10 Best 8 Inch Non Stick Frying Pan (October 2022) Reviews

The small 8 inch non-stick frying pan is not designed to cook food for a huge family, instead, it is a great option to make a quick fix for dinner as well as scrambled eggs. It is the perfect partner for cooking on your own the 8-inch pan isn’t inconvenient or useless or useless in any way.

The fact that they’re cute tiny pans that measure only 8 inches wide doesn’t mean we can simply buy them from the store shelves. In reality, it’s the most frequently used and essential size of the frying pan in the kitchen, for making fluffy eggs, heating leftovers, making crepes, and even small amounts of food items.

Why are they most admired?

We don’t want to take a pan to wash when cooking small quantities or cooking small quantities, it’s not recommended to cook small amounts in a large skillet as ingredients tend to spread across the sides and are more likely to have chance of burning and brown unevenly. food. A 8-inch pan shines when cooking dishes that need to be tossing due to its lightweight and dimensions. Also, take a look at our recommendations best non-stick pans. top non-stick pans that do not have Teflon Nonstick Pan along with the most effective ceramic nonstick pans.

Top 10 Best 8 Inch Non Stick Frying Pan 2022

Check out our selected list to select the ideal 8-inch non-stick frying pan that offers the convenience of nonstick as well as the ease of storage in cabinets in the kitchen.

1. Cuisinart Hard-Anodized Dishwasher – Best Dis Safe Pan

Cuisinart has been making cookware of this kind for the longest time that instantly makes the customer feel confident in its brand. The 8-inch cookware tells the similar story. It’s made of hard-anodized Aluminium which is located at the heart of the product and is considered to be more robust, rust-resistantand secure than the standard aluminum.

Non-stick is comprised out of Whitford Eterna (a type of Teflon coating made from PTFE) and is thought to be superior to any other non-stick coating that is high-end.

Here’s a secret hint for you: If a coating that is non-stick is listed as dishwasher safe The coating will last longer. It doesn’t mean you need to stick into the dishwasher after each usage (Funnily enough, this isn’t even suggested by the manufacturers). Hand wash it to extend its lifespan.

The design of the pan is ideal for flipping eggs, and then throwing the food in thanks to its wide bottom and an angled side. The handles made of stainless steel are comfortable to hold thanks to an angled design that lets you spread heat and keep cool during cooking. If you’re cooking for a long time it is necessary to wear gloves to hold the handle.

The high-end non-stick finish ensures that food doesn’t remain on the surface, making cleanup easy. However, if you don’t wash it off after each use and the grease builds up, it will end on the edges of rivets, and ruin the pan you love so much.

2. OXO Good Grips Pro Hard Anodized

Oxo Good Grips pan as Cuisinart is constructed of hard-anodized aluminum , which makes it stronger and more durable. The non-stick coating on OXO Good Grips pan OXO Good Grip pan is German engineered PTFE. Its three coating layers make it extremely smooth and durable. In our tests, food particles were easily released from the surface leaving little or no residue.

For the handle of the pan, OXO has launched stainless steel handles that ensure that their non-stick line is suitable for ovens that are hotter, up to 430 degrees F. As as the name suggests that stainless steel grip of this 8 inch saucepan is comfortable and cool while cooking. It is held by two rivets that don’t come loose , even after decades of use.

Even though the pan measures just 8 inches long but it’s got a weight to it . It isn’t cheap or flimsy and tends to shift frequently.

The pan is deep enough that can hold more ingredients however, the sides aren’t fully rolled to ensure that the pan leak-proof while pouring the contents. Through our tests, we’ve encountered instances of oil spilling off the sides.

But, the pan cleans effortlessly – all it takes is one quick clean and wash, and it shines like new.

3. Carote Non-stick Pan for Frying

Carote, a more substantial and visually attractive gray granite-patterned non-stick pan with a stone-derived five-layered non-stick coating that is free of harmful PFOA as well as PFOS.

The Carote 8-inches-wide pan with a “wood-resembling” handle comes from the “Essential wooden” collection, appropriately called so since it’s a essential kitchen tool for cooking.

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This model’s “stay-cool” handle made of bakelite offers comfort in times of high flames as you do not want to be at risk of burning your hands.

In the case of an 8-inch pan bakedlite handle handles with cool temperatures are a must since the handles are less than the larger ones. If they are constructed from stainless steel, they’ll quickly become very hot because of their small length.

