7 Best 5.25 Car Speakers For The Money (November 2022)

This article will review the top 5.25-inch car speakers in 2022. This site is very popular and can fit in most cars. These speakers will provide an exceptional audio experience.

You may have factory-installed speakers in your car that don’t provide high-quality sound. These speakers can replace any factory-installed speakers and improve the quality and bass of your audio experience. Best 5.25 Car Speakers For The Money

These 5.25-inch speakers are the best upgrade to your car’s audio system. They are well worth the investment. You will get exactly what you need at a fair price. You will never let a cent go to waste.

Rockford Fosgate is our Top Choice

Rockford speakers are always at the top when it comes down to car speakers. I am satisfied with the R1525X2’s performance and quality.

This speaker is also worth the price and will be the best in 2022. Its build quality was excellent. It also has a great frequency response, which covers both high and low frequencies.

This speaker is constantly being reviewed. You can read the full review below. This review includes both the pros and cons of this speaker. Check out my reviews of 6 other top 5.25″ car speakers in 2022.

Top 7 Best 5.25 Car Speakers For The Money 2022

You can read the reviews of these speakers to better understand their capabilities.

1. Rockford Fosgate [*Best For Money*]

This speaker is my #1 choice. It also has higher customer satisfaction. Rockford Fosgate’s R1525X2 speaker is highly rated and a best-seller. It is well worth the investment. It is not a high-end speaker, but it is very affordable.

The high-end Polypropylene Woofer offers you exceptional sound quality. The sound will sound great no matter how loud or low you listen. The tweeter’s sound quality is maintained by the integrated crossover tweeter and the flush-mounted silk-dome tweeter.

The speaker is even more impressive with rubber surround woofer cons, and included grills.

You will be amazed at the results when you have balanced the bass and mid frequencies. Rockford Fosgate 5.25 Inch Speakers will blow you away if you have ever used factory speakers.

These speakers are great in appearance, durability, high-end performance, and at a very affordable price. These speakers are easy to install. These speakers are easy to install, even if you don’t have any technical knowledge.

These speakers are not powerful and have sharp corners which make them difficult to install in certain vehicles. Although the bass is not an issue, make sure that they fit into your car. They fit in most cars, except for a few vehicles such as civic.

Key Features

  • 2-way car speaker
  • Woofer made of polypropylene
  • Frequency range: 62 Hz to 22,000 Hz
  • Speakers can output power from 2 watts up to 40 watts
  • Rubber surround
  • Crossover of integrated tweeters
  • Silk-dome flush-mounted tweeter
  • Rubber surround


  • Very durable
  • Installation is easy for beginners with no technical knowledge
  • Clear communication
  • Affordable price and well worth it
  • Includes mounting hardware & grills
  • Pair of speakers with high quality


  • A subwoofer is not necessary for bass power.
  • Some people have reported crackling and popping after a while
  • Some models of cars, such as the civic, do not allow you to fit in.

2. Polk Audio DBB522 DB+ Series 5.25′ [*Best Value*]

Polk Audio is another excellent 5.25-inch speaker, which can be fitted in nearly all cars thanks to the shape you see in this photo. This is a great option for beginners as they can easily buy it without worrying about whether it will fit into their car.

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Another benefit is the ease of installation. You don’t have to be a professional installer if you are just starting.

This speaker is waterproof so you won’t have to worry about it being exposed to water. It is designed to resist heat and moisture. These speakers can be used on jeeps and bikes.

These speakers can handle 100 watts so you’ll get the best sound quality. The 0.75-inch tweeter has good mid and high treble. You will have a clear, impressive sound if you use equalized settings.

These speakers are great without an amp, at 91 Db. These are the best 5.25″ coaxial speakers, with the only drawback of being a little expensive. You will get amazing value for your money and something you won’t regret. Even at maximum volume, your sound will still be clear.

