8 Best 4X6 Photo Printers (September 2022) Reviews

The technological advancements have gone across the globe and along with them, printers for photographs haven’t been abandoned.

Memory photos, professional images or entries for competitions, any photo can be printed in a flash nowadays with high-quality printers.

With a simple photo printer that prints photos, you can print memories of the holiday season, pictures of events, or simply something that caught your attention and you snapped it onto your camera. Photos last for an extended time and will not fade or discolor.

There are numerous kinds of 4X6 printers However, none of them can guarantee high quality output. So, in order to assist you in your quest to find the most efficient 4X6 printer This article reviews the top models along with their specifications.

Learn more about what to be looking for when buying an portable photo printer 4X6. With the proper information you’ll be able to make an informed purchase you’ll never regret later. Learn more about the subject!

Our Top 8 Best 4X6 Photo Printers 2022

1. Canon Selphy CP1300 | Best 4×6 Printer

Make yourself the center of attention at any gathering with a portable booth that prints instant copies of your best selfies and collages!

The small and compact photo printer prints prints of high-quality of different dimensions and formats for your photos with dye-sublimation printing technology. In addition to 4X6 prints, you can also get collages and prints that are square directly from posts on social media.

Its Party Shuffle feature combines multiple photos into an image collage. There are also two photo strips on 4X6 papers, which can be cut into strips and handed out to your guests.

With a promise that your images last for 100 years printing them and keeping them for the long run could not be more simple! Photos dry immediately, to ensure that you don’t waste time sharing them. Additionally, they’re waterproof, ensuring that they won’t get damaged by smudging.

Print quickly and wirelessly using wirelessly and conveniently using a USB port, an internal memory card or Canon application that allows you to attach your devices wirelessly to the printer. The small size of the printer can be carried around conveniently or stored at your home, without taking up much space.

With the battery option it is guaranteed that you are never short of printing possibilities. Its 3.2-inch LCD tilted screen allows users to choose options and make changes right within the printing device. The printer comes with an envelope-sized paper tray that can hold 18 sheets.

The temperature range at which the printer operates is between 5 to 40 degree Celsius. Five sheets of postcard size , with ink, a tray of paper as well as an adapter for power that is included with the printer.

Key Features:

  • Small, portable design for mobility.
  • Prints in various sizes and formats for the best possibilities.
  • 3.2-inch tilting LCD that is ideal for printing and navigation.
  • Long-lasting , high-quality output and in the face of water.
  • Wireless connectivity via numerous options for the greatest flexibility.

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2. Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi Portable 4×6″ Instant Photo Printer

A printer dock that’s light to carry, also doubles as an adapter for two smartphones!

The printing quality of this item will leave jaws in awe as the vibrant colours are waiting to appear. The details of the photos are crystal clear.

The D2T2 technology for printing with heat guarantees no fading or bleeding. Additionally, the lamination layer ensures that your photographs last for a long time. Additionally, the non-ink feature means there are no ink spills or dirt.

One-touch printing makes the process more efficient and less time-consuming because there’s no requirement to transfer the file onto a memory stick or computer.

With an integrated WIFi network, you are able to print directly from smartphones because the Android docking pin comes provided as well as the iOS adapter. This means printing can be done from various devices such as memory sticks, digital cameras and iPads. It is highly recommended using the printer adapter provided in iOS.

In addition to allowing you to print wirelessly on smart devices In addition, you can use digital cameras to print direct using this feature called PictBridge Connect. Get this Kodak Photo Printer App to make your photos more fun using elements such as filters frames, collages, stickers and more.

The product does not require any installation because it’s ready to use straight out of the package. Cartridges are simple to refill. You just must use two fingers to remove the cartridge you are using and then push one in the place of it. Each cartridge prints around 120 images.

Printing professional-quality images fast and efficiently is now available to you!

Key Features:

  • Printers that are compact and light to carry around easily.
  • Professional-quality and vibrant prints in a flash.
  • Accessibility to multiple devices for the most printing options.
  • Charges two smart phones and functions as a dock for printers.
  • No-ink printing technology to ensure an easy and clean experience.

