10 Best 700 Watt Microwave (October 2022) Reviews

Are you wondering if a 700 watt microwave can meet your requirements? Yes , it can. There are some top 700 watt microwaves which are extremely powerful and have a small footprints.

A microwave that is 1000 watts is considered to be the standard power level for quick cooking and reheating, however it’s expensive and takes up a lot of space. If you’re in a cramped kitchen or dorm space and for a few basic microwave requirements, a 700-watt microwave is adequate. It is not just able to meet your requirements, but it also conserves space since the majority of 700 watt models are smaller in size and have smaller footprints.

Yes! There is no need to compromise on functionality. This is where things can get exciting because the design and dimension of the microwave will influence how well it can perform.

The smaller microwaves that have low watts can add up to 800-950 watts of power. If you’re on a budget, then choosing the top 700 watts microwave under $100 is an excellent choice.

To help you cut down on the work of selecting the most efficient microwave oven, we’ve tested several models that run 700 watts. We also have compiled a list of the top small microwaves are available at a price that is affordable. Be sure to take a look at our top choices for the best microwave under $100 and a powerful microwaves with 900 watts..

Top 10 Best 700 Watt Microwave 2022 suitable for Small Countertop

1. BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Best Stainless Steel

The initial obvious feature of the Black & Decker microwave is its elegant and slim stainless steel exterior, that is designed to fit into an unruly kitchen or dorm space.

The exterior of the microwave measures 17.3 inches in width and 10 inches of the height. With an internal space of 0.7 cubic feet. The inside cavity is approximately 11 inches in width. So, it can’t accommodate large dinner plates.

Black & Decker has a control panel with a touchpad on the side, with a LED digital display for the time. It does not have an open-close handle, but it does have an innovative push-open button to open the door.

Black & Decker has six pre-programmed menus that include popcorn pizza, vegetables drinks, frozen vegetables and even the ability to heat dinner plates. This allows you to cook on auto without any estimation of time.

One of the top high-end stainless steel microwave ovens, Black and Decker has 10 different power levels that start at the top P10 level. The lowest level that ensures that your food is heated is the P0. A child safety lock can be used when children are in the vicinity.

The main issue is that the key functions on the control panel are hard to read due to the combination they are dark gray color buttons as well as the black letters over them.

Based on our tests, it was able to perform almost flawlessly when defrosting and heating without being more hot more than other models with its two options for defrosting (by weight and duration).

Other than that, Black & Decker also includes a 1-6-minute express cooking time option as well as the option to add 30 seconds more to the chosen time. READ FULL REVEIW


  • Strong and durable stainless steel is built
  • Control panel that is easy to comprehend
  • Child security lock
  • It doesn’t take up a lot of space in the kitchen.


  • Beep is not muted.
  • The slide will be a little more gradual as the button is pushed

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2. Comfee’s EM720CPL – PMB – the Best Oven With Mute Options

Comfee microwave can also be a small microwave that has stainless steel, black finish.

A budget-friendly alternative that has almost identical features to Decker and Black. Decker as well as the Sound off and on feature, which isn’t present in the Black and Decker.

If you’re fed up with the constant “beep sound” of your microwave. You can turn off any annoying sound when you press the “8” button for three minutes.

In addition to heating and defrosting It comes with six pre-programmed settings to cook and baking recipes such as popcorn, pizza soups, and more.

There are also interior illumination that is activated during microwaving , and turn off when the turntable turns off.

In addition when you select ECO mode the display will be turned to standby, reducing the energy use by up to 50% of the normal use.

Comfee’s express cooking feature allows you to set the cooking time immediately by selecting one among the available numbers. For instance, if you click 2, the time to cook will be set to 2 minutes.

The 30 second addition button is also available to add time quickly without having to stop the microwave.

The settings for child locks lock the control panel to children to make sure they won’t contact the panel or get in trouble by the cooking time.

Comfee microwave does not have the push-door feature, and it could slide when you lift the door of the oven with more force. It is recommended to take care when opening the door using your hands, especially if there is liquid inside to avoid spills.