Key Features

  • Easy to fit into most cars.
  • Power handling power of 100 watts
  • Marine certified
  • Sensitivity of 91 dB
  • Cones made of polypropylene or UV-tolerant polypropylene
  • This is the best option for a head unit with an amp


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Marine, heat, water, and dirt resistance approved
  • Fits almost all cars
  • Perfect tweeter for 0.75 inches
  • Also available for installation on jeeps and bikes
  • 100 watts RMS


  • It is quite expensive.
  • It could be better. However, the Bass isn’t bad.

3. Pyle PL53BL 5.25″ Speaker for Car Sound [*Best Affordable*]

This 3-way speaker is a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable option. Most people get 2-way speakers. If you are looking for a 3-way speaker, I have it included in my review.

The speakers are equipped with heavy magnets, which can last for longer than you might expect. This speaker can withstand high temperatures thanks to its ASV voice coil.

Clear sound is achieved with 100 watts RMS power and 200 watts peak. Any type of music will be enjoyed.

Protect your speaker with a non-fatiguing rubber surround.

These speakers are sensitive to 89 dB and have a frequency range between 100-20000 Hz.

These 3-way speakers produce a wider range of sound than 2-way speakers and are better than factory speakers.

These 5.25″ speakers are difficult to install. They cannot be installed without certain types of equipment. They are however perfect once they have been installed.

Key Features

  • The frequency range is 100-20000 Hz
  • 20 oz magnet
  • Sensitivity of 89 dB
  • Rating of 4-ohm impedance
  • ASV voice coil
  • 100 watts RMS
  • Peak power 200 watts
  • Loud and Clear Sound


  • Midrange added
  • High-quality sound, clearer and louder
  • Superior sound quality than factory and 2-way speakers
  • ASV coil for high-temperature use to work well at high temperatures
  • Large magnet, frequency range 100 to 20kHz
  • Built to last many years
  • This listing is very affordable and the cheapest.
  • The best speakers ever for the price


  • More directional
  • Installation is difficult for novices.

4. P55.4C BOSS Audio Systems [*Worth the Money*]

A 3-way speaker is a better choice than 2-way or 3-way speakers. These speakers can produce a louder, clearer sound.

This speaker has two tweeters that are high quality and sufficient to meet your needs. The tweeters, woofer, and midrange provide outstanding sound quality.

BOSS P55.4C’s sensitivity is 93dB, which is very high. The frequency ranges between 85 Hz and 20 kHz.

The diecast aluminum frame will not only make your speakers last many years, but it also improves the speaker’s performance by reducing vibrations caused by energy-absorbing properties.

The quality is further enhanced by rubber surrounds. The magnet is protected from damage by being covered with a grill. The magnet is large.

These speakers don’t require an amplifier. An amplifier will enhance the sound quality.

Key Features

  • 4-ohm impedance
  • 85-20 kHz frequency range
  • Sensitivity of 93 dB
  • Rubber surrounds
  • Two tweeters per speaker
  • One Mylar cone per speaker
  • Includes grills
  • Magnet covered


  • Protective cover for magnets
  • Includes grills
  • The sound is impressive because there are two tweeters per speaker
  • The extremely high sensitivity of 93dB is compared to other items on the list
  • Rubber surrounds
  • It is made of diecast aluminum to resist vibrations and ensure durability
  • There is no need to buy an amplifier
  • Car speakers are worth the investment


  • It was difficult to follow the instructions for installation as they were not included.
  • Although the bass isn’t great, it isn’t bad at all for the price

5. Kenwood KFC-1366S [*Perfect For Car Audio*]

Kenwood KFC-1366S 5.25″ speakers are the best for car audio. These speakers offer superior performance for the price.

The 2-Way Coaxial Car speakers have a peak power of 500 watts and 250 watts each. Each speaker has an RMS of 60 watts and each one 30 watts.

The sound quality is even better with the 1-inch balanced dome speaker. The speakers have a sensitivity of 91 dB.

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The cone is made of Polypropylene with a Treated Cloth Surround, which enhances the quality.

The Kenwood KFC-1366S is available in a frequency range from 40 to 20000 Hz with 4 ohms of impedance.