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3. Printing Victure Photos

The handy dimensions of 7x4x 5.5 inches make the device small enough to be able to fit into your bag and go with you wherever you go.

Print 4X6 photos with the click of a button once you have downloaded the Victure application for either Android and iPhone. By using an Bluetooth connection, you’ll ensure the most stable and reliable connection. It’s also great to create collages, and also add frames stickers, filters, or templates into your pictures.

You’ll be amazed at the high-quality images this small machine produces. To get you started immediately, the kit includes 40 sheets of paper as well as one cartridge for ink. Also included is an power cord as well as a power adapter, a paper cassette, and instructions.

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Apart from printing memories, you can also create personalized postcards using the images you take using this gadget. With the option of doing some editing, such as adjusting colors and contrast You can be certain that you’ll get the print quality you desire.

The dye sublimation thermal transfer method of printing utilized by this device produces vivid colored prints that have even the smallest of details apparent. Auto-lamination makes prints invulnerable to tears fade, water, and fading which makes them last forever.

The most distinctive aspect for this model is the integrated ribbon cassette which does away with the requirement to add ink. Furthermore, it’s easy to change.

If you’re looking to utilize an easy-to-use print printer for your photos, count on this device to offer speedy and high quality prints.

Key Features:

  • One-touch printing is simple to print using Android as well as iOS devices.
  • 7 by 4-by 5.5 inches to allow for easy transportability and storage.
  • A ribbon cassette integrated that eliminates the requirement to purchase ink.
  • The bundle includes 40 sheets of papers, ink cartridges for printing immediately.
  • It requires the Victure application to edit and printing.

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4. Epson PictureMate The PM-400 is a wireless photocopier that can be used 4×6.

Once the moment has passed the intense feeling wears off quickly, so to hang the feeling it is best to take snapping a photo in a flash!

For a lasting impression of the memory of those special moments Bring home this small photo printer with 4X6 or 5X7 photos that are high-quality and vibrant. Borderless photos can be printed in as fast as 37 seconds using the lightweight and portable device. It also occupies less space for storage.

This inkjet colour photo printer connects to mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and other mobile phones using WiFi Direct (or a network that is wireless) giving you the ability to transform your precious moments into instant images to send to loved ones and relatives.

Thanks to the 2.7-inch screen that is color, you can see and alter your prints. The built-in memory card removes the requirement to connect to a computer, so you are more free.

The result is scratch-free water-resistant and anti-fade images which can last as long as 200 years. The prints won’t be damaged if you store the photos in album.

The package includes 100 sheets of 4-X6 paper and an ink cartridge The machine is set to print the moment it’s removed from its packaging. Included are five photo papers with glossy surfaces as well as a power cable as well as the AC charger for power, as well as an installation manual and user guide to make your life easier.

It is important to take note the fact that only original Epson cartridges will work with this model.

Key Features:

  • Time to print: 37 seconds for glossy print.
  • Scratch-free, smudge free, waterand fade-resistant durable output.
  • 2.7-inch color display that can be used for viewing and editing.
  • Wireless connectivity via WiFi Direct as well as wireless networks.
  • Memory built-in that does away with the requirement for a computer to print.

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5. HP Sprocket Studio 4 X 6 Photo Printer

Unlimited fun with pictures is what this small gadget is all about!

You can snap high-quality, instant 4×6 images on your smartphone via Bluetooth connection. You can also use HP Sprocket, the HP Sprocket App to take the prints. Print straight out of social networks, Google Photos, and other sources.

These glossy designs are non-smudge water-resistant, tear-proof, and guaranteed to last 100 years or more. Since they dry immediately they don’t need to wait around for the fun to start.

The printer’s compact size is loaded with features that make it easy and enjoyable to make use of. The perforated tab of the printer makes it easy to remove the prints in 4X6 format easily. The color of the LED that is personalized shows the current status of the printer.