  • Six pre-programmed cook functions that auto-cook.
  • Re-heat and defrost the appliance quickly.
  • Eco mode can save you around. 50% of energy
  • Large dinner plates easily fit on large plates.
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  • The exterior gives a cheap appearance
  • Slide on counters because of its lightness

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3. Amazon Basics – Best Smart Microwave with Voice Control

With houses becoming more intelligent and more appliances being powered by Alexa It’s not a surprise to find a microwave that is voice activated.

While smart devices can be expensive when compared to other devices the basic microwave from Amazon is similar in price range with other 700 watt microwaves.

The microwave comes with Alexa connect kit technology which allows you to connect the appliance to your Echo device. It’s a simple process but you may have to place your echo speaker close to the microwave.

While it does not have preset buttons like those used in other microwaves, the Alexa feature comes with preset instructions.

For instance, you could say Alexa and cook 2oz of popcorn then the oven will determine the amount of time.

In addition to the voice control option The microwave is basic, with a simple and clear design. The control panel offers 10 power options, timer in the kitchen, defrost according to weight and defrost according to time.

It comes with the child lock feature which can be a little difficult to turn on, but it’s useful in the event of messy children at home.

With a 10 inch turntable that is removable With a removable turntable of 10 inches, this 0.7 cubic feet of microwave makes the top microwave you can buy.


  • Operates using voice commands
  • Lightweight, stylish and compact
  • The power levels can be easily adjustable
  • Cook the food, but don’t leave cold spots.


  • The turntable motor can be a bit loud
  • You must purchase the echo devices on your own

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4. Galanz GLCMKA07RDR-07 – Best Under $100

It’s an vintage-style compact microwave suitable to use at home. It has the appearance of old-fashioned, yet is built to be compatible with the modern design.

Galanz microwave features an oval window. The vintage-inspired microwave does not have the option of a touch panel. Instead, it features the knob/dial which you can turn left to adjust the timers, and to left to set the power level.

It comes with only six power levels, and is mostly used to defrost and reheat. The Galanz 700-watts countertop microwave comes with the capacity that is 0.7 cubic feet. It is well for families with small children.

In addition it also has an 9.6 inches turntable, which is large enough to accommodate a meal plate. The turntable is able to heat food evenly, without hot spots.

When food is being cooked in the microwave The LED light will light up the inside and allow you to glimpse through the glass oval window.

The clearly readable LED display displays the remaining cooking time for the food. There will be three beeps once the cooking process is completed.

It’s built with strength and comes with an open handle made of chrome instead of an open-door push button.

The child lock feature is an additional layer of safety for families with children. Overall, it’s an excellent microwave for a single use.


  • Gorgeous retro style design with controls
  • 360deg rotation to evenly heat food
  • Child lock stops children from influencing cooking time
  • The microwave is expensive, 700 watts.


  • The absence of back-lit lighting makes reading the dial and buttons difficult

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5. Commercial Chef CHM770B Best for Small Kitchen

Commercial Chef comes with a sleek black microwave that can hold 0.7 cubic feet.

It occupies a small space in the kitchen due to its tiny footprint. That is the reason it is the ideal microwave for college students or people who live in cramped homes.

It is powered by just 700 watts, it is able to do basic defrosting, reheating and cooking. The microwave is suitable for everyday use and does not have any bells or whistles.

The most appealing aspect that this model microwave has is its six preset settings that allow the making of soup, popcorn, pizza and more. at the touch of the button.

Another thing to be noted that will adds convenience is speedy defrosting and freezing by weight.

The microwave can also make use of ten different power levels that range from high power through warm to give you full control over how to cook your food.

As with other 700 watt microwaves, this one has an led display and an emergency lock for children to protect children from accidents. The turntable feature makes sure that the microwave is evenly heating and cooking.

Clean up of the microwave is an easy process The turntable can also be cleaned.

If you’re struggling to decide the right one between Microwave and Toaster ovens, then take a look at this detailed comparison.