However, bakelite or any other rubber handle can reduce the oven’s maximum temperature. Carote does not have hard-anodized aluminum in its core, however the aluminum core disperses heat evenly and holds it, even when you include cold ingredients in the pan.

Carote features a stainless steel plate which is bonded to the bottom, making it an an induction-compatible pan in addition, it makes the cookware more durable and is anti-wrap.

The thicker walls of the pan make it difficult to use a spatula to reach it. However, thicker walls are ideal for an 8-inch pot because there’s no need to sacrifice the cooking area because of the flared walls. Even though it’s small in size, it can hold more food items.

4. Anolon Advanced Non-Stick Hard-Anodized Pan

Anolon’s advanced 8-inch pan features the triple-layered non-stick coating which is considered top-quality, when as opposed to double-layered Teflon coating. This results in a smooth interior with impressive non-stick properties and release of food, even after decades of abuse and use.

The pan’s core is made using hard-anodized aluminum. This makes it more secure even if the coating is scratched. From eggs scrambled in the morning and fish files, it worked superbly with even heat and no brown spots or burned crusts in our non-stick pans testing.

We were most impressed that the handles are made from stainless steel which includes a sheath made of Silicone to ensure it is cool and comfortable when cooking.

The oven-safe pan can be used with temperatures up to 400 deg F which means you are able to cook your food by baking them.

The pan absorbs heat extremely effectively to cook the food, however high temperatures are an incredibly dangerous foe since the bottom of the pan warps during high heat cooking.

5. Tramontina Professional Nonstick Fry Pan

If we think of the rule that “thicker more weight is more effective” when it comes to non-stick pans fry pans, then Tramontina meets all the criteria as one of the top Non-stick fryers. It is constructed from high-quality aluminum. It helps make it more durable than the other pans, and also helps to ensure uniform heat distribution.

Alongside the pan’s weight, an immediate thing that stands out in the non-stick pan is the long handle. The handle comes with a red silicone sheath to offer comfort and safety in high heat cooking. It also aids in the maneuvering of the pan. In contrast to other non-stick cookware, Tramontina is equipped with three rivets inside that are that are designed to stay in place on the stove.

As good as the pan is , with evenly distributed heat to let your food cook with no burnt areas or crusts that are cold it isn’t able to go into an oven that is super heated like the other pans for frying. The temperature tolerance is restricted to 400 deg F. As the pan is small, it’s not necessary to place it in the oven.

For the quality and non-stick construction, Tramontina is constructed with three layers of non-PFOA coating making it a super-slick surface. We created delicate crepes and eggs that were sticky. With some butter, food moves easily around and is easy to flip because of its flaring sides.

Overall this is a worthwhile investing in and will last longer without scratching If it is properly maintained.

6. T-Fal Professional Nonstick Total Pan

T-Fal’s Professional Total 8 inches non-stick pan features its distinctive “Thermo-Spot” pattern in the center. This easy-to-use feature lets cooks in the kitchen to be aware that the pan is being preheated to cook and then changes the color to red once it is heated to 375 degrees F.

The T-Fal pan is a classic PTFE non-stick coating. It is Titanium strengthened to provide more durability and protection from wear and tear and scratches.

The Tramontina nonstick we have reviewed previously does not work in the range of induction and therefore T-Fal is a great choice when you’re seeking a small non-stick pan that can be used induction. Since the majority of the inner core of aluminum bends and is damaged and dents, the stainless steel plate allows it to be induction-ready, but can also provide more rigidity and enhances the resistance to warp.

The pan comes with a partially covered silicone sheath , which helps to make it more safe for handling because the silicone covers don’t become hot. We were very pleased that the rivets that are fixed to the inside are not exposed , but are covered with a non-stick coating. This means that there is no chance of food getting stuck to the rivets and cleaning becomes an easy and simple task.

We tried the pan out by making omelets and crepes in it. The pan cooked really well however, it wasn’t able to retain the heat and the temperature fell quicker. However, in terms of non-stickiness food is released easily from the surface, however the sides of the surface are slightly elevated, therefore oil pools in the corners.

7. Ninja Non-Stick Pan

Ninja Foodie, the brand is known for its appliances, comes with an impressive collection of non-stick cooking pans. However, these aren’t the same as other pans that are non-stick. In Ninja non-stick the coating sticks to the pan’s surface due to the extreme temperature of 30,000degrees F that is used to melt crystals of plasma. The inside surface is textured but has a sheen to it, whereas the exterior is shot blasted and has a gray-grey grant-like texture.

