for those who have less space to put on the counter. These models come with an air venting system as well as lights for the stove top that are lightning. They cost more than counter-top models. They can be placed inside drawers, or come with specially-designed drawers that serve food. Select the microwave based on where you’d like to place it.

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Dimensions of Microwave 900 Watt

Noise Level

Certain microwaves make a constant sound when they work. Select the most quiet microwave that isn’t a nuisance while you’re working on your tasks.

Inverter Technology

Some microwaves feature inverter technology which operates at a an unvarying power level in order to maintain the temperature. This results in cooking evenly without hot and cold spots. Therefore, it is recommended to seek out the one that has an inverter feature.

Other Features

Make sure your microwave is equipped with the child lock and memory function. Some microwaves that are 900 watts don’t have a mute feature and if you’re someone who gets easily frustrated by the sound of microwaves, it is best to find a microwave that has mute functions. Auto cook Eco mode speed defrost, 30 second button are all important features in these microwaves. The opening of the handle with a push button or pull handle microwaves are the matter of personal preference. We believe that, in the end that the pull handle performs more smoothly than microwaves with push buttons.

Benefits of Microwave 900 watts

Adequate Power

A power of 900 watts is enough to meet the kitchen needs of the home and microwave requirements of not just a smaller family, but a big one too. It heats and thaws food faster than a 700 watt microwave.

Capacity of the Interior

The microwaves with 900 watts have a large interior. The majority of microwaves with 900 watts are equipped with 0.9 cubic feet. capacity inside. A few models are with 0.8 cubic feet. capacity and have the power of 900 watts.

The microwaves are able to fit a 10 inches dinner plate. An 11 inches plate may need tilting. The internal capacity can be enough to cook more food in one batch.


Their footprint is greater than 700 watts with just a few inches of difference, however they can still be put on kitchen counters or in the cabinet even when you have limited space.

Performance & Features

The majority of the 900 watt microwave models have the same features as their 700 watt counterparts. A few models have extra options like inverter technology the speed of defrosting feature, mutes, and memory buttons. However, in the realm of speed, they’re certainly better at heating food, melting frozen food or popping popcorn.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top microwave ovens that are 900 watts?

  1. “Black + Decker – with Child Safety Lock
  2. Toshiba EM925A5A – Stainless Steel Built
  3. The COMFEE Microwave CM-M091AGN is the best for seniors
  4. Commercial Chef CHM990B – for small Kitchen Countertop
  5. Panasonic NN-SD372S With In-In An Inverter Technology
  6. Farberware Classic FM09SSE – Microwave Consumer Reports
  7. Magic Chef MCD993R For Small Kitchen
  8. GE Appliances JES1095SMSS – For Dorm Room
  9. Walsh WSCMSR09BK09 – Best 0.9 Cu. Ft Microwave
  10. Kenmore 70929 is Best for Popcorn Making

Can a microwave with 900 watts be considered good?

A microwave that is 900 watts is sufficient to meet the needs of reheating and microwaving in a home. If you’ve previously owned a 1000 watt and 1100 watts microwave you’ll find it to be smaller and slower and suitable to keep it at the counter of the kitchen. If you compare it with 700 watts of microwave which is faster, it cooks food more evenly and also has more capacity inside.

Which type of microwave has the highest reliability?

You’ll be shocked to discover that the majority of manufacturers sell microwaves manufactured by Midea, which is a Chinese company that is now an internationally respected global corporation particularly known for its appliances.

Toshiba, Comfee, Breville, Black & Decker all their microwaves are made by Midea and that’s why the microwaves of many manufacturers are identical in terms of specifications. However, Toshiba, Black & Decker, Magic Chef, and Comfee are superior brands on the marketplace. If you’re looking for alternative brand Panasonic can be a great choice since it comes with inverter technology, and can last longer than microwaves made by Midea.

What is the most powerful microwave to purchase?

The majority of microwaves come with a capacity of between 600 and 1200 watts. 700 and 700 watts is thought of as low-powered microwaves. They are small and simple to place on busy kitchen counters, however they are slower in heating or cooling frozen food items.

800-1000 Watts are moderately powered microwaves. Most often, microwaves with a power of 1000 watts are considered to be the minimum for the home, but microwaves with 900 watts can also work extremely well.

Microwaves that have more than 1000 watts are big-sized and have fast cooking and warming. They have more inside space as well as additional features like sensors, inverter technology, and inverter technology.

Therefore you can choose any microwave with a wattage that meets your requirements is the best microwave for you.

800 and. 1000 watt microwave. Which one is better?

The principle to be remembered when measuring microwave wattage is that the greater the wattage is, the faster it cooks, reheats, and cooks. Also, the larger it is in size.

In general, a 900 watt microwave will have 0.9 cubic feet. inside capacity, while 1000 watts have one cubic feet. capacity.

For performance purposes, there’s not any significant difference between 900 or 1000 Watts. A microwave with 900 watts can require a few minutes or seconds greater than 1000watts for the cooking task or the reheating.

If your kitchen space and budget will allow, you can go with 1000 watts. However, in the case of budget constraints or having a less counter it is possible to select the 900 watts model without regretting it.

Does a microwave that is 900 watts capable of making popcorn?

Yes, a 900 watt microwave will pop popcorn. Low-watt microwaves like 600 watts, won’t be able to pop the microwaves since the popcorns are heated slowly and the steam rises from the tip , but without rupturing and “popping” that is. It is important to note that the “popcorn” option on microwaves is specifically designed to set the temperature and power needed to make the popcorn pop. Typically, popcorn takes about approximately 2-4 minutes to pop popcorn. However, the trick is to don’t leave your popcorns in the open and, if all popcorns haven’t been popping, you can add 10 seconds to allow the popcorns pop.

Closing Up!

Microwaves with 900 watts are basic and user-friendly appliances that have moderate prices to improve the efficiency of the kitchen, and reduce cooking time. These microwaves are a step higher over their 700 watt counterpart in terms of speed of performance and capacity. We’ve tried to select the most efficient 900 watt microwaves, based on hours of research and testing in order to help you make a better decision when buying. If you’re not sure check out our top picks and purchasing guide.

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