The HP Sprocket app lets you embellish your photos using stickers, filters frames, and frames. It also allows you to create collages or cards. Additionally, you can take photographs of your work and transform the images into stickers.

It is possible to share hidden video and view print queues using the enhanced reality option of your printer. You can also create videos from your images that are still and look over your precious moments.

Ten sheets of glossy 4X6 photo paper, as well as an ink cartridge that will begin your printing adventures. If there’s no electricity outlet nearby, don’t fret since the device comes with an energy bank that can recharge the batteries so you can print without a hitch.

Key Features:

  • HP Sprocket App and Bluetooth wireless printing.
  • Smudge-free, waterproof, tear-resistant and with a bright output.
  • Battery backup in the event of the absence the power supply.
  • Augmented reality for video photos watching photo queues and hiding files.
  • The package includes 10 sheets of glossy 4X6 paper as well as an ink cartridge.

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6. High-Speed Thermal Shipping Label 4X6 Printer

If you’re looking to print labels that are unique for various occasions This printer is the best choice for printing needs.

With the use of thermal direct printing technology it doesn’t require to use ribbons, ink or toners. This results in creating a stress-free and a clean-up.

It’s perfect for printing labels 4X6 with other sizes such as the maximum width range between 1.49-inch up to 4.1-inch and an maximal height 11.81 inches. 11.81 inches. This means you’ll have lots of flexibility with regards to size.

The device claims that it is two times more efficient than other printers as it can print at a speed of 150mm/second which is the equivalent of 6 inches every second. That amounts to one sheet of paper per second for printing labels. It can print for 12 hours and produce an astounding 43,200 sheets of labels printed on just one sheet of paper.

The print quality is vibrant and clear. The labels work with the majority of e-commerce as well as courier platforms, including Shopify Etsy, UPS, FedEx, eBay, Amazon and more. Alongside these platforms the printer is easily used with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Within the box there is an USB flash drive that connects to the USB port, which comes with the setup and usage instructions as well as 10 labels in the size of 4×6 at no cost, so you can start printing as soon as you can.

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Prints can be taken of bar codes that are clear and monochrome photos with resolutions of 203 dpi. With a weight of just 2.64 pounds The printer is lightweight and is able to save space since it occupies just a tiny amount of storage space.

Key Features:

  • Monochrome printers to print black-and-white images barcodes, and printing labels.
  • A high speed of 6 inches per second to ensure a quicker and more efficient procedure.
  • Lightweight, just 2.64 pounds, which allows for mobility.
  • Mac and Windows OS compatible.
  • Multiple label sizes and printing capacities to give you maximum flexibility.

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7. Kodak Dock Plus Instant Photo Printer

Borderless or with border If you’re wondering the printer you’re looking for has the answer as you can print both formats on the same paper!

There are many aspects that create Kodak Dock Plus one of the top 4×6 photo printers. It utilizes 4Pass dye-sublimation technology that prints real-life images of your memories in order to create them into a lasting memory. Connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device to start printing in a matter of minutes!

Ribbon’s layers create flawless printing quality. By adding a layer of laminate the photo prints are impervious to fingerprint marks, water and scratches, making sure that they last for the rest of your life. The 80 sheets in the bundle will get you in printing stunning memories right away.

The no-cost Kodak App lets your iPhone or Android phones to be connected to it, which allows users to select, edit or print photos from any social network at any time.

In addition, the app allows users to transform simple images into stickers. It allows you to add frames and filters to suit various events. The different templates let you to print photos for additional personalization. Printing ID photos with ease using this printer.

Printing is now easier since there’s no requirement to use PictBridge on this device. An lightning connector is available for iOS devices is provided. With a speed of printing less than 50 secs, the printer will produce the hard copy of all your most memorable moments within a flash!

Key Features:

  • The 4Pass technology for dye sublimation printout to create realistic images.
  • Bluetooth connection as well as iOS as well as Android compatible apps for printing in a seamless manner.
  • Speed of printing less than 50 seconds to get prints that are quick.
  • Anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, fadeand water-resistant output to ensure longer-lasting use.
  • Anywhere, any time editing and printing using the free Kodak application.

