Are Sour Patch Kids vegan? Our experts say No. Here’s the reason! (October 2022) Guide

At first sight, Sour Patch Kids seem to be the perfect choice for those who are vegan. There aren’t any animal products found in Sour Patch Kids, a sweet as well as sour treat. It’s a problem that they might not contain gelatin but are usually made using controversial ingredients. We’ll take a look at the insides and outs of Sour Patch Kids’ ingredients.

It is also possible to find out whether other snacks are also vegan. Our experts will tell you what Takis can be considered vegan as well as whether they are vegan, and are gummy bears vegan?

What exactly are Sour Patch Kids?

If you’ve never had the pleasure of eating the Sour Patch Kid, it’s an indulgence for the majority of people. It’s a chewy gummy coated with sugar coating. They are sweet and have a spicy flavor. Multi-colored “kids” have been popular since the 1980s.

What year was the first time sour patches were created?

Sour Patch Kids are manufactured by the world’s biggest snack manufacturer Mondelez International which is listed on the NASDAQ. Their other popular snack line includes Ritz crackers and Triscuits. They also sell trident gum wheat thins, one of our top chocolates that is vegan Hu. They offer their products in more than 150 countries. Sour patch snacks were first released in 1985.

The Sour Patch Kids: The True Ingredients

Many claims that Sour Patch Kids are vegan however, some say that you must dig more deeply. These sweets are loaded with a variety of ingredients. They contain sugars made from plants. They also include items like modified corn starch Blue 1, Yellow 6 Yellow 5, red 40 Tartaric acid citric acid, and others that contain artificial flavorings. The label is certainly friendly to vegans, however, it might be deceiving.

I am a sucker for watching Bon Appetite test kitchen figure out ways to make popular snacks that are packaged. It is possible to watch Clair review the sour-patch ingredients for kids here.

The Sugar In the Sour Patch Kids Might Not Be Vegan-Friendly

Sugar can be made from sugar beets or sugarcane. Both of these are natural ways to make sugar. The process of refining is different in taste, but the overall flavor and texture are the same. Sugar made from beets can be extracted from beets with an air diffuser. The addition of additives to the fluid to make it crystallize. Sugar from cane is bleached, processed, and then cleaned using bone charcoal. It’s not actually made from animals, however, it’s still acceptable to vegans. Many believe that they can use beet sugar in place of cane sugar. Both types of sugar really are different for cooking. It’s difficult to know which type of sugar is the best choice for a particularly sweet treat without doing your homework.

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What is the exact meaning of Bone Char?

In essence, bone char the reason sugar gets its stunning white color. It’s also known as carbon several times. Bone char is made of the carcasses of cattle. It is usually manufactured overseas and it is sold to traders. It is made by heating the bones of animals at high temperatures before reduction to carbon. Bone char particulates will not typically make it into sugar.

Bone char can get even more confusing for vegans. Bone char is utilized to remove contaminants and make cane sugar white but this does not mean all sugar cane is refined using it. There are many companies that utilize granular carbon to purify their sugar cane. Granular carbon is not derived by consuming animal products. The problem is that it isn’t possible to see a detailed description on the label of your confectionary about how exactly its cane sugar was processed.

Do the Sour Patch Kids Vegan Friendly?

A lot of companies make use of beet and cane sugar, which means it’s not easy to find the sugars used in them back to their initial source. Mondelez Internations, the company which owns Sour Patch Kids, does declare that their suppliers are using bone charcoal. There’s no definitive answer for you to determine if the particular package that you purchase from Sour Patch Kids you purchase is vegan. It’s all about the level of veganism you are. If you are against some of the ways in which these sweets are produced as listed below, you should think they are not vegan friendly.

Sour Patch Kids’ Potential Controversial Animal Products Ingredients

Apart from the bone char used to create white sugar There are other components that are present in Sour Patch Kids that raise the alarm for most vegans. If you’re looking to dip your feet into the realm of eating vegan There are a few items be aware of before you consume every day products.

Gelatin is the primary ingredient vegans are looking for when they look through the ingredients of their desserts. It’s in numerous confections, lollipops, marshmallows, jellies and puddings. This is what makes the gooey confections hold together or provide them with their consistency. The issue is that gelatain is created by boiling the parts of animals. The skin, bones ligaments, and tendons of pigs and cows are heated to create the gelatain.