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The pan is heavy that is similar to a miniature cast iron skillet, due to the thick-gauge hard-anodized aluminum used in its construction.

Due to the heavy 4.2 millimeter base as well as the high-density aluminum pan, it takes a more time to heat up and retains heat. Additionally it distributes the heat evenly, making sure that food is cooked evenly. The thing we didn’t dislike about the pan was the bulge in the middle and the oil flows to the sides. However, the bottom of the pan is clean with the electric and glass stove.

In terms of the handle It has the shape of a solid and round stainless steel handle, with an elongated design that keeps it cool while cooking. Even with the distinctive design of the forked handle, it is prone to becoming hot. Another thing to note is that you must heat the non-stick pan or you’ll know it’s not a non-stick skillet because of the pieces of food stuck on the surface.

Best Non-Stick pan for Electric Stove

8. GreenPan Chatham Ceramic Non-stick Pan

The second one we’ve picked is the non-stick ceramic pan by The brand GreenPan. GreenPan brand makes use of its well-known Thermolon coating. The pan features a smooth gray interior and an exterior that is dark.

The most noticeable feature of GreenPan is that it’s smaller than Ninja non-stick. The low and flared edges of the dish make it simpler to slip a spatula underneath the eggs or crepes , and effortlessly flip it by giving it the snap.

The handle on the pan is composed from stainless steel. Therefore, a stainless steel handle with a ceramic coating implies that the pan has an oven that’s safe for higher temperatures.

This pan from the GreenPan Chatham lineup is able to cook up to 600 deg F which is the highest oven-safe temperature for the pans we’ve tested to date. The handle is comfortable to grip and is comfortable, however, it can get hot in the course of a prolonged cooking session.

The internal rivets to that the handles are attached are coated with a non-stick substance to the surface. This means that food doesn’t stick to the rivets and making the cleaning process easy.

Despite all its benefits, GreenPan quickly gets scratched and must be replaced earlier. However, it can eliminate the dangers to health that come with PFOA, PTFE, lead and Cadmium which makes it the best choice for healthy individuals.

9. Michelangelo Frying Pan with Lid

Michelangelo the frying pan is made of an anti-stick coating made of ceramic in a copper color, bonded with Titanium. The non-stick coating’s composition differs from GreenPan. Its titanium-based reinforcement increases its strength, but remains light in weight.

The pan features low side walls, rather than high and deep walls. This makes it ideal to cook your eggs in the morning or crepes and sautéing vegetables for side dishes.

The pan has the lid made of glass, that we haven’t seen on any other non-stick cookware we’ve tested. It has an stainless steel handle however, because the handle’s texture isn’t there it could slip out of your hands if aren’t cautious.

The compatibility with induction is an added benefit as it helps to make the pan more durable and also warp-resistant.

We tried out the non-stick skillet using the typical egg test. The results – the pan was extremely hot and evenly but the eggs were sliding towards the corner, suggesting that the bottom isn’t completely flat. In addition the non-stick performance of the pan is superb.

If you’re seeking a pan that is 8 inches with a lid for cost-effective prices, the Michelangelo non-stick pan is the one for you.

10. CopperChef Non-Stick Fry Pan

As Michelangelo’s pan for non-stick, CopperChef also has a copper-colored ceramic non-stick coating. However, CopperChef does not come with lid.

Another distinction in the construction is the fact that CopperChef has a hard-anodized aluminium core, while Michelangelo was built with the standard aluminum.

Even with the Cerami tech 5 layer coating, only a tiny amount of oil is still required to avoid food particles sticking to the surface of the pan.

The handle of the pan features a thumb rest on its fixed side, however, when the pot gets hot, it’s difficult to hold your hand there. The handles are comfortable.

The pan can be used as the temperature of a high-temperature oven because of its high temperature tolerance. In addition, it is extremely hot and spreads the heat evenly thanks to the aluminum core inside.

Due to the stainless steel base it also is able to be used with an induction stove. It’s dishwasher-safe too however, it is best to wash the pan by hand since non-stick ceramic cookware can easily wear and tear when you are a regular user of them with steel spatulas. clean it in the dishwasher daily.