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8. Sony Picture Station DPP-FP90

Photographing street scenes or family events has become more enjoyable as you can print the photos immediately from wherever you are!

This device is revolutionary in how the function of a small device. With a handle that allows you to move it around with ease and with a handle to carry it around, this can be your go-to companion during the joy of living!

It can work with a variety of flash drives that allow users to print photos wirelessly. Additionally you can print straight out of Sony Cybershot cameras with PictBridge.

Its print-quality is impressive due to the modern dye-sublimation process can produce the creation of 256 shades of each 3 colors cyan, magenta and yellow to produce stunningly vibrant prints that show natural gradients.

It takes just 45 seconds to create prints in 4X6, but prior to printing you can utilize this wide-angle 3.6-inch touchscreen to view your images. Also, you can make use of the contact sheet with thumbnails to take quick glance before deciding which images to print. This is a true photo lab that comes with all the functions and features.

If you aren’t satisfied with any photograph it’s possible for the printer to fix it quickly with the one-touch auto-touchup function which takes care of excessive exposures as well as red-eye effects and blurred images.

Most of the time, our images don’t come out properly when we’re in low-light or backlit situations. The printer comes with face detection and D-range optimization features that help highlight facial expressions even in these situations.

The additional features for editing photos provide you with a variety of options to create the best quality output.

Key Features:

  • Small design and handle that makes it easy to carry.
  • Compatible with all flash drives and all Sony Cybershot cameras.
  • Excellent print quality, with natural and subtle gradation.
  • Quick thumbnails for reference to help you choose the best prints to print.
  • Auto-touchup feature that reduces the impact of red-eye, exposure etc.

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4X6 Photo Printer Buying Guide

Before you decide to pay for a photo printer that is 4X6 take into consideration these factors that will allow you to make the best decision that will meet your requirements.

Color or Black and White

The color you choose to use instead of black-and-white photographs will determine the type of printer you need to pick. There are many printers that cannot provide an excellent print in black or white. There are shades of various shades of gray that don’t reveal the full beauty of monochrome images.

But, before you make your mind on a 4X6 printer, be sure to check whether the printer is of good quality both the color and monochrome outputs to aid you in making the ultimate decision.

Printing Technology

The most commonly used printing technique in a 4X6 photographic printer can be described as dye-sublimation. This technique uses heating to cause the dye crystals in the photo paper to melt and form images. The intensity of the heat determines the intensity of the colors that appear on the output will be.

Make sure that you can find specific photo paper or smartsheets are included with the printer you have. The top 4X6 photo printer models make use of three different colors namely magenta, cyan, and yellow – to create the images . They also include a layer of laminate to help make the pictures last longer.


Printers that print images be available in both large and smaller sizes. The larger ones are ones that can’t be transported to events. These are the inkjet near-dedicated photo printers that print images that are large in size, such as 13X19 inches.

If you’re seeking a portable solution that prints 46 images immediately, then you must choose one that utilizes dye sublimationto create images. These printers are typically compact enough to fit in your purse or pocket and can be useful for printing photos at an event or when you’re out in the outside.


It is possible to get an printer that is powered via batteries. This is due to the fact that you might not have outlets for power while camping or out on a picnic, and need to print photographs instantly.

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So, you should check if your printer is able to run on batteries and the number of prints you are able to print once it’s fully charged.


Depending on how you would like to print your images You can select the wireless 4X6 photo printer that is connected via an USB connection, WiFi Direct, or WiFi. Certain models come with the use of a memory card so that you can save your images and print them straight from the card.

Other options for connectivity include Bluetooth that allows you to print directly from your mobile or other Bluetooth-equipped devices. Make sure to check compatibleness with Android as well as iOS devices. There is also the new technology called PictBridge that lets you printing directly with cameras.

Decide on the way you’d like to go about purchasing pictures before making the purchase decision.

Quality Of Output

Make sure to check the quality of output before you purchase the portable 4X6 photo printer. If you’re planning to purchase an inkjet printer be aware that you will need to purchase the recommended paper from the manufacturer and ink independently.

