4 Best 8 Inch Full-Range Drivers/Speakers (September 2022) Reviews

A full-range speaker gives excellent sound quality and good sensitivity. When purchasing the most powerful 8 inch full-range speakers or drivers, we’re here to help you select.

The full-range speaker is able to cover the entire frequency range of human beings that ranges from 20 Hz up from 20 to 20 kHz. Most full-range speakers can respond to a frequency as low as 60 Hz and go to as high as 20.000 Hz. They have a bigger magnet that is stronger than others.

We’ve selected 8 full-range speakers you can purchase to meet your requirements and budget.

Our brief review of all the speakers we have reviewed makes your point simple.

Top 4 Best 8 Inch Full-Range Drivers/Speakers 2022

1. Overall Top: Lii Audio 8 inch Full-Range Drivers

Our top choice of eight-inch full-range speakers is the Lii Audio speaker. It is stunning in appearance and performance.

The speaker is an extremely sensitive and large magnet. Even with a low-power amplifier, you can still operate these speakers effortlessly.

If you’re looking for an all-around speaker to open baffles, this model is the perfect option since it comes with high Qts of 0.62.

This speaker’s 8” is normal for most enclosures. The sound is crisp and clear. There is no distortion, whether you listen at medium, low, or high volumes.

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It is a full-range speaker and offers a frequency response of as high as 20.000 Hz. It is equipped with an impedance of 8 Ohms. The sensitivity is 94dB, over the optimal value of 94 dB. The maximum power of 80 Watts, and the power rating is 50 Watts.

You’ll get two speakers that weigh 7 kg each. If you’re looking at the cost, they are expensive. If you’re on a budget, then you should consider these speakers. We have reviewed low-cost 8 inch speakers from different brands.

2. Best Affordable: Visaton BG20-8 8” Full-Range Speaker

If you are looking for a high-quality 8 inch full-range speaker for a low cost, the Visaton BG20-8 is the perfect choice to meet your needs. For this price, Visaton BG20-8 offers amazing features and excellent sound quality.

This speaker’s range of frequencies is between 38 and 18,000 Hz, which is a full-range speaker. A sensitivity of 92 decibels is a quality sensitivity regarded as outstanding.

Visaton BG20-8 8 Full-Range Speaker will be continuously powered at 40 watts, as it has an RMS of 40 Watts. The

You’ll hear excellent bass if you place these speakers in 1.05 cubic feet of cabinet and tune them at 42 Hz.

In the end, it does an excellent job for this tiny cost. If you’re on a budget and require an 8” driver, buy it before it goes out of stock.

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3. Best 8” Speaker: Full Range Amateur DIY F-8 Lii Audio

The third speaker in the full range of 8 inches is yet another model from the Lii Audio brand. It also comes with top-of-the-line performance, costing much lower than the earlier brand.

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The 8 inch cone is composed of paper and works well in all frequencies. Particularly when you listen to medium frequencies, it provides greater clarity and a higher bass.

The speaker’s design is great, like the previous model, and the magnet is big and robust construction.

It features high-frequency frequency responsiveness and improved sensitivity. It performs well even with the lowest power amplifier.

If you can spend the money, purchasing Lii Audio headphones or an affordable model from another brand is possible.

4. Top Full Range 8″‘ Woofer: Goldwood Sound GW-8003/8

Our latest 8 full-range driver is Goldwood Sound GW-8003/8 which is very reasonable and comes with excellent performance and quality of construction.

This could be the second option if you’re looking to purchase the driver on a budget.

It has higher output and greater frequency response than the other speakers mentioned above.

It is rated at 260 watts maximum output power and 130 watts RMS power. The frequency range is between 28 and 20000 Hz, which makes it a great full-range driver.

Its impedance of 8 Ohm is similar to others; however, the sensitivity is 87dB which is acceptable but not outstanding.

Magnet weighs 20 oz and 1.5 inches of aluminum coil. The above specifications are for one woofer, and you’ll get just one driver instead of a pair at this price.

Wrapping Up!

We have reviewed the top 4 8 full-range speakers and drivers with crucial advantages and disadvantages. The decision and price are yours. If you’re really in need of an all-around speaker, purchase one today before it goes off.

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