  • Easy to set 10 power levels
  • 6 pre-programmed cook settings
  • Turntables can be washed.
  • It is suitable for small kitchens Studio, apartment, or small kitchen


  • The plastic construction is a bit brittle.
  • Large plates can be difficult to adjust

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6. Farberware Classic FMO07AHTBKJ – Best for Countertop

Faberware has a visual appealing thanks to its sleek stainless steel exterior designed with rounded edges to match any kitchen design. It’s not just style that works, but also offers excellent quality for the price with its notable features.

A compact microwave, the interior of the microwave is 0.7 cubic feet. which is enough to accommodate the size of a 10-inch diameter dinner plate, but it’s impossible to put in an 11 inch plate without being able to tilt it.

If you’re in the market for quick pizza in a flash, delicious popcorn or are craving a mouthwatering baked potato, you’ll discover a single-touch setting to instantly microwave.

It also allows defrosting according to weight and time , which speeds your cooking time.

According to our experience, it is a quiet microwave oven, and produces very low noise when it is operating.

A child lock option of Farberware microwaves is designed to lock the control panel from children that aren’t supervised. It also is useful for microwave cleaning.

Faberware, as with other models in the 700 watt range, has added the convenience of visibility by adding an LED displays and internal lighting that lets you observe the cooking process of food from the window.

Although it’s low in wattage however, it quickly heats up and becomes steamy when we set an excessive time. This is why we suggest making use of the maximum power setting and set a minimal time.

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Memory settings are another useful feature that lets you save presets you are using the majority often.


  • The stainless steel construction provides it with strength and durability.
  • Re-heat and defrost the meal rapidly
  • Large dinner plates can be easily accommodated.
  • Installation and operation is simple.


  • It is impossible to mute the beep.
  • Footprints are not small.

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7. Kenmore 70723 – The Best 0.7 Cubic Feet

Kenmore It is an efficient counter-top microwave made of stainless steel that will easily fit into a compact kitchen. It efficiently serves the basic purpose of reheating and cooking.

Similar to other models, this also comes with 700 watts of power for heating with ten power levels that change from high to medium and low heat.

To speedily start the heating function Press the ‘Start’ button to run for 30 seconds, or twice to cook for 1 minute or defrosting at high temperatures.

It is powered by an extremely unique feature that is a the concaved reflector system (CRS) which allows the appliance to heat or heat the food evenly, leaving any cold spots.

The microwave also produces steam extremely quickly, which is why it is recommended to clean or leave the door open for a time to dry it after each use.

It is possible to turn on certain features with just one tap. It includes six auto cook options, re-heating and defrosting of frozen food.

The control panel is equipped with an LED digital display that displays the cooking time remaining.

There’s an LED bulb in the microwave, therefore it’s dark while you’re microwaving food, and you won’t be able to see what’s happening inside.

It comes with a carousel turntable that measures 9.96 inches that turns whenever the appliance is in use is in use. It assists in cooking or warming food equally. In all it’s one of the most efficient 0.7 cubic feet of microwaves that can meet the needs of every kitchen.


  • Solid stainless steel can be used to enhance its endurance
  • Simple for installation, and easy to use
  • A powerful feature for defrosting and reheating.
  • Simple to turn on child security lock


  • Missing kitchen timer option
  • The door sticks a little while the door is open.

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8. Sharp ZSMC0710BB – The Best Value Microwave

Just as Amazon Basic with a digital assistant, Sharp ZSMC0710BB also comes with Alexa integration, however with higher cost. The model is able to meet the basic requirements of microwaves and costs less than 100 dollars.

The sleek black model is made from robust stainless steel push open buttons and comes with an LED display that displays the remaining cook or re-heat time.

In terms of performance, it is able to outdo other models by delivering excellent results when cooking. Its cooking times are a little more slow than the other models however it will ensure that your food is cooked in a uniform manner.