Gelatin isn’t mentioned as an ingredient in Sour Patch Kids, however some say there is a small of it in the sweets. This is because there’s no gelling agent mentioned within the list of ingredients. A majority of the alternatives use pectin or agar-agar. Certain companies say Sour Patch Kids might be composed of a small amount of gelatin. Although a gel ingredient isn’t listed in the list of ingredients, however, these candies may have a gooey texture due to the corn syrup or corn starch. In lieu of gelatin in order to glue to the ingredients, manufacturers employ various bonding substances.

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Another consideration concerning the ingredients listed is that different companies from each country could make Sour Patch Kids in a different manner. It is true that the United Kingdom does list gelatin as a component of the label of their Sour Patch candy. The country in which the candy is made will have a significant impact on the quality of your candy.

Artificial Colors and Flavors in Sour Patch Kids

Sometimes, artificial colors and flavors are created in laboratories and then tested on animals. The majority of vegans are against animal cruelty. Certain artificial colors, like red dye are created by crushing cochineal insects into powder before mixing the resulting powder with water. This kind of dye is widely used for food production to make various yogurts and candies. It’s often referred to as carminic acid or camine. However, not every color is created using this method. The issue is that a lot of artificial colors are test on animals.

Artificial colors such as Red 40 Yellow 5 , 6 along with Blue 1 are produced from petroleum. They are generally tested on animal models. A majority of dyes are fed test animals so that any possible health problems are monitored. These health issues could appear as tumors. If the animal is not able to suffer from the adverse consequences of the test then they will usually be killed after having tested the products. Testing done on animals treated with allura red have demonstrated neurotoxicity.

Certain vegans are not concerned about testing on animals. Many vegans consume items with artificial flavors or colors without giving it thinking twice about it. Others are extremely strict when it comes to using or eating products that have been tested on animals.

Vegan alternatives to Sour Patch Kid

There are numerous alternative options for Sour Patch Kids that seem to be the perfect match, however, it’s difficult to locate any that don’t contain artificial colors or flavors. There are several kinds of candy that are similar to Sour Patch Kids that are specifically labeled vegan-friendly.


YumEarth ‘s Organic Sour Beans are made from organic cane sugar. They also have all organic ingredients including organic brown rice syrup and organic tapioca starch. The colors are made from concentrate like carrot, apple, and blueberry.

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Candy People

Candy People’s Sour Vikings are made with organic ingredients that include grape concentrate and glucose syrup. Their color is made from paprika extract and turmeric.

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SmartSweet’s Sweet Fish are made with organic soluble corn fiber. They also include a natural berry flavor. Vegetable and fruit juice is used for the colors. The sweetness is made with Stevia.

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Haribo’s Sour Rainbow Strips have some questionable ingredients like sodium hydrogen and copper complexes, but they can be considered vegan. These ingredients are not derived from animals, even if they’re unique.

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These kinds of candy may not be as tasty similar to Sour Patch Kids, but they’re all sweet, with some sour notes. It’s a good idea for vegans to experiment with various healthy, delicious alternatives.

Final Verdict: The Sour Patch Kids Are Not Considered Vegan in Our Book

In the end, Sour Patch Kids simply cannot be considered vegan because they use sugar. Even if this isn’t all sugar, it is a small portion of it was filtered using bone charcoal. Certain ingredients can’t be considered vegan , either. The artificial colors and flavors are derived from animal testing. Mice, dogs and rats are a few of the animals frequently tested.

Artificial colors such as Red #40 are frequently examined to make sure that humans will not suffer health issues from drinking them. Also, the ingredients listed above are difficult to stay clear of. A majority of these ingredients are present in sweet candy. If you’re looking for the taste of sweet and sour treats it will be difficult time find alternatives that are organic.

The challenge is that it’s difficult to find alternatives that taste similar to candy. Candy is sweet since it is flavored with the various ingredients which give it the taste. The trend for strict vegans to stay away from products made in this manner.

You are free to draw your own decisions however, this is what we will provide you about Sour Patch Kids. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should always to do some research into the ingredients list. Even if a candy says it does not contain animal products, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all the items are tested-free or are made from animal products.

Our Recommendation

Instead of snacking on candy that could be harmful to general health and well-being Consider taking a healthy chewing gum that can aid in weight loss, and provide more energy and vital vitamins in your diet.

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