It is an excellent car speaker, both in terms of design and build quality. It is a great option if you are looking to replace the speakers with factory speakers. Many people have done it.

Key Features

  • 4 ohms impedance
  • 91-decibel sensitivity
  • Surroundings of treated cloth
  • Balanced dome tweeter
  • Frequency range: 40-20 kHz
  • Peak power 500 watts
  • 60 watts RMS


  • Amazing sound quality
  • It is easy to install
  • Fits most cars
  • Included are detachable grilles


  • Although the bass isn’t very deep, it is still clear and acceptable.

6. DS18 PROFR5NEO [*Highest Sound Quality at High Volume*]

This is the best speaker for you if you have a sufficient budget and want to get the best quality speakers for your money. This speaker is more expensive than the others, but it also offers a superior quality sound. The higher you play, the better you get.

This bullet cover protects the speaker’s voice coil against dust and other damage. It is available in a size of 5.25 inches. The cover adds beauty to the speaker’s appearance and enhances sound quality.

Peak power is 400 watts, and RMS is 200 watts. The 1.2-inch high-temperature voice coil performs well even when the speaker runs hot.

NEODYMIUM MAGNETS have very high strength.

Key Features

  • Bullet dust cover
  • High-temperature voice coil
  • A powerhouse in the midrange
  • Includes Grill
  • 400 watts peak power
  • 200 watts RMS
  • The high sensitivity of 95 dB
  • 242Hz – 13.6KHz frequency range


  • High volume, clear sound
  • The best car speaker for your money
  • High-quality Neodymium magnets
  • High-temperature voice coil that can perform well even when running hot
  • High sensitivity and 4-ohm resistance


  • Although the price is higher than other prices, it is still worth it.

7. Sony XSR1346 [*Simple To Install & Best Quality*]

The Sony XSR1346 4-way speaker is a great value at the average price. This 5.25-inch speaker is easy to install in your car, even if you’re not a professional.

A pair of speakers will have a peak power of 460 Watts or 230 watts per speaker. The RMS for both speakers is 70 watts, or 35 watts each.

These speakers feature cloth surrounds coated with rubber. The cone of polypropylene is filled with mica.

With a 4-ohm resistance, the frequency ranges between 60 Hz and 24000 Hz. Sony XSR1346 speakers have a sensitivity of 87 dB, which is sufficient but lower than other models.

You can get a powerful and clear sound with 4-way speakers. You will achieve amazing results if you properly install the speakers and then equalize them.

These speakers have a problem: the covers don’t protect them from food, dirt, moisture, and other items. If you have these speakers installed, be extra careful when opening and closing your car’s doors.

These speakers can deliver the bass you expect. This model has superior bass quality, unlike many others. These speakers are among the most expensive.


  • 4-way speaker
  • Peak power of 460 watts
  • 70 watts RMS
  • Rubber coating on cloth surround
  • 4-ohm impedance
  • Frequency range from 60 to 24000 Hz
  • 87-decibel sensitivity
  • Mica-filled polypropylene cone


  • Factory speakers are easy to replace or install.
  • High-quality car audio system
  • Speakers that are well worth the money
  • You can listen to any music with great clarity


  • Bass could be even better
  • Not good speaker covers

How do I buy 5.25” speakers for a price that is worth it?

To get the best 5.25-inch speaker, here are some tips.

Peak Power, RMS

First, be aware that peak power refers to the maximum power a speaker can handle. RMS (root mean square), is the maximum continuous power a speaker can handle. RMS (root mean square) is the maximum power you can use to run a speaker over a prolonged period.

If the speaker’s peak power is 100 watts, it can be run at 100 watts for a short time but not for very long. If the RMS of the speaker is 100 watts, it can be run at that power for a very long time.

If you are looking to hear music at maximum volume, make sure to find a speaker with a peak power and RMS that is almost equal.