To instantly microwave it is as easy as pressing one to six express heat buttons to select your preferred time of microwaving

As with other models in the lineup, this model has a variety of options for defrosting. You can control the defrost timing by hand and let it freeze the frozen food.

Sharp microwave features an auto-turntable with a diameter of 10 inches which evenly cooks food. Based on our experience, the turntable has enough space to hold large plates. It is impossible to put higher than this due to its small dimensions.


  • Steel built solidly is extremely durable and solid
  • Three different defrosting modes
  • Glass turntables are dishwasher safe
  • Ideal for small – to medium-sized countertop


  • Door button to open is a little stiff
  • You must read the instructions for users to comprehend the basic functions

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9. Nostalgia RMOD7IVY – Best used with Rotary Dials

Nostalgia’s vintage-styled microwaves are a classic that borrows its inspiration from the past, bringing back the original design, quality and worth.

The 700 watt Nostalgia microwave comes with an oval window and chrome handles instead of the push-open button.

On the front panel , you will see a retro-style knob. You must turn the knob to adjust the cooking time, and then press to begin cooking or to reheat the food.

This microwave oven is easy to navigate settings, including the LED display as well as a clock.

The most appealing part is that it comes with pre-programmed setting that are highlighted on the display screen as you select the settings. Thus, your favourite food will cook automatically without difficulty.

The user-friendly interface includes the ability to express cook along with delay timer and power settings for cooking with multiple sequences. The control panel differs from other ovens and is easy to use.

It features a 10-inch glass turntable that is sufficient to hold two large coffee mugs or an enormous dinner plate. It cooks, defrosts and heats up the food evenly.

According to our research, the only disadvantage is that this microwave oven it can be quite loud when it is operating.


  • Durable and long-lasting construction
  • Excellent reheating and defrosting power
  • 12 pre-programmed settings
  • Make a foot print of a tiny size


  • A bit expensive
  • The settings are difficult to work out.

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10. Danby DBMW0720BBB the most expensive Oven

Danby microwaves are the perfect match with its size, function and cost. The sleek and modern Danby countertop microwave comes in three colors: white, black and stainless steel.

With 0.7 cubic feet. space This microwave with a low watt is among the top microwaves that cost less than $100.

It comes with all the essential and essential features, such as one-touch presets that allow you to prepare quick meals such as baking potato, popcorn and soup.

10 different levels of power allow you to modify the power up to 700 watts. You can choose the level of power most appropriate to the kind of food that you’re cooking.

Additionally, you can select 1-6 minutes of fast cooking. Since it’s a microwave with low watts will take longer to cook the food until it’s completed.

We also tested the defrost function of Danby and both options for defrosting work perfectly. There was no cold spot within the defrosted food, which is an important feature to any microwave.

A 10-inch turntable is included. It can hold two coffee mugs side-by-side or a dish that’s smaller than 10″.

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A useful feature for children that can be easily activated by holding and pressing the “stop” button for three minutes. This will stop the children from making any modifications to your cooking process.

Its cord has a size of 59 inches long enough to be able to connect to any socket in your kitchen or in the dorm.


  • Elegant and elegant design
  • It is simple and simple to cook menu
  • Much quieter than other microwaves.
  • Child lock is easy to activate. feature


  • Not recommended for small kitchens.

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Microwave Purchase Guide

This video will help you on how to select the right microwave to meet your requirements.

Benefits and The Limitations for 700 Watt Microwave


A 700 watt microwave typically comes with an interior capacity of 0.7 cubic feet. They are compact microwaves that are able to fit into every countertop, dorm or office.


These microwaves are cost-effective alternatives compared to premium models.


As they are at the bottom of the microwave range they’re not equipped with options like auto shut-off or grilling and baking.


Unless you are planning baking cookies, or roast chicken inside these microwaves, they are able to provide the essential microwave functions needed to be used for everyday use.

To make your job easier to the bone, we’ve thoroughly studied different models with 700 watts of power and put together the top small microwaves for under $100.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most effective 700 watts microwaves you can buy?