However the photo printer that utilizes dye-sublimation technology will come with cartridges and paper included in the package. The quantity of paper included will indicate the amount of prints you are able to print.

The inkjet as well as the dye-sublimation printers provide a consistent quality of output.

But, there’s an additional kind of printing technology known as ZINK which is also known as the zero-ink technology. It doesn’t utilize any ink cartridges, instead, it prints images when the printer generates heat to the specially-designed ZINK paper, which contains chemicals.

The quality of output from ZINK printers isn’t that great since the resolution is 300 by 300 dpi , or Dots per square inch. Small and portable printers utilize this technology to print images that you can store inside your purse. If you’re looking for decent print quality, pick a printer with minimum 4200 x 1200 pixels resolution.

Paper Type

Before deciding which 4X6 photo printer to purchase be sure to consider the kind of paper it will work with since the paper may be glossy, matte or fine art type metallic, canvas or watercolor. The kind of paper you choose will affect the final appearance and the quality.


It’s not enough just to purchase a 4X6 image printer, you must keep it in good condition. Inkjet printers are easy to maintain and are more friendly to your wallet. However printers that use dye-sublimation technology need more attention.

Commonly asked questions (FAQs)

1. What type of paper can be used in 4X6 photo Printers?

Answer: You can use matte glossy, semi-glossy fine arts, watercolor, metallic, and canvas different types of luster photographic paper. Every type of paper can produce various results based on the appearance and texture and shine of the material.

Although glossy papers have the appearance of a shiny paper, it does create vivid shades. The matte kind of paper doesn’t possess shiny papers and provides a more vivid contrast between different colors. Semi-glossy or luster papers combine the best parts of glossy and matte paper.

Metallic paper is a premium product and provides a distinct appearance that resembles chrome. Colored and art papers are great to print artwork. Canvas paper has better shades and contrasts, and is perfect for printing photos that will give professional appearance.

2. What is the difference between a dedicated and a Near-Dedicated Photo Printer?

Answer The dedicated printer print photos only and doesn’t have the ability to accept other size of papers like letters or legal for printing different types of documents.

They are typically small-format types or printers. Additionally, they aren’t dependent on computers and work independently. They also offer features such as editing internal memory, editing.

Near-dedicated printers for photo printing can make prints of other documents in addition to photographs. They are however larger in terms of size and offer outputs measuring thirteen by 19, or bigger. They do not come with extra features.

3. Do Printing Speeds Matter In deciding on a 4X6 printer?

Answer In the case of printing photographs you should consider getting the fastest 4X6 printer isn’t a requirement however it’s the image’s quality that matters. image will be more crucial than print speed.

However, many 4X6 printers these have a decent print speed of at most 2 minutes for each print.

4. What is a pocket-sized photo Printer differ from a Small One?

Answer: A pocket printer is portable and generally compatible with a device that is Bluetooth-enabled for instant printing. This makes it more efficient. These printers use ZINK which is a zero-ink printing technique, and result in less mess.

However it isn’t as portable since it’s better suited to homes or office use. Additionally, they use cartridges for ink. They also have other features such as scanning and copying.

5. Can a printer with 4X6 capacity support Other Paper Sizes?

Answer: Yes, certain models of 4X6 photo printers are able to print other smaller sizes, like 2X3 or 5X7. If you’re seeking larger sizes, you should select the printer that supports the expanded size.


Even though we take lots of photos with our cell phone, we’d also like to print them off occasionally and display them up on the wall to keep us in mind of wonderful moments or precious memories.

If you own the top 4X6 photo printer, printing regularly is much simpler. It is possible to print at any time any time, as long as you’re connected wirelessly and your printer is portable.

A few things to keep to keep in mind can help you to choose the right printer. Based on the location you wish to put your printer and the type of printing technology that is suitable for your needs along with your preferred resolution and other aspects, you can choose the best deal for you.

I hope this article will help you with all of the necessary information about photo printers 4X6. We wish you many beautiful prints!

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