This feature should be considered when you are looking for the best 5.25″ speakers. First, be aware that sensitivity refers to the volume produced by a speaker relative to its power. You should ensure that the speaker you purchase has a minimum of 84 dB sensitivities. Higher sensitivity is better. Excellent sensitivity is 92 dB or higher


Durability is an important aspect of a speaker’s performance and longevity. A speaker’s frame should be strong and sturdy. It will not only have a shorter life span, but it can also vibrate which will cause a decrease in sound quality. A sturdy frame will increase the durability and sound quality of the speaker. Durability is the best feature of a speaker.

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You want a speaker that is durable and high quality. Look for the following: The frame, the material used for the cone, the resisting material for surrounds, and the magnet size.

Different ways

You can choose from three different types of speakers: two-way or three-way and four-way.

Two-way speakers: If you are looking for a speaker with both high and low-frequency performance, two-way speakers would be the best choice. These speakers only have a tweeter and woofer.

Three-way speakers: A three-way speaker is a speaker that has a woofer and a tweeter. Three-way speakers are best for people who like mids.

Four-way speaker: These speakers are ideal for those who desire high performance and great sound quality.

Frequency Range

It refers to the frequency range that a speaker can produce. The frequency range tells us how high- or low-frequency sound a speaker can produce. It’s almost the same for many speakers.

Type of Speakers

There are two types: coaxial, full-range, and component speakers. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

This type of speaker allows you to personalize all aspects of your audio system. You will need two tweeters and subwoofers to upgrade to these speakers.

These speakers are much more expensive than coaxial and produce deeper bass and better clarity. These speakers allow you to customize your audio system.

Coaxial Speaker These speakers are also known to be full-range speakers. These 5.25-inch speakers are not only the most affordable, but they also have a lower price than the component speakers.

These speakers come with built-in tweeters and crossovers mounted on woofer cones. These speakers are not customizable. These speakers are commonly installed in factory audio systems.

The Benefits of 5.25-inch Car Speakers

A pair of 5.25-inch speakers can be used to upgrade your car’s audio system. But make sure you only spend the money on the best. Many speakers can be used, but not all of them will work well.

These are some of the benefits you’ll get with 5.25” speakers compared to other sizes.

  • There are many models available on the market, each with a different price point. You can find a pair of 5.25’’ speakers that fit your budget, depending on your budget.
  • These speakers are easy to install, and most of them are simple for beginners. These speakers can be installed even if you don’t have any technical knowledge. They fit in most cars, except for a few.
  • This site is an excellent choice if you are looking to replace your factory speakers.
  • These speakers can be easily fitted in small cars, while larger speakers will require more effort.
  • You won’t hear any distortion even if you listen to high volumes.
  • Your car will be even more beautiful due to its beautiful and small design.

Tips for Upgrading/Using 5.25’’ Speakers

These tips can help you use your speakers if you are thinking of upgrading or have already upgraded your car’s sound system.

  • Your speakers should be properly powered. You should not overload your speakers.
  • Low RMS stock stereos with no amplifier
  • Be patience! These speakers are not hot right out of the box. These speakers will take some time to get used to and provide full performance.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

People often ask questions about 5.25′” speakers. These questions are most frequently asked about 5.25” speakers. I tried to answer them all here.

Are 4-way speakers worth it?

Four-way speakers come with a woofer and additional tweeters, which are great for producing high-quality sound. The 4-way speaker is worth the investment because it has more components.

Which speaker is the best?

There is no doubt that 4-way speakers sound better than 2-way speakers. A 4-way speaker with an extra tweeter produces a clearer sound.

Are 5.25’’ speakers better than factory speakers?

You know that factory speakers don’t have the best sound quality for music listening. It will make a huge difference if you upgrade them to 5.25″ speakers.

Are 5.25’s” speakers very bassy?

You should choose large speakers if you desire high bass. These speakers are smaller in size, and the bass is also dependent on the size. These speakers have decent bass, but they are not particularly loud.

Wrapping Up!

These 5.25” speakers are my favorites and well worth the price. Each speaker has its merits and its detractors. The merits of every speaker are overpowered by the high quality and best features we get for our money.

These speakers can be used to replace the factory speakers. You will have an incredible experience, even if this is your first time installing speakers.

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