  1. BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Best Stainless Steel
  2. COMFEE’s EM720CPL-PMB – The the Best Oven that has a Mute option
  3. Amazon Basics – Best Smart Microwave with Voice Control
  4. Galanz GLCMKA07RDR-07 – Best Under $100
  5. Commercial Chef CHM770B Best for Small Kitchen
  6. Farberware Classic FMO07AHTBKJ – Best for Countertop
  7. Kenmore 70723 – the best 0.7 Cubic Feet
  8. Sharp ZSMC0710BB – The Most Affordable Microwave
  9. Nostalgia RMOD7IVY is best with Rotary Dials
  10. Danby DBMW0720BBB Danby DBMW0720BBB – The Most Expensive Oven

Are 700-watt microwaves sufficient?

Although a microwave with a power of 1000 watts is considered to be the normal for quick cooking and heating however, the 700 watt microwave is adequate for smaller kitchens as well as the fundamental requirement of defrosting or reheating. Therefore, if your goal is to cook a variety of food in huge quantities, you need to select a microwave with a higher wattage. But, if you’re an individual or student then a microwave that is 700 watts is sufficient for your needs.

What are the dishes you can prepare in an 700-watt microwave?

A 700-watt microwave is designed to meet the fundamental needs of heating leftovers, warming drinks like coffee or milk, and chill frozen items. In addition making popcorn, potatoes pizza, vegetables or even simple food items in tiny quantities. For more complex recipes you’ll require more power in your microwave.

Can a 700-watt microwave make popcorn?

Yes, a 700 watt microwave pops popcorn. Microwaves that are smaller than 700 watts won’t open the popper. The majority of 700-watt microwaves are specifically designed for popcorn use and take about 2 minutes to pop popcorn, while low-wattage (lower that 700 watts) microwaves aren’t able to build up enough steam to crack the kernel. However, 700 watts rapidly create steam in the kernel, which is enough to break the kernel and make a an eerie “pop” noise.

What power can 700W microwaves consume?

Each microwave comes with two power watts listed on the back of the microwave or inside the instruction manual. The first is called input wattage and the other is the output power. In a 700-watt microwave, the 700 watts are the output wattage that is used to cook or heat the food. Input wattage taken by the circuit in your home is more than the output power. The remainder part of power (power different between input power or output) can be used turn the table, illuminate bulb, or drive the mechanical components.

The microwave’s efficiency can vary between 60 and 88%..

It is a 700-watt (output capacity) microwave is the equivalent of an input wattage that is 1076 watts (on an efficiency of 65%).

Also, a 700 watt microwave consumes 1076 watts of power if it’s efficiency is 65%.

From there, you could also determine the current in ampere required by the microwave by using the formula.

Current in Ampere is power or voltage.

Can you make use of a 700W microwave inside the caravan?

When choosing a microwave for caravans, be aware of the footprint, weight and power considerations. Caravans come with weight, size as well as power restrictions and you must adhere to these.

A 700 watt microwave is smaller in footprint and weight, you can utilize it inside your caravan. However, you must ensure that you are able to get enough energy from the campsite to power the microwave. Another thing to bear in mind is that you should take into account the power input for the microwave and not just the power output.

Therefore, if your 700 watt microwave uses 1100 watts of power input this means that a five to six amps of caravan pitch lets you run a 700 watt microwave.

Can you use a 700W microwave inside the dorm room?

Yes, a 700-watt microwave is small and it can be adjusted wherever you want in your dorm. Be sure to ensure that the microwave is equipped with enough room for the airflow. Put a rubber mat underneath the microwave if you’ve placed it near the edge. This is because the microwave is prone to slide when opening the door in order to prevent any injury.

Closing Up!

A 700-watt microwave is thought of as to be a lower-end microwave made to help save counter space. But, you’ll not see any differences in terms of performance or reliability with an 800 watt microwave. Their dimensions and designs allow them to offer this level of efficiency in heating. They are equipped with all the vital features that people rave about and are user-friendly and intuitive.

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