A Buying Guide to 8-inches Nonstick Pan

Material and Coating

The most important thing that can be the deciding factor in purchasing a non-stick pan is the type of coating as well as the construction material. These aspects are significant to the non-stick coating’s quality. If you want a non-stick coating, you can select one of PTFE as well as Ceramic. It’s best to get non-stick cookware that has hard-anodized aluminium, so that even if the pan is damaged, you don’t have to worry about an issue with aluminum getting into your food.

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The handle of the pan determines two aspects. The first is whether it’s comfortable and stays cool during handling, and also the oven-safe temperature. We prefer stainless steel handles that have forked designs to increase oven safety for an 8-inch pan, you can opt for silicone-covered or bakelite handles that will always be cool.

The Cooking Surface of the Pan

A pan that is 8 inches tall already has less surface to cook on, and if the sides of the pan are flared, you’ll be left with an even smaller cooking space. Choose a pan whose sides aren’t too steep or flared.

Compatibility with Induction Burners

If you intend to cook on an induction cooktop as well, it’s best to choose one with an stainless steel plate that is that is bonded to the bottom. This is because this stainless steel plating helps make the pan more durable and durable against the possibility of warping.


A pan with 8 inches has a smaller weight than larger-sized pans. A pan that is light in weight feels weak and is more susceptible to being scratched and warped. Therefore, always select the pan that is heavier.

Oven-Safe Temperature

The oven’s safest temperature for an 8-inch pan is located in non-stick baking ceramics dish. The PTFE and Teflon pans typically contain a maximum temperature of 500deg F. Based on the meals you cook frequently choose a pan that lets you put it in a higher temperature oven.

Frequently asked questions

What’s an 8-inch skillet useful for?

A pan of 8 inches is perfect for making two or more eggs. It can also be used for pancakes, crepes and tortillas, or sear a fish filet or pork chop, steak or chicken breast. It is also a great tool for roasting dry seeds and nuts. You can make small portions of both savory and sweet foods for one person, or to reheat leftover food items you have leftovers. The option is yours!

Does an 8-inch pan suffice?

A pan of 8 inches is sufficient to serve one or two people , at the least. It is possible to grill two normal-sized chicken thighs, two eggs at a go, and eight-ounces of steak. An 8-inch pan is the best companion for a bachelor when it comes to cooking.

What size of non-stick pan do I need?

The size of a non-stick pan will depend on your needs and the number of people you wish to feed. A pan of 8 inches is suitable for one or two people, whereas 12-inches pans can cook meals for a family of four. It is better to get different sizes of the pan to ensure that you can select your pan according to the quantity and kind of food you want to cook.

8 inches vs 10 inches non-stick pans, which one is superior?

The 8 inches pan is an approximate size of 13x9x2 inches. It weighs between 1-3 pounds.

It is possible to cook 1 egg or sauté half a bag of vegetables, a fish fille tortilla, bread or small portions of dessert. It’s enough for one or two people.

The 10-inch pan has dimensions of 16 x 1 x 2 inches. It weighs between 6 to 6.5 pounds.

It’s recommended for you to boil 3-4 eggs as well as sauces, pancakes, crepes and sauté all the vegetables in your pack.

A 10-inch pan offers more space, so that the ingredients are able to fit and evenly brown, while an 8-inch pan is small and therefore it is simpler to flip the food items in it.

How can you tell the difference between an oven and a fry pan?

The primary difference between a skillet and frying pans is the fact that skillets are more deep for cooking curries as well as sauces. Skillets have larger sidewalls and bigger cooking surfaces, while fry pans are narrow with flared sides. Fry pans are more suitable for making pancakes, crepes and eggs. Due to its slim sidewalls the spatula slides easily underneath the food and it is easy to switch it over to the other side. A frying pan is more suitable for tossing cooking.

Wrapping Up!

A pan with 8 inches is an essential item for any kitchen, regardless of whether you have a large family or just a single one. It’s regarded as the standard pan to fry eggs, however, it is flexible enough to allow you to cook a variety of meals. The buying guidelines for an 8-inch skillet are identical to that of a 12-inch pan, in terms of high-quality design and coating that is nonstick. However, you must think about what the cooking surface is, the weight, and the handle to ensure you get the best use of your non-stick skillet. To aid you we’ve compiled a list of the top 8-inch pans, taking into consideration all the details of design and construction. Therefore, scroll up and select with